tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDrenched Ch. 02

Drenched Ch. 02


(This is a continuation of my first story, "Drenched", where my exhibitionism got pushed to the limit by an unexpected rainstorm. I highly recommend reading that story first. I hope you like this next installment.)

Conor, Nate and I made our way toward the parking lot of the greenbelt trail. My embarrassment over being topless and essentially helpless in front of two strangers, however friendly and good-looking, faded as we leisurely strolled and chatted.

There was an ease in our conversation, like we were old friends. I told them about my job at the agency and being a life-long Austinite. Conor is 24, grew up in Houston and is an architect's apprentice, working for a prominent local firm. In his short time at the firm he'd been involved in quite a few interesting projects, but so far mainly in research and group sessions. He said he was getting a little restless, eager to apply his talent to actual creation. Conor seemed thoughtful, introspective, kind, and since we both have a creative background, we hit it off immediately. Nate is 23, was born and raised in Louisiana, where he worked at his family's small town restaurant. He met Conor at the University of Houston, where Nate went to the famous Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Nate is a little goofy, silly, fun. They're very different from each other, but seemed as close as brothers.

I knew this was the start of something good. Not in that I wanted to sleep with both of them, but that the three of us had a chance to be very special friends. It was like they welcomed me into their gang, and not as the token tits and ass, but as someone that brought a new dynamic to the mix.

We made it to the parking lot, and we quickly agreed to get together soon. I was to meet them at Key Bar on 6th Street on Friday night. I hugged them both goodbye, lingering a little longer with Conor, kissing him on the cheek in thanks. I got in my car, still wearing his shirt, Conor holding the torn remains of my soggy white tee.

A crazy thought came over me as I started the engine, Conor and Nate still standing nearby, watching me. I rolled down my window, and pulled Conor's shirt over my head, leaving me topless again. "Trade ya!" I yelled to Conor, waving his shirt out the car door. My pink nipples were hard as rocks, the air giving my breasts goosebumps. The guys smiled huge smiles, laughed belly laughs, and I couldn't help but join in. My boobs were bouncing all over the place from the laughter, and we were starting to get some attention from the other people in the lot.

"Here!" said Conor, and we simultaneously tossed the shirts to each other. "Becca, is this how it's going to be with you every time we get together?" Nate asked.

I smiled a devilish smile and said, "You'll just have to see." I draped the ragged tee over my tits, where it clung due to it still being quite damp. I winked, backed out of the lot and drove home. I got quite a few looks on the way home, including one time at a red light where the shirt completely fell away as I adjusted the radio. I mentally noted to give in-car nudity a try sometime.

Fast forward to Friday, after work. We were set to meet at Key Bar at 7pm, so I went home to freshen up and change into something a tad more sexy than my work clothes. I took a quick shower, went to my closet and thought through what to wear. After a few discarded ideas, I chose a very silky red-orange top that slips seductively off one shoulder. Of course, I went without a bra, so my rather large and usually erect nipples poked through the sheer material. My 34C boobs looked very soft, perky but natural in this top, and it rode up the side a bit to show off the curve of my waist and hips. The large opening at the top and the free-flowing nature of the blouse lets me control how much cleavage, and top boob I can show. It's one of my favorites.

I chose a dark brown thong, similar to the one I wore at the trail. Over this I pulled on my tightest, darkest pair of selvedge denim; the pair every girl has that makes her ass look just right. The thong tickled my anus and freshly-shaved pussy as I worked my way into the jeans. Being very low rise, my thong straps rode up and above my jeans, further accentuating my curves. I have a small waist and good sized hips to match my relatively large boobs, so this denim/thong combination was killer.

I quickly painted my toenails my favorite pink color, then slipped on a pair of 3-inch heels, made of distressed brown leather. Not the dressiest or tallest pair I own, but they go great with orange and are casual enough for a place like Key Bar. Makes my calves look amazing, as my runner's legs are muscular, without being masculine.

I did my hair, makeup, jewelry... One last fluff of my boobs to make my nipples erect, and I was out the door.

