tagNonHumanDr. Mephisto's Sex Show

Dr. Mephisto's Sex Show

bybarbarian queen 2©

Dr. Mephisto's Sex Show. Curiosity made her go inside. She found it amazing what was legal here. Most of it was soft porn. She wasn't much interested in looking at the was displays of historical escapades. She wandered deeper into the displays. Some of them made her blush. She was very glad that she seemed to be the only person in there at the moment.

She found herself in the displays of the mythical. A satyr and a nymph. It seemed almost alive. She was surprised to find it quite arousing. A final curtain. And a choice. The small sign indicated that she could leave without seeing the final display. However, if she wished to continue, the management took no responsibility for anything that happened. She shrugged. Why not. She went through the curtain. A display of sex toys. Some were very imaginative.

A last display. A tall, well muscled male figure in chains. Amazingly handsome with long dark hair and piercing amber eyes. And an enormous, half erect penis. He seemed almost alive. The golden eyes were hypnotic. He seemed to be saying Touch me. She found her hand raising toward the display. Another sign caught her eye. Incubus. She stood looking at him, finding him attractive, wanting him.

An elderly man approached from behind the display. "Please, miss," he said quietly, "you must not touch him."

"Oh!" she said, startled, blushing faintly. "Why not?"

"A woman's touch will free him," replied the old man. The golden eyes seemed to blaze for just an instant.

"Free him?"

"Yes. Only my magic chains keep him captive. He would rape if he were free." The old man paused. "It is what an incubus does."

"I see," she said, not sure if she should believe the old man or not. She clasped her hands behind her. The old man smiled a slight, cold smile and turned away.

She looked up at the chained figure again and thought she saw despair in the beautiful amber eyes.

The old man's smile turned cruel as he looked up at the chained incubus. A small bell sounded and the old man left.

Touch me, free me, he seemed to say. She looked around. The old man was nowhere to be seen. Feeling foolish, she whispered, "What will you do if I touch you?" Visions of passion came to her. Intense, hot, going on and on. "Rape?" she whispered, half attracted, half appalled. Vehement denial. He seemed to be pleading with her. She looked around. Still alone. Gently, she stroked the huge penis. "Be free," she whispered. And quickly left. She did not see the triumphant blaze in his eyes as he watched her. He would find her and give her the promised passion. If she wished it. And he hoped she would.

At that moment, the old man returned. He seemed glad to see that the woman was gone. "So," he said, "you are still mine. I live longer." Again the cold, cruel smile. "You will give me centuries of life," he said, gloating.

The incubus looked down at him. No, he seemed to say. And the chains crumbled to powder. The magical backlash enveloped the old man. He howled in rage as his greed and cruelty consumed him. The incubus disappeared.

She found herself again at Dr. Mephisto's Sex Show. She wanted to see the incubus again. The building was locked. Closed. She sighed. Her dreams had been haunted by a tall, amber eyed man. And passion, hot and intense. It was her last day here. She would be going home in the morning. She walked away from the closed building and away from the bright lights. She found herself in a small, secluded park and sat by a fountain.

A tall man walked toward her out of the shadows. She looked up into glowing amber eyes. "Thank you," he said softly. His voice was deep and rich. Her breath caught as she looked up at him. He looked down at her and held out his hand. The invitation was obvious. Come with me. Lie with me. She knew without doubt that he could take her mind, force her. Yet, he asked. Then he smiled at her.

She put her hand in his and let him draw her to her feet. He took her deep into the park to a ring of stones meant to be illusion with the illusion concealing the reality. Through the stones, into a chamber with a large bed. He was again nude. His hands caressed her as he removed her clothes. She trembled at his touch, aroused and a little unsure.

He kissed her, softly at first and then with growing hunger. I will give you passion, and a choice, he seemed to promise. Touch me. She stroked his muscles feeling the steely hardness under velvet skin. Chest, arms, shoulders, stomach. And penis. He was hot and heavy in her hands. She felt him swell and harden. He laid her down and moved over her. She was breathless, aroused. He penetrated her slowly, filling her with his immense, hot hardness. She lay under him, his heavy body on hers, making her quiver with desire. He began moving in her, easing his huge penis gently in and out. She was soon writhing under him, savoring the hot friction of him in her. Her orgasm surprised her. She throbbed strongly around him as he paused until the spasms subsided.

He pulled almost completely out of her. And then plunged hard and deep into her. Over and over. Hard, deep thrusts as she moaned and thrashed under him. On and on until her body was tender and each hard, deep thrust was exquisitely, intensely felt. He pushed her to orgasm again and again. Then he denied her release. He thrust hard and deep into her, keeping her on the edge until she was hot and frantic with need and desire. Then sudden, savage lunges deep into her thrashing, quivering body. His mouth came down on hers in a fierce, deep kiss as he devoured her screams. They climaxed together, the waves of pleasure thundering through their bodies as they convulsed with intense spasms, clutching each other, riding the crest of their passion and then sliding into the valley of their release.

