tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 11

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 11


In a beautiful room of the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, International Women's Tennis Champion Serena Williams lay on top of Hollywood actress Lisa-Ray McCoy. Looking into her beloved's eyes, Serena grinned. It wasn't that long ago that they met for the second time. The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, which Serena Williams secretly rules, had recently recruited Lisa-Ray McCoy into its ranks. The top secret society of wealthy lesbians and bisexual women recruited their members from the most powerful gay and bisexual women in the worlds of business, movies, music and television. For the first time in her life, Serena Williams was actually in love.

The Black sportswoman who rules the world of women's professional tennis had fallen in love with the gorgeous African-American actress who dazzled the nation and indeed the rest of the world in her performance in movies like the Player's Club, Contradictions of the Heart and television shows like All Of Us. Lisa-Ray McCoy and Serena Williams are absolutely and deeply in love. The Black female athlete and the sexy Black actress. Madly in love. Was the world ready for such a couple? Only time would tell. Could a high-profile Black lesbian couple survive in the treacherous worlds of professional sports and the movie business? Serena and Lisa-Ray weren't thinking about that now. Their only focus was each other.

Lisa-Ray McCoy looked into Serena Williams lovely brown eyes and smiled. It was astonishing how much she loved this young woman. After years of switching back and forth between male and female lovers, Lisa-Ray McCoy had finally found the one. The tall, light-skinned, absolutely sexy African-American actress found love in the unlikeliest of places. A secret club dedicated to lesbian debauchery. And the Queen of this secretive milieu was Serena Williams, the world's number one female tennis player. A young Black woman whose very name equalled intensity, strength and success in the minds of many. Serena Williams had been with many women and a few men but she'd never been in love until she met Lisa-Ray McCoy, the woman she referred to as her Caramel Goddess. Amazing. Absolutely fucking amazing.

After a night of passionate lovemaking, Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray McCoy were talking. Serena rested her head on Lisa-Ray's belly. Lisa-Ray ran her hand through Serena's hair as she talked. Events had been happening in their lives. Forcing them both to review who they were and where they wanted to be. Lisa-Ray dated men and surreptitiously slept with women for most of her adult life. She'd been in the closet so long it wasn't even funny. In her early forties, she wanted to stop hiding, stop running and simply live her life. The people closest to her, including immediate family members and offspring, already knew that she was bisexual. Her businesses were doing good. So was her career in the movies. She had recently guess-starred in some pretty interesting television shows. Her fans remembered her and liked her performance. Yeah, she was doing alright.

However, Lisa-Ray McCoy was profoundly unhappy. After decades of bed-hopping with women and men, she finally found love. And she was deathly scared of losing it. Lisa-Ray was a romantic at heart. She believed in soul mates and thought that true love came around only once in a lifetime. The love of her life was the fiery, bossy, sexy, tender and surprisingly vulnerable Serena Williams. The same Serena Williams who dominated the world of women's professional tennis at the global level. The champion. The superstar. The icon of Black female power. The living powerhouse. Yeah, that's who she loved.

Ever since their first hook-up, they had been everywhere together. They went to Los Angeles to attend the premiere of the movie The Book Of Eli and partied with A-List celebrities like Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Kerry Washington and Will Smith. Lisa-Ray felt a bit self-conscious hanging around these A-List celebrities. Sure, she was a multi-millionaire, award-winning TV actress and successful businesswoman but these people were rich beyond even her wildest dreams. Kerry Washington was a darling of the media and an icon of the African-American community thanks to her high-profile performances in the movies. Will Smith was the undisputed king of the box office, proving that a leading man didn't have to be white to rake in big bucks at the movies after delivering stellar performances in every genre from comedy to science fiction, action and drama. Lisa-Ray wasn't easily intimidated. She was every bit the strong Black woman. However, that night she felt somewhat nervous.

Hollywood superstar Will Smith, a long-time friend of actress Lisa-Ray McCoy tried his best to cheer her up. He'd been a friend of hers ever since he cast her into the role of Neese James in the television series All Of Us, which he executive produced. Will Smith was a nice guy and all but it took Serena Williams unique combination of charm, wit and true grit to bring the sexy Lisa-Ray McCoy out of her funk. The two of them sat together and held hands throughout the movie. At one point, Serena took Lisa-Ray's face into her hands and kissed her passionately. That really surprised Lisa-Ray. She was happy that Serena kissed her but she was under the impression that the tennis superstar wanted their relationship kept quiet. Serena Williams had been in a tough battle with her sponsors lately and her agents constantly reminded her not to rock the boat. Serena didn't pay any of these idiots any mind. She was the top female athlete on the planet and could do whatever she wanted.

