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Dressed for Success

byJoseki Ko©

I’ve been a professional wrestler for about two years now. And no you haven’t seen me on TV I’m not that good yet. I wrestle in the Ohio Valley Training Center. That’s were all of us kids go to train for the big shows. RAW or SMACKDOWN.

One of the things I enjoy most about this job is the testosterone level of my fellow workers. Everybody has an attitude and everybody is willing to share it. Now there are two real hallmarks in this business, the ribbing (Practical Jokes) and the Bets. If you make a bet in this business you have to pay up. Some of the major bets I’ve won have included making my buddies pay for dinner, eat soap, and wash the car of everyone at the training center. That was over one hundred cars. So over all I’ve done pretty well. I’ve only truly lost one major bet. I was in a match with one of the girls and the testosterone was flying. I thought I’d beat her easily and I told her so. She asked if I wanted to bet and we were off. I said yes if I won she went on a date with me. She agreed so I upped the ante. She was always wearing jeans, so I told her if I won she had to wear a dress. She said fine if she won so did I. I should have let it go but I’m a little temperamental. I added to the bet saying that she had to get the phone numbers of two girls who would go out with her while we were out. She nodded and informed me that I’d have to pick up two guy’s. I agreed to the bet and we got down to wrestling. I won’t bore you with the details of the match but due to a little outside interference by the guy who washed the cars, I lost the match and the bet.

Everyone was laughing when I lost. The announcers had made a big deal out of the match and all the fans were really into it. It was even worse in the locker room. My locker was strung with bra’s and the guys were gather around to snicker at me. I decided right then and there I was going to do it right.

Well it’s been almost a week since the match and we are going out tonight so that everyone will have something to talk about at the matches tomorrow. I’d put a lot of work into this outfit and all I can say is thank goodness for Lane Bryant. They make clothes for bigger women and enough of them fit me that I was able to buy something stylish. They were even able to help me out in the undies department. I’d bought an aqua bra. Nothing like having a little cleavage and a Binicki or butt bra so I’d have a little tush. Over this I put nylons, hi-heels, and a Japanese dress that brought out the highlights in my hair. Now I don’t want you to think I just looked like a man in a dress. I’d gone to a salon and I’d spent several hundred dollars for the best makeup job I could get. In addition to the shave and the make-up I had had my hair done. It was interesting to watch as the girl shaped my hair into a very feminine looking haircut. I’ve always had long hair but I’ve always had a square cut mane. And then she added color to a few select strands of hair and wrapped them in foil. The effect when I was done was stunning. I got lots of looks on my way home, although whether that was because I looked so good or so bad was hard to tell.

That night was worth the effort. I loved watching my dates jaw drop as I walked in to her apartment. I did a little pirouette and believe me that’s harder than it looks. She was just amazed at how good I looked. She had to admit that if she didn’t know who I was, she might try to pick me up herself.

We headed off for Zeke’s Bar and I had to say I was looking forward to it. As we pulled in and got out of the car I could already see a few guy’s looking our way. I felt her take my hand and we proceeded into the bar. We passed quite a few guys and as we got closer I felt a hand on my ass.

I turned to look and found this toothless guy hanging onto me. I gave him my best smile and pointed at the ceiling. He couldn’t help himself and looked up to see what I was pointing at. My openhanded slap sent him flying, all his buddies laughing at him. As he stood up and started back at me I asked him what his friends would say if a girl kicked his ass. He stopped and rethought his plan.

Next thing I know we are surrounded by guys all willing to buy us drinks if we’ll just sit and talk with them. I actually got thirty some odd numbers in just the first hour we were there. My date just couldn’t believe it.

It actually went to well. I met a small guy I really liked. He was somewhat smaller than I was and thin as a rail. He had very fine features and was a great conversationalist. We got started talking and it was as if everyone else disappeared. I think we talked for several hours. He finally excused himself to go to the bathroom. I needed to go as well and went after him. I was kind of lightheaded after all that alcohol, I didn’t notice that I’d followed him into the Men’s room. He went into a stall and I followed out of embarrassment. I’d seen other girls do this and laughed as I realized the other girls would think me a slut. He turned in surprise to see me and I kissed him full on the mouth. He pulled me into the stall and shut the door. My tongue reached for his but he stopped me. He told me I needed to know something before we went any farther and dropped his pants.

I was extremely surprised to find out ‘he’ was a woman. I saw the hoping expression on his face and I told him we were made for each other and pulled up my dress. He reached out and pulled me to him. I spun us around and my already hard dick escaped it’s covering and in no time at all we were having really good sex. Every time someone banged on the door I’d yell out for him to go away. It was intensely erotic to know that all that protected us from those guy’s was a small steel door.

As we left the bathroom He pinched my ass and smacked a sharp blow. We went home together that night and we go out again every once in a while. He really is the best thing that'’ ever happened to me.”

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