tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLucky Thirteen: Dr. Cuddy's Lesson

Lucky Thirteen: Dr. Cuddy's Lesson


(This story contains characters form the 5th television season of House, including Remy Hadley and Lisa Cuddy.)


Dr. Lisa Cuddy stood alone at the nurses' station. The clinic of Princeton Plainsboro teaching hospital was, as always, frantically busy, but Lisa took no notice of this, apparently absorbed in her work.

The Woman leant on her elbows against the counter, pretending to read a patient's file on its surface. In reality the Dean of Medicine was lost in though. An issue had become apparent in the last few weeks that, if she did not deal with it appropriately, could lead to major problems amongst her staff.

Her authority within the hospital meant everything to Cuddy and she believed it was only ever gained by respect, in all of its forms. If you respected yourself and what you sought to achieve, than the people around you would recognize your achievements as well. For example, she was a woman to whom genetics had been kind. To hide that would have been dishonest to herself, so she didn't even try.

So today, as always, the Dean looked amazing, her long black hair cascading around her neck and down the curve of her back. Cuddy was dressed in another of her tight short skirts, combined with what many people agreed was an inappropriately low-cut top. This ensured her still tight yet curvaceous rack was fully on display.

Cuddy was fine with being viewed in this way because she believed any asset's potential should be maximised. For another example, the Doctor was most proud of her butt, hence she used high heels chosen specifically to raise and make more prominent an already impressive rear. This confidence in her appearance created an air of authority and power, all of which she backed up with her success.

Now however, she detected a threat within her hospital, another doctor taking advantage of the Dean's system. As far as she was concerned her own unwavering authority was essential when running the hospital, so this created an issue. All blame for this problem ultimately belonged to a single employee; Dr. Remy Hadley.

Known as 'Thirteen' amongst her contemporaries, the young Doctor was a likeable Internist employed by House as part of his miraculous diagnostic team. She was a valuable employee, operating well in a crisis, dealing with a lot of House's crap and carrying out her work effectively. So what was the problem? Thirteen's personal affairs within the hospital had begun effecting the performance of her fellow Doctors. Cuddy paid particular attention to situations like these as they often resulted in failures in patient care.

The Dean had first become aware of the issue when rumors of Thirteen's lesbian exploits began to surface around the hospital. At first she had dismissed the strange stories of sex occurring within the workplace, House's team tended to create controversy and this seemed minor in comparison to his life threatening practice. However, when a young female Nurse, no older than 21, stormed into her office crying, Cuddy found herself with no choice other than to hear her out.

The Nurse was a cute redhead named Lucy Applegate, who tried desperately to explain her apparent unwilling seduction. This had involved participation in a series of increasingly elaborate flirtations with Dr. Hadley, all of which had been harmless. However, her ultimate seduction and sodomy within a broom closet was not. The story was graphic; the broom itself had been involved. The girl was adamant that she was straight and found lesbian sex and anal abhorrent. Yet later, when the hospital's security cameras were checked, they clearly showed the Redhead almost frantically dragging a smirking Thirteen into the closet, appearing fully consensual.

Yet Cuddy believed the girl despite the evidence, recognizing the power Thirteen had over the Nurse. Yet there was nothing she could do. The Dean knew further disciplinary action would draw House's attention, which could only exacerbate the situation; it was in House's nature. So Cuddy was forced to dismiss the accusations. However, Thirteen's attitude had been careless and she had shown no signs of guilt when questioned, nor did she even apologize for her inappropriate conduct. This annoyed the Dean greatly.

Sadly this had not been the end of the matter. When going through Dr. Hadley's medical reports she found a recent rectal examination file on Dr. Allison Cameron, perplexing, as the notes were vague and the procedure seemed unnecessary. Lisa had also noticed changes in the demeanor of Doctor Cameron. In the days after the procedure the head of the Emergency Room staff seemed distant, and agitated. The Blonde was quieter, yet she winced audibly when she sat down and her gait was off, practically a limp. It didn't take the Dean of Medicine to figure it out.

Cameron was vague and embarrassed, averting her eyes when asked, insisting that the procedure had been executed fine and that Thirteen had been professional. Cuddy knew the Doctor was not a lesbian and was usually reserved and uptight. Something had changed; the girl was practically submissive now.

