tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Snip Ch. 08

Dr. Snip Ch. 08


Steve jumped into the future, to attempt to stop Angel's mother from being killed by the Rogue Storm Trooper.

To be precise, the Storm Trooper had already killed Angel's mother.

Steve was going to try and change history, to erase her death.

The British Temporal Organisation; that effectively controlled Time Travel frowned upon this.

He would have to keep out of the way of any of their Time Agents, during his mission.

He had set the co-ordinates for Angel's mother's house and had expected to materialise underground, as most of the population of Britain lived below the surface.

This was nothing to do with War or defence; it was simply that the British had decided to allow the surface to revert to its original wildness complete with Deer, Wolves and Boars etc.

The British Government could afford to do this, due to the fact that they received massive revenue from selling their Oil to the world.

Or again to be precise, by selling Saudi Arabia's Oil to the world.

The Israeli's had nuked most of the Arab countries in self-defence, however it was discovered that the blasts had disturbed the ground strata, and the Oil fields dried up.

Great Britain, using its secret Time travelling ability, had gone back in time before the Arab's knew about oil.

The British were now drilling for it in the past, and transporting it to 26th Century Britain.

Some of the more influential Arabs had discovered this theft, and had attempted to kidnap the King of Britain.

They had planned to hold him for ransom so they could share in their own oil again.

They had used a damaged Storm Trooper, who in the process had killed six British Aristocrats.

One of these had been Lady Gloria Black, Handmaiden to the King and Angel's mother.

Instead of materialising underground, Steve found himself standing on a well-kept lawn that had a small lake at its centre.

He had jumped to a time the day before the death of Gloria; this was to give himself a chance to acclimatise to the 26th Century.

Swimming in the crystal clear water of the lake was a naked woman; Steve was close enough to see it was Lady Gloria Black.

She was every bit as beautiful as her hologram.

She stopped swimming as she caught sight of him, and just stared at him warily.

'Can I help you?' she enquired politely in a well bred melodious accent.

'Lady Gloria Black?' asked Steve, ' I am a friend of your daughter Angel, my name is Steve.'

'You are a friend of Angela? How strange she has never mentioned you to me. I can see why, you are certainly a fine figure of a man, she was probably trying to keep you for herself the greedy girl.'

Without further ado Gloria swam to the bank nearest Steve, and climbed out of the lake.

As he watched transfixed like a rabbit caught in headlights, she undulated towards him.

Angel was very sexy; her Mother was pure Sex on legs.

He had never seen any woman walk like Gloria, she reminded him of a Tigress as she walked towards him.

Every part of her beautiful naked body; was moving in a blatantly sexual way.

Her large breasts swung delightfully her nipples were sticking out from the effects of the cold lake water, and he could see her naked labia rubbing against each other as her hips swayed.

Tearing his eyes away from her groin, he looked up into brilliant green eyes.

They were staring up at him in a predatory way, common to hunting cats and women in heat.

She stopped inches from him and smiled up at him, she was about a foot shorter than Steve but her confidence in herself was immense.

'There is a towel over there Steve,' she said pointing to a heap to his side.

As well as the towel, there were her clothes scattered about as if she had stripped off as she ran towards the lake.

'Please fetch it for me.'

Wanting to make a good impression on Angel's mum, Steve fetched the large fluffy towel and offered it to her.

'No No dear boy, I need you to dry me please,' she said lifting her arms out from her sides in invitation.

This had the effect of lifting her large firm breasts, not that they needed lifting as like Angels they were firm and natural.

Steve's mouth had gone dry, but he went round behind her and began to rub her back and shoulders with the towel.

'Muuuummmmmmmm, that feels wonderful Steve, but I am sure that my back is dry now' she purred, turning around so his hands were resting on her prominent breasts.

'Make sure I am dry under my breasts, or I might get sore' she instructed looking up at him with a feline smile.

Trying to control his rebellious cock, Steve dried the front of her body, lifting up each firm breast so he could rub underneath it.

'One last bit and I'm all done,' she whispered. 'I'll make it easy for you.'

So saying she turned her back on him and opening her legs, bent forward exposing her naked bottom and pubes to his eyes.

