tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDrama at Jim's Pizza House

Drama at Jim's Pizza House


The alarm went off as Claudia Jean, or CJ to her friends, arose from her bed. As she flipped over to turn on her answering machine, she noticed the light blinking. A quick press of the button revealed a message from her boss that she could have the day off today.

The message seemed weird because usually Jim was a tightwad who depended on her to get the pizza place open and such. And his voice sounded slightly stressed also, like he was in the middle of something when he called. CJ decided to go investigate.

She put on a tight miniskirt and a tan half shirt, just in case she did end up having the day off so she could go guy finding. It had been a week since the lithe twenty one year old had been with a guy. As she headed to her tiny Geo Metro, she did a quick check of the gas gauge and ensured herself that her work uniform was in the trunk as usual.

She was Jim's number one delivery driver and not just because she had a tight body with a nice size rack. She also knew the suburbs they delivered to like the back of her hand and she knew how to run the store better than Jim did. Still she didn't want to take a pay cut to go into management and kick that slacker out of his cushy gig.

When she arrived at the store, she noticed the open sign was off and there was no sign of life. Jim had given her a key a long time ago when he was having a hard time getting up, so she grabbed it to open the door.

Quietly, she snuck in until she reached a point where she could see Jim's office light on. As she slowly walked back towards his office, she saw the partially clothed form of Jessie on her knees. Although her head wasn't visible, CJ could tell what she was doing.

Jessie was the newest hire onto Jim's team and she was desperate for hours. She proved very ambitious during the interview as far as CJ could tell from her eavesdropping. Obviously, the girl was desperate enough to stoop to whatever low method she had to, to get what she wanted.

'This little slut needs to be taught a real good lesson,' CJ thought to herself.

As she eased around the corner, she saw Jim's head was thrown back against the back of his Executive Desk Chair, as Jessie's head was bobbing up and down in his lap. Ironically, as long as CJ had worked for Jim, she'd never seen him in this kind of compromising position before.

Thus, the sight, and size, of Jim's member was a little shocking to her. She found it shocking enough that she felt a little warm under her miniskirt too. She quietly walked in and then knelt next to Jessie, who, sensing another person in the room, looked up in surprise as CJ then took Jim's ball sac into her hands and began to massage it as she motioned for Jessie to keep up the sucking with renewed vigor.

"Oh God!!!!" Jim exclaimed.

"You are awesome, you little slut. Who taught you how to please a man like that? I'm gonna cum any minute."

It was at that moment that CJ squeezed.

Jim's eyes popped open. He raised his head, took a quick look down and saw Jessie's mouth was still on him; but it wasn't her hands on his ball sac. He followed the arm up and came face-to-face with CJ's angry eyes looking back at him, as she held his balls securely in her grip.

"So, this is how you reward my loyalty, Jim? Giving me the day off so you can get sucked off?" CJ started twisting slightly, and Jessie stopped her ministrations, but CJ began to push her head back down on his dick.

"Oh, no. You keep sucking off his prick while I have a few words with this loser."

CJ then watched as Jessie, in a slight state of fear, began sucking up and down Jim's shaft again. CJ then let go of Jim's balls and stood up, placing one leg on the arm of the chair to show Jim her tan panties under her skirt.

"So, is this how a woman gets better treatment in your eyes, Jim? By sexual motivation?"

By this time, CJ's fingers were slipping under her panties and rubbing her clit mere inches from Jim's face. She was enjoying the power that surged through her, as she felt Jessie's eyes watching her. CJ then put her leg down for a moment, just so she could remove her panties in order to give Jim a better view. She then put her leg back on the arm and proceeded to stick two fingers into her hungry twat.

"Yeah, Jim. You love the idea of my pussy this close to your face, don't you? My fingers bringing me off the way you wish your tongue would. But you'll have to suffer, because you are never tasting me; not in this lifetime."

CJ then got back down and began to reach under Jessie's hips to feel her.

"Mmmm, looks like you got her wet," CJ mused aloud.

Then she shoved three fingers into Jessie's trimmed bush to shock her. It worked. Jessie's mouth let go of Jim's prick as she moaned loudly, CJ's rough touch bringing her to orgasm.

CJ then stood up, threw down her key and turned to face Jim.

"Enjoy your new day driver, you prick," CJ told him. "Cause I quit. I am also calling your boss to come down and check out what's going on here."

With those words uttered, CJ walked away feeling empowered and confident as the two watched her walk away... wondering if she was going to fulfill her threat. Or, was it a promise?

Jim looked at Jessie; Jessie looked at Jim. Neither one was totally sure.

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