Downsizing Ch. 03


Work was going quite well. The company started to grow again, and some new personnel had been hired. Even unknown to me, there had been a couple of males hired in the last few months. Ms. Stanton had informed them when she got to the dress code that the makeup was a requirement, and that the one male that decided to stay on chose to dress was a woman while working, but wore regular clothing at home. I found out she never pointed me out only because we had become friends since the big fiasco with the dress code.

After a few weeks with the new male employees, they were still sitting by themselves. They had not been there during the takeover and just didn't click with the rest of us. They worked well enough, but there just wasn't that friendship bond. They did have their female friends though that were hired about the same time they were hired. I noticed an improvement in their makeup that I figured was the women in the group giving them pointers, or even doing it for them. Hell it was even possible that their girlfriends/wives were starting to do it.

After several weeks and the new people starting to blend into the rest of us, it became a pretty close knit office again. Things were once again running smoothly, but that was all about to change. Fortunately the changes would not be at the office.

As Stacy and I rounded the corner into my cubicle after lunch one day, there sat one of my friends that I get together with to watch sports. It was Greg. He was fairly large, being 6'2" and probably 275 lbs. He was one of the guys on his football team in high school, and kept a dream of making into the NFL one day. He still had his football player physique, and was quite intimidating.

Stacy was the only one of the three of us not caught off guard. She said, "Hello Greg, just dropping some stuff off while we go get our afternoon assignments, and we'll be right back. Do not go anywhere." And with that we left the cubicle, and went to our supervisors desk. Linda gave us our assignments, and Stacy told her about Greg being at my desk when we got back from lunch. Linda had a look of concern on her face, and told us she would have security ready if anything went wrong. She also gave Stacy and myself an extra half hour lunch so we could explain to Greg what was going on.

We got back to my desk, and Greg was still sitting there as Stacy had asked. He was also still looking quite flabbergasted. Stacy knew most of my friends, so she took command of the situation, I guess to save me a little bit of embarrassment, which I was very happy about.

"Well Greg," she started out, "I see you are still in a state of shock. I was in a similar state of shock when I told Dani how she could help save Dan's job." This comment puzzled him, but she went on. "You remember nearly six months ago when Dan was looking for a new job because this company was downsizing?" Greg nodded. Stacy continued on, "This company adopted a new dress code requiring all employees to wear their line of makeup if they were in one of the front offices, and could be seen by guests or passers by. That would make all the men that worked her look like clowns, and Dan was determined to quit when the new dress code was enforced. I knew he wouldn't be able to find a new job in a week, so I suggested this look. He was very reluctant at first, and I do mean VERY! But after some prodding, I was able to get him into some of my clothes at the house. After seeing the transformation, he decided to give it a try until he could find a comparable job with another company. He has gotten so used to the work dress code, that I think he even forgot about looking for another job." This time it was my turn to nod.

Stacy looked back and forth between Greg and I to see who was going to be the first one to speak. Greg finally spoke up. "You mean this is the reason you have been looking so soft and girlish?" I nodded again as he continued to speak, "Wow, you do look good if I didn't know the difference, I would be hitting on you. And I guess I can understand why you didn't say anything about this to us when you came over to watch the game. I thought they just made a typo here on your name plate." I smiled half out of pride, half out of embarrassment.

We talked for a little while about regular subjects that Greg, Stacy, and I would have normally talked about. Greg remembered why he had stopped by and said, "Oh yeah, I stopped by to pick up your Fantasy Football money. They are doing a regional competition, and if you want in, you have to be paid up in full." I reached into my drawer that I keep my purse in, and got out a twenty and a five, and handed them to Greg. He said thanks and said he had to be going.

Five O' click rolled around, and everyone seemed to rush for the door. Stacy and I stayed back a few minutes, so we wouldn't get trampled. When we could finally get to the door without a fight, we headed home for the evening. When we got home, I got undressed to put on some of my male clothing. I was just about to pull on my briefs when Stacy came flying through the door. She pushed me backwards onto the bed, tore off her panties, and jumped right on top of me. It only took a few rubs from her smoldering pussy to get me hard, and she sank right down on my now rigid dick. I had no idea what got into her, but I must say I wasn't complaining.

