tagGroup SexDream Vacation Pt. 05

Dream Vacation Pt. 05


====== DAY FIVE ======

The sun glaring off the large mirror opposite the bed was what woke me the next morning. I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but it was just too bright. With a groan, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, and noticed that I had awakened alone.

Where's Trina? I wondered. I hadn't expected to see the other girls, but Samantha had told me that Trina would be waiting for me. The other side of the bed looked like it had been slept in, but there was no sign of her.

When I was able to haul myself up out of bed, I saw a note on the floor and picked it up.

Dear lover,

I found you sleeping when I came in this morning and lay next to you for a while, but you were so deep into dreamland I didn't want to wake you. I'll be back after the scheduled break and we can talk about what (or who) you want to do today. I hope that Justine and Bianca were good for you last night; I told them you liked the hot black goth look but that you wouldn't want them to get all dominant on you. I got a glimpse of them this morning, still in costume, and it made me wet just thinking about the nasty things they must have done to you last night. They're such hot little sluts, aren't they? I think that if I don't get another chance while you're here, I might just have to fuck them both after you're gone!

Anyway, whatever you want to do today is fine with me. We can go out or stay here, it's totally up to you. You know I'll do anything you want…

Love and lust,


P.S. Unless you have someone in mind, I have a great idea for your second companion tonight.

I put the note down and saw that it was almost noon. I stumbled into the shower and washed away the feeling of sleeping way too damn late, took care of the rest of the morning routine, and came back out of the bathroom naked to air-dry.

My cell phone rang.

I jumped, startled – I'd almost forgotten the thing was there, and since it was set on quiet mode the only call that would actually make it ring was one that came from my wife. I checked the caller ID and discovered that it was indeed her.

My stomach twisted into knots.

Thinking that it would be better to let the voicemail pick it up, I thumbed the "ignore" button – except my shaking hand missed, and I picked up the call by mistake!

"…Hello?" came my wife's familiar voice. "Anyone there?"

I should have hung up, but I was afraid that might plant the seed of suspicion in her head – who knew how many times she had called and I had missed it? Through an effort of will, I forced my voice steady. "Hello, Michelle?" I said.

"Sweetie! I didn't expect to actually reach you. Are you at lunch, or something?"

I made a mental time-zone calculation. "Yeah, we're running a little behind today," I said. "I didn't expect to hear from you at all. How's the trip?"

Just to prove Murphy's Law further, Trina chose that exact moment to walk in. I frantically pointed at the phone and mouthed, "It's my wife!!" and held a finger to my lips to indicate quiet. Her eyes went wide, and she closed the door silently behind her.

"…so much fun," Michelle was saying. "I'm so glad I came. But I really miss you."

"Well, I don't know what I'd do surrounded by all those women anyway," I said nonchalantly. Trina stifled a giggle.

"Yeah, I'll bet," Michelle said sarcastically (she knows all about my fantasies). "So, have you been good while I've been away?"

"The women of Houston remain safe from my clutches," I said – truthfully, I might add. "And I miss you too, sweetheart. But I'm glad you're having fun."

"Tons. Oh, and I got your message. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, the two of us going on a cruise. Maybe it's the kind of thing we need to, I don't know, get the spark going again?"

"One can only hope," I replied.

"Anyway, I'll be home in a few days, we can talk about it then. Roaming minutes are expensive."

"That's fine, I have to get back to my lover-for-hire anyway," I replied. Trina put her hand over her mouth to cover a gasp.

"Oh really, what's her name?" Michelle asked, playing along (she thought).

"Her name's Trina," I said, "and she's got really nice tits, and she likes to lick pussy."

Trina was trying really hard not to laugh out loud at this point.

"Ooh baby," Michelle deadpanned. "Anyway, I won't keep you from her any longer. Love you!"

"I love you too," I replied, meaning every word of it. The jocularity ran out from me in a rush, and the guilt I thought I had vanquished flooded into its place.

"Bye, sweetie!"

"Bye…" I said to the phone, and hung it up.

Trina looked at me with concern. "Are you okay, Xavier?" she asked.

I sighed. "I guess so," I said. "I thought I'd come to terms with this, but hearing her voice on the phone made her real again, you know? And I know I was just now joking about all this, but… yeah, I'm feeling guilty again."

