tagGroup SexDressing Daddy Ch. 04

Dressing Daddy Ch. 04


I returned home after three weeks on the road, and I was horny as hell. It was Friday night, and well past dinner time. I had been fed on the plane, so Janet and Becky had already eaten dinner without me. They both kissed me at the door, and ushered me into the shower saying we were having some guests over that night.

I was dying to find out what had happened, if anything, with Becky’s plan to seduce her Mommy, but neither one of them said a word.

As I was drying myself, Becky came into the bathroom. She was wearing heels, beige hose, white garter belt, and a white bra with holes for her nipples to poke through—and nothing else. Her nipples were very erect and bright red. There were lipstick marks on her bra. I immediately started getting an erection.

“Daddy, Don’t worry about getting dressed. Just come on out as you are. Everybody is in the family room waiting for you.”

I put the towel down and followed her.

All of Becky’s friends were there, and all of them were dressed like Becky, as was Janet with taupe or beige stockings, heels, white bras with nipple holes. My cock really sprung to life seeing all that pussy framed in lingerie—and all those erect nipples poking out of bras. Each of them gave me a hug and a kiss.

Becky introduced me to a new girl, Jamie. Jamie was the only one not in hosiery. She was completely naked. She was so small and petite, hosiery would have ruined her “little” girl look.

“We have some fun stuff we’d like you to wear for us, honey,” my wife held up a handful of women’s underwear.

Becky grabbed the pink garter belt and slipped it up my legs. Then they made me lie down on the floor in front of the couch and stick my feet in the air. My wife and my daughter began fitting the beige stockings over my feet.

I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt. That smooth silky material wrapping around my skin like that. When they unrolled the sexy material down my calves my cock really throbbed to life.

Janet and Becky then knelt down on the floor by me so they could unroll the stockings down my thighs. As they unrolled the material, they kept running their hands up and down my legs, smoothing out the stockings. It was one of the most beautiful and sexy feelings in the world. Being surrounded by all those sexy girls in nylons made me all the more eager to be able to feel the pleasures of sexy female clothing in the same way they do. I’ve always had athletic, but smooth, hairless legs. My wife and daughter smoothing out the sexy nylons on my smooth skin made me feel so-o-o-o very feminine, and so very erotic.

When they had the stockings completely unrolled down to the tops of my thighs, they made me stand up so they could fix the stockings to the garter straps. My fully erect cock bobbed and twitched as their delicate fingers danced on my smooth upper thighs leaving a trail of goose bumps as they fixed the garter straps.

The other girls started to masturbate while they watched my wife and daughter dress me up.

Next they put a white bra on me. I have a decent chest from working out, but they put a little extra padding in the C-cup cones before snapping the bra clasp behind my back. I couldn’t help but feel-up my bra cones. Even though I new my tits weren’t real, I still thought it was very, very sexy just to run my hands over the white cones and cup them.

Next they slipped a tight-fitting, red, T-shirt mini over my head and smoothed it down my body. Then they had me sit down on an ottoman so they could put a blonde wig on my head and apply make-up. I felt so sexy, I couldn’t believe it. Sitting there in nylons and short skirt, my tits sticking out, and these two gorgeous, have-naked women, mother and daughter, putting lipstick on me—their legs brushing up against my legs, nylons rubbing against nylons.

This was an entirely new world of erotic delight for me, and I thoroughly loved it. When they were done, they had me look at myself in the full length mirrors they had had installed along one wall of the family room. I really looked sexy, if I don’t say so myself. That T-shirt mini fit me, oh, so nicely. I have a nice butt from running and lifting weights, and this tight skirt really showed it off. And, my legs, my nylon enshrouded legs, looked so sexy I could almost jerk off to my own image. The skirt was short enough to expose my garter straps.

The only thing unfeminine about me was the way my raging cock tented my skirt in front.

Becky and Janet made me parade myself in front of the other women sitting on the couch. I really loved the sexy way my feet and legs felt walking in stockings. The way the sexy skirt tugged on my cock with each move only added to my pleasure. The women all fondled my butt and legs as I walked past them. I felt like a whore, like a porn slut—and I thoroughly loved it.

Janet pulled out a remote control gadget and hit a button. A pair of chains with cuffs on the end dropped from the ceiling. Another pair of cuffs emerged from the floor.

“Becky and I did a little remodeling while you were gone, dear.” Janet said.

“So I notice.”

