Dr. Dick

byTx Tall Tales©

Beth and Jenny thought it would be a nice diversion to have an evening picnic and watch the campus fireworks. I surprised myself by agreeing, even though it would impact the time I could devote to my research. It was actually very pleasant to be outdoors and to enjoy the food and watch the display. The company of my attractive young associates was refreshing. I genuinely enjoyed myself.

Note to Self: How do they achieve some of those more exotic fireworks patterns? Horizontal, planar explosions? Call Dr. Chin in Taipei, for references.

Note to Self: Would Jenny be useful to the project in the role of Erection Aide? While picnicking I found myself considering the advantages of having Jenny perform the oral manipulations for completion of TTE and physically reacting, positively. Consider the implications.


July 5th 2001 - 1:00pm

Jenny arrived at the domicile early this morning. She was preparing breakfast when I came downstairs. She asked if we'd be taking penis measurements this morning, and I indicated that both today and tomorrow would be required before we engaged in our efforts to actually increase the size of our penises.

Following breakfast, the four of us adjourned to the study.

Note to self: Convert conservatory to a room where measurements can be done in a more comfortable fashion.

Beth was radiant as ever, and I started to achieve my erection just walking to her to help her take off her nightshirt. I wonder that I'd never before noticed just what a beautiful young lady she really is. Jack made a comment about how this was the life, which I found odd. What is 'the' life; is there some standard by which it may be objectively measured?

Jenny suggested that it might be more efficient if she were to help with the tasks that Beth normally performed. Jack thought this was an excellent idea, and after extensive cogitation and internal debate, I agreed, thinking it would be good to see if our measurements were any different under her ministrations. Jack seemed a little disappointed when I decided that Jenny could help me with TTE, while Beth took care of him. Jenny asked Beth to help her with advice, since apparently she had not performed this type of activity before, and was new to OHM, at which point Jack became almost recalcitrant.

Beth came over next to Jenny, and held my 'cock' as she put it, while Jenny 'went down on me'. Every few strokes she would assist Jenny by demonstrating the best way to apply oral suction. Before long I had achieved full erection, and Beth took the measurement. At this point I suggested that Jenny needed the practice of practical application to improve her oral technique, and indicated she should do me first, and then Jack, to completion. Jenny did admirably, and with the aid of Beth, managed to bring me to GOD, allowing Beth to perform the final capture. The girls then did the same for Jack. This process seemed to please Jack and both Beth and Jenny.

Jenny is beautiful as well! How have I never noticed? Hair down, glasses removed, naked from the waist up, she's certainly as attractive as Beth. I think I will insist she start dressing more appropriately for the office, and less of those conservative outfits.

Watching my pretty two assistants sucking Jack got me 'hard' once more. As Jack was finishing in Beth's mouth, I approached Jenny and suggested that I use her vagina for ACUNT. She was initially taken back by the reference, but Beth cleared up any misconstrued meanings, and offered her own vaginal access. While I applied my new erection to Beth's tight vaginal opening, Jenny informed me that she was not ready for vaginal penetration, but she'd suck me off again, and if I wanted I could come in her mouth. In spite of the draw of Beth's tight little 'pussy', I chose to allow Jenny to work on me, and switched over. She showed a somewhat fastidious nature, as she insisted on cleaning off the lubrication fluids from Beth's 'pussy' before reapplying her oral attention. Already her performance was improving, and she soon had me climaxing. She kept me in her mouth throughout my completion, and swallowed my 'cum' with a smile. She told me that was the naughtiest thing she'd ever done.

I told her I was sorry I didn't know about this talent of hers earlier, and was looking forward to using her vagina for the same purpose.

Note to Self: Call TAs and have them take over course load for today and tomorrow. Miss Rawundi's physiology class should review Tomlinson, Chapter 8. Mr. Davis is a competent TA, allow him to direct class as he sees fit.


Jenny has decided it would be best if she moved in with us as well for the duration of the test protocol. She is in the room adjacent to Beth. I hope I have no guests in the near future, with only one additional spare bedroom. She's assured me that if needed she and Beth can move in with Jack in the guest quarters for a few days. She's also undertaken to configure the conservatory as a "romp room" as Beth so eloquently puts it.

She also asked if she and Beth could 'blow' me after dinner. She argued she needed the practice, even if we weren't taking measurements. I thought that sounded reasonable. I would have invited Jack to help give her practice but he was in the library doing his research on the monograph.

Beth suggested we might try using my bed for practice, and before long I found myself naked with my two beautiful assistants, in my own bed. The girls took turns sucking my cock, long after it was hard, and then Beth wanted to 'ride' me, while Jenny watched. It was extremely arousing, and I found myself involuntarily thrusting upward into Beth's 'pussy'. The language these assistants use is so common and vulgar, and yet quite satisfying in its application during the act of sex. I find my own journal writings littered with their vernacular, but will avoid any conscious effort to remove it. They seem fitting to the task.