"Is there anything I can do?" she asked. "Do you want some time alone?"

"I don't think it would help," I said, sitting down on the bed next to her. "I'm not a bad guy, you know? I love my wife, I really do. I hate that I feel driven to… this. I hate the desires that make me do it. Sometimes I think I should just start taking pills to kill my sex drive."

"Would that make you happy?" Trina asked.

"No. But neither does cheating on her. Except when I'm actually doing it – I mean, the sex is incredible. It's the aftermath that kills me. I wonder if it's all worth it."

Trina put a hand on mine. "Not that I want you to, but you can call it quits at any time, you know. If you wanted to cut short your vacation, you could even be refunded for the cost of the cruise section at this point. There's always a guest willing to fill the empty cabin."

I looked at Trina. "Trina... can you be totally honest with me again? Even if you think it will upset me."

"I can try," she said.

"Do you know why my wife doesn't want me? Is there something about me that I can change, that I can do differently? Is there something that a woman would find obvious that I'm completely missing because it's just me, and it's always been there so I don't notice it?"

Trina sat up and turned slightly to face me. "Xavier, you need to understand that I don't know the real you. I know the 'you' that came to a Caribbean resort for an erotic vacation, and believe me, the way people act here is worlds away from their real selves. You can't help it.

"But I can tell you this. You're a good-looking guy, and you really are good in bed. You've given me three real orgasms since you've been here, and even though that means you're ahead by about twelve it's still better than I usually get to enjoy. You're a great kisser and your cock feels good inside me. I hope you don't have issues with size, or anything –"

"Not really," I said.

"Good, because you're plenty big. Not so big that you'll hurt a woman, either; just the right size to really make her feel like you're penetrating her and filling her. And I like your confidence in bed, too."

"I never really felt confident about my performance before," I shrugged.

"But here you do, because you know that the women here are going to love it no matter what – or at least pretend they do. That gives you confidence that maybe you don't show at home. Maybe you need to start pretending that your wife really wants it, and if you show her that confidence she might actually start wanting it more. Women like strong, successful men who aren't afraid to show their strength."

"I wish you could come home with me and see what I'm really like," I said. "My God – did I just say that?"

Trina smiled. "I'm flattered and happy to hear it," she said. "I happen to really like the idea that you'd want me as a friend under other circumstances, you know. And I'd love to meet your wife. Meet her… touch her… kiss her, make love to her while you watch… you're getting excited, aren't you?"

"What was your first clue?" I asked as she touched my stiffening cock.

"Have you ever told her you'd like to see her with another woman?" Trina asked in a low voice.

I shook my head.

"But you would, wouldn't you? You'd like to see me fuck your pretty wife?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Does she let you suck her tits sometimes?" Trina asked.

"On occasion."

"Next time, I want you to pretend I'm there sucking on the other one," Trina breathed. "Pretend for me that we're both getting her off, and she's loving it and begging you to fuck her…"

I took a deep breath and let it out. "Exciting… but not really helping, to be honest. Sorry, Trina."

Trina sighed and thought for a moment, her hand still idly stroking my shaft. Then she raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "Maybe…"


Trina got closer to me. "Maybe we could pretend that I am your wife, for the rest of your stay. Would you like to pretend that we're married? You can even call me by her name, if you want to."

"It's an idea," I said. "I wish I could just be more callous about this, though. It would be a lot easier if I could cheat on my wife without the guilt factor."

"Lover, I can't tell you not to feel guilty – it wouldn't do any good and we both know it. But I can tell you that it's pretty obvious how desperately you needed some release. Do you realize how many orgasms you've had since you got here? Most other men would be begging for a break by now, and here you are getting hard again. For what it's worth, you've certainly proven to me that you've been seriously sex-starved. I think your wife's lucky you haven't exploded!"

"Well, I take care of my own quite a bit. No choice, really."

"Would you like me to take care of you now?" she whispered softly, as she lowered her panting lips to my waiting cock.

I sat back, and let her mouth work its magic on me. For the next quarter hour she sucked and licked on me softly and gently, keeping my cock hard and my mind blank, making me forget my troubles even though – this time – she didn't make me come.

