tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 22

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 22


The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood proudly presents the erotic, merry adventures of its newest Queen, the lovely Alicia Keys, as she explores her evolving sexuality. Alicia Keys has recently discovered that while she enjoys dominating other women, submitting to them can be fun, occasionally. She learned this thanks to her new lover Pam Grier. Very few women have had the pleasure of dominating the talented, strong and beautiful Alicia Keys in the bedroom. And there is a good reason why. Even though Alicia Keys is one of the world's sexiest and most feminine women, she's butch as hell.

The first time Alicia Keys got fucked by a woman was during her initiation into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The lady in question was South African actress Charlize Theron, the former lover of world-famous tennis champion Serena Williams, who was the reigning Queen of the Sisterhood at the time. It really surprised the hell out of Alicia Keys when she actually let another woman penetrate her with a strap-on dildo. She thought Serena Williams was a fellow butch woman but as it turns out, Serena Williams suffered from a case of being butch in the streets and femme between the sheets. Charlize Theron totally dominated Serena Williams in the bedroom, spanking her, flogging her and fucking her pussy and asshole with a thick strap-on dildo.

Alicia Keys told herself that there was no way in hell she'd let another woman fuck her. However, the persuasive and seductive Charlize Theron seduced her into it. Next thing Alicia Keys knew, she was sucking on Charlize Theron's strap-on dildo and riding it. It was fun, but definitely not the sort of thing Alicia Keys wanted to do every day. She was a dominant young Black woman, first and foremost. No matter how much fun getting plugged in the ass by Charlize Theron's strap-on dildo could be, a strong Black lesbian shouldn't let some blonde-haired white chick do that to her. It simply wasn't right.

Lately, some of the things Alicia Keys caught herself doing really surprised her. She allowed the seductive and bossy Pam Grier to dominate her during their last sexual encounter. Truth be told, Alicia Keys had been having different fantasies lately. She enjoyed dominating other women and making them kneel before her while sucking her dildos. She also enjoyed pulling their hair and berating them while fucking them with her strap-on dildo. However, sometimes she wanted another woman to do that to her. Preferably another strong Black woman. As a feisty, totally butch young Black lesbian from New York City, Alicia Keys didn't feel comfortable letting some white chick fuck her with a strap-on dildo. However, she could toy with the idea of letting a Black woman do that to her.

What scared Alicia Keys most of all was how much she enjoyed it when Pam Grier totally dominated her in the bedroom. The sexy older Black woman made Alicia Keys kneel before her and beg to get fucked. She smacked Alicia Keys, berated her and spanked her. Alicia Keys found herself on all fours, face down and ass up, as Pam Grier fucked her with one of her own dildos. Pam Grier was a wild one. She grabbed Alicia Keys long sexy hair and yanked her head while thrusting the dildo deep into her pussy and later, deep inside her asshole. Alicia Keys cried tears of pain and joy that day.

Now, Alicia Keys is back to her old tricks. Dominating bitches like only she can. She wants some new pussy and the Recruiters served up a tasty little dish, world-famous ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell, a sexy Black woman known for her beauty and her fiery temper. Right this moment, Alicia Keys sat on a couch, wearing a bright smile and nothing else. Inside the Atlanta mansion where most of the Sisterhood initiations took place, she was being entertained by two of the world's sexiest women.

The first was Pam Grier, star of iconic movies like Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown and Infiltrator. The second was the lovely, hot-tempered supermodel Naomi Campbell. Both of these sexy older Black women were naked, and per order of Alicia Keys, they were making themselves useful. Alicia smiled as she looked down at Naomi Campbell and Pam Grier, two strong Black women who were obeying her every whim.

Naomi Campbell gently spread Alicia Keys shapely thighs and inhaled the sweet scent of her pussy. Without further ado, Naomi began licking Alicia Keys pussy. Meanwhile, Pam Grier sucked on Alicia Keys toes. Making Pam Grier submit was causing Alicia Keys to positively glow. She couldn't wait to give Pam Grier a taste of her own medicine. Alicia Keys rubbed her breasts together and pinched her nipples while Pam Grier and Naomi Campbell went to work on her. These two sexy Black goddesses really knew what they were doing, and Alicia Keys couldn't get enough of them.