I drove downtown and parked in my work lot, near enough to walk a few blocks to the bar. As I walked down the sidewalk toward the bar, I loved the way my top clung to my tits, which bounced nicely, keeping my nipples erect and poking through the sheer material. This part of Austin has plenty of foot traffic, so I got quite a few admiring looks. That always charges me up a bit. I neared the bar.

Most of Key Bar's seating is outdoors, with the exception of a small area under a seemingly makeshift roof. It was almost packed, the hum of conversation swelling out into the street. As I passed through the entrance, I saw Conor and Nate in the back corner of the outdoor area, away from the sidewalk and toward the bathrooms. This open area has big benches and chairs that can withstand the brutal Austin Summers. There was an open chair waiting for me, a tiny table between them all with three of Key Bar's famously strong frozen margaritas. One was for me.

Conor waved me over to take a seat. By the looks on their faces, I knew they had been appreciating the view. They both rose and we exchanged warm, friendly hugs and pecks on the cheek.

"Hey guys!" I said, picking up my waiting drink, the glass mug dripping with condensation. I took a long drink, the tangy mixture burning with what I swear is everclear and not tequila. "Thanks for having this waiting for me."

"You look amazing," said Conor, who to his credit was looking me in the eyes at the time. Nate wasn't so smooth about it, looking me up and down and saying things like "oh man", shaking his head and smiling. They're guys, and I knew what I was doing when I dressed this way; if they hadn't noticed, I'd have been upset.

The next few hours unfolded just how I imagined they would. My instincts about them had been right; we were becoming fast friends at light speed. We talked about anything and everything; work, friends, family, relationships, childhood, and yes, sex. Conor was single (and I was secretly delighted about that) with a history of long relationships. I could tell from the details, or lack of them, that there was much more to the stories. Nate was dating a woman slightly older than him, an attorney at a small, but high-powered, law firm in town specializing in government cases. Her name was Beth and she was out of town on a business trip, not due to return until the next day. She lived in a bungalow in a nearby neighborhood, one of the more desirable in town without being full of ridiculous mansions. They weren't in love, yet, just having fun as twenty-something's.

As we talked and laughed, I moved around enough to give them the occasional thrill - bending over to get my drink, exposing most of one or both of my boobs... Sitting back in my chair, letting my tits settle back, the silky top draping over them, the little mountains of my nipples pressing upward through the material... Playfully tugging at my thong, pulling it upward and away from my smooth, tan hip... Bending over at the bar, letting them check out my ass... So on and so forth. It was all good fun.

This is not to say that most of our time at the bar was centered around my display. What I'll remember most is how I got to know these guys so deeply and quickly, how we formed our extraordinarily strong friendship. They are legitimately wonderful men, and while the sexual tension was strong, there was just more to it than that. It was the start of something special.

At 10:00pm or so, we got a surprise when Nate checked his phone. Based on the missed call and text messages, Beth had flown back to Austin tonight, arriving at 9:00pm. Nate quickly stepped away to call her back. As he did, Conor and I smiled to each other. Conor broke the silence. "This... whole thing... is pretty weird, isn't it? I mean that in a good way. We just met, and we just kinda feel so... right. You know?"

I reached out and lightly stroked his hand. "It's true. I can't wait to find out what happens next." I let that statement linger, and we grinned at each other like idiots.

Nate came back to the table and said that Beth was interested in doing something as a group. She suggested we all go over to her house and hang out, as she was tired from the trip but feeling a little lonely. "Plus, she really wants to meet YOU, Becca, after I told her about what happened at the trail." That startled me a bit, as I know all too well how girls can be toward each other. My concern must have been written on my face because Nate quickly added, "No no, it's all cool, she thinks it was hilarious. She's really great, you'll see. Let's get over there!"

Conor and Nate had come together in Nate's car, and because I was pretty tipsy at this point, I hopped in with them, sitting in the back. I could always call a cab or something later, I wasn't too concerned at this point. As we drove to Beth's house, Nate pulled up a photo of the two of them on his phone, and handed it to me. It was a pic of them at the beach, Nate shirtless and Beth in a white bikini. She was very beautiful, looking to be of Italian or Mediterranean descent, with long brown hair with blond streaks, tall, a voluptuous figure and very long legs. She was good looking enough to bring out the competitive spirit in me - not in a bitchy way, but in the way that every girl reading this will understand. Plus, she was just my type... I've had more than a few sexual affairs with girls, enough to consider myself "bi".

