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Dressed to Thrill


He thrust deeper and harder into her. Zil groaned louder this time, slowly tightening her grip around his neck with those long bare legs of hers that she had up over his shoulders.

He bent forward and kissed her roughly on the mouth, his tongue fighting hers as their saliva mingled and their breath rasped in lustful gasps.

"Oh yes... go on, give it to me, make me cum!"

He slammed into her sopping wet and open cunt again and again while he stood on the floor. His trousers around his ankles and with Zil laid naked across the top of the four-poster bed getting seen too as only she knew how. Feeling wonderfully dirty and wanton, always on the point of no return, and best of all being taken ravenously by a complete stranger.

She cried out into the darkness of the room "Oh yes," and felt him shoot her full of hot delicious juice as he trembled and felt his knees go all weak as she still held him fast by her own trembling bare legs as she got herself off beautifully right on the button.

A minute past and then Zil relaxed her grip on her unknown lover and he shakily pulled up his black eveningwear trousers and helped Zil down off the bed.

She dabbed her soaking pubes with a couple of paper tissues from a box beside the bed and slipped back into her pretty silk ball gown. Shaking her short fair hair into some kind of order, she kissed her friend on the lips and politely said, "Thank you for that!"

"Hey, that was my pleasure. Look maybe we could...?" He asked hopefully.

"Sorry, no! I'm with someone tonight, but thank you all the same."

Zil slipped her shoes on and grabbing her small handbag slowly walked to the bedroom door and went out into the light of the hotel corridor and the noise of a wonderful 'Charity Ball' going on below.

John was talking to some old friends when Zil found him by the bar.

"Ah there you are Darling!" she positively purred with pride as she took his arm and kissed him on the cheek. He did look so very handsome tonight in his velvet dinner jacket and black tie, she thought proudly.

"Hello Zil," he said glad to see her again. " Did you have a nice dance?"

"Splendid, but I'm dying for a cool drink right now."

John moved closer to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks and then bidding his friends goodbye for the moment walked Zil towards the open French windows for some cool night air on the patio.

"So, how did you get on then?"

Zil giggled and whispered "One down and two to go Darling!"

"No? You haven't, not already? The night is still so young."

"Yes, on the bed in the room Helen has lent me for the evening!"

"Look, I was only joking about taking you to Paris for the weekend if you could get yourself shagged thrice in a single night. I mean we can go whenever you like. Honestly, no restrictions."

"A bet is a bet John, and I aim to fulfill my part to the full."

"How do I know you are not simply kidding me on?" John asked her slightly suspicious.

Zil took him by his spare hand and lead him over to the ivy covered wall of the house that was in partial darkness, and there pulling up her long dress, she slid John's hand to her moist pubes.

"There... go on, finger me, you of little faith!"

John worked his long middle finger up Zil's saturated pussy lips and she obligingly opened her legs just enough for him to slip into her and feel for himself her total wetness.

"And that's not all running wild for you Darling. That is the full ejaculation of some very nice man whose name unfortunately, has totally slipped my memory."

John laughed and pushing Zil backwards against the house wall fingered her harder making her groan softly.

"God Zil, you are such a slut, you know?"

"And you wouldn't have me any other way Darling, would you?"

John agreed and fingered her harder and felt her grab for his cock, both trying not to spill their drinks as their free hands felt each other hungrily.

"Right you horny whore, I want to fuck you this time" John told her taking a sip of his drink as he still forced his long middle finger up Zil and worked on her G spot which he knew she couldn't say no to if she once got it's little corrugations all tingling out of control.

"No, please not yet, I have two to go!"

"But I want you right now! Don't I count anymore?"

"Of course you do, but later, I want you later after I've had my third one of the night. Please, I beg you John."

Zil pulled his hand away from her quivering quim and kissed him sweetly knowing full well he was going to pretend to have one of his big sulks.