* * * * *

I was in the mood for a quiet day, but not a lonely one. Trina and I enjoyed a delicious and leisurely lunch and then just took in the activities of the resort; sunning on the beach, having drinks and hors d'œuvres, shooting pool in the bar and chatting with the other guests and companions. We played some volleyball in the pool, with each point worth an item of clothing from a woman on the opposing side, so it wasn't long before all the girls were naked and the men were horny – the game broke up as several guests took their companions back to their rooms for some afternoon delights. Trina stayed nude for the remainder of the afternoon, and I loved her casual attitude about it and the way she allowed me to revel in her beautiful body without self-consciousness or false modesty.

"Will you let me prepare a fantasy for you tonight?" she asked me while she massaged my shoulders by the poolside.

"You have something in mind?" I asked.

"Yes, and I think you'll enjoy it, but it will require some preparation. I'd have to leave you for an hour or so after dinner."

"What about my second companion? I haven't chosen one yet."

"Let me, please. I know you'll be happy with my choice."

"You haven't been wrong about that yet," I smiled. "All right, I'll leave it all in your very capable hands."

"You won't be sorry," she assured me. "So, excited about the cruise tomorrow?"

"Very much. If memory serves, you're pretty wild on a boat."

"Ha!" she laughed. "Well, you're pretty fierce yourself, lover. Akimi says she's already got a reservation with us, and she's bringing Kiko along. That leaves two nights open for you to choose someone else, though. Mind a bit of free advice?"

"Fire away," I said.

"Julie," Trina said. "The moment you get on the ship, make sure Julie's on your dance card. Trust me on this one?"


"Good. Now, I'm going to rub lotion all over your body, and then since you'll be too relaxed to want to move, we'll find some pretty girl to do the same for me while you watch."

* * * * *

The activity of the week was definitely taking its toll on me. By the time Trina had finished massaging my body with sunscreen, I had fallen asleep and regrettably didn't get the promised girl-on-girl show. The fact that I didn't mind too much was an indicator of how great the week had been.

I was awakened by Trina's lips on mine, and saw to my delight that she still hadn't dressed. For some time we kissed and caressed by the golden light of the sunset, until she sat up with her legs straddling my body and her pussy spread over my hard cock, which was unfortunately blocked by my swimsuit – not that I could have really done much more than we were in the public environment of the pool.

"Ready for some dinner?" she asked me.

"Sure," I replied, sitting up a little higher. "Is anyone joining us?"

"Not yet, sweetie. I want her to be a surprise. She'll be along when the time is right, not to worry. Listen, I hate to be a potential killjoy, but I wouldn't want it to come up later, so I'll ask – how are you handling your feelings about what we talked about before?"

I sighed, and made as if to get up. Trina stood with me and gave me a hand up to my feet. "Thanks. I don't really know, to be honest. But, I think I'll be going through with the rest of the week. It would be pretty ridiculous to stop now and pretend that everything I've done so far isn't cheating just because I quit when I felt bad about it. I might as well finish what I've started, and besides, I'm just too damn horny to quit."

"Well, we won't talk about it anymore, then. Give me a moment, I have to get dressed for dinner."

Trina paused as we passed by a patio table and grabbed up a bikini that probably would have fit inside a ping-pong ball, and did a token job of covering her nipples and pussy lips while leaving everything else on display.

"Yes, you're definitely more presentable now," I joked.

She shrugged. "It's one of the silly rules around here; we have to come to dinner wearing something. Actually, that ocean breeze is a bit chilly, so if you don't mind I'm going to put on a wrap too."

"Be my guest," I said.

We had our dinner in the main dining hall with the other guests, some of whom I hadn't met yet. Among them was a single woman who I guessed to be about fortysomething, and she had apparently also elected to go on the VIP plan; her companions were Candi and Bianca. I was told later by Trina that she was a frequent guest, known as "The Tigress" among the escorts, and that I probably wouldn't be seeing much of her even if I were staying past one more night because she hardly ever left her room. I couldn't help but feel turned on by the very idea that this woman was indulging in near-nonstop lesbian sex during her stay, but when a glance in her direction was returned with cold indifference I put the thoughts out of my mind. She had obviously not come for any companionship other than the women paid to satisfy her, and wasn't open even to conversation with the male guests.

