Dream Girl


Taylor Hanson stood and watched this perfect angel of a girl. Ashley was her name. He had followed her everyday since he found out she had just moved to Tulsa. She was a fan of him and his brothers, but from what he had observed of her, she was down to earth. The one day he had seen her walk through the same woods he frequently hid in, from the world of cameras and obsessed fans. He had found out that she was seventeen, although he had guessed at first for her to be closer to his age of twenty.

He silently followed her as she made her way to the spot he had left behind with the first whirlwind of fame back in 1997.

She sat and leaned against the big maple tree that seemed to touch the sky. She was sheltered from the harsh rays of the sun by its enormous expanse of branches heavily adorned with leaves. He studied her from a close, but safe distance. She was amazing. Long brown hair that fell to her waist, deep brown eyes framed by glasses that just enhanced their beauty. She was 5'6, so much shorter than his 6'4, but she was considered tall for her age. He had watched her enough times to know she hadn't much self-esteem. She'd never had a boyfriend and was a virgin in all sense of the word, right down to her unkissed full lips. His gaze shifted down to the swell of her breasts in the baby doll shirt that was red and said rock glam on it. He guessed her to be a D cup. His eyes danced down over her stomach. The reason to her low self-esteem. She was not skinny, but couldn't have weighed more than 150 pounds. He loved the fact she wasn't another skinny girl with nothing to grab onto. Although he knew she only saw it as a burden. He finished his observation of her by looking over her long legs that were always in jeans, no matter how hot it got.

She bent forward and rested her forehead against her drawn up knees and sighed. He knew thsi position too well. She was crying again. This was her release from a life full of pain. He longed to take her in his arms and hold her. Tell her she was worth more than all his fame and money could ever be.

She cried for a few minutes longer than tilted her tearstained face up and leaned her head against the trunk of the tree. Again his gaze flew to her wonderful breasts as she drew deep breaths to calm her lungs back to normal. He wanted so bad to caress them, imagining how soft they were. His groin tightened as he thought of the place between her thighs that was even softer.

Just then, she stood up and walked back to her home. He slowly came out of his hidng place and sat down in the warmed spot she had just vacated. He just stayed there until it started to get cold as night was fast approaching. He then went back to his home and laid in bed, thinking of Ashley and losing himself in the soft warmth of her body.

When he awakened the next morning he was determined to have her. She loved him, he knew. He just never wanted her to regret giving herself to him.

He would be her first.

He waited until she started her walk into the woods again. This time he had a purpose and his deisre started growing in his pants.

This time when she sat down he waited, then slowly walked and stopped right in front of her.

She looked up, startled, and gasped at who she saw.

Taylor smiled,"Hello Ashley."

Her beautiful brown eyes were wide in surprise,"uh..Hi. I didn't expect to see you here."

She stood up and dusted off the back of her jeans.

"Ashley, I want you to listen carefully," he said, getting right to the point,"I have been watching you since you first moved here. I need you. I need to feel you under me. I know you love me. Let me love you with my body."

She didn't know what to say. She had only dreamed of this moment,"I..you're joking aren't you? Please Taylor, I don't need to be hurt anymore than I am," she started to walk away.

He grabbed her wrist gently. his eyes pleaded with her,"I'm not joking. I want you. I need you. Please don't turn me away." He tilted her head up to look at him. Her eyes gazed shyly into his. "I know you want me too," he continued,"I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it in your body. Come with me, please?"

It was getting dark out by then and she could no longer deny what she had wanted for so long and was now coming true. She just nodded and he took her hand and led her to his house where he lived all alone.

He led her into his home and up to his bedroom. He started to turn on a light when she stopped him, touching his arm with her hand. "Please Taylor," she whispered,"I'm scared as it is. And I'm gonna be embarrassed enough soon." He obliged and his hand feel from the light switch.

He gently grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. He buried his face in her soft hair that smelled of strawberries and the woods they had just left. He lifted his face and kissed her delicious lips gently at first, then slowly harder, with the passion he had held in check for so long. He broke the kiss then and looked at her.

Her eyes had opened back up and she just waited to see what he would teach her next. He started kissing her again and this time parted her lips with his tongue. It slipped into her hot, wet mouth and explored, finding her tongue. Her arms creeped up and twisted around his neck. She tentatively started kissing him back again and their tongues danced together.

His lips left hers and he traced down her neck. He lifted his head and silently took her shirt off. Then his lips began where they had left off.