"Right I'm off. I'll catch up with you later John, so you have some fun, and we'll swap notes when the dastardly deeds are done.

I did say to Helen that you might come over to see her during the evening and maybe let her show you her office, if only to thank her for lending me the only spare room in the hotel."

"Oh right!" was all John muttered as Zil went off to mingle with the crowd in the ballroom.

This was a splendid affair she thought watching the dancers and thinking what a great band they had booked too. The centuries old great house had been lovingly restored and now it was a lovely country hotel with all it's Jacobean character left in tact. It was such an ideal venue for a charity gala ball like this one.

"Hello Zil, I do love that dress!"

Startled, Zil jumped and turned to see a woman she knew from her village.

"Oh it's you Kate. How good to see you. Your dress is very nice too you know?"

"Oh not like this one." Kate ran her hand down Zil's back over the soft radiant coloured silk and down over her tight pert arse, stroking it tenderly. "And I see you don't want to spoil the line of the dress by wearing any panties either!" she laughed quite dirtily, still stroking Zil's bum for her.

"Why Kate Darling, I never knew you really cared so much?" Zil purred and playing along, gave a wicked pout at Kate Winter.

She was a woman in her late thirties, heavier built than Zil but non-the less attractive, with all that long blonde hair and those big bosoms, and that cute 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth look.'

Mrs. Winter moved closed and half whispered, "I've always cared Zil, the trouble is, you've never noticed!"

Zil turned to look at this woman she had known for years but had never really talked to, let alone ever like this.

"I think I'd like to dance!" Zil announced, changing the subject before she said something she might regret.

"Oh yes please, but wouldn't it start people talking, the two of us together?" Kate replied quite flushed and suddenly all girlish, knowing full well what Zil meant.

"No, not with you silly. God we'd stop the band dead in their tracks if we went on the dance floor, I meant with a man!" Zil paused and then laughed. "You're winding me up aren't you?"

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm just in one of those moods." Kate giggled.

"Look," Zil looked her in the eyes and suddenly felt quite horny. "Look, we can't talk here it's too noisy, but if you'd care to pop up to the first floor, I've got a room up there, number twenty two. We could perhaps have a more intimate chat up there. What do you say?"

Kate Winter didn't say anything but just nodded her head and squeezing Zil's hand told her, "I'll give you a couple of minutes start and then follow you up."

There was a back stairs from the kitchens to the upper floors in the hotel, and it was these that Zil used to get back to her 'shag salon' so as not to be seen. Here she slipped out of her ball gown once more and after folding it carefully on a chair kicked off her shoes and waited for Kate to come to her.

Making her cum was what Zil was going to do to the pretty Mrs. Winter, and the more she thought about her the more hornier she became by the second. A moment of panic did however cross Zil's mind as she played with her clitty and wondered if she had somehow misread the situation? Anyway it was all a bit late for that line of thought as she heard a sound outside the bedroom door.

"Come on in," Zil whispered as she opened the door after Kate had knocked discretely.

They fell into each other's arms at once and kissed passionately as Kate suddenly realized Zil was totally naked, and wanted to kiss her all over.

"Slip out of your dress too, we don't want to crease it do we?"

Zil helped her undress and when Kate was fully naked, she led her to the bed and made her lie back and fell upon her sweet moist mound.

"Mmm," Zil purred as she licked at the moist lips that were already swollen and puffy for her. "Mmm", she purred again at the sweet scent of lust that flowed so readily and sexily onto her licking tongue.

"I haven't done this since I was a t school you know?" Kate told Zil as she stroked her hair with trembling hands. "It was a convent school. One of the nuns took a fancy to me and as I hated the place so much I thought if I play ball, then life might be a hell of a lot easier for me."

Zil broke off her tonguing and asked "And was it then, easier?"

"Oh yes. I was virtually a sex slave for the whole duration of my education, but I got all sorts of benefits and privileges."