Later, the fun really began. Alicia Keys whipped out her strap-on dildo and ordered Pam Grier to suck on it. When the sexy older Black woman hesitated, Alicia Keys smacked her hard across the face. Pam Grier blinked in surprise. Alicia Keys smiled wickedly. That's what Pam Grier gets for questioning her orders. Obediently, Pam Grier began sucking Alicia Keys dildo. Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell busied herself licking Alicia Keys shapely ass. The feel of Naomi Campbell's tongue in her asshole drove Alicia Keys absolutely nuts. Finally, the loud-mouthed, world-famous African-American supermodel and decadent diva was putting her mouth to good use.

Once she deemed that Pam Grier had sucked her dildo properly, Alicia Keys ordered her to get on all fours. This time, Pam Grier obeyed without hesitation. Alicia Keys smiled and ran her hands all over Pam Grier's shapely ass. Pam still had one of the biggest, baddest and most beautiful butts in town. Alicia Keys began spanking her, and Pam yelped. Laughing, Alicia Keys spanked her some more. Then, she pressed the dildo against Pam's cunt lips and eased it inside. Pam gasped as Alicia Keys dildo penetrated her. Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell sat nearby, watching the scene while fingering her pussy.

Alicia Keys winked at Naomi Campbell and told her she was next. A look of apprehension filled Naomi's beautiful face. Alicia Keys grinned. Gripping Pam's wide hips tightly, she thrust the dildo deep inside of her. Pam yelped. Her screams were delightful music to Alicia Keys ears. Smiling brightly, Alicia Keys began pounding her dildo into Pam Grier's cunt.

After a few minutes she switched things up. Alicia ordered Pam to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Pam froze. In her six decades living on this earth, she had never let anyone fuck her in the ass, man or woman. She was afraid of anal sex. Alicia Keys sensed this and taunted her. Then, Alicia smeared lube all over Pam's ass. Without further ado, she pressed the dildo against Pam's asshole and worked it inside.

Naomi Campbell watched as Alicia Keys began fucking Pam Grier in the ass with her strap-on dildo. She was really surprised at how dominant the lovely Alicia Keys was turning out to be. Wow. She didn't know she had it in her. Alicia Keys smacked Pam's big ass as she fucked her ass. In spite of herself, Naomi was really turned on. Although she usually preferred to dominate the women and men she slept with, Naomi found herself fantasizing about what it would be like to submit to Alicia Keys. The thought was making her pussy really, really wet.

Pam Grier squealed as Alicia Keys took her anal virginity. She howled as she got fucked hard. It was incredibly intense. In her day, Pam had fucked many hot women. Including the likes of Whitney Houston, Sharon Stone, Tina Turner, Cathy Moriarty and Janet Jackson. And she always dominated them. Now she was getting fucked in the ass by a sexy young upstart like Alicia Keys. And to her immense surprise, she was actually loving it. Her squeals were squeals of pure joy. Amazing. Simply amazing. Pam Grier heard herself beg Alicia Keys to fuck her harder.

Alicia Keys laughed and slammed the dildo even deeper into the depths of Pam Grier's previously unexplored asshole. This was turning out to be more fun than she thought. Pam lost count of how many times she came. Alicia Keys surprised the hell out of her as she climaxed. She squeezed a special button in her mechanized strap-on dildo, unleashing hot artificial cum deep inside Pam Grier's asshole. The sexy older Black woman howled in sheer pleasure. Afterwards, Alicia Keys made her kneel and suck her dildo clean. Pam Grier did it happily, her way of thanking Alicia Keys for a glorious fuck.

Alicia Keys looked at Naomi Campbell. The tall, sexy Black supermodel walked up to the sexy singer and kissed her. Naomi knelt before Alicia Keys, gently pushing Pam Grier aside as she began sucking the strap-on dildo. Alicia Keys couldn't believe it. Hot damn. Naomi proved to be the most eager submissive Alicia Keys had ever seen. The tall, sexy Black Amazon wanted to be completely dominated. And the lovely Alicia Keys was happy to oblige. Once she got done sucking the dildo, Naomi Campbell got on all fours, offering her ass to Alicia. How could Alicia say no to that? She positioned herself behind Naomi and pressed the dildo against her asshole. Slowly, Alicia Keys worked her dildo into the sexy Black supermodel's fantastic ass. Meanwhile, Naomi fingered her already wet pussy. The feel of Alicia Keys dildo in her ass was fantastic. She urged Alicia Keys to fuck her hard. Naomi Campbell is a strong Black woman. Rough anal sex is one of her favorite things to do.

