tagGroup SexDress Sexy Ch. 02

Dress Sexy Ch. 02


It was beautiful outside. The sun peered through the blanket of leaves and there was just enough breeze to keep it from getting hot. Susan looked back at Gray on the trail. He was smiling. It was obvious that he had been caught. He had been watching her ass sashay down the path. She smiled.

"See something you like?" she quipped.

"Oh yes, I like." Gray smirked.

Susan has purposely worn shorts that were a bit too tight - not good for hiking but they were definitely having their intended effect. She noticed that Gray had been hard since they had begun hiking. She was definitely enjoying this hike, especially knowing the effect that her shorts had been having on Gray.

She wondered how long Gray could stay aroused and not attack her. She was definitely wet and was beginning to worry that Gray might be content to hike. She knew better; nonetheless, her pussy was starting to talk.

Gray mumbled something about turning to the right down the path. She smiled. The path to the right seemed to disappear between the walls of the valley.

Maybe things are looking up she thought. This does seem sort of secluded she mused.

They followed the path further into the gorge. The path narrowed a bit and then opened into a grotto with a waterfall at the end. Gray stopped a bit out of the grotto and sighed. He looked very relaxed and, smiling, adjusted his hard cock in his pants. He was clearly pleased.

"What do you think love?" he asked tilting his head to indicate the waterfall and the grotto.

She smiled. "It's beautiful." She could not help but feel a twitch. She knew that this was Gray's style...lead her to some place wonderful and taunt her and fuck her mercilessly. Her pussy moistened.

They moved deeper into the grotto and Gray lightly trailed his hand over her ass. Susan moaned slightly. She knew this could turn interesting quickly. Gray headed over to a rock near the waterfall. He grabbed Susan ponytail as he settled on the rock, pulling her with him. She got even wetter, anticipating that her wait might finally be over. Using her ponytail as leverage, he guided her lips to his. She hissed as his tongue touched hers, finally kissing her deeply.

"Yes" she moaned.

Gray grunted deeply and took her free hands and brought them to his cock. Even through his shorts she could feel that he was ready. One hand grabbed greedily at the outline while the other sought out his zipper. Gray moaned softly as her deft fingers slid the zipper down.

"Yes beautiful. Grab my cock," he managed to moan.

Susan smiled. She had been waiting to grab his cock all day. Finally she was getting to grab the fat cock that she had been watching in his pants, the cock that she had been daydreaming about. She felt it pulse in her hand. It was happy to feel her. She could not resist. Without hesitation, she sank to her knees. Susan wanted this cock in her mouth. She needed to feel the skin, taste the beginnings of cum. She leisurely licked up the side of Gray's cock before engulfing it. She heard his loud moan.

"Oh god yessssss. Suck my cock Susan. I have wanted your mouth on my cock all day." Susan was dripping. There was no better feeling than Gray's cock in her mouth. And, even better, she was sucking his cock out in the middle of nowhere. She loved it. Anyone could walk up at anytime. The thought of an audience drove her to suck harder. Gray's head rolled back.

"Oh fuck yes Suze.....suck my cock," he murmured.

He looked down. Damn I like watching her suck my cock he thought.

Somewhere in the midst of admiring her lips on his cock and moaning, he noticed that another couple had walked into the far end of the grotto. They were attractive and were mesmerized watching Susan suck his cock. The woman shivered noticeably. Gray could not help but admire her. She had straight blondish-brown hair, clearly colored, well-developed breasts and a tight ass. Her hand trailed first over her breasts and then over her man's cock, which had not surprisingly grown in his walking shorts. Gray watched the woman massage her man's cock and then slowly undo the zipper while maintaining an unbelievable stare at Susan sucking Gray's cock. Somehow she managed to suck his dick and still stare at Susan and Gray.

Gray's naughty mind went hyper. Susan had once again driven him into another world and he had to fuck her. Somewhere in his mind he smirked thinking about fucking Susan while watching another woman suck her man's cock. He pulled Susan up to kiss him.

"Look love. We have admirers. I think that she liked you sucking my cock. I wonder how she will like sucking his cock while watching you get fucked," he purred.