All of these factors suggested to Cuddy the young brunette had stepped over a line and begun dominating her female colleagues. After all Dr. Cameron was the Dr. Hadley's superior. But now the young Doctor's actions had weakened two major departments. This was unacceptable and simply could not continue. However, Thirteen was still part of House's incredibly complex and fragile ecosystem, leaving the Dean at a loss. How could she carry out appropriate disciplinary action and maintain in control?

Her thoughts were interrupted when the subject of her dilemma entered the Clinic, files in hand.

Thirteen noticed the Dean instantly, her eyes drawn to the woman's reclining form. The senior Doctor looked good, so at home and confident in her domain. And her ass simply didn't quit! The girl momentarily distracted, soon realized Cuddy had caught her starring and feigned a friendly smile before quickly disappearing into a nearby patient room, attempting not to become flustered as she went.

Cuddy watched her go, inspecting the young, beautiful brunette as she strode forward with purpose, almost arrogantly. The Dean grimaced, the Doctor had to be taken down a peg.

Now however, the Dean recognized her only advantage. Thirteen was attracted to her! It had been obvious and, luckily for the hospital administrator, the girl was not in a position to act on her lust. This development had potential. Cuddy had used sex as a method of achieving her own ends for years now; hell it had gotten her into this position! And the woman had no problem with their age difference. The only issue was that, other than in a few brief experiences in college, Cuddy had never had sex with a girl.

Lisa knew the triggers on the female form, the art of seduction and believed she could even reverse engineer these skills to put this girl in her place. It would require great initiative on her part to dominate a strong willed Doctor like Remy though. Cuddy smiled, leaving the station and heading after Thirteen into her patient's room. She always liked a challenge.

Some time later the Dean of medicine arranged the papers on her desk, Dr. Hadley sitting opposite her, obviously perplexed and a little anxious. Thirteen had been told Cuddy wished to discuss further disciplinary action for her previous in-digressions with Nurse Applegate. Thirteen knew recently her affairs with other staff hadn't exactly been in the hospital's best interests. Was she about to get fired?

Thirteen loved her job, it kept her focused, whilst her actions on a case mattered which made her feel important. Not that the challenge wasn't often exhausting. Even now the Diagnostics team had a new case that kept them busy at practically all hours and the young brunette was under a lot of strain. Her appearance reflected this, her hair in an untidy ponytail whilst she fidgeted slightly in her seat. Her smoky blue eyes, still piercing and sharp, were never the less showing the signs of near exhaustion. Thirteen shook her head a little, reminding herself that this situation would require her wits.

This was difficult however, when your opponent was clearly well rested and ready for her. Cuddy was the polar opposite of Thirteen, calm and in control, she sat upright, her eyes glinting. The young doctor balked invisibly. She was finding the other woman's demeanor almost seductive. She shook her head again, clearly she was slipping.

"What do you need from me?" Thirteen said, her tone irate. The girl twitched in her seat, she'd drank too much Coffee. "I told you Nurse Applegate and I were both up for what happened, hell she enjoyed herself immensely at the time."

Again the Dean just smiled before sipping from a glass on her desk, maintaining unflinching eye contact with Thirteen. This was all part of her domination technique, waiting out your opponent. The Dean rose from her seat and begun closing the blinds around the office. No need for prying eyes to see her debase herself and her companion.

"I've noticed recently you've been off your game Dr. Hadley" stated Cuddy, "I've also picked up on many of your less than discreet acts of lesbianism around my Hospital. How many of my female staff have you gotten through now?"

Thirteen just stared back at the Dean, unflinching. Cuddy just smiled and turned, bending to close another blind. She made sure her butt was on full display, her skirt straining against her pert buns Thirteen was unintentionally enthralled, still managing to remain cautious, her heartbeat beginning to rise whilst her pussy moistened.

Cuddy was also aroused; this routine always got her wheels turning. Under other circumstances she would never have sex with another woman, but this cocky Doctor needed disciplined and she knew nothing hurt the self-esteem of an alpha more than submitting to authority, in this case herself.

So the Dean returned to her desk, sitting on its rim, directly in front of the young Doctor, too close for comfort. Looking down she saw a flicker of fear in those Striking blue eyes. Good.

