Hi. My name's Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca. Since I'm about to share my most intimate stories with you, you may as well call me that. Just to get it out of the way, this is 100% true, as all my stories will be.

Since this is my first story on Literotica, I thought I'd start by telling you something about myself. I'm 24 years years old and I live in Austin, Texas. I've lived here all my life, and love this little liberal sanctuary in the middle of this insane state. I work downtown for an advertising agency, where I am a junior copywriter. The work is super creative, I'm surrounded by amazing people all day, and I love the chaos and thrill of making great work happen.

You probably want to know what I look like. I'm 5'6, 130 pounds, reddish-blonde hair, and green eyes. I have a sprinkling of freckles across my plump cheeks and pixie nose. I've always been a little self-conscious of my lips, which are naturally red and plump. I wear a 34C bra, my waist tapers nicely and my hips are pretty full. But I'm a runner, so my butt is tight and my thighs are strong, taut and tan.

Speaking of running... That's what got me into this story I'm about to tell you.

I try to go running three to four times a week. Austin is full of greenbelts with trails, so I like to go trail running and break the boredom of running around a flat track. One Thursday afternoon, my work team had a rare early stop, so I decided to go to my favorite trail for a long run. It'd been a tough week so far, so I was a bit frazzled and stressed. I went to the women's bathroom at the office to change, and realized that I left some important stuff at home - my sports bra and a change of panties. I had brought my shoes, a tight white tee, my tight white nylon running shorts, my trail shoes, but no change of undies. I looked like my stressful week made me forgetful. Oh well, I thought, I desperately needed the stress relief of a long, sweaty run. I pulled off my blouse and jeans, and realized that I was wearing a very lacy black bra and matching black thong. There was NO way I was running in that bra, as it would look horrible through the tee and being lacy, it would be irritating to my skin. The thong I could live with. So, I pulled the tight white tee over my braless boobs, and pulled the shorts over my thong. Taking a quick look down at myself, I didn't look too scandalous, but since I'm pretty big up top, the shirt was really tight over my tits and my nipples were really poking through.

What I haven't told you yet is that I am highly sexual. All it took for me to start getting wet was thinking of running through the trails with no bra. If only I knew how wet things would get.

I drove to the trail, went to the warm up area and started stretching. It was a humid day, so the shirt was already starting to cling a bit. I now remember noticing some black clouds coming from the West, but didn't pay it any mind at the time. The trail area was not super busy, which is good, but there were a few other runners around. A couple of guys were really checking me out as I bent over, as I couldn't stop my boobs from bouncing, and I suspect that my ass cheeks were more exposed than usual due to the thong. Stretched and ready, I made my way into the first segment of the run.

For the first 20 minutes, the run was amazing. The humidity and exertion almost had the effect of a sauna on me - I was flushed and glowing. The sweat was pouring out of me and I was nearing the high I always shoot for that tells me it's a good run. I reached down for my water bottle, but realized I hadn't filled it, so I kept going until I reached the first rest area. As I walked up, there were two young guys there chatting and taking a break. They noticed me and their conversation stopped in mid-sentence, the oddest looks on their faces, and their eyes drawn away from my face to, yes, my chest.

I stopped in my tracks and looked down - my shirt was flooded with sweat, absolutely skin tight and see-through. My nipples are kind of puffy anyway, but now I was swollen with exertion and they were completely erect and rock hard, poking obscenely through the thin material. Time seemed to pause for a heartbeat as they stared, their mouths slightly open and my mind racing about what to do.

I did nothing.

Well, rather, I walked with obvious purpose toward them and the water fountain, acutely aware of how my boobs were bouncing and my nipples dragging on the material. Still silent, the guys watched me as I belt over to drink from the fountain, my breasts hanging down and their shape completely described. Oh, by the way, I have amazing tits. ;) I could tell that my ass cheeks were similarly exposed, the white nylon clinging to my smooth, round, tan bottom. I must have looked practically nude, as the only thing covered by something not white and drenched was my pussy, covered by my black thong. It was drenched, but with something else. Ha!

Having drunk enough, I leaned up, arching my back a bit, and started filling my bottle. I looked over to the guys and said, "how's your run so far?", with my sweetest, most innocent smile, as if I were unaware of my state of decorum. They stuttered a bit and said something about it being fine... and um, and swallow, and sputter. "It's really humid out here, isn't it?", I said, gathering a bit of my shirt and fanning fresh air beneath. This only had the effect of making my nipples harder as the cooled air rushed over my tits, which now had goosebumps. I looked down, and with more drama than required, I feigned shock and embarrassment at the state of my exposure. I draped one forearm and hand over my tits, gave an embarrassed smile, and trotted off down the trail.

As I ran off, I heard one of the guys say, "Holy shit, that was freaking amazing."

This is the kind of thing that turns me on. Being partially exposed, but acting innocent about it, is such a thrill to me. But if only this story stopped here.

I was back in the running zone, my illicit thrill behind me and was really enjoying the exercise. As I rounded one particularly tough stretch, it was like the clouds just opened up and decided to pour all their water out at one time. That's how it seemed, anyway. All I could do was move to the side off the trail and wait by a tree, which provided little protection to the downpour.

Well, this was one of those famous Texas rainstorms that soak everything and then disappear in less than 10 minutes. A little flustered, I looked down at myself and I only thought I had been drenched before. My shirt was completely saturated, cold and clammy. I was miserable! So, I decide to wring out my shirt as best I could. I reached down to the bottom hem and started working my tight, clinging shirt up and over my tits to get it off. Just as I had the shirt pulled over my face, and my tits completely exposed, but not completely off, I heard someone say, "Look! There she is again! And Jesus, she's naked! Look at those tits!" .

It was those same two guys. They had caught up to me on the trail and had the same idea I did to get out of the rain. I couldn't tell the direction of their voices, but they were close enough to get a great look. While I had enjoyed the mild exhibitionism at the water fountain, this was too much for me. So I kept struggling with my shirt, which just didn't want to come off! I was bouncing up and down, twisting, my elbows over my head and fighting with that stupid shirt. I had no idea which way to turn away, so I just resolved myself to get that shirt off. No matter what it took.

I pulled, hard, thinking I was close to freeing myself. What I heard next sounded like it reverberated throughout the woods.


The shirt had ripped entirely down the left seam. It wasn't a shirt anymore, it was a dish rag. I looked at it, shocked out of remembering my audience. "Oh shit." was all I could say.

"Hello. Do you need any help?" That shocked me back. It was the taller of my two water fountain friends. They had walked toward me, obviously out of concern. "It looks like you do," he said smiling with a hint of good-natured smirk. I dropped my ex-shirt and covered my tits with my hands.

"Well, looks like I'm screwed," I said. I felt the flush of shame burn my face. But a slight tingle further down.

"No you're not, not yet anyway," he laughed, as he pulled off his own shirt (he was ripped!!), wrung it out, and handed it to me. "I'm Conor." A natural charmer with all-American good looks, and a little devil in him.

I transferred my breast-covering duties to my left arm and took the shirt, smiling sheepishly. "I'm Becca."

"And I'm Nate," said the other. Good-looking in his own way, not my type, but obviously a good guy.

"Hi," I said. I turned to put on the shirt, but making a point of dropping my arm before fully making the turn. I knew they saw me again, and that they were now fully aware of my similarly drenched ass, and black thong.

I turned back around, and said, "Thank you SO much. I don't know what I would have done without you guys."

"Well, you've made our day twice now, so we kind of owed it to you," said Conor. We laughed and started walking down the trail to the parking lot.

This was how I met my two closest friends. Our stories only get wilder from here.


I hope you like my first story. Please let me know.

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