tagErotic PoetryDr. Heckle and Mr. Pride

Dr. Heckle and Mr. Pride

byMy Erotic Tail©

Dr. Heckle was very old man
he could hardly walk
much less stand.

When the 'knock'
came at the door
Dr. Heckle hobbled
across the floor.

"Trick or treat
smell my feet
give me something good to eat."
rang out from some neighborhood kids.
As Dr. Heckle did the Halloween biz.

He dropped some candy in their sacks.
Then reached to hold his old back.
The kids ran off happy with glee
Dr. Heckle shut the door to the screen.

As he hobbled back to his chair
'Poof' came a sound
then smoke filled the air.

There before him
stood his fairy god-mother
Dr. Heckle thought she was an Angel
and said "Oh Brother."

As the fairy flew and then hovered.
"Am I going to heaven? or will it be hell?"
Dr. Heckle asked as he almost fell.

"Neither Heckle." The fairy replied.
"I'm here to give you, a night to come alive."
Dr. Heckle let out a sigh.

The Fairy waved her glistening wand
began chanting some unknown song
Dr. Heckle changed, he grew young and strong.

"Now be home by the stroke of two,
or you'll be an old man stuck out in the blue."
Then away the fairy flew
she had things, she had to do.

Dr. Heckle gleamed with pride
Feeling young, strong and revived.
He went off dancing along the drive.

He came upon a pub that was filled with cheer.
Thought he'd go in and have a beer.
Soon he was chatting with a lovely dear.

Her big eyes and robust smile
Dr. Heckle charmed her for awhile.
With his new appearance and his strong style.
Till the empty glasses were in a towering pile.

"By the way, my names Mr. Pride."
Dr. Heckle blurt his age he did hide.
The lovely lady
moved close to his side.

"Want to go to my place?"
She asked with a grin.
They started walking
she was tall and thin.

When they got to her house
she took off her clothes.
Soon Dr. Heckles manhood rose.

The two began kissing
in the bedroom with passion.
Dr. Heckle fucked her
as she was thrashing.

Their orgasims were many
as time slipped away.
Dr. Heckle was enjoying his day.

The clock rang out that it was two.
Dr. Heckle's head jerked up
what was he to do?

Then came the scream
from his new queen
Dr. Heckle thought his old self had been seen.

But as he turned
he saw his new love grow old.
Then his body grew chilly and cold.

He began to hobble
as he tried to run away.
The old woman smiled
and said, "Stay."

"We must have had
the same Halloween treat."
The woman said.
"The fairy must have known
that we would meet."

Dr. Heckle crawled back in bed
the woman soon was giving him head.
Dr. Heckle no longer
wished he was dead.

Their aniversary is now Halloween
Dr. Heckle and his new queen.
Mrs. Pride's favorite thing
Licking Mr. Prides trick or treat cream.

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