Zil pushed her fingers up into Kate's now sopping pussy and made her arch her back and started to finger fuck her hard and purposefully.

"God, I've wanted to do this with you for years, you gorgeous sexy bitch!" Kate cried out as she lost it and came in a huge climax that made her whimper like a wounded animal.

Zil held her close, and kissed and cuddled and sucked each one of Kate's beautifully large breasts in turn.

"We better not be too long Kate, just in case you are missed. We can do this anytime you like from now on." Zil told her not wanting to start off on another wild orgasmic route of sucking and cumming.

"What a shame, I'm ready for a night of this.

Look why not come for dinner one night next week. Ted's away on one of his fishing trips to Scotland and it's so bloody awful with the midges this time of the year I'm staying at home. I'll cook you something really lovely, what do you say Zil?"

"I'd love to, and you can tell me all about your love life with a nun, and how you got into the 'habit'!"

They dressed and after several long deep kisses left the safety of the room and walked chatting innocently down the huge oak staircase to the hotel reception hall.

"Zil, Zil! Have you got a minute?"

Zil saw Helen Fountain waving to her and bidding Kate goodbye, went over to the reception desk and her attractive, smart suited friend, the hotel manager. She was about the same age as Zil and the two of them had been friends for years.

"Hey, I do love that dress!" Helen winked, smiling at her affectionately with her gorgeous pale blue eyes.

"You are the second person to say that to me tonight Sweetie."

"And was she the first? The blonde lady, with those big boobies and the unmistaken smirk on her face that says 'I've just had it'?" Helen laughed.

"The very same 'Watson'. And if you'd care to kiss me right now, I dare say you'll even be able to sample the lingering taste of her panting pussy upon my own lips."

"Which ones 'Holmes'?

"Elementary my dear Watson, all four!"

They both laughed outrageously and Helen told Zil in a hushed voice, "You are she was such a dirty little Sherlock Holmes, I find it hard to keep her hands off you some days, but God I do love you!"

"Did John pop over to see you then?" Zil enquired.

"He did, and I took him for a quickie tour around my new office." Helen smirked licking her lips slowly.

"And was he on form?" asked Zil, raising an eyebrow.

Helen shrugged her shoulders and grinned broadly saying no more.

"Oh come on, tell all. I want to know how, where and when Sweetie?"

Helen laughed aloud and drawing closer to Zil told her. "Over my desk! He did me over my new shiny desk. First he made me slip my knickers down around my ankles and pull up my skirt, and then he made me bend over for him.

I wiggled my bum to signify complete surrender to his masterly demands, as a good girl should, and without so much as 'May I?' he rammed that glorious cock right up me so hard I was nearly lifted right off the damned floor!"

They both roared with laughter, and Zil shuddered and smacked he lips saying "A glorious quickie!"

"Oh yes it was meant to be, but you know John's quickies? They can last and last till he's good and ready to let you have it, and cream a girl to perfection. But I have to say, I was indeed well and truly creamed my Dear."

Zil sighed and said, " We are one hell of a threesome, you and me, and John. Aren't we?"

"Mmm," Helen agreed, taking Zil hand and softly squeezing it." You can say that again Zilly."

"I really must hand it to you Helen," Zil said changing the subject. " This is a really lovely Ball. You have organized it so well. A great buffet, and the band are so fantastic."

"Yes they are brilliant, I shall use them again later on this year for weddings and other do's."

"How has the fund raising gone?"

"Very well. We have long past last years total. Look Zil, I was thinking, as you and John gave such a generous donation, why not use that room upstairs, and you both stay the night as my guests?"

"Oh I don't know..."

"Please Zil, do it for me. I'd love to have you here, and I promise to bring you both breakfast in bed in the morning."

"And share it with us too I hope?"

"Don't I always share everything with you?" Helen replied kissing Zil gently on the cheek, and adding, "I shall be available for both bedding and second sitting for breakfast!"

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