"Do you think its okay to use other members of staff the way you have??" Cuddy asked flatly, "straight, hardworking girls like Cameron and Nurse Applegate??"

"I don't know what..." Thirteen began, but she was cut off almost instantly, Cuddy wanted her full attention, no excuses.

"No Dr. Hadley and you need to get that through your head. I've seen the results of you actions and the methods you've used to bed these girls. The loss of control? Hell, you've used your body and mind to great effect." She paused, watching Thirteen's eyes drop to her shoes.

"Well now you have gained my attention and I want these fraternizations to stop."

"You can't make me" Thirteen replied, resistance still in her voice.

The Dean glowered at the Internist, her eyes hardening, her resolve strengthening.

"Stand up" she commanded coldly. Thirteen grudgingly obeyed, suspicious. Cuddy reached forward, grabbing the girl by the waist and pulling her forward, opening her own legs wide to give them an even closer proximity. Dr. Hadley was momentarily stunned and just stood there limply.

Deftly, Lisa unbuckled Thirteen's belt and pulled down the zipper, before pushing her tight jeans down to below her pert cheeks, limiting Thirteen's movements. The Dean then roughly stuffed her hand down the front of the young Doctor's lacy red panties, noting how inappropriate these were for work and then began feeling the wetness gathering there.

"What the he..." Thirteen attempted to exclaim, before being cut off by her own gasp as slender fingers pushed between her lower lips.

Cuddy was stunned at her own daring, amazed by the weird sensations going through her hand and body. She managed to keep her demeanor calm, though she felt her nipples harden and her chest flush. She realized the situation must have been getting to her. Either that or Thirteen's reaction was, because now she was really heating up!

Despite her internal conflict, Cuddy began pumping her fingers up and down between the girl's legs. By recalling her own most pleasurable experiences the woman was able to work away tirelessly. She expertly twisted and wiggled her fingers around inside of Thirteen, hitting all the right spots.

The young Doctor groaned opening her mouth, eyes rolling. She widened her stance allowing Cuddy better access. The Dean was in control and she decided to make the internist an intriguing offer, speaking breathlessly as she worked:

"Now look, I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. You become my little spy on House, maybe I can keep this libido of yours in check, stop you from making mess."

Cuddy began to piston her hand into the brunette's pussy, now using all of her fingers. Soon she was using enough force to lift Thirteen off her heels and onto her tip toes. Thirteen had to bite her lip to muffle hers screams of pleasure, grabbing the older woman's shoulders tightly just to stay upright. Because of this she barely even registered the Dean's offer.

Realising that Dr. Hadley was close to orgasm, Cuddy pulled her hand free, her digits soaked in juices. The sudden stop took the brunette by surprise and her legs buckled, falling to the floor at Cuddy's feet. She was left panting, head down and thoroughly confused, hurting her pride immensely.

Just pleasuring Thirteen had never been Lisa's plan however, even if she had gotten carried away. Now it was time for her subordinate to submit to her will and Cuddy convinced herself that any pleasure experienced from the situation as a result was purely situational.

So tasting her own fingers before the young brunette's wide eyes, sucking each one clean in turn, was all simply part of the act. Yet they tasted sooo good, sweet and tangy. Cuddy looked down at her captive audience.

"Can you resist me now?" she asked, her voice dripping with allure.

Once again she stood, this time slowly lowering the zipper on the side of her own skirt and wiggling the tight, tartan fabric over her shapely rear and down her long legs. The garment was thrown aside. Now her full, curvaceous hips were on display. Frilly black and white lace panties were joined to the suspenders and stockings that clad her legs. These she believed made her look professional. At least, when the rest of her was less visible.

Soon, just after the Dean's trademark tight top was pulled over head as well and also thrown aside, her glorious breasts were free to bounce into the air. Cuddy wore a tight matching half cup bra, her favorite. If Lisa was honest, removing her top at this point was as much for her own benefit as it was for Thirteen's, as she was hot and flushed and needed to maintain a cool demeanour. Luckily, it was a win-win situation for both of them.

Now came the hard part. The Dean hid her nerves well, but she still believed in her heart of hearts that she was no lesbian, even if the image of the twitching young female Doctor beneath her continued to increase her arousal. Most importantly however, Thirteen needed to know who was in charge and what she did to other girls. An act like this would definitely show her.