We decided to stop and get some wine, so we pulled over at a neighborhood liquor store. I insisted on paying as I was the new member of the gang, coming to a stranger's house. I made a big show of getting out of the car, stretching out my denim-clad leg, bending over, and crawling out. Inside the store and in view of the guys outside, I examined a few bottles, always nestling the bottle between my perky breasts. I brought a bottle over to the window to show them, as if asking for approval, making sure to squeeze my tits around the bottle. Getting a very enthusiastic thumbs-up, which was probably as much about my tits as the bottle of Fume Blanc I chose, I settled up and trotted to the car. My nipples were almost painfully erect from the change in temperature, the night's flirting and light exposure.

We parked in Beth's driveway and got out. Her 1950's craftsman-style bungalow was lovely and large-ish for the neighborhood, but not obscenely so. Beth must have heard us drive up, as she opened the door to greet us as we neared the front door.

Beth wore a sumptuous white bathrobe, like the ones at a luxury hotel. She glowed as if she'd spent the last hour in a steamy bath, her smooth, tan skin dewy and fresh. "Hey guys!" she yelped, and in a more husky tone, "Hey babe," sidling up close to Nate and kissing him full on the lips. Very sexy.

Pulling away from Nate, she sweetly looked over at me and said, "You must be Becca." Boy, did I get the once-over from her. It felt like her brown eyes were staring right through my clothes. My nipples hardened again and I felt a rush of wetness between my legs. "You are even more beautiful than Nate said you were. And from what I heard, he saw quite a lot." she said cheekily, reaching her hand out toward mine, as if to draw me closer. I grabbed her hand, she clutched tightly at mine, and in a twirl, she demanded we all come in as she dragged me behind her like two girls on the schoolyard, running from the boys.

This made me feel right at home.

Beth graciously accepted the wine and made her way through the surprisingly open floor plan to the kitchen. "Sorry for not getting dressed, it's been a really long day and we're among friends, right?" she said with a wink in my direction. She was being incredibly accepting of me, considering her boyfriend had seen me topless, and spent the evening with me at a bar. Yes, Conor had been there, but still. She was obviously very confident and unthreatened. It was also very obvious that she was very into Nate. They're kind of a odd couple, to be frank, and they know it. Nate seems a little too frat-boy for her seemingly refined exterior, but they somehow really work as a couple.

Beth set out four gorgeous wine glasses and poured us each a healthy pour. Beth raised her glass in a toast, saying, "To our new friend Becca - of whom I hope to see a lot more." We all erupted in laughter from the double meaning, my face blushing in delighted embarrassment. Conor said, "We've seen plenty so far, and it's been amazing." He clinked his glass to mine, and the flushed feeling spread across my chest, down toward my pussy. I knew I was flooding my thong with juices by now.

We moved into the living room, adjoining the kitchen, and settled on large floor cushions in the middle of the room. I took a moment and admitted to feeling closer to them all than I could rightly explain. Beth said she totally understood, and that I was very welcome. She told Nate that she missed him, pulling him in for a light kiss. Her robe slipped open a tad, and I got a glimpse of her beautiful, tan left breast, about the same size as mine, and the hint of a dark nipple.

The wine and conversation flowed. Soon, I felt as close to Beth as I did Conor and Nate. She was a remarkable woman in every way: very successful, effortlessly gracious, and lovely to look at. She was complimentary of my career in the creative field, feigning jealousy enough to truly be a compliment. I moderated my drinking to stay just better than totally hammered. As time passed, I made sure to settle back in my cushion, using the blouse's fabric to accentuate the shape of my boobs, stretching out my athletic legs, all to keep me at that buzzed feeling of being observed and appreciated. And I was.

