tagErotic CouplingsDreaming of My Lover

Dreaming of My Lover


I am home alone. I lie in my bed, the lights off, dreaming of you. You have the most gorgeous smile my love. I love your lips, especially when they are caressing my skin. Your kisses send waves of desire through me. Next I imagine your hands wandering over my body, lightly stroking my skin. It is the biggest turn on. In my mind I gently push you onto your back and climb on top. My legs twine with yours and my hands go round your neck. I lean down to resume kissing you, my hair falling like a curtain around us. You become impatient and flip us again, me underneath, reaching up to receive your kisses.

I could stay like that forever, but you break our lip contact and move your way down my neck to my chest, leaving my skin tingling from your touch. Your mouth seeks out my stiff and demanding nipples and your hand caresses my other breast. You swap. I am in heaven. You gently pull me up to a sitting position and pull my shirt off over my head. My bra and your shirt soon follow, with our pants and underwear not far behind. I surrender myself to the sensations. Feeling you pressed against me, skin to skin, is so wonderful.

I gasp as I feel your hard cock slide into me. I am so very wet for you. I swing my legs up over your shoulders. You thrust into me and I gasp. The pleasure takes me by surprise every time. It never ceases to amaze me the please we can give each other. I am very quickly rendered too incoherent to continue with this train of thought. I let the pleasure wash over me. I am moaning and gasping under your touch, begging for more and more. After too short a time, though, you stop. I feel instantly bereft. Then you lean down and whisper in my ear that you want me to pleasure you with my mouth. I grin as you lay down on your back.

I climb back on top of you and kiss you passionately. I kiss my way down to your cock, kissing all around but not touching your cock with my mouth. I finally stop teasing and take you cock in my mouth gently sucking and stroking with my tongue. I lick my way down your cock to your balls and take them in my mouth sucking and stroking, licking and fondling. My hand reaches up and gently strokes your cock. Your eyes are closed, your back arches. I can't help but smile. I love giving you pleasure. I continue, swapping my mouth from your cock to your balls, my hand taking care of the other.

Soon, you pull me up and kiss me, touch me, fuck me with wild abandon. I am breathless and screaming for more. You spin us around and take me from behind. It is wonderful, amazing, words defy me. You swap you cock for your fingers and I honestly lose the capacity to think or speak or breathe. You somehow manage to increase the speed and just like that my orgasm hits. I collapse into a breathless heap on the bed, whimpering from the pleasure. You smile down at me and I reach for you. You take me in your arms and kiss me so so sweetly. I relax in your arms, getting my breathe back, so I can help you reach your own peak.

Very soon you are back inside me, pounding away. You lean down and kiss me, wildly. I watch through my pleasure wrought haze as you reach your orgasm. You are so beautiful.

We lie curled together, exhausted. Soon you will have to leave me; we will have to return to everyday life. However, for the moment, we are immersed in our love for each other. It blows me away sometimes, how much I love you. I know you feel the same way. I never want to let you go.

I open my eyes. I am alone. You are far away, but dreaming of me in the same way. As I reach for my vibrator I imagine you slipping your hand inside your pants and pleasuring yourself. I slide the vibrator inside of me and imagine your cock in me. I squeeze my nipples and dream of your hands. My eyes are closed, my head thrown back. My back arches. I gasp. Your name is on my lips as I orgasm very hard. I lie back, regaining my breath. I drift off to sleep, slipping into more erotic dreams.

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