They clamped my wrists and ankles in the cuffs. Then they both started kissing me and fondling my ass and cock. Having both mother and daughter play with me like that was mind blowing—especially with me dressed up all woman-like, just like them. They both licked my face at the same time.

“And now you’re going to find out what your daughter and I have been up to in your absence,” Janet said giving my lips a final licking.

She took Becky’s face in her hands and kissed her mouth—deeply. Mere inches from my face, mother and daughter frenched each other. What ever doubts I’d had about Becky’s ability to seduce her mother were blown out the window—right along with my mind.

Their kissing got nastier and nastier. They fondled each other’s tits, playing with, and teasing, each other’s erect nipples sticking out through the holes in their bras.

Janet kissed and licked her way down our daughter’s neck until her lips found one of Becky’s nipples. She sucked, drawing the erotic appendage out through the bra until I thought it would break. Then she let it go, and worked on the other one.

Watching mother suckle daughter was so fucking mind blowing. But I couldn’t do a thing about it, shackled as I was. All I could do was rub my nylons together in my urgent, horny need, and watch—while my cock throbbed with 3-weeks of horniness built up.

As Janet sucked our daughter’s tits, her hand slipped between Becky’s thighs to play with her pussy.

“Ohhhh, mommy, mommy,” Becky moaned. “That feels so good. So sexy, sexy, sexy.”

All the girls on the couch had their hands between each other’s thighs masturbating each other’s cunts as they watched mother and daughter sexing each other up in front of their dressed up Daddy.

Janet kissed her way down Becky’s tummy until she reached the sweet spot between her legs. After kissing our daughter sweetly on the insides of her thighs, she buried her face in Becky’s snatch and licked her. She made loud slurping sounds as her tongue traced huge swaths up and down our daughter’s cunt.

Becky went ape. “Oh, mommy, mommy, mommy, you’re making me so fucking hot.” She fell on Janet and pushed her down on to her back, climbing on top. Becky frenched her out, sucking her mother’s tongue and tasting her own pussy on her mother’s mouth.

Janet’s hands immediately found Becky’s ass. As she fondled our daughter’s butt, Becky’s hand slipped down between Janet’s thighs so she could play wither her mommy’s pussy as she licked out her face.

Becky kissed and licked her way to her mommy’s titties. She suckled and nursed like a hungry baby. The girls on the nearby couches were fingering each other so hard the “squish, squish, squish” sounds were as loud as those made by my daughter’s loving mouth as she sucked her mommy. The smell of hot pussy was getting everyone high.

As Becky kissed and licked her way down her mother’s body, Janet tugged at her to make her shift positions.

Becky understood right away. She swung a leg over Janet’s body and positioned herself so her dripping cunt was directly above her mommy’s madly flicking tongue. Becky lowered herself until her steaming, puffy lips kissed her mommy’s hungry mouth.

Janet frantically buried her face into our daughter’s snatch, licking and slurping, her desperate moans muffled by Becky’s crotch. “Ohhh, baby, sweet, sweet baby, cum for mommy, sweet, sweet pussy.”

As her mommy licked her, Becky lowered her own face between her mother’s legs. Tongues flicking, lips sucking, mother and daughter squirmed and writhed on the floor in the throes of their 69 passion.

I bucked and thrashed against my chains, rubbing my nylons together as hard as I could. Watching my wife and daughter go at each other on the floor right in front of me—and all those girls on the couches masturbating to it, was just too fucking much.

Janet and Becky bucked and thrashed on the floor as they ate each other. Mother and daughter, licking and sucking each other’s pussies—so fucking sexy, so fucking mind-blowing kinky.

They came together, and lay there in each other’s arms, caressing, and kissing lightly.

“Jamie,” Becky said. “Why don’t you bring Dale in now?”

Jamie, the tiny new girl got up and went into Becky’s bedroom. She returned with her spitting image dressed up like I was—beige stockings, and red T-shirt mini short enough to show off her garter straps. Like Jamie, Dale (she had to be a twin) had a shaved head and the same sweet little child’s face. And, they were the same height.

Dale came right up to me and began fondling me. First she fondled my ass, and played with my erect cock tenting my skirt. She giggled as she made my cock bounce up and down. Then she got around behind me and pressed her little body to mine and reached around to feel my tits.

As she rubbed her body against my ass, she brought her hands down my body to play with my cock again.