Gray turned Susan away from him and ripped down her shorts. He sighed inwardly as he noticed the string bikini that got pulled away with the shorts. Normally he would have taken time to enjoy Susan's slutiness, even in hiking. But at this point he just wanted his cock in her hot pussy AND he wanted her to watch their admirers as they watched her get fucked. A small cry escaped her lips as his dick entered her pussy. She now had no choice but to stare longingly at the couple across the grotto.

The woman has a very nice ass she thought. And damn she looks good sucking that cock.

Susan ground her hips harder onto Gray's big dick thinking about the other couple. For a moment, she imagined her mouth on that cock, sucking it, licking it while being fucked.....


Susan woke up. She had Gray's cock in her mouth and she was horny. Gray caressed her face and gently moved her hair back. It took a minute, but she somehow remembered. But they were alone. She wondered if she had dreamt it.

Damn. Was it real? How will I ever know? she mused knowing that she would always wonder.

Thoughts raced through Susan's head even as Gray pushed her back down to his throbbing cock.

It was then that she realized that she could hear the shower running and she knew that she hadn't dreamed everything. Her pussy throbbed...

Did I really fuck Gray in front of a couple? she wondered...and then it started coming back - the evening, her wild side...HER FRIEND. It was worse than the couple dream - she had fucked Gray and had licked one of her friends.

Oh my God she thought as she teased Gray's cock. Did I really? Oh shit. Who was it? she wondered as the events of the evening pervaded her consciousness.

"Hell yes....suck my cock Suze," Gray muttered interrupting her thoughts.

Fuck. Who cares? I have Gray's big cock in my mouth and that is good enough she thought.

She groaned and sucked harder. She had not noticed, while sucking his cock, that the shower had stopped. Susan noticed when she felt a delicate pass of a tongue on her throbbing clit.

"Mmmmm," she moaned forgetting the situation temporarily.

Damn that is good she thought and sucked deeper. Then, she realized, Who is licking my pussy? Her mind raced. Susan had to know so she turned slightly, never letting Gray's cock go far from her lips. She shivered....

Its Sharon. Damn. I always wanted her but would have never thought. She shuddered and her pussy got wetter and Sharon's tongue touched her clit again.

"Fuck yes....lick my pussy," she murmured, not realizing she had said it aloud.

Gray's hands pulled her hair and brought her face back to his cock.

"Don't stop. Get your hot mouth back on my cock," he ordered, directing her lips back to his cock.

Susan shook. She had a small orgasm as he ordered her back to his cock and Sharon put her tongue deeper into her pussy. A part of her loved being controlled and she creamed at the thought.

Susan was too lost in her own pleasure to realize that Sharon's tongue had stopped licking her. But she could not ignore the fact that a hot cock had just brushed against her pussy lips. Susan may have been lost in sex, but not that lost. As she was about to question, she felt a hand grab the back of her head and force her deeper onto Gray's cock. And then she came....the cock teasing her pussy slammed deep into her. She felt full. It was just as thick as Gray's cock that was in her mouth. She felt full and naughty.

Through a fog she heard Gray. "Yes baby. Do you like that? Do you like sucking my cock my being fucked?"

Susan's mind was in another world.

The same familiar voice whispered, "Do you like Mark's cock honey? Do you like taking his nice fat cock while sucking Gray? Isn't this what you have always wanted? A cock in your pussy and one in your mouth?"

Sharon pinched Susan's nipples. "Suck his cock girl. Suck Gray's cock while Mark fucks you. I love watching him fuck you. I can't wait to suck his cum from your hot pussy."

Suck my cock while you get fucked. Damn your pussy feels good. Oh yes you naughty girl. Take that cock.

Susan can't think. Her mind is reeling and her body is in overdrive. She is slightly aware of Gray pulling her off of his cock and pulling her to his mouth. His tongue finds hers and is on fire. One hand grabs her ponytail and pulls her fiercely to him. His big cock has replaced Mark's in her pussy. She moans and then shudders when she feels Mark's cock, now cold with lubricant, rub her ass.

"I want you to lick me while getting fucked by both cocks baby" Sharon's voice purrs.

Susan doesn't care. She wants to do anything. She licks Sharon's shaven pussy and moans - Mark has started putting his cock in her ass. Susan is lost. She is a naughty girl and doesn't care.

Somewhere through the haze she hears, "Give her you cum. I want to lick it from her. Cum in her."

The taste of Sharon's pussy and cum in her are the last things to resonate through her mind as she slips into another orgasm......

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