Dr. Dorhring


Sex that is forced or reluctant in reality can be frightening and traumatic to say the least. In that otherworld of fantasy and fiction however, it can often be hot, sensual and exciting. That having been said, please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. This story deals with an older, experienced man whose lust and desire for a young graduate student leads him to find sexual fulfillment in an unconventional and non-consensual way.

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My name is Dr. Matthew Dorhring. Samantha's father and I met almost 25 years ago while working as teaching assistants at the same institution where I am now a tenured professor. A few years ago, I took a sabbatical from the university during which I traveled and lived in different parts of the world and had missed seeing Samantha develop from child to adolescent. It wasn't until just before Samantha's high school graduation that I moved back to the states, and for the first time saw how beautifully she had grown and transitioned from a gangly adolescent into a nubile, sexy young woman, eager for life and new experiences.

Two years ago, I returned to teaching at the university. I had easily settled back into professorial life and duties, and now, after years of waiting, my dream has finally come true. As of this past semester, Samantha has begun her graduate studies here; and I have begun to know her . . . intimately.

No, she was no longer a little girl; Samantha had blossomed into a very attractive and sexually desirable woman. Sam had let her wavy auburn hair grow past her shoulders, and I loved to tangle my hands in it when she sucked me. Her firm high breasts would become erect at the slightest provocation; sometimes when she was on display beneath me, I would caress and play with her beautiful dusky pink nipples as her long, lean legs encircled my waist. She had grown into a striking beauty whose full womanly hips, and soft, smooth-shaven mons begged to be kissed and licked.


Just seeing her walking on campus, even at a distance, was enough to get me hard and begin fantasizing about fucking her in every way I could think of. I knew the fantasizing was becoming obsessive; then one night I awoke from a dream covered in a cold sweat, with an erection so hard it hurt.

I had dreamt I was in a dimly lit room in the middle of which, bent over an old ornate desk was Samantha. I walked to the desk and discovered that she was paging through a large, leather bound photo album. The album was full of naked, salacious pictures of her posing, exhibiting herself, and engaging in various sexual activities. Coming up behind her, I caressed her ass, fully expecting her to pull away but was surprised to find her neither upset nor alarmed as I continued to touch, fondle and press myself against her. In my dream, her hair was loose, and sensually cascaded about her shoulders and she wore a white, lacy, very virginal looking dress that hugged her full, ripe woman's body. As she leaned on the desk absorbed in the album's contents, I lifted her dress up over her hips and pulled her thin, white panties down exposing her lovely ass; then unceremoniously pushed my hard dick deep into her.

I sensed it must have been uncomfortable for her at first, because she squirmed and tried to pull away. "Stop moving or I won't be able to get all of it inside your pussy . . . isn't that what you want?" I shouted at her.

She was so fucking warm and tight, I was afraid I was going to cum too quickly. When she suddenly closed the album and said, "Daddy will be mad if you get my dress dirty," I froze in surprise.

Recovering, I laughed nervously, telling her, "Don't worry, I'll be careful, but you must be still."

Reassured, she stood there silently obedient while I fucked her with abandon. I came, and with a satisfied grunt pulled out of her, and wiped my cum covered cock on her beautiful white dress. As I left the room I looked back and saw that she remained where I had left her . . . bent over the old ornate desk; only now she had my thick, white cum slowly dripping out of her well used pussy.

I lay in bed the next morning, recalling my dream and becoming very aroused. I began to plot how to actually, finally, fuck Samantha and make my fantasy come true.


We were both excited and looking forward to my being the advisor for her graduate project. We had a regular appointment to meet each Thursday during which we'd discuss her project over a cup of tea and I would get to know her better.

On one particular afternoon, I sat across the office at my desk, matter-of-factly confirming our appointment for the following week, and chuckled inwardly while chiding her about daydreaming during our session.

"Me, daydreaming?" she asked.

"Well, regardless of whether you were daydreaming or sleeping, you definitely were not mentally here this afternoon," I responded. "You're going to need to stay focused and that may mean cutting down on the late night sex with your boyfriend."

