tagErotic PoetryDreams of Lust – Two Who Touched, B

Dreams of Lust – Two Who Touched, B


Dreams of Lust – Two Who Touched, But Touched Not

Thrown again, into a dream
The drums again, distantly beat
Again beating, the beats to my heart beat
Lusted stream, flows again onto my bed sheet

Today it is beating, a voyeur's tempo
While two men, watch me in desperado
My knees up high, and thighs wide apart
They see my fingers, upon my pulpy part

This bitch is in heat, one says
See how swollen and wet, the other says
Speaking so but they really, don't know
The depth of my hidden, desperate harrow

My fingers curling, and probing deep
To release what, I can not keep
That hole sure looks tight, first one says
This will feel good in there, the second says

Raise my head, for a look
One was holding, an erect cock
His fist twisted, into a crude hook
The other's tool, wide as a rolled book

You hear that, she is gasping
No that's of her fingers, slopping
And soon I did, start gasping
While they watched, without helping

One says, now look at those nipples
Other says, yes they are erect pickles
Yet erect, is not just my nipples
In fact, so's my pussy bud in tickles

Since they were watching, my chest
I took a hand, to knead one breast
Longing for one, to take the other
He just grinned, stroking his pecker

I see his gland, appear and vanish
His foreskin coated, with gumdrop grease
Moaning deeply, tongue over lips
My mouth to taste, that I wish

He moved closer, over my face
Now his pecker, close to taste
Almost touching, the sliver froth
But only teasing, over my mouth

Felt a heat, between my legs
It's the other, moving in for a look
My fingers parted, those soaking lips
For him to have, a closer look

Pointing so close, to my parted snatch
He sneered, with his rod in hand
Undulated my hips, so I could catch
And take it in, for a grind

This whore is mouthing, for a juicy cock sucking
One said, smugly smiling
The other, mockingly adding
This slut's begging, for a hard cock fucking

They were teasing, by closely being
Almost touching, but not really doing
I pleaded please, I need fucking
They stood still, with cocks stroking

Twisting and moaning, I there lay
Fingers on both lips, along slits way
Pinching and rubbing, my pink nipple
Moaning and gasping, my mouth dribble

That intense pressure, on my clit
As one shoot, his sperm there
My body tensed, that was it
Hips up shoot, like a flare

As I moaned, and gasped around
The other aimed, and filled my mouth
Warm and pungent, his sperm I found
With tongue swirling, it formed a forth

Bitch slut whore, they referred of me
As they chuckled, and disappeared
The drumming reduced, to droning hum
While I stayed, savoring my cum

My dreaming eyes, flicked open wide
It's there to see, the truth can't hide
Sliver stained pillow, and wet sheet
And now will come, guilt to greet

The Devil has to, rear his head
And laugh at me, in my head
Through his evil ways, for me he got
The two who touched, but touch me not

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