When I chuckled, Stacy had a puzzled look cross her face, much like the one that was on Greg's earlier. She looked down at me and asked what I was chuckling about. I told her, "You know, if Greg saw this right now, that look on his face earlier would be nothing to what it could be. I mean hell, here we are, you with your panties lying on the floor, who knows where, and both of us with makeup on and our hair done. Your skirt bunched up around your waist, and you impaled on my dick. Now that has to be a sight for someone that had absolutely no idea until five hours ago." Stacy must have seen the humor as much as I did, because she started giggling while I chuckled.

She looked down at me for a second, still giggling, and said, "Enough with the funny stuff mister, it's time to get raunchy." And with that, she started bucking up and down on top of me. She was like a devil in search of my soul. She did the fucking this time, it was all I could do just to hang onto the bed frame. She fucked my dick for nearly twenty minutes hard and fast, when I told her I was about to cum, she got off of my dick. I groaned in agony, I was so close to cuming, and she had already had four orgasms herself. What was she up to I asked myself. She moved down my body, and took my dick in her mouth, and started to lick around the head. Then she pulled off and started to lick my like a lollypop. I didn't notice but she had been playing with her already wet pussy while she was giving me head. Then I felt he finger near my asshole. It was soaking wet, and she just kept playing with the entrance. She took her hand away for a few minutes while continuing the blowjob, and then I felt her finger again, this time it seemed really slick, and it slipped into the entrance to my ass. I couldn't take anymore, and told her I was cuming. She clamped her lips on the head of my dick, and sucked for all she was worth. When I had finally stopped cuming, she moved up and gave me a kiss.

I could taste a little bit of my cum on her lips, but she surprised me when she opened her mouth and some of the cum passed into mine. We passed it back and forth for a few minutes until we had to swallow. I found out later, it was called snowballing. It didn't taste too bad, but was totally unexpected. She looked at me to make sure I was ok. I leaned up and gave her another kiss.

While we were laying there resting, Stacy said, "Sorry about that, I wanted to try it, and wasn't sure if you had picked up some sexual tendencies women have since you started wearing the clothes to work. You do forgive me don't you?"

I said to her, "It's quite alright, I have often wondered, as many men do, what it was like to have a mouthful of cum, but I never would have built up the nerve to give a blowjob to someone. I guess that's the next best thing. I was just shocked when you did it. And to answer your question, yes I forgive you."

Work was going well, things were getting spiced up at home again, everything seemed to be in order. Greg hasn't told any of my friends about how I dressed at work. At the next couple of sporting events we got together for, when someone made a comment about me, Greg was quick to tell them to knock it off, it had gone on long enough. I was used to getting ribbed, so it didn't bother me either way. I guess Greg had a problem with it, seeing that I was kind of forced into the office girl roll. I don't know why, but he seemed as though, he was obliged for defending my honor or something of that nature. It was actually starting to bother that he had become my great protector. I guess I was to find out soon enough the true reason why.

We got together for the Orange Bowl game. It was going to be a great game. There was a big rubber tote by the back door filled with water balloons in the shape of footballs for the after game celebration. Greg's girlfriend had made pigs in a blanket for us to snack on while the game was going. Half the game was in the colors of one team, half in the colors of the other team, and we had to sit on the side of the team we wanted to win the most. Greg's girlfriend stayed that day to make sure none of us were switching to the other side because our team was losing. When the game was over, Tina said, "Ok, I have refereed the entire game to make sure even those routing for the losing team doesn't jump on the band wagon. But I'm not going to be the target of a wet tshirt contest, so I'm going out while all of you make some noise." She then left and the water balloons were then carried outside. We each grabbed our beers and headed out back for a little bit of a water balloon fight.