Tom was still there (the "overweight virgin", which was an unfair way of referring to him but it was how my mind saw him nonetheless), and had apparently gotten over some of his shyness. He was joining in the conversation and enjoying his companion's attentions, turning to kiss her every so often and absently stroking her knee or her hair as they dined. I didn't know much about Tom personally, of course, but he had seemed like a nice guy and I hoped the trip had been as good for him as it looked. I regretted that I hadn't had the chance to enjoy his companion, Lexus, but I honestly couldn't think of who I would have traded for her anyway.

Ted and Jean were still there, accompanied this evening by Justine, and further away sat another gentleman who had been there since day one but whose name escaped me. The last table was occupied by a Japanese man who spoke to his escort (Danielle) in his own language. I was later to learn that he would be on the cruise the next day.

Dinner was finished quickly, and Trina got up from the table right after dessert. "I have to finish getting ready for tonight," she said. "Be in the lobby at eight o'clock, okay? In the meantime, if you turn the TV to channel four, you can see some promotional video for the cruise; it might give you an idea of what to look forward to for tomorrow."

* * * * *

I took Trina's advice and, following a shower to remove the film of sunscreen all over my body, lay down on the bed in my room and watched what seemed to be a loop tape of the resort's highlights. Other resorts were also featured, and I couldn't help but feel a certain regret that this would likely be my only hedonistic vacation; there was so much more one could do! Across the island was apparently a place that specialized in granting fantasy situations, and had rooms decked out like offices for boss/secretary encounters, or doctor's exam rooms for those who wanted a nurse fantasy, or college dorms for one who lusted after a sexy sorority girl. Another resort catered to the S&M crowd, which wasn't to my taste but was somewhat fascinating all the same.

Then there was the cruise, and it looked like a fantastic time. The ship was called the Aphrodite, and it was large and luxurious with staterooms for four guests and a master suite for the most elite VIPs (I wasn't quite in that league, this time – it would have tripled the cost of my package). The gorgeous girls who posed around the ship wearing next to nothing were very enticing indeed, and due to the isolated nature of a cruise ship they seemed to be even less inhibited than the land-based girls were. The ship was to make three stops on the way back into Galveston, first at another resort and then at two islands along the way, one a touristy place and the other a deserted tropical isle where we were encouraged to "let our fantasies run wild!" It seemed like a great way to wrap up the week.

The presentation lasted a half hour and looped back to the beginning. I checked the time and saw that I had fifteen minutes, so I got dressed in the clothes that had been laid over the chair (Trina had left a note saying that I should wear them). I was somewhat surprised to find that she had laid out my tuxedo shirt and pants, which I had brought with me on the off chance that I might need to dress for a formal party or a five-star restaurant. I dressed quickly, snapped on a bow tie and cummerbund, and spritzed on some Drakkar before heading downstairs, wondering what Trina had in store for me.

I felt more than a little self-conscious standing in the lobby. The shirt collar was too tight and the entire outfit really much too warm for the Caribbean. Watching people walk by in shorts or swimsuits made me feel even more conspicuous. I wanted a drink from the bar, but whatever Trina had in store I wanted to be ready for it.

Then Samantha walked by and saw me there. "Xavier!" she called, waving and smiling. "Xavier, really, congratulations to you both. I just know you'll be happy."

"Um, thanks," I said, confused.

Samantha looked around conspiratorially, then leaned up close and whispered in my ear. "She's been saving herself for you… have fun tonight!" Then, with a wink and a smile, she was gone.

I watched Samantha until she left the room, and then back to look at the clock.

My eyes bugged out like a Tex Avery cartoon.

There was Trina, smiling at me and advancing slowly, the long train of her white wedding gown streaming out behind her. In her hands she held a bouquet of red roses, which she tossed to the side for someone to catch (I can only assume someone was there, because I never looked away). I had certainly been able to appreciate Trina's exquisite body throughout the week, but for the first time I found my attention drawn only to her face, and it was a lovely sight. I had never seen her in clothes that covered so much, so that only her hands and face were visible, and strangely it made her even more beautiful and desirable than earlier that day when she had paraded about without a stitch on her.

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