'Be quick Steve, I can't stay like this for too long or I'll get dizzy.'

Steve gently rubbed the towel over her bottom, and between her open legs.

Like her daughter Gloria had no extraneous hair on her body, and therefore her neat little vagina was displayed perfectly for him.

'Make sure all my bits are dry please Steve,' she said looking between her legs at him.

Seeing her bent over naked, and looking up at him from between her legs made Steve smile.

He suddenly found this situation amusing, and decided to play along with this sexy little kitten.

He gently parted her sweet little bum cheeks, and slowly drew the towel down the crease of her bottom.

He then continued between her legs, spreading her labia with his fingers to ensure that the towel dried every bit of her private places.

'Ohhhhh that was so naughty of you Steve, I ask you to dry me down there and now you have made me all wet,' she scolded pouting at him.

'A thousand apologies Lady Black, I stand corrected,' he said contritely.

'I can see you are standing proudly,' she contradicted looking pointedly at his swelling groin.

Her little game over, she seemed to ignore him as she dressed herself in front of his eyes.

He did notice that she took every opportunity to display her breasts and private parts, as she slowly dressed herself.

When she was finished, she stood before him and offered him her hand.

'Pleased to meet you I'm sure, you may call me Gloria; I will call you Steve. Walk with me to the house and tell me how you come to know my daughter.'

Steve accompanied her on the long walk to the large stately home that Gloria referred to as the house.

On the way he was gently but thoroughly interrogated about his relationship with Angela, as Gloria was determined to call her.

She assumed from the start that Steve was Angela's lover, and looked at him in obvious disbelief when he said that they were just good friends.

'My dear Steve, my daughter has no friends, she has lovers and then only for a short while until she gets bored with them.'

Steve said nothing to this, and just walked quietly beside her.

During her interrogation, Steve noticed that his implant had to translate various words that she used so he could understand them.

It was obvious that the English language had evolved over the centuries.

When she said something that he assumed was a polite and subtle standard offer of sex.

(Angel had told him that this was the custom between 26th Century people who liked each other.)

It came out via his translation device as 'Fancy a fuck Steve?'

He had tried to keep his mission here a secret so as not to alarm her, but he realised that he was getting in too deep with Gloria.

Steve really was panting after her but he didn't think he could do a good job of protecting her, if he was fucking her.

'Thank you for offering Gloria, but I have decided to tell you the truth about my presence here, and I hope you will forgive me for taking so long to explain myself,' he said.

'Your daughter works freelance for the BTO, and they have discovered a plot to kill Aristocrats. It is believed that you are on a Death list, and I have been delegated to be your protector,' he said as calmly as possible considering the content of the information.

'Goodness me, I must say I am surprised at that, I am only a lowly Handmaiden, why on earth would anyone warrant me worth killing?' she asked seriously.

'I have no idea how a terrorists mind works Gloria, it is not my job to ponder on these things. I am here simply to guard you and if possible capture your attacker.'

It was obvious that she didn't take the threat to her life seriously.

'So Steve, are you going to guard me in my bedroom all night?'

she asked, mischievously.

As she had been killed in her bedroom, it was imperative that he did indeed stay with her all night.

However he needed to be dressed and fully armed, to fight the Storm Trooper when it tried to cut her beautiful throat as she slept.

'Yes Gloria, with your permission I will be guarding you tonight, and I will ensure that you are safe,' he promised.

'But what if I want to entertain a lover? Will you promise not to watch as we fuck?'

Steve was sure that she was being far subtler, than his translator could handle.

'I can only promise to keep my eyes open for any danger to you, I would prefer it if you could assist me by not entertaining anyone whilst the danger to yourself is so high.'

'It is just as well Dickey is away on a tour, he wouldn't like to be denied his favourite Handmaiden,' she said smiling at him saucily.

By "Dickey" he assumed she meant King Richard the Seventh, King of Great Britain and the New Colonies.

'His Majesty is a very fortunate man to have the pleasure of your company,' said Steve gallantly.

'What is it about you Steve? Every time I look at you I want to fuck you,' she said calmly.

They had arrived by a roundabout route, to her apartments in the large house.

She rang a bell and ordered tea for two.

Steve's face lit up in a smile, Tea the British still drank Tea.

