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Dreaming or Drugged


It was a fall during my last game of netball that led me to the boredom of the hospital bed. As I lay there reading and feeling sorry for myself. Being booked into an early morning slot meant that I was required to stay in the night before. Being in a private room was fun when I had company and also really boring other times. My boyfriend had come in the previous evening and we had been kissing and cuddling, which was getting me really aroused. I could feel that nice warm sexy feeling in my panties. As he bowed his head down to kiss my hardened nipple, I saw a flash of white. I told myself to think nothing of it. Later a nurse came in and said, "was that fun". I could feel myself go bright red, unsure of what she had actually seen. I realized the flash of white that I had seen had not been from pure pleasure."

Once my boyfriend had gone home and I was trying to get off to sleep, I lay there squirming and generally being restless. One of the nurses came in and noticed how restless I was, looking at me, her beautiful blue eyes full of lust piercing my whole body. I heard her sultry sexy voice tell me to relax, to just enjoy my time being looked after by her. She leaned in close whispering in my ear " let me really look after you hun". I told her I was really nervous about tomorrow and just couldn't get to sleep. This was partly true, the other part being that I was still really horny from my boyfriend. The nurse looked into my eyes sensually saying "I'll get you something special that will let you sleep like a baby and make you feel so good at the same time".

She returned about 20 minutes later, the top of her uniform open revealing some of her clevage. In her sexy husky voice she said " here baby I hope you don't mind an injection I won't hurt you too much". I lay there unsure where I would be given it, till I felt her soft hands on my hip rolling me over. Her small sensual fingers lifting my nightie to reveal my moist panties. As her fingers began removing my panties, I began feeling my arousal begin to rise once more. The sting of the injection only lasting a moment, her hand began massaging around my now bare bottom. My raunchy young nurse asking in a husky soft voice "does that feel nice my sweet". As I lay there feeling her fingers now working on my thighs her hands began to push my legs open, revealing my juicy bare pussy. As the drugs began to take effect I soon realized how horny I had in fact become.

She looked at me with a beautiful smile, telling me not to worry just lay there and relax. Think of sweet things and let the drugs take you wherever you want to go my sweet nurse began telling me. As I lay there just relaxing trying to get to sleep, my mind began wandering. I began thinking of fantasies. I found my nipples were getting harder, I felt flushed I felt that familiar warmth flow through my body. My hands began wandering over my body, touching myself as I drifted off into a dream of lust filled desire.

So relaxed, so horny, I felt soft lips on my neck slowly kissing me, biting my neck gently as I love. I felt a tongue on my neck on my ear, I was told to relax, go with it, and just enjoy all I feel. I felt soft hands exploring my body, her soft lips on my breasts on my nipples. She began gently sucking them as her hands wandered all over me. At this stage I'm not sure if I had been asleep and dreaming or if it was in fact real. One thing I do know I was extremely horny, I could feel myself getting moist. Then a woman whispered in my ear how hot I looked and how much she wanted me, asking if I wanted more. I lay there in my daze nodding my head as I moaned. My legs were opened more as I felt soft lips kissing my legs, starting down near my calves, slowly working up behind my knees, as this was being done I felt a woman's hand on my other leg slowly caressing it. I knew I was getting more and more turned on by the minute. My hands found their way to my breasts, playing with my nipples, teasing them as they got so hard it hurt.

My pussy was so juicy, it felt so nice, so sexy, the sweet nurse was getting closer to my special spot, I found myself moving my hips trying to get her close, my moans began getting louder. Then I felt her hot breath on me, on my sex. My legs so open inviting her to me, I felt her hot tongue as it touched my lips for the first time, I jumped in excitement, as she began to part them, taking them one by one into her mouth gently sucking them. Oh my god this felt so good, she was taking her time, making me feel everything she did to me. Her tongue ran along each lip and up to my clit, going across it and down each side. It was then she began to gently suck my very hard clit as I felt one of her fingers enter me. She knew exactly how I liked being touched, it was as if I was doing it myself. I felt her fingers exploring my most intimate private parts, she began playing with my G Spot, another finger was put inside me and she began to play with me. I began to sense my juices flowing freely from my hot center and running from me down to my bottom as this woman played with me like I have never felt before. Again she whispered to me in a way no woman had ever spoken to me before, just relax, just feel everything, just let go let your body have its way. I closed my eyes as I felt that familiar wave of pleasure begin to increase. Then it hit me, it was so intense, and my whole body just went into convulsions as wave after wave of pure pleasure swept thru my whole body. It seemed to go on and on, then I felt a huge release, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. I had squirted all over the bed, I could feel my wetness everywhere, I was laying in it.

I must have drifted off to sleep for a while, as I was awoken about 3 hours after I tried to get to sleep. My nurse was waking me as she said I needed to have the sheets changed, I looked at her in dismay, she said its ok its quite common to have erotic dreams and accidents with the injection I was given, as it sometimes can increase some women's sexuality and there mind can wander quite a lot.

I lay there so embarrassed, not knowing if what happened was real or just in my mind. It was not till the next day, that the nurse involved came and sat down and we chatted. She asked what did I remember from the night before last, after she had given me the injection. I looked at her puzzled, not knowing what to say, when she leaned in close and gave me a kiss on the cheek, whispering to me that it was real and she wanted to see me once I left hospital. I looked into her sweet eyes, knowing I could not ever miss another chance at feeling that again. It by far was the most sensual erotic encounter I had ever had.

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