He kissed his way over her collarbone and down to the cleft of her breasts. Her breathing grew quicker and he could feel her heartbeat grow rapidly.

He picked her up with a strength that surprised her and laid her down on his bed. He crawled on top of her and continued his exploration of her body with his lips. While he kissed the valley between her breasts he undid the clasps of her bra in the back.

He gently pulled it off and stared down at her through the moonlight coming in through the windows. "You're so beautiful," he whispered as he cupped the soft underside of one of her breasts. He teased the rosy nipple until it strained up, wanting more. He lowered his head and took it into his mouth. He heard her draw in a sharp breath. He finished with that one and started on her other breast. Her breathing was ragged now. His mouth left her breast, leaving the nipple hard and wanting more, and he kissed down over her soft stomach. He lifted his head and ran his hands over it. "Your skin is so soft," he told her.

"That's the consolation for fat girls," she said kind of sadly.

His head jerked up and he slid back up on her body and looked in her eyes. "You are beautiful," he said, running his fingers over her cheek and then her lips,"I don't sleep with just anyone Ashley. You are very special. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Got it?" he tilted her head so she looked into his crystal blue eyes.

"Yes," she said softly.

With that, he slid back down her body and slowly undid the button and zipper on her jeans. He slipped them off, along with her underwear. He looked up and saw her watching him sort of nervously.

He rose back over her again and kissed her sweetly on the lips,"Don't be embarrassed angel. You have nothing to be ashamed of." Then he started kissing her again, slowly with more passion.

While they were kissing, her hands tangled in his hair.

He used the diversion to slip two fingers into the silky curls between her thighs. He found the aching bud nestled there and started to stroke it. She gasped against his lips. He deftly slid his hand down and plunged two fingers in her. Her legs fell apart by themselves.

She was indulged in pleasure from his kisses and his hands. She couldn't believe this was happening. The guy she loved actually wanted her. He hadn't said he loved her, but he needed her and told her she was beautiful. And he said that after she had already given into him. She lost herself in him and what he was doing to her. He eventually stopped and knelt with one leg on each side of her and unbuttoned his blue shirt that matched his beautiful blue eyes and threw it aside. Then he pulled off his white wifebeater and tossed that aside as well.

She stared up at his bare chest. "I've always wanted to see you without a shirt," she confessed kind of shyly.

He smiled fondly down at her,"I'm sorry you had to wait so long."

Her eyes stayed fixed on his soft blond hair, his deep pools of blue eyes, his wonderful chest, but she wouldn't let them drift any further down as he undid the button and zipper on his jeans and kicked them aside, leaving him in his boxers. Then as he dropped those, she sneaked a peak. Her eyes grew wide at how big he was.

He saw the look on her face and laughed slightly,"Why are you so surprised? I'm sure you've noticed my hands are big." Then he gently placed his hand against hers.

She never did answer him. She just enjoyed being under him as he lay above her. His knee nudged her legs apart further and his manhood pressed against her entrance. "This is gonna hurt you. I'll try to go as easy as I can."

She nodded,"I trust you Taylor."

He supported himself with his arms braced against the bed on either side of her head. He gently pressed into her and was met with resistance. He carefully pushed through it. He saw tears glistening in the moonlight on her face. He bent down and kissed them away. He pulled almost the whole way out, then plunged back in. They slowly got a rhythm going, once she got past the pain.

She loved the feel of his weight pressing her into His bed. She loved this man SO much and this meant the world to her.

She felt the beginnings of her first orgasm. It seemed to be more than she ever thought she could handle. It overtook her whole being, leaving her gasping for breath.

Hey most intimate part of her body pulling at Taylor's caused him to let go with his own amazing orgasm. It felt like the best he had ever experienced, and he knew as he spilled his warmth into her that it was because he had finally made love to his soul mate.

She lay completely drenched in sweat and spent. He had collapsed upon her. She reached up and stroked his wet hair. He laid his head on her soft breasts until he got some strength back. Then he shifted over to the side of her and pulled her into the circle of his arms. They lay there, totally content.

Then he looked down into her face and whispered the words she had never though to hear from his soft lips,"I love you Ashley."

She smiled,"I love you too Taylor. I always will."

His arms tightened around her. "Don't ever leave me," he said as he buried his face in her sweet smelling hair.

She snuggled into him,"That's one thing you'll never have to worry about."

Then they feel asleep in each other's arms.

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