tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters Run Hollywood

Down Low Sisters Run Hollywood


World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams returns as the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood after Alicia Keys got kicked out for 'latent heterosexuality'. And the Queen is enjoying her powers as she returns to the spotlight at last. And she's taken superstar Jennifer Lopez as her new paramour. After a long hiatus, Jennifer Lopez has decided to return to the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Apparently, her sex life with her Latin husband wasn't satisfying. She simply missed the arms of other women. And honestly who could really blame her?

Also returning to the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is Rosario Dawson, a lovely young Black woman famous in Hollywood circles for her roles in movies like Rent, Men in Black 2 and Alexander. Let's let these ladies have some fun, folks. It's always a great thing to have sexy gay and bisexual women getting together for some hot fun. Tonight, at the Sisterhood's mansion in the city of Atlanta, we have three of the world's sexiest women. A professional athlete famous around the world for her raw sensuality, natural beauty and sheer athleticism. A Hollywood starlet who continues to dazzle audiences with performances in unconventional roles. And a singer-songwriter whose moniker has become a household name. What could go wrong?

Serena Williams lay on the bed, completely nude, her gorgeous brown body looking simply delicious. Lying next to her, her lips fastened to Serena's right breast , Jennifer Lopez would certainly agree. Gently the sexy Latin woman slid a slim blue dildo into the sexy African-American Amazon's pussy. Serena Williams smiled, loving what Jennifer Lopez was doing to her. And Jennifer Lopez was in heaven too, thanks to Rosario Dawson. The lovely Rosario Dawson licked Jennifer Lopez pussy while the hot Latin mama fucked Serena's cunt. Women are naturally good at multitasking and these three are sexy testaments to that truth.

Serena Williams spread her strong, sexy legs wider as Jennifer Lopez thrust the dildo deeper into her. She had really missed another woman's touch. Her lover, Hollywood legend Charlize Theron was far away, celebrating the World Cup in her native South Africa. Between her secretive romance with the blonde-haired white chick from South Africa and her more public relationship with the actor/rapper Common, Serena Williams was exhausted and undersexed. That's why she came back to the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. After Alicia Keys got tossed out, the Sisterhood voted unanimously to restore Serena Williams, the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood's first African-American leader. And truth be told, Serena was glad to be back.

Jennifer Lopez pinches Serena's tits while thrusting the dildo deep into the sexy Nubian goddess pussy. Serena Williams moaned in pleasure, clearly loving what Jennifer was doing to her. Meanwhile, Rosario Dawson gently bit Jennifer Lopez's shapely ass and slid one finger into the Latin woman's asshole. Jennifer Lopez froze. It had been so long since anything went up her ass. When Rosario added another finger, Jennifer gasped. Rosario sensed her tension and asked her if everything was okay. Jennifer nodded hastily. Grinning, Rosario resumed fucking Jennifer's ass with her fingers. After a few minutes, she replaced her fingers with a small dildo. Smacking Jennifer's big ass, Rosario sank the dildo deeper inside the Latin woman's surprisingly tight yet decidedly non-virgin asshole.

And that's how the action really began. Jennifer Lopez fucked Serena Williams and got fucked by Rosario Dawson. They took out the bag of sex toys and then made the magic happen. Everyone knew exactly what they wanted. And how to get it done. It's just a matter of sexual cooperation, that's all. No big deal. That's how Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams and Rosario Dawson got their freak on, ladies and gentlemen. Away from prying eyes, these beautiful ladies did their thing. Keep in mind that it's all about pleasure when women are having a threesome.

Jennifer Lopez grinned as she spread Serena Williams big sexy butt cheeks wide open. Gently she eased the strap-on dildo into the sexy Black woman's well-lubricated asshole. Usually Jennifer Lopez liked to be the recipient of anal sex whether she was with women or men. There was something about Serena Williams ass which made her want to fuck it. Serena Williams had a gorgeous body and a fantastic ass. And she loved showing off both of them every chance she got. Once upon a time, Jennifer Lopez had a fantastic booty. Like a lot of Latin women, she was proud of her sexy round bottom. However, time and stress along with marriage and motherhood considerably flattened her behind. Jennifer Lopez had a case of booty envy when she ran into gorgeous Black women with natural booties like Serena Williams.

Serena Williams licked her lips as Jennifer Lopez began fucking her in the ass with the strap-on dildo. She watched as Rosario Dawson thrust a dildo into her own pussy, watching Jennifer as she fucked Serena. There was nothing Serena loved more than a good ass fucking. Especially with a sexy Latin woman like Jennifer Lopez wielding the strap-on dildo. Serena Williams fingered her wet pussy while Jennifer slammed the dildo into her asshole. Screaming in pleasure, she urged the bossy Latin singer to fuck her harder. Grinning, Jennifer Lopez smacked Serena's big Black ass while thrusting the dildo even deeper into her asshole. Jennifer Lopez butt-fucked Serena Williams with the strap-on dildo until she extracted two orgasms, a wet fart and various fluids from Serena. Heck yeah, Jennifer had a good time!

Tired of sitting on the sidelines, Rosario Dawson rejoined the action. And Jennifer Lopez and Serena Williams welcomed her to the sexual fray. Jennifer Lopez put her strap-on dildo to good use. First she made Rosario Dawson suck on it, tasting Serena Williams ass on it. Rosario made a gesture of distaste but sucked the dildo anyway. Meanwhile, Serena Williams took a vibrating dildo and inserted it in Rosario's asshole. The sexy Black Amazon fucked the light-skinned Black actress in the ass with the dildo while she sucked the Latin singer's strap-on dildo. Rosario would have screamed but Jennifer's strap-on dildo filled her mouth. And just like that, the party started again.

Jennifer Lopez and Serena Williams double-teamed Rosario Dawson. They switched things around. Now Serena Williams spreads her legs to get her pussy licked by Rosario Dawson while Jennifer Lopez buries her strap-on dildo deep within the light-skinned Black actress asshole. They fucked her until she screamed, pissed herself, farted and ultimately cried tears of pain and joy as she experienced an amazing orgasm. Then they headed to the showers and continued their fun. That's how they do it in the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And Serena Williams is back at the helm of this all-female and damn near all-powerful secret society.

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