Thank God, he feared that they had turned to coffee over the generations. Steve hated coffee both the smell of it and the taste, it was Tea that had put the "Great" in Great Britain.

'You must understand Gloria that as much as I would love to have sex with you, I need to stay fully dressed and armed during the night.'

'Why do you speak so strangely? I have noticed that your implant has to translate some of the words you use,' she asked as the tea was brought in by a maid.

As he enjoyed his tea, he relaxed and tried to explain his presence more fully.

'As you know about the BTO, you are obviously privy to the fact that Britain has access to Time travel,' he said.

' I am from the 20th Century and Angel trusts me to protect you, with my life if necessary.'

'That explains why I want to fuck you so badly, you are a Primitive Man and I can almost smell your Masculinity from here' she growled, staring at him in fascination.

The pupils of her brilliant green eyes were dilated, and her nipples were erect, she was breathing heavily and licking her lips.

'This is no good Steve, I can't think when I'm as excited as this, I will have to orgasm to relax myself. You can guard me in my bedroom while I ride my horse.'

Steve thought he understood most of what she was saying, but didn't get the reference to a horse.

He hoped she wasn't into bestiality.

She wasn't, by the time she reached her bedroom she was naked.

Again he tried to be useful, by picking up her clothes as she discarded them.

Walking into her bedroom, she made a beeline for a strange device in the corner of the room.

It looked like a saddle for a horse; it was mounted on a machine that had similarities to the mechanical bucking broncos of his century.

The main difference; was that out of the saddle protruded a latex phallus.

'I need you to watch me Steve,' she gasped as she lowered herself naked onto the device, impaling herself deeply.

'Oh Gods I am so wet and hot, do you have this effect on my daughter?'

The device began to vibrate and rock back and forth driving the phallus deep into her body, and stimulating her clitoris at the same time.

'Ohhh this is good Steve, Ohhh I really need to Fuck you, I want to taste your cock. I need to lick you all over, and swallow your cum' she was murmuring as she was rocked towards her orgasm.

Gloria obviously believed in Dirty talk during her sex, and it was certainly working on Steve.

Despite himself, Steve was rigid with lust as he watched Gloria riding her sex machine.

Her naked breasts were bouncing wildly, as it's speed increased to match her need.

With a massive effort of will, Steve wrenched his eyes off her and scanned the room.

Although she had been killed in this bedroom, her body had not been discovered until the maid found it in the morning.

The exact time of her murder was unclear, and Steve had to assume that the Storm Trooper could strike any time between now and the early hours of the morning.

'Do you like to fuck your women up the arse Steve? Tell me you do, tell me you want to fuck me up my little bum, please Steve tell me,' she moaned urgently.

'Yes Gloria, I would love to fuck you anywhere you desired, but it will have to wait until the danger is past,' he said to mollify her.

'Promise me Steve, promise me I can have you when it's safe,' she begged nearing her orgasm, 'promise me you will fuck me hard and dirty.'

'Yes Gloria I promise' he said, wishing she would hurry up and come.

His wish came true as she screamed in ecstasy, as her orgasm blasted through her body.

She hung on tightly to the machine, as it continued to rock her into a multiple orgasm.

Gloria was screaming, groaning and moaning in one continuous howl.

Steve got worried, as she seemed to be finding it hard to draw breath between the waves of intense pleasure that wracked her naked body.

'Please help me' she eventually gasped 'I can't get off' she panted.

The machine reacted to the pressure of her hands, but the more she orgasmed the tighter she gripped.

The machine took that as a signal to continue faster.

Steve went over to her and sliding his arms under her naked bottom, lifted her bodily off the phallus.

She burst into tears as the intense stimulation ceased abruptly, and clung on to him shaking with the aftermath of her intense orgasm.

'There there' he said, gently hugging her to him, he carried her to her bed and laid her on it tucking the covering around her still trembling body.

Steve sat down on the bed, and stroked her hair as she slowly relaxed.

'I have never come like that before' she whispered shakily, looking up at him.

'It must be your primitive pheromones I have no defence against them, I have just orgasmed and I still want you inside me' she sobbed.

Steve just continued gently stroking her hair, until her breathing told him she was asleep.

