tagMind ControlDreams of Jeannie

Dreams of Jeannie


"Hey Dave!" Joe said as he opened the door to see his old friend. "Come on in."

"Thanks man," Dave said.

Joe led Dave into the living room and gestured for him to sit.

"It's been a long time, Dave." Joe said.

"Yeah, college," Dave said. "Glad we got connected again through Facebook."

"And we turn out to live so close to each other. Wild stuff," Joe said.

Joe and David's conversation was interrupted by a woman's voice coming from the direction of the kitchen. "Master, I have cold beers and snacks, as you wished,"

Dave's eyebrows rose and he blinked hard a couple of times in Joe's direction.

"Thanks, Jeannie," Joe called out. "We're in here."

Dave spun around to see this. Jeannie came into the living room carrying a tray of beers and snacks. Dave's jaw dropped as he saw this woman who had called his friend master walk in, in heels and a skimpy, see through outfit that looked like it was from a 70's vision of ancient Persia.

She was Asian, about 5'4", in her 30s. Her big, almond eyes were set on high cheek bones surrounded by perfect skin. Her plump lips were bent in a playful smile. She was curvy, not fat, but certainly not a 18 year old stick figure.

Her full breasts pushed out what looked like a small blue bikini top that was covered by a tiny, sheer blue vest. Her nipples poked through visibly. Her legs were smooth, firm and thick, and bare but for the bikini bottom and corresponding sheer cover that did less to cover a view of her barely covered crotch than the tray of food and drink did.

"Thanks Jeannie," Joe said smiling, gesturing at the coffee table. Jeannie bent over to put the tray down, showing more of her luscious cleavage. She smiled at the guys, knowing what they were doing as she did what she was asked to do.

After unloading the tray onto the table she stood, smiled and turned crisply and started walking away. As if she could feel the eyes looking up her firm, smooth legs to her big, round, firm ass hiding a thong between thick cheeks, barely covered at all by the sheer wrap, her head turned and smiling, she asked over her shoulder "Was there anything else you and your friend needed, Master?"

"Why don't you come by in 10 minutes, Jeannie, you naughty Genie. You know you're not supposed to call me Master in front of guests."

She pursed her lips and furrowed her brow in an insanely cute pout. "I'll be back in 10 minutes to get you to forgive me, Master - I mean Joe."

"OK, Jeannie, " Joe said smiling. He looked back over to Dave as Jeannie swayed her hips provocatively as she walked out.

Joe sipped his beer and had a chip, watching Dave turn in slow motion toward him, his mouth still hanging open.

"Why don't you put a chip in that open mouth, buddy," Joe said, laughing.

"Sorry to stare, man," Dave said. "I'm just... she..." Dave stammered.

"No problem, Dave. Let me catch you up on my life a bit. While I talk, enjoy some beer."

Dave nodded, settling down, attentively listening.

"We only have 10 minutes till she comes back, so I'll have to strip out everything but the essence of what's going on. Basically, I've made it my life's past time to understand people, to counsel them, and help them be what they want to be. I've studied and practiced hypnosis for years now, but this isn't the one off, getting people to do crazy stuff type of hypnosis. I help people tell me what they really want out of life and get them there - but my style bridges fantasy and reality. I see no reason why you shouldn't live as if you're a superhero who came to Earth as a baby if it makes you happy and gets you to work harder at doing what you want to do."

Dave nodded some more, brow somewhat furrowed. He bobbed his head back and forth, urging Joe on for more information.

"Jeannie is my wife - not her original name. She was miserable. I worked with her, understanding her, and helping her understand herself over months. She wanted to exercise more, be more attractive, make me happy, and wanted life to be more than about a boring, endless routine. What I do is help people know what they want, and build an achievable fantasy around that, with them in the fantasy, and show them that their life now is no less real than this other reality. Then, when their fantasy is built, we switch reality and fantasy. With occasional reinforcement it sticks. Jeannie now believes she's a genie, here to serve me."

"You mean.... like I Dream of Jeannie?" Dave asked. "Yeah, pretty much. Definitely more interesting, but that's it essentially," Joe answered.

They heard Jeannie coming back in from the kitchen.

"OK, time for some reinforcement and a demonstration," Joe said. "Play along." Dave nodded, pretty clearly not knowing what he was agreeing to.

"Hi Jeannie," Joe said. "This is my friend Dave."