About an hour into the conversation, Beth sat upright and said, "So, Becca, I want to hear the story about how you all met straight from you. I'll admit, when Nate told me about it last night over the phone, it really turned me on..." It was like she stopped herself from saying more, as she kind of drifted off and stared into the distance, like remembering something. So, I told her the story, admitting to everything and sparing no detail. The teasing at the drinking fountain, the thrill I felt, the wild feelings of sexual energy when my shirt tore away, etc. During my tale, Beth, perhaps unconsciously, opened her robe up a little bit, exposing a broad expanse of chest and a good deal of full breast. She was incredibly sexy and definitely turned on by my story. This, in turn, urged me on in my storytelling, like a feedback loop between the two of us. This retelling was more than I had, to this point, admitted to Conor and Nate, who were also obviously turned on by the looks of their jeans, their bulges almost painful-looking. I felt heat radiating from my pussy, intense enough that I had to spread my legs a bit.

"It took a lot of guts to do all that. I'd never have the nerve," Beth said softly. She nuzzled Nate again, and I reached out to Conor's arm, gently dragging my fingertips across his muscular forearm. We exchanged glances full of impending promise.

"I do have a story that is kinda hot...", said Beth with a sneakily embarrassed look, biting her lip as if debating whether to not to share. She took a deep breath, looked over to Nate, who looked back as if to say 'go for it'. "Ok, this is the hottest night of my life, and honey, I've not told you about this yet..." She told us of a night in college when she and five friends in her dorm played a kind of combination of spin the bottle and truth or dare. Four girls, two guys... It involved more truth and making out than anything else, but Beth did say she got topless and the night culminated when one of her girlfriends gave one of the guys a blowjob in front of them all. Beth had been really embarrassed to get naked, but they were all so enthralled by her friend's blowjob that they all lost themselves in the moment. Beth said that she was playing with one of her nipples, twisting, turning, pulling and flicking, while everyone else took turns sucking on the other - the other girls and the one guy not getting the blowjob. The guy receiving the blowjob came all over her friend's tits, in Beth's words, "a fountain of come like I've never seen before or since." Beth said that afterward she was so wet that she went to bed and finger fucked herself into oblivion.

By the end of this story my pussy was so wet that I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to clean up. Seriously, my pants were flooded and it was all I could do to not finger myself to raging orgasm right then and there. I gave my clit a tweak, my nipples a tweak, and went back out there. And I had an idea.

I sauntered over, and I must have had a sky smirk on my face because Beth said, "Ok Becca, what are you up to..." The guys looked at me with anticipation.

"I think we should play." Slow grins emerged on the faces of my three new friends. "You all know by now that I'm pretty much up for anything. I've never played, and it sounds really fun. Who's in?"

"I'm in!" said Nate. Of course he was!

Beth nodded enthusiastically. "Sounds fun to me, but remember, I like truth best..."

"Sounds fun, I've never done it either," said Conor. Thank God!

We decided to use the rules Beth had described from college. Going clockwise, Each person takes a turn spinning a bottle (we quickly poured the last of the Fume Blanc into our glasses), and whomever the bottle points at is asked by the spinner "truth" or "dare". We agreed that we were adults playing an adolescent game, so there was no punishment for refusal, like taking a drink or removing a piece of clothing. It was up to all of us to be aware of potential boundaries and choose accordingly, and frankly, this potential danger kind of added to the sexiness of the game. We got comfy on our cushions, my blouse riding up, my softly rounded tummy and belly. My nipples were almost sore from being so hard for so long.

Beth wanted to spin first, as host and perhaps to delay her own participation a bit. I knew she was into it, but was kind of holding herself back. She spun and the bottle pointed to Nate.

"I'll be nice and start with truth," said Nate.

"Ok then. How many times did you masturbate while I was gone?"

Nate laughed, Conor put his hands on his face and I chuckled a bit. I was curious too, and I couldn't help but wonder if he jacked off thinking of me and our adventure in the park.

"Let's see... You were gone four days... So, five times. Twice on Thursday." Nate looked at me briefly when he said that, and I knew what he was trying to tell me. I blushed with pleasure.

"Uh huh, are you sure it wasn't ten times on Thursday?" Beth said with mock anger, pushing Nate's shoulder. "How about you, Becca?"

"It's not my turn to answer, sweetheart," I said. This may all sound catty, but it wasn't. It was totally hot and my state of arousal was going nowhere but up. I absentmindedly traced the foot of my wine glass around my right nipple.

Clockwise from Beth was me, so I spun. It pointed at Beth. Beth immediately said "truth".

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