And that night, Serena Williams wanted to make out with her girlfriend Lisa-Ray McCoy in public. As they exited the movie theatre along with dozens of other celebrities, a reporter shoved a mike in their face and asked about their showing up at the movies theatre. Lisa-Ray blinked nervously. What would Serena Williams do? Would she lie to the reporter and say they were just friends? If she did, Lisa-Ray would be crushed but she'd understand. Serena Williams was a sexy young Black superstar with her whole life and career ahead of her. Why should she risk it all for someone like her? Sure, Lisa-Ray McCoy knew she was hot but someone like Serena Williams could have her pick of hot women.

To Lisa-Ray's utter amazement, Serena Williams smiled at the reporter and introduced Lisa-Ray as a talented actress, wonderful woman and 'the love of her life'. Lisa-Ray gasped in shock. She was simply speechless. With a wry smile, Serena Williams pulled Lisa-Ray into her arms and kissed her passionately. In front of the hundreds of fans who stood outside the building, the other celebrities and the media people. Wow. Lisa-Ray gently wrapped her arms around Serena Williams and kissed her back. All around them, people were cheering. The media people clicked their cameras and took shot after shot of the world's number one female athlete making out with her sexy older girlfriend in public.

Afterwards, Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray McCoy were driven back to their hotel room by the limo service. Once inside their private chambers, Lisa-Ray practically exploded with barely contained joy. She grabbed Serena and kissed her like her life depended on it. Serena grinned as Lisa-Ray showered her with kisses. Gently they began making love. Lisa-Ray gently kissed Serena's lips, then licked the areolas of her breasts. Her hand found its way between Serena's strong, muscular thighs and she began fingering her. Serena moaned in pleasure as Lisa-Ray fingered her pussy. The two of them got in the sixty-nine position and began licking each other's pussies. What better way to please your lover and be pleased at the same time?

Half an hour and many trips to sexual paradise later, Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray were still at it. Lisa-Ray took out a strap-on dildo. Upon seeing it, Serena grinned. Eagerly she assumed the position, ready to get fucked. Lisa-Ray grabbed Serena and kissed her, then placed the strap-on dildo on her lap. Serena looked at her lover, puzzled. Lisa-Ray was usually so dominant, and Serena liked that about her. Could Lisa-Ray really be handing over her strap-on? Apparently so. With some hesitation, Serena Williams wore the strap-on dildo. It felt weird to her. Lisa-Ray lay on her back and spread her legs, giving Serena total access to her.

Holding the dildo, Serena Williams inserted it into Lisa-Ray's pussy. Lisa-Ray gasped as she got penetrated by another woman for the first time. Her whole adult life she dominated her women in bed. Since they got together, she fucked Serena numerous times with her dildos. She shoved them in Serena's mouth, pussy and ass. And not necessarily in that order either. Now she wanted to experience what it's like to get fucked. Serena raised Lisa-Ray's slim, sexy legs into the air and thrust the dildo deep inside her. Lisa-Ray groaned as she got fucked. It felt a bit weird to her, but it also felt kind of good. She would never allow any woman other than Serena ( whom she dearly loved ) to fuck her. She relaxed and enjoyed as her beloved fucked her.

Lisa-Ray's screams of pleasure filled the hotel room. Serena Williams thrust the dildo deep into her pussy, fucking her real good. Lisa-Ray had no idea it felt this good to get fucked by another woman. Had she known this she might have tried it a long time ago. It got so intense that she decided to try something else. Getting on her back, face down and ass up, she asked Serena to fuck her. At this point, Serena was down for whatever. She gently eased the dildo into Lisa-Ray's asshole. Lisa-Ray gritted her teeth as Serena's strap-on dildo penetrated her asshole. She was deathly scared that it would hurt like hell. Serena kissed her on the lips and promised to be gentle with her. Then she thrust the dildo deep inside Lisa-Ray's asshole. Lisa-Ray's screams of pleasure mixed with pain filled the hotel room. She had never experienced anything even nearly as intense. She urged Serena to fuck her harder. Serena pounded Lisa-Ray's ass hard with the strap-on, fucking her sexy mature lover until she came, time and gain.

Hours later, Lisa-Ray McCoy and Serena Williams were completely exhausted in the most pleasurable of ways. Lisa-Ray discovered a lot of things about love and sex that night. The first thing is that she loved Serena Williams more than life itself. The second is that she was freakier than she ever imagined and there were lots of things she wanted to try. And Serena Williams was definitely the woman she wanted to try them with. And she was absolutely okay with that. She looked forward to her new life with her new lover.

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