Alicia Keys pulled on Naomi Campbell's long hair and yanked her head back while slamming the strap-on dildo deep into her asshole. Naomi howled in sheer pleasure mixed with slight pain as Alicia Keys dildo filled her asshole. It had been a while since Naomi Campbell got a proper ass fucking. She hooked up with sexy Hollywood studs like Will Smith and Blair Underwood back in the day and these well-endowed, gorgeous and simply amazing studs plowed her ass with their magic sticks. Occasionally, Naomi Campbell would let another woman fuck her ass with a dildo. During a steamy hook-up, she actually rode Tyra Banks strap-on dildo. Now that was fun. Getting fucked by her former rival. Still, it had been a while. Now, she wanted to make up for lost time.

Alicia Keys couldn't believe how much fun Naomi Campbell turned out to be. She thought the sexy Black supermodel would be uptight and controlling, ultimately boring in the bedroom. Well, Naomi proved her wrong. The strong Black woman who ruled runways from Milan to Paris, London and New York was actually quite submissive in the bedroom. And Alicia Keys loved that about her.

She drilled her thick, vibrating strap-on dildo into Naomi Campbell's supple asshole like a miner prospecting for gold in the Americas. Naomi howled in pleasure as Alicia Keys expertly fucked her ass. Tears of joy flowed from Naomi's gorgeous eyes. Face down and ass up, she got her ass fucked and took it all happily. To top things off, Alicia Keys pressed the button on the dildo again, flooding Naomi's asshole with hot artificial cum. Naomi squealed loud enough to wake the dead. This was too much. Alicia Keys was something else!

Later, in a rare turnabout, Alicia Keys told Pam Grier and Naomi Campbell to give her a taste of her own medicine. The two sexy older Black women were really surprised to hear that but happily obliged her. This time, Naomi Campbell wore the strap-on dildo. She made Alicia Keys kneel before her and suck it. Meanwhile, Pam Grier gave Alicia Keys the spanking she so richly deserved. As she spanked Alicia Keys sexy butt, Pam Grier fingered her asshole and licked her pussy.

Afterwards, Pam Grier buried Alicia Keys's face between her thick, sexy legs while Naomi Campbell fucked her with the strap-on dildo. Alicia Keys licked Pam Grier's pussy while Naomi Campbell slid the dildo into her well-lubricated asshole. And just like that, the two sexy older Black women fucked the hell out of her. The highlight of the evening came when Naomi Campbell fisted Alicia Keys pussy while Pam Grier filled her ass with the dildo. Alicia Keys cried tears of pain and joy as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. Afterwards, she kissed Pam Grier and Naomi Campbell passionately, thanking them for the time of her life.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell wasn't yet done with singer Alicia Keys or actress Pam Grier. She opened her toy bag and handed oversized dildos to each of them. They had another intense three-way. Pam Grier filled Alicia Keys pussy and asshole with a pair of ten-inch dildos, making the sexy young woman scream a whole new tune. Naomi Campbell shoved two dildos inside Pam Grier's love holes, one in her pussy and one up her ass. Pam Grier howled in pleasure mixed with pain as she got fucked all over again. This was unexpected but a lot of fun. Naomi gently eased a ten-inch, well-lubricated dildo up her own ass and a slightly smaller one into her wet pussy then resumed fucking her sexy girlfriends.

The three sexy Black women fucked each other silly until they lay exhausted in a bed filled with their love juices. It was absolutely fantastic. Thus, iconic actress Pam Grier and singer Alicia Keys gave ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell a proper welcome into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. As for the lovely Queen, the inimitable Alicia Keys, she learned a valuable thing that day. What did she learn? Simply that it's not about who's butch and who's femme. Oh, and it's not about who's dominant or who's submissive either. It's all about pleasure, in the end.

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