tagNon-Erotic PoetryDreamcatcher


byKrenna Smart©

Last night I lay me down to slumber
but like a thwarted lover
sleep evaded me

I tossed and turned
and threw my cover

Thus unencumbered
I waited for the knell

of the mantle chime to caste its spell
The clock was ticking loud

A shadow passed by a cloud

And then upon my balcony
Singing a faint melody
Appeared a man of fantasy

He lightly touched my brow

With him came my dear old friend
The sandman; Knave of night
Who came to give me blessed sleep
to last ‘til morning light

The stranger by the sandman’s side
had moonlight in his hair
His eyes were blue like sapphire stars
His face was wondrous fair

Between his hands he wove a web
of spider’s silk so fine

Decked with jewels
A galaxy
The Northern lights entwined

“Who is this man of mystery”?

The Sandman answered clear
“I bring to you ‘the dream catcher’.
A friend I hold most dear”

“The dreams I bring where’re I roam
I carry on my back
And when I land to pay a call
they scatter from my sack”
“Dreams you have in plenty”
I heard the Catcher say
"Its my task to gather up
the dreams that go astray

"Some dreams linger through the day
Some dreams travel on
Some seem to vanish into air
When they end they’re gone

"Many fleeting dreams I capture
in my silken net
Some are dreams you’ve dreamed before
Some haven’t happened yet”

Entranced I was
by this vision master
Securely in his thrall
Like a dream spun in his web
Caught by his siren call

But the night was waning fast
Aurora’s trumpet sounded
And from my bed into the stars
My Dream Catcher neatly bounded

“I’ll come to you again my love”
He whispered ‘ere he fled
But my visage will have changed
When next I’m by your bed

I’ll gather you on my pale horse
when its your time to go
For what is life but dreams and mist
An illusive magic show"

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