I should have known that being the smallest, I would be the target of a lot of water balloons. I know I had 2 hit me in the first minute of the fight. It seemed to me that I was the primary target since Tina left the house. When all was said and done, we were all soaked to the bone. I however was the wettest. Greg looked around the house for some dry clothes for each of us while our clothes went through the dryer, none of us wanted to ruin our upholstery. Almost everyone would fit into some sweats that Greg had. All but me, that is. Greg tried to give me one of his robes, but it was way too big. I couldn't wear it even if I wanted to. Greg said Tina had a robe that would fit me, but wasn't sure I would wear it. I followed him up to the bedroom, and over to the closet. He pulled out a couple of robes. One was really lacy, and I knew instantly I would catch a lot of flack if I even gave it a second thought. Then he pulled out a lavender one that wasn't too bad. It was still very feminine, but not half as much as the one covered in lace. I opted for lavender and we went back downstairs where the rest of the guys were. As soon as I walked back in the room the cat calls started. Greg said that would be enough, and everyone stopped. As I said before Greg is rather intimidating. He was the largest of the gang, even though he was just barely larger than a couple of the other guys that we hang around with for sports.

A standard for our sporting events is no money is to change hands on bets. Usually it's a stupid dare that the losers have to pay up on. The only problem with that is there were five of us routing for the winning team, and three on the losing team. That means that there are going to be a couple of extra dares left over after each of the three of us had completed the dare.

The five winners got into a huddle. Bob stood straight up first, and looked at Greg. Then Bob said to Greg, "We've got a six pack here that you have three minutes to drink up." Greg looked kind of nervous, even for a good drunk, that's not a bad feat. Greg walked over to the six pack, popped all six caps off, and started on the first drink. He had three down in the first minute. Two minutes left he took it a little bit slower on each one, he had fifty-four seconds to finish the last beer, and he looked like he was nursing it. Greg set the bottle down, and Bob said "Twelve seconds, Nice bro very nice."

Bob spoke up once more, "Winners huddle."

When the winners huddle broke up, Paul said, "Geoff, finish off the pigs in the blankets." There were just over three dozen left. Geoff was able to eat nearly half of them stopping at eighteen. Paul said, "We have a winner, Geoff will be host for next event, for not being able to complete the dare." They were all laughing as said, "Winners huddle."

When the huddle broke again Dave stood up, "Dan, since Tina has decided to desert us, and we have been ribbing you about it all this time, that you could stand in for Tina as the vixen that was going to tease us today. I was in udder shock. I knew then that Greg had given me up. I looked at him pissed as hell.

Greg tried not to look me in the eye. He started to explain himself, "Sorry Dan, after you left last time, they all ganged up on me. They wanted to know why I was trying to stop the ribbing going on. When I explained about the situation you were in at work, they all understood, and agreed they wouldn't bring it up."

Then Greg asked everyone in the room, "You all promised it wouldn't leave our little circle of sports fans, have you all kept your word?"

Everyone either nodded, or verbally confirmed they had kept it to themselves.

Greg looked back at me and said, "C'mon Dani, I'll show you were you can find something to satisfy the dare. Tina has some stuff that should fit you upstairs."

When we got upstairs, Greg apologized again, and asked if I could understand where he was coming from by giving me up. I told him I could and only because I noticed he had become my "great protector." He showed me where Tina kept her things, and went to go back downstairs. I asked him to stay for a few minutes. I found a corset before he had left the room, and I would need someone else to lace it up in the back. He chuckled and said he had done that enough already so he knew why I needed his help. I found some panties and a bra that would go with it, as well as some enhancement forms that Tina used from time to time. Tina was not that well endowed in her breasts, so she almost always for breast forms. They were C cup just like my own at home, and she had a couple of C cup bras that matched the corset as well, so I found some panties that matched that bra.

I found a green blouse, and a black pleated skirt that fit me like a glove. There were some sexy black sheer stockings that when connected to the corset were just too sexy. I slipped the panties off, then attached the stockings to the corset. I did my makeup from what Tina had in the bathroom, and my hair with some products that were on the shelf. I found a pair of black strappy four inch spiked heels that completed the vixen look.