She lay limp and panting under his heavy body. He was still huge and hard in her. His hips began moving gently, rocking deep in her. She quivered and writhed under him, feeling his hot flesh on her and in her. He drew back and plunged hard and deep into her. She arched and screamed. Intense, exquisite, pain-laced pleasure ripped through her. Again and again. Hard, deep thrusts into her tender, quivering body as she thrashed and screamed. He took her until her screams were hoarse. On and on, long, hard, deep thrusts until he again pulsed his fiery ejaculate deep into her. Again. He took her to shrieking orgasm again and again. His capacity seemed endless. He used her to sated exhaustion and beyond. He finally eased out of her, holding her to his chest as she sighed into exhausted slumber.

He was still hugely hard. He slowly penetrated her sleeping body and pulled her over to lie impaled on him. His penis pulsed in her, her body enveloped him and throbbed around him. Soon, he would take her again.

She stirred and awoke, feeling him hot and hard in her. She sat up on him, feeling him slide even deeper into her. She moaned softly, her hips rocking gently on him. She looked down into his golden eyes.

"What will you do with me," she whispered. His penis pulsed strongly in her. His hands caressed her breasts.

Choice, he seemed to say. "You may leave," he said softly as he continued to caress her, "or you may stay."

Her body was quivering around him, her nipples hard under his hands. "If I stay," she whispered, "what..."

His eyes glowed. "I will give you passion and pleasure. And perhaps..." he paused.


"Perhaps you will sate me." He sounded wistful. His pulsing hardness deep in her body made it hard for her to think.

"What do you need to be sated?" she asked softly.

"I need you helpless, bound. I need to take you, use you for a long, long time." He caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples gently.

She was intensely aroused. "Let's try," she breathed.

He slowly withdrew from her and laid her down. He spread her arms and fastened them outstretched and over her head. Then he spread her legs wide and fastened them. He knelt between her legs, studying her bound body, eyes glowing. She watched him study her. She watched his penis swell longer, harder.

"Do you consent to my taking," he whispered, "of your own free will?"

"Yes," she breathed.

His amber eyes blazed. He plunged hard into her, forcing her to accept his entire monstrous penis in a single savage stroke. She thrashed and screamed. He took her hard, brutally, until she shrieked her release. And he kept on, pounding hard and deep into her until her screams were hoarse. And on until she could only whimper and writhe and convulse in constant orgasm. He felt a final, massive climax building as he savagely thrust deep into her. Her moans were weaker. She barely moved as his final, savagely brutal lunges forced her body into one last massive orgasm that merged with his fiery ejaculate pouring into her. She shrieked as her body spasmed and throbbed around him. He pulsed long, hard, and deep. She had, indeed, sated him. He felt her pounding heart, her gasping breath on his skin. He slowly withdrew from her and released her bonds. Her eyes flickered as she looked up at him. She smiled, sighed, and fainted.

He gathered her into his arms. He had used her beyond exhaustion. He felt her heartbeat grow steady and her breathing ease as she slipped into normal sleep.

A pearly mist rose beside the bed.


He smiled down at her sleeping face, smoothing her hair. Yes. And was my salvation. He looked up to the mist by the bed. Must I give her up?


He bowed his head. And held her tighter.


He sighed and softly stroked her hair. She satisfies me, he said softly.

The mist said nothing more and slowly dissipated.

He held her close to him as she slept, feeling her warmth against him, her breath soft on his skin. He would ask her choice when she awakened. He had always been told that his kind did not pray. Yet he found himself doing something perilously close to that as she slept in his arms. Eventually, he felt her breathing change and her eyelids flutter against his skin. She moved in his arms, pressing her body against his. She looked up into his gleaming amber eyes and smiled. He returned her smile and kissed her gently. He sat her up and moved slightly away from her, very reluctantly.

"Another choice," he said softly. "You may leave and be forever free of me and my kind." He paused. "Or you may stay with me. Forever." He touched her hair. "If you stay," he said, "your life will be prolonged by centuries. And I will pleasure you and take my pleasure of you."

She captured his hand and kissed it. Then she put it against her breast. He felt her nipple harden under his palm. "I have already made my choice," she said softly. "Please..." she held out her arms to him, "again?"

A brilliant smile lit the fire in his eyes. He pulled her under him. His immense penis lay hot and hard against her. He poised to enter her, his mouth came down on hard on hers as he plunged hard and deep into her, devouring her scream. She arched up against him, clutching his hips to urge him deeper into her. He took her hard and long until she shrieked in orgasm, throbbing around him, trembling and shuddering under him. He was still hot and hard in her. She stretched against him, savoring the heat of his skin against hers and the hot hard feel of him pulsing in her.

He began moving gently in her, arousing her again until she was writhing under him. He took her to climax again and again until her screams were hoarse and she was thrashing under him. Hard, deep, savage lunges pulsed his fiery ejaculate into her as she shrieked and convulsed in constant orgasm. She lay limp and quivering under him. He held her pinned under his heavy body, impaled on his massive penis. He felt her heart beat against him.

She smiled a lazy, contented smile, her eyes bright with desire. "Again?" she whispered.

"Oh, yes," he replied softly as he began thrusting hard into her, "again. And again. And again..."

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