I observed a flicker of confusion pass over her face as she gathered up her things and gave me a chaste peck on the cheek before departing. I walked over to the window and watched her cross the parking lot and get into her car. Amused by her confusion, I found I enjoyed the game I was playing with her subconscious thoughts, almost as much as I enjoyed fucking her. Yet, as I thought back on our session, I made a mental note to be more careful with her, physically. While dressing her I had discovered the beginnings of a bruise on her breast where I had bitten her as I sucked her tits. Hopefully, she would just assume that it was the result of a little rough sex with her . . . boyfriend.

Over the following weeks, our meetings progressed as usual, typically beginning with my preparing tea for the both of us. While pretending to review a section of her thesis, I'd surreptitiously watch her as she sipped her tea. When finally, I saw her drop her notes onto the floor and lean her head against the back of the sofa, I'd stand up and call her name as I walked towards her.

"Sam . . . Samantha? Sam, are you alright, can you hear me?" I called, and as expected, there was no response. Though it was the middle of the afternoon, once the drapes were drawn the room became quiet and dim. I helped her stand and removed her panties before walking her to my desk and positioning her on her back. There was no struggle, no serious resistance; she appeared to be in a fuzzy semi-conscious state, oblivious to what was happening around her. My cock was throbbing now; I unzipped and freed it. I maneuvered her ass so it was at the edge of the desk, bent down between her legs, and buried my face in her warm, moist fragrance. With my hands on the smooth, pale skin of her inner thighs, I pressed her legs open and hungrily tongued and licked her.

"Oh god yessss, oh yes," she said so faintly, so haltingly I could barely understand her words.

When I started sucking her clit she moaned and sighed softly. I could feel her clit getting swollen and warm, and then without intentionally meaning to or expecting to, my beautiful girl came hard and wet, as her juices gushed into my mouth and an exquisite orgasm swept over her. Afterwards she laid there, eyelids fluttering as her breathing calmed. I slipped my hard, dripping cock into her, and pounded her mercilessly until overcome with my own orgasm.


I helped her onto the sofa, and covered her with a light blanket, having decided to let her sleep off the lingering effects of the tea. When she started to come out of her sleep, my office was quiet and dark, except for the glow of the campus streetlights outside. I heard her stirring and came into the room.

"How are you feeling, Sam?" I asked as she struggled briefly with the blanket, and then heavily swung her legs off the sofa and she sat up.

"Just a little groggy," she said, "but I'm fine, don't worry about me."

"You must have been exhausted. I hope you don't mind, but I was concerned and so I decided to let you stay and rest here in my office before driving home." She sat quietly for a few minutes, still a little out of it and I found myself wishing for a more accurate way to gauge the potency of the tea. It had become obvious that sometimes she would remain unconscious during her visit and would remember nothing at all, while at other times she appeared to be semi-aware while I was having sex with her but still did not seem to remember anything afterwards.

When she finally felt more clearheaded, she stood up and began to gather her things. I felt my cock stir while watching her sensitive nipples harden as they pressed and rubbed against her t-shirt. At one point my cock jerked so hard I had to turn toward my desk so she wouldn't see the growing bulge between my legs. After she left, I immediately began jerking my dick until I came so powerfully my legs trembled and I had to lean against the door for support.

When I recovered, on shaky legs I made it into the office bathroom. Was I out of control? I don't know, but I did wonder for a moment if she was aware of what I was doing to her, and then I remembered a particularly hot session a few weeks earlier when I had her on her hands and knees taking her doggy. She was naked on the beautiful Persian carpet in my office, her round, tight ass raised and presented to me to do as I wished. I fucked her so hard and rough that when I finally came, I swear I saw stars. Pulling out of her I finished cumming on the small of her back and then rolled her over and milked my cock so that the last few drops of cum dripped in spidery strings onto her tummy.

I watched in amazement as she smeared my cum between her legs and then with it covering her fingers opened her legs wider and began masturbating. She started humping the fingers she had slipped inside her pussy and looking straight at me with seemingly, unseeing eyes began whimpering and pleaded with me in that faint, whispery voice that was barely audible:

"Please, please, please . . ."

