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Dream Cum True


Grace paced back and forth in her living room, wiping her palms on the sides of her skirt nervously. She had always dreamed of being fucked by more then one man, but now that it was really going to happen, she was more then a little nervous. The first erotic images she had ever seen when she was 18 was a male/male/female threesome. She has never had a orgasm the big, and has not since. She looked around the room to make sure everything was set up the way she wanted it. the KY was on the table, there were towels to clean up with when it was all done, and of course to put on the furniture, as she hoped for this to get messy. Looking up at the clock she saw that she still had ten minutes before they were set to arrive. She sat down on the couch, going threw in her mind how she had met the three men she was about to fuck.

She had not thought she would find three men who lived close to her, as she lived in a small town. She had gone in the chat room for kicks, maybe find a few men from the next large town to have some phone fun with. First she had found Mike (or badass42 in chat) who was 32, brown hair, brown eyes, his picture looked like he was well built. But looks can be deceiving. Then came Don (mrluver in chat) who was 25, blond hair, blue eyes, and he was so skinny! Last, but not least, came Chris (kittylicking in chat) who was 23 with brown hair, blue eyes and had the biggest cock she had ever seen. Well, in the picture anyway. When she found that all 3 men lived in her area, the first thing on her mind was her long time dream of group sex, and suggested it to the men. All three jumped at the chance, like any man would. They agreed to meet at her place, at 3 o' clock on a Saturday. As her mind started to wander to the erotic chats she and three men had, the door bell rang.

She stopped at the mirror making sure her blouse and skirt were just right. At only 22 she was quite sexy, in her mind anyways. She un-buttoned another top button, already strained against her 46 DDD breast, and made sure the shirt showed just the right amount of cleavage. She had chose a light blue button up silk blouse, and a short black skirt, with a black silk thong. She shook her head making her short, curly brown hair settle on her shoulders. One last check at the eye shadow above her sky blue eyes, and she walked to the door. When she opened the door she was surprised to find that all three men were waiting on her doorstep. She held the door open, invited them in, giving each a small kiss as they passed her.

The men did not waste any time, and started undressing. She hesitated until Mike walked over, naked as a jay bird, and started to fondle her breasts. Chris moved behind her, running his hand along the small of her back to her ass. Don then started kissing her ears, neck, and shoulders. Chris unzippeped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, as mike unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Don and Chris each took one butt cheek in there hands and started squeezing. Mike slowly pinched and teased her already hard nipples threw the lace if her bra, making her moan softly. Don pushed on her back softly for her to lean over, and Chris took down her thong, running a finger along her ass crack as he did. Mike unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. They then let her straighten, and lead her over to the couch.

Mike sat on her right, while Don sat at her left, both putting there semi-hard cocks in her hands. She closed her eyes and started to jack the men in her hands to hardness. Chris knelt down on the floor between her legs, and started slowly kissing down her tummy. She moaned louder and louder as he got closer to her wet slit, his hands gripping her hips tight. Her grip on the two men tightened as Chris' tongue slowly flicked across her clit, the two men on her side started licking and sucking on her nipples. She arched her back and spread her legs wide as he dug in to her pussy. He slowly slid his tongue in between her sweet silken folds, running his tongue in and out, letting her feel it as he slid the tip of his tongue over her sweet clit. She ran her thumbs across the head of Mike and Don's cocks, rubbing the pre-cum in to the mushroom tips. She wiggled back and forth, up and down, moaning in pleasure as Chris fucked her sweet pussy with his tongue.

Grace looked down to see her hands on two hard large cocks, with Chris' head in between her thighs. It turned her on so bad, with the feeling of Chris tongue on her clit, and seeing the sexy sight of two cock in her hands she came hard. screaming and wiggling. Chris sucked harder on her clit, licking deeper inside her hole, drinking up all her wetness. As she came down off her orgasm the men changed position. Mike, who had the largest cock, stood up next to the couch. Chris pulled her up and laid down on the couch, his engorged cock standing strait up, and pulled Grace on top of him.

Grace moaned had the cock pressed up in to her hole. Once she was fully impaled on his member, Don pushed her forward, allowing him full access to her tiny asshole. She turned her head to the right and found mikes cock in her face, glistening with pre-cum. She opened her mouth to allow him to fuck her mouth, while Don lubed up her asshole. Grace was forced forward on to Mike and Chris cocks more as Don slowly slipped his cock in to her lubricated ass. Grace moaned against the cock in her mouth as her every hole was filled. Mike's pre-cum tasted so good, and she was able to suppress her gag as he pounded her mouth, going as far down her throat as he could, using her mouth like he would a pussy. Chris cock felt so large deep in her hole, pounding her as hard as he could.

Her ass burned with pain and pleasure as Don torn in to it, filling her up. All three men used her just as she had wanted, pounding her as they saw fit. She loved feeling.........slutty, and used. Don was the first to cum, grunting hard as he slammed in to her ass, emptying his cum in to her tight ass, causing her to take mikes cock deeper in her mouth. She watched as Don got dressed and walked out the door, satisfied. Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth and got in position behind her. He used a little more lube and slid his hard cock up in to her now open asshole. She felt Chris take the tip of her breast in his mouth, sucking and licking on the hard nipple, biting a bit.

This sent her over the edge. Having a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time, with Chris biting her nipple, made her cum harder then she ever had before. She shook and screamed as she came, tightening her pussy and ass around their cocks. Chris bit down hard on her nipple as he thrust up, cumming hard in her tight pussy. Just as grace was coming down from her second orgasm mike came, yelling as he did, filling her ass with more cum. Mike stood up and got dressed, and left much like Don did, not saying a word.. She rolled off Chris, on to the floor, weak after Cumming so hard. Chris got dressed and stood over her for a few seconds, smiling, before following mike out the door. Leaving grace to clean her self up.

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