'Merlin old friend, I have a question for you,' he said to the empty air.

'Your's to command O Effendi' said the image of a Genie, that appeared to rise out of a perfume bottle on Gloria's bedside cabinet.

'What happened to my wizard?' Steve asked smiling at his old friend.

'The wizard is only in your imagination Steve, here in the 26th Century I have the hardware to manifest in any form I please. This is a hologram projected from hidden projectors in the ceiling of this room. To this Centuries embarrassment I must report that Porn is alive and well, and the King likes to watch a blue Holo now and then.

How can I help my favourite human?'

Steve had formulated a plan that might work given a bit of luck.

He asked a few questions of Merlin, and managed to surprise the AI that had a brain the size of a planet.

'I don't know how you humans think of these things, is there no limit to your ingenuity?' said Merlin in his guise as a Genie.

His makeshift plan in place Steve stood guard on Gloria as she slept.

She had totally exhausted herself, and slept deeply.

So deeply, that the sound of the Storm Trooper knocking over a chair as it materialised in her bedroom didn't awaken her.

Steve Phase shifted and drew his sword.

The Trooper had been approaching the bed, with its battle knife ready to cut Gloria's throat.

In the darkness of the room it only saw the dark shape of a bodyguard, holding what looked like a Monofilament blade.

At the sight of the swords burning edge it stopped in confusion.

Its briefing had assured it, that the Target would be unprotected.

There was certainly no mention of a Monofilament blade.

It dare not approach the Target any closer, so it changed its killing method. Sheathing its knife it drew its powerful handgun, and fired point blank at Gloria as she slept.

As the explosive projectile left the barrel of the gun, Steve mini jumped to Gloria.

Merlin expanded the Phase effect to encompass her sleeping body, as well as Steve's.

The nanosecond before the projectile exploded destroying the entire corner of the bedroom, he jumped them both out and downtime to Steve's bedroom in the 20th Century.

Back in Gloria's bedroom, the Storm trooper surveyed the burning wreckage of the room.

Only the World Brain could think and operate in nanoseconds, to human or Storm Troopers eyes, the bodies of its targets had been annihilated.

To its damaged mind nothing living could have survived that blast.

Mission accomplished it thought to itself, and jumped out.

Gloria had slept through the entire incident and woke up in Steve's bed to the sound of his shower running.

She had no idea where she was, and climbed out of the strange bed and wandered naked towards the sound.

Like most 26th century Britons, she was a near genius due to genetic enhancement and eugenics.

She quickly realised that she must be in the past, as the surroundings were so antiquated.

When she reached the source of the noise, she saw it was a primitive shower cubicle.

It was made from a transparent plastic, and she could see through it easily.

What she could see was a naked Steve, he was taking the opportunity to wash the dust of the 26th Century off his body.

His encounter with Gloria had made him sweat all over, and he soaped himself vigorously, remembering her comments about his masculine smell.

Watching him washing his body switched her motor on again, and she grabbed herself between her legs and squeezed hard.

She could feel herself getting wet again, and was annoyed with herself.

Gloria was a very experienced woman, and had fucked more men than she cared to remember.

She was always the one in control of the Seduction, and simply couldn't understand why her body was being so rebellious.

Gloria was a great deal older than she looked, and she called upon all the years of sexual discipline that had enabled her to rise through the ranks of beautiful and sensual women, to become the King's Favourite.

She would conquer this Primitive male, or her name wasn't Gloria Black.

Taking a deep breath she opened the shower door and stepped in.

'Fucking Hell!' yelled Steve, almost jumping out in shock at her entrance.

He was naked except for the QT device that was hung around his neck on a chain.

Since it had once been stolen he had never let it out of his sight, or off his person.

Just as he was about to jump to the Jurassic he recognised Gloria, and cancelled his panicked instruction.

'I'm sorry Steve' sobbed Gloria hugging him to her naked body, ' but I woke up and I was scared, where am I and what has happened?'

Steve's heart was still racing from her unexpected presence in his shower cubicle.

He instinctively held her sobbing body to his own, and patted her back.

'Its OK Gloria there's nothing to fear now, we fooled the killer and you are safe in the 20th Century with me.'

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