"Hi Dave," she said, bowing in his direction. Dave smiled back.

"Jeannie," Joe said, "I wish that you make Dave not able to hear us or notice we're talking unless I say his name first. And you may call me Master again."

"As you wish, Master," Jeannie said, smiling. "Did you want me to make it up to you for calling you Master in front of your friend earlier?"

"Yes," Joe said. "Kneel before me and pleasure me with your mouth. I wish that Dave would think we're just sitting here with him until I say otherwise."

"Yes, Master," Jeannie said, smiling bigger than ever as she kneeled between Joe's legs. Dave swallowed hard, blinking furiously, trying to act like he didn't see or hear anything going on.

Jeannie undid Joe's belt, and started in on his pants. "Thank you for letting me savor your manhood Master, Jeannie said, but I'm obliged to remind you that you need to discipline me."

"Yes, you're right," Joe said gravely as she pulled his pants down. His hard cock flopped out. "Give me my belt, Jeannie. I'll need to slap your big ass with it as you blow me."

"Yes, Master," Jeannie said, in a mock meek attitude, swaying her big, bent over backside as she looked forward to feeling the leather strap against it. She pulled Joe's leather belt out of his pants and held it out to him. Once he took it she wasted no time in lowering her head to take his cock into her mouth. She sucked noisily, spinning and bobbing around the head of his cock.

Joe looked over at Dave and wagged his eyebrows conspiratorially, while his eyes bulged at the not unfamiliar but still amazing oral work of Jeannie. "I'm so glad I wished for the perfect cock and that you would be the best sex genie ever." Jeannie laughed acknowledgment without taking Joe's cock from her mouth and now her throat.

Dave figured out, catching on to what was going on, that there was nothing special about Joe's cock to anyone in the world but Jeannie, and any amazing abilities she had were just from practice and having inhibitions completely removed. His own erection threatened to drive him mad as Jeannie, a couple of feet away from him, behaved as no wife would even all alone with her husband of years.

"Prepare yourself for your discipline," Joe choked out to Jeannie, trying to keep up with her unbelievable, noisy, wild deep throated cock sucking. She grunted a "mm hmm", put her hands on her full hips and slipped her fingers under the sides of her bikini. Dave's eyes couldn't blink closed as he watched, trying to imagine what was coming.

Jeannie pushed her bikini down, wiggling her big ass to get the thong out from between her fat cheeks. Her sucking amazingly didn't abate a bit as she moved up off of her knees onto her feet, bent over, so she could slip her bikini down. Jeannie's ass stuck almost against Dave's face as she moved. He swore she could probably feel his heavy breathing. As she slid the bikini down to her thighs Dave's face was bathed in a hot, wet cloud escaping from Jeannie's fully aroused pussy.

Dave sat back against the couch hard, breathing hard, eyes fixed on Jeannie's bent over form. From her big hips he looked in to the crack of her ass, now spread from her bending over, exposing her sweet, tight asshole. Between her damp thighs he saw her hairy pussy, the thick, black, straight hair matted down against her swollen lips by the copious juices that had flowed from her and filled Dave's nostrils.

Joe gently, lovingly, put a hand on the back of Jeannie's head. With the other hand he gently slapped the belt against Jeannie's big, wiggling ass. She groaned, clearly too loudly for it to be in protest for any pain. Joe breathed deeply, trying to hold on, and slapped more, evenly spreading the leather strap across every part of her big, firm ass, moans eliciting from her hard, and the room filing with the smell of her excitement. Now the lash fell even more gently and precisely, down the middle of her ass, connecting against her soaked, swollen pussy.

Jeannie's legs quivered, sweat and cum soaking her thighs. Joe's face contorted as he just couldn't hold back and he let loose his cum into Jeannie's eager mouth. As he came he slapped her pussy again and again, the final slaps wrapping around far enough to connect with her swollen clit. As she felt his spurts of cum, he felt her screams of pleasure.

Jeannie laughed around Joe's cock as she sucked every drop from him, and popped her mouth off of his cock.

"Oh, Jeannie," Joe said "That was wonderful."

"Nothing a bit of magic couldn't make possible, Master," Jeannie said, wiping her mouth of cum and pubic hair.

"Why don't you cover your pussy and see if our guest would like anything else to eat or drink?" Joe suggested.

"Yes, Master," Jeannie happily agreed.

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