Beth kept telling me how much I filled her, and joked that she hoped I wouldn't get too big at the end of the study. I told her I believed that a two-inch increase in length combined with a 30% increase in girth seemed achievable. Jenny warned her about how successful I was in my research and she had not doubt that I would succeed in developing a "monster cock." Beth just shuddered. Jenny sounded almost proud to espouse on my previous successes.

After I had cum in Beth, Jenny said she thought she was ready to try it, and I found that just the thought of penetrating Jenny was enough to start arousing me. The girls laughed at how eager I was to "drill" Jenny, and with their mouths they worked me back up to a fully hard state. Once again I reclined and allowed Jenny to lower herself onto my erection. Beth helped, holding my cock upright while slowly lowering Jenny into place. Jenny's pussy was very tight, and it was difficult to fully penetrate, but extremely satisfying once I was in.

Jenny rode me a long time. When her breath was coming in gasps, and I could see the sheen of perspiration covering her, Beth had us change to the "missionary" position where I was on top. I continued 'fucking' her, hard, and found myself kissing her, I'm sure to the surprise of both of us. After the second kiss, she grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her mouth, her tongue wrestling with mine. She was suddenly moaning very loudly in my mouth, and Beth who was laying beside us, massaging Jenny's breast and occasionally touching where I was entering Jenny's pussy, said "God, Richard, she's cumming so hard! Fuck her now, harder!" I did, and exploded deep inside her, apparently causing another wave of orgasm to envelope sweet Jenny.

This has been a particularly satisfying day, if not the finest day of research.


July 6th 2002 –11:18am

It's a shame this is the last day of the initial measurement trials. This has undoubtedly been some of the most rewarding test conduction I've ever been involved with.

The four of us gathered in the conservatory once again following breakfast. Jenny volunteered to help Jack with his measurements, and Beth would take care of me. Beth suggested adjourning to our bedrooms but I was concerned that our testing might become protracted, and felt somewhat derelict in my studies.

Beth was definitely cavalier in her measurements, but her delightful mouth once again had me rock hard, and I was reconsidering her offer to take her back to her room. Ever the practical scientist, I restrained myself, and instead laid her back on the ottoman, placing her ankles on my shoulders and began the effort to bring on my climax.

I enjoyed the opportunity to observe this sweet young girl I was 'screwing', other than as a tool to complete my researches. Her eyes closed, and her mouth open, she looked especially vulnerable and 'sexy'. Her fair skin was flawless, and her perfect breasts moved naturally as my thrusting rocked her back and forth. The sheen of her red hair was considerably darker than the light red patch framing where my erection was entering her. I couldn't resist turning my head and tasting her skin, where her ankle brushed against my face. Beth had worked for me for nearly 9 months as an RN responsible for many of the injections, drawing blood, and carrying out the typical physical analysis of my patients. I don't remember hiring her, I'm sure she was brought on board by Jenny.

Note to self: How much do I pay Jenny? She needs a raise. And a bonus.

I looked over to see how Jack's measurements were going, and found him seated on the floor at the foot of the recliner that Jenny was sitting on, his mouth in the vicinity of her vagina. Odd. I saw no value in this, in terms of allowing us to take our measurements. And yet, it helped me achieve my own completion within Beth even quicker.

As Beth was taking my final flaccid measurements, which would complete our initial data points, I commented on how regrettable it was that this line of testing had to come to a close. Jenny, who was accommodating Jack in his attempt to reach climax, by allowing him the use of her vagina, reminded me that during the actual clinical trials, our eight would almost certainly require numerous Erection Aides, estimating one for every two subject penises, assuming individual, blind, testing. These Erection Aides would need instruction, and it was important that Jenny and Beth maintain their skills and practice, for both the instruction of the new EAs and as backup technicians. Also my own responsibilities in terms of interviewing and hiring these candidates would require my own stamina to be in line with the duties required. The idea of hiring several young ladies with the requisite skills, and the testing they would need to undergo to verify their abilities did wonders for my 'cock', and soon I was plunging my 'hard-on' in Jenny's accommodating mouth while Jack completed his ministrations at her other end.

I announced that Jenny was absolutely correct. I have extended the offer to my assistants to allow them to remain in residence while the entire test is conducted. Jack pointed out that the duration of the study could be no shorter than seven months, and would likely last for at least a year. I stated that I guess they should give up their current leases then, and move all their belongings in.

Note to Self: Instruct Jenny to have the guest quarters reconfigured to allow for both original bedrooms to be reinstated.

* * * * *

Where will the good Doctor's studies take him? There's only one way to find out! Chapter 2: Dr Dick – Testing, Testing.

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