I was by now fully erect again, my cockhead huge, swollen and purple as I mounted her and fucked her until she came, her pussy walls grasping, gripping my cock not ready to release it.

Afterwards, while the effects of the tea were wearing off I cleaned her up and got her dressed. Because of what had happened, you know the things she had said, the way she had acted, I decided to try to find out just how much Sam really remembered from our session.

I got up, returned with a cold, glass of water, and gave it to her asking:

"Sam, we had a very productive session this afternoon, can you tell me the main issues we talked about and what you need to research before our next meeting?" Without a pause, she launched into a recap of the thesis related issues we had discussed during the first hour of our meeting.

She remembered nothing after drinking her tea; it was as if the sex had never happened. She didn't remember my taking her rough doggy, or her masturbating for me, her begging me to fuck her, none of it. That's when I knew that no matter what I did, no matter if she sometimes participated or not, she wouldn't remember.


The school year rapidly progressed. To celebrate our halfway point, I suggested we have a dinner meeting at a little restaurant near her apartment. We had a nice time; the food was delicious, the wine was wonderful, and over dessert and coffee, we discussed her project a little more until I noticed she was showing signs of drowsiness. I helped her out of the restaurant and into my car to driver her home. By the time I parked she was on the brink of passing out, but I managed to get her safely into her apartment.

Once inside, I led her to the bedroom and laying her on her bed, watched her finally give up her struggle with consciousness and slip into the warm, welcoming nothingness. Gently placing my arm under her, I lifted her upper body and unzipped her dress. Pulling the bodice of her dress down about her waist, my hand lightly brushed over the fabric of her lace bra whereupon her nipples immediately tightened, growing hard and erect under my touch. I knelt at the side of the bed and ran my tongue lightly across her lips, then kissed her hard, opening her mouth and inserting my tongue.

Unzipping my pants I couldn't help but give a deep masculine sigh of relief as my cock sprang free and I brought it to her mouth.

I knew she probably couldn't understand me, but in a cajoling voice I said, "Open your mouth for me, baby."

"Open your mouth!" I repeated a bit more roughly.

I grasped her jaw and squeezed it to force her to open her mouth for me. After I pushed in my cock, I leisurely stroked it in and out of Sam's mouth, holding her head in position so that she took my full length. I felt myself growing bigger in her mouth and wondered if she could taste my salty, slick pre-cum on her tongue as my cock sank deeper down her throat. I pressed her head tightly into my groin and face-fucked her until I came in a thick, warm spray of cum that flowed down her throat and dribbled out the corner of her mouth.

Releasing Sam's head, I rested it against the pillows while I pulled her dress the remainder of the way off and removed her bra and panties. Her pussy was glistening wet, and I crawled between her legs to teasingly lick her until she squirmed and moaned, with me stopping just short of letting her cum.

I stood up, covered her naked body with the bedclothes, arranged my clothing and whispered that I'd return shortly. I turned off the lights and left, quietly closing the door behind me.


When I pulled the bedclothes aside, I watched the sudden contraction of her nipples and small goose bumps form on her arms; her body vulnerable and exposed to me. I grasped each ankle and pulled her towards the foot of the bed, letting her legs hang over the end with her feet almost touching the floor. I spread her legs and fingered her until she began to moan and her hips involuntarily humped against my hand. I could see her struggling to open her eyes when I called her name, and watched her as I stroked my rock hard cock, smearing the cock head with my pre-cum. There were no words, just me pushing into her, repeatedly thrusting deep and then pulling out. I stroked into her long and deep as I rubbed her clit making it hard and swollen and grinned to myself when she began raising and lowering her hips, on some level trying desperately to meet my thrusts, until finally, mercifully . . . I let my baby girl cum for me.