Greg had left as soon as he had the corset laced up. I looked like I had a 35c-23-33 figure in what I found in Tina's belongings. Nobody, not even Greg, expected what they got, when I got back downstairs, where everyone else was waiting for me. Greg being at home had already changed when he came back in from the balloon fight, Bob and Geoff had their clothes dry by now, so they were also dressed in their own clothes. The other four guys were still in sweat shorts waiting on their clothes. Not only could you see the shock on their faces, but with Paul, Tom, Dave, and Troy, you could see a tent starting in their shorts. Greg, Geoff, Bob, and I all had a good laugh at their embarrassment. Then I noticed something noone else did, Bob, Greg, and Geoff had similar bulges, just not as noticeable.

In my office voice, I made it known about the other three that were not as visible. And in quite a different tone that I was used to talking in, I looked at Greg and said, "What would Tina say if she knew I did this to you?" Quite out of character for me, I reached over and rubbed his bulge to emphasize my point.

Greg looked me straight in the face and said, "She would say you created it, you should be the one to solve it." Now I was the one that was stunned. That was not something I expected out of one of my best friends.

I think more to break that tension, Dave yelled, "Winners huddle."

When the huddle broke Troy said, "Dani, Tina is right, you should fix the problem you gave to Greg." Somehow I knew it was coming, and was actually ready for it. I moved over to Greg, unbuttoned his jeans, and unzipped his fly. It almost felt natural. I pulled out his cock, and just slipped my lips over the head. I was licking the head, sticking my tongue in the hole, and stroking his shaft. Greg was starting to moan, and squirm in his chair. I started moving my head up and down. Each time the head of his cock was near my throat I started to gag. I tried holding his hips still so I could go at my own pace, but Greg was too large for me to get any resemblance of control over. I concentrated on relaxing my throat, so I would be able to take him further in. I was able to do it, though I wasn't able to fully take him. When he was getting ready to cum, I felt his balls grow tight against my hand that was resting at the base of his cock. I pulled off until just the head was in my mouth, and started sucking harder. He exploded in my mouth, and I did all I could to swallow it all. Some dribbled out of the corner of my mouth, and I licked it up right away.

You could see the astonishment in the look on everyone's faces around the room. Even Greg had a look of astonishment. He also had a very satisfied look about his face. Once he had regained his composure, Troy yelled, "Winners huddle."

I knew it was Tom's turn, and I was pretty sure I knew what was coming. When the huddle broke, Tom looked right at me and said, "Dani, we have decided you need to help the rest of us get over what you have done to us." That was actually what I wanted, though I didn't know it when I arrived for the game today.

It had been Tom's dare, so I went over to him, and crawled between his legs. I undid his pants, and started to give him the same treatment as I gave Greg. I had his cock in my mouth, and I could see two other cocks on either side of him. I reached out with both hands and took them and started stroking them. After a few minutes, I started moving back and forth between the three cocks sticking out at me. When I had started paying more attention to Tom's cock, I felt my panties being taken off. I was really bearing down on Tom's cock when I felt something cold on my asshole. Tom held my head right where it was so I couldn't look to see what was going on. Someone was lubing me up good, and I was just about to loose my anal cherry. When I felt the cock head at my ass, I tensed up. I heard Dave say, relax or it will hurt more. When he felt me relax, he pushed the head of his cock in my ass. He kept still while I got used to having him inside of me. I went back to work on Tom's cock with more fervor than I had previously been working on it. Then I felt Tom tense up like Greg did. He shot load after load into my mouth. He didn't produce near as much cum as Greg did, so I was able to swallow it all this time. After I had sucked him clean, I moved on to Paul's cock. I had been stroking him, and he was near ready already. Just as I felt him start to tense as well, I felt a very familiar feeling. Someone was sucking on my cock at the same time. I couldn't turn to look so I just kept working on Paul. He shot into my mouth nearly as much as Tom did.

I worked on everyone but Greg and Dave. I thought the reason Greg didn't get infront of me was because I had already sucked him dry. I found out after giving Troy head, Greg was the one giving me head. Dave lasted long enough for everyone else to get a blowjob, and then he let his load go deep in my ass. Greg was now working hard on my cock and it only took about 30 seconds after Dave shot his load for me to shoot mine.

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