She moved around in front of me again pressing up close so my cock pressed into the upper part of her tummy. She slipped her hands up under the hem of my skirt to fondle my naked butt. My wife and daughter had gotten up off the floor and stood at my side. They played with my tits and kissed and licked the side of my face—while the little girl was fondling my ass.

God, this was so erotic I was out of my mind. My wife and daughter, and this little girl were turning me into a real Lesbian. “Ummmmmmmm.” I loved it.

Dale knelt down before me and worked her head up under my skirt. The things her tongue did to my cock made me yank on my chains till I thought the ceiling would come down.

Jamie came up behind her twin and reached under Dale’s skirt to slip her panties off, while Dale continued to lick me.

Jamie straddled her cock-licking twin and rubbed Dale’s panties in my face. I licked and sucked on them like a maniac.

“Yesssssss, Daddy,” Becky said. “So sexy, sexy, sexy seeing you lick Dale’s panties.”

Then Dale stood up and I got the shock of my life.

Dale was a boy!

He was Jamie’s twin—but a boy not a girl! His own cock was tenting his skirt just like mine was.

I was mortified. My face burned with a thousands shades of red embarrassment. I had just been fondled and licked by a boy—and had loved it. I had even sucked his panties!

“Daddy,” Becky whispered in my ear. “Please don’t be embarrassed. You don’t know how sexy that is to see your cock licked by a boy.”

“Yeah, Brian,” Janet said. “You enjoyed watching our daughter and I have sex with each other, so why shouldn’t we enjoy watching you and a boy have sex?”

I had to admit to myself that it wasn’t so bad, and if all these women were turned on by it, why not?

The “squish, squish, squish” sounds of wet pussies being played with on the couch, and the ever-stronger aroma of hot, wet cunt filling the room rendered me incapable of doing anything other than what they wanted.

My wife and daughter didn’t give me a chance to answer their questions. They mashed their mouths on me at once, and frenched me and each other in a 3-way kiss while fondling my ass cheeks.

With me thus occupied, Jamie brought the ottoman over so Dale could stand on it. This brought him up to the right height so he could touch the tip of his skirt-covered erection against mine.

I felt goose bumps up and down my body. This was really erotic. At first he just touched The tip of his skirt-covered erection against my tip—just enough to let me felt the pressure of his cock pressing against the worm-hole tip of mine. Then, he began to move the tip of his cock slowly back and forth across the tip of mine. That sent chills up and down my spine. Every cell in my body tingled.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” Becky whispered in my ear. “Cock on cock, so hot, so very sexy, sexy, sexy.”

Then Dale pressed himself into me more, making our cocks stand up against our bellies—the underside of his cock pressed against the underside of mine. I could feel the heat of his cock through his skirt and mine.

Jamie slipped her hands up under her twin brother’s skirt and pulled it up and off over his head.

Janet and Becky lifted my skirt up and held it out of the way so my cock was completely exposed too.

Dale rubbed his naked cock against mine, as if we were sword fighting—while my wife and daughter licked the sides of my face and talked dirty to me.

“Yessss, Daddy,” Becky said. “Doesn’t that feel good and sexy rubbing your cocks together? So hot and throbbing. Sexy, sexy, sexy.”

I had to admit, it really did feel good having a hot, hard cock, rubbing and playing with mine. Maybe this is how women felt when they rubbed their nipples against each other, I thought.

Dale and Jamie then both sat down on the ottoman side by side. Jamie took my cock in her mouth and gave it a couple of sucks, then she passed it to her brother. Brother and sister took turns sucking my cock till I thought I’d go crazy. And it no longer mattered which one was sucking on me, boy or girl—it all felt good.

“Daddy?” Becky whispered sweetly in my ear. “Would you like to suck Dale’s cock, like he’s sucking you?”

I was too stunned to answer. Sure it felt good being sucked, even by a boy, but for me to do it? Could I actually do that?

“Please, Daddy, that’d make me so fucking hot to watch you suck Dale, you have no idea.”

“Me, too hubby,” Janet said. “That’s been a big fantasy of mine for years. To watch you suck a boy. You have no idea how hot that’d make me to watch you suck cock.”

My head spun. But the urgings of my wife and daughter, the pleasant feel of Dale’s mouth and tongue on my cock, the sexy liquid sounds of Becky’s friends playing with each other on the couch—and the intoxicating smell of a room full of hot, wet pussy made me say what I thought I’d never say in