I removed what was left of my clothing, and covered her with my now naked body. The feel of my cock growing hard against her thigh, her breasts pressing against the soft hair on my chest, excited me and I ached to be inside of her. All I could think about was fucking my Samantha until I was sated. With my weight on top of her and my face close to her's, I again saw her eye lids flutter when I spoke to her and called her name. I whispered into her ear what I was going to do to her sweet, sweet pussy, and watched a tear of happiness trickle down her cheek.

"Oh baby, don't cry, there's no need to cry," I told her as I kissed the tear from her cheek and maneuvered my knees between her legs, opening them wider and positioning myself to penetrate her. With only the slightest pressure, my large swollen cock pressed between her glistening pussy lips, into her warm, wet channel. With deep, full thrusts I filled her completely, then fucked into her as if to punish her for making me do this to her. The slightest contraction of her pussy on my cock was almost more than I could handle and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. I let my body tense and stiffen in preparation for release, then I pulled back, willing myself to become quiet, and in this way, I repeatedly edged up to my orgasm while remaining deep inside her pussy, until the urge for release finally became too strong. I held onto her and started fucking her with fast, shallow strokes until my body arched and I rammed into her so hard that she began to whimper.

Just as I was on the absolute brink of cumming, she suddenly lifted her hips and opened her legs wider for me. I gave a final thrust and buried myself balls deep, filling her warm, grasping pussy with spurt after spurt of my cum. After I spent myself inside of her, we drifted off, and when I awoke, I found myself spooning behind her, one arm over her breasts, lovingly cupping one tit in my hand; my leg draped possessively over her hips, enjoying the fragrant, pungent smell of our sex.


I eventually roused myself, and experienced an involuntary shudder of anticipation as my hand trailed down her outer thigh and came to rest between her legs, finding her still dripping core. Inserting my fingers into her pussy, I withdrew them covered in her wetness and started teasing her asshole as I leaned over and quietly whispered, "I want to feel myself inside your tight, warm ass Samantha . . . don't be afraid. "

Even as I ground against her, knowing in her drugged condition she couldn't resist and wouldn't remember anything I said, I still felt compelled to tell her how sorry I was for doing this. Yet, despite the remorse, I continued to rub myself against her ass, my pulsing cock growing hard as I thought about entering and then cumming deep in her ass.

Gently, patiently I teased her ass bud and succeeded in inserting one finger inside her. Her recalcitrant sphincter muscle tightened instinctively, trying to push my finger out. Not wanting to hurt her more than necessary, I began to lick and tongue her ass until I could feel her body softening and relaxing. This went on for a while and when I could insert two fingers into her ass, I reached over and retrieved a small butt plug from the nightstand. Turning back to her, I began massaging her butt hole with lubricant, and fondling her clit until she purred and moaned in orgasmic release. As she lay there in the afterglow of her orgasm, I rolled her onto her side and inserted the butt plug into her ass.

I pulled Samantha on top of me, and holding her hips, slid effortlessly in and out of her hot wet pussy, letting her ride my cock. I closed my eyes, feeling the outline of the plug rub against my cock with each upward thrust. Her clit was stimulated by the pressure and rubbing along my cock shaft, and each time she rode up on my cock, I could see her hard, swollen clit. It was so engorged it was now fully visible and poked out from underneath its hood. The urge to take it in my mouth and suck made my cock twitch and jerk inside her. I could hear her quietly moaning along with me as her pussy began to contract and squeeze around my cock. Sensing she was about to cum I guided her off me and made her kneel on the bed on her hands and knees. I quickly removed the plug from her ass, and started smearing my cock and her ass inside and out with more lubricant.

She was aroused, yet I could feel her try to pull away when I placed my cock at the opening of her butthole and began pressing into her. I relaxed my weight onto her and let her settle onto her stomach with her hips raised on a pillow. I got myself behind and on top of her so I could fuck her doggy-style. Positioned like this, the idea of her body naked and totally under my control only fueled my already lust-crazed state further. Even more exciting was knowing I would be her first . . . until I heard her quietly grunting and groaning as I pressed the head of my cock insistently into her.

"Shhhhhhh, Shhhhhhh," I said softly, "I know it's your first time baby, but it's alright, I'll try not to hurt you."

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