Cuddy lowered herself to the edge of her desk once again and spread her legs wide.

"Its time to submit to my authority Dr. Hadley" Cuddy stated firmly, "And what better way to prove your loyalty than to demonstrate it on your superior. I suggest you get busy."

The brunette was shocked, close even to outraged:

" I- I won't." Thirteen exclaimed as she fought her arousal. The young Doctor always took charge and was always in control of her bodily functions. But this time was different. She was sooo horny and Cuddy was sooooo appetizing, perched and waiting for her mere centimeters away.

Cuddy however, was impatient and wasn't about to let the girl's refusal stop her, pulling her panties aside and grabbing the Internist by the back of the head. Before Thirteen could resist, Cuddy pressed the young brunette's face between her legs allowing the Doctor a sample of her moist cunt.

The young brunette's resolve failed and she knelt properly between her superior's legs, gaining better access. Soon she began working her tongue into the pussy before her, as deep as she could go. For reasons Thirteen couldn't fathom, all she wanted now was to please the Dean. This realization scared her. Just not enough to stop.

Thirteen rationalized that the sooner she was done the sooner Cuddy would finish her off. And she tasted amazingThe brunette was a little to happy to lap away at the other woman's cunt.

Cuddy held onto Dr. Hadley's head tightly, grinning in triumph. She was now successfully reminding this arrogant internist who was Boss. However, Lisa couldn't have pretended she wasn't enjoying herself either, even if she preferred to believe that it didn't matter who was pleasuring her. Especially when it was this good!! And It was actually a rush to look between her legs and see that little brunette head, full of medical knowledge, rocking as the Doctor lapped at her loins. She even patted the hair condescendingly, messing with the strands. She hoped this positive reinforcement would give this rug muncher the encouragement he needed to continue eating her out, and the more demeaning, the better.

Thirteen's eyes looked up at her from her cunt, wide and almost pleading. The brunette was beginning to hesitate. For a moment the young woman did nothing and the two Dctor's eyes were locked together in a battle of wills. Cuddy could take no mercy, not at this stage. So she lifted her legs over the girl's shoulders, wrapping them around the Doctor's neck. This effectively trapped the young girl and helped to incentivize her.

Thirteen's doubled her efforts, using her hands to grab the Deans curvaceous butt cheeks, pulling her further away from the desk. Her psyche had taken a beating and the girl felt fragile. She was a successful Doctor, why was she on her knees eating this woman's pussy? Usually she was so dominant, so in control. As far as she was concerned their roles should have been reversed. So why was she doing this?? It was degrading. But she was sooo desperate to cum!

So Thirteen went into pussy eating overdrive, slamming her tongue in and out of Cuddy's cunt in a rapid fucking motion, head bobbing back and forth, her mouth sucking at her Boss' pussy lips as hard as she could.

Cuddy struggled to maintain her composure; Thirteen was such a good rug muncher!! The position of her legs, wrapped around the girl's head, meant she was free to move her arms. One grabbed frantically at her desk, before finding purchase by tangling in her phone's cord. The other rose to her face, biting a knuckle to muffle her loudest groans. Cuddy also began lightly thrusting forward every time Thirteen penetrated her cunt with that talented little tongue, her pelvis smacking against the brunette's face as she did so. Cuddy imagined Thirteen as nothing but a tool for her pleasure, which again helped her to get past the obvious lesbianism of the encounter. The rapid movement spread Cuddy's juices over the girl's nose face and hair, ruining her make up.

The Dean of medicine became lost in the moment, humping her subordinate as hard as she could. The feeling of the Doctor's mouth on her pussy was indescribable, Thirteen working hard and efficiently. Even Cuddy had to admit no one had ever done a better job.

Thirteen was also lost; struggling to breath in the cramped position whilst also exerting all the strength she could muster. At this point, if Cuddy didn't orgasm soon she would suffocate. Her superior clearly liked it rough.

Cuddy finally went over the edge, spasming hard repeatedly as she went through several intense orgasms. The Dean stared up at the ceiling of her office, mouth wide and yet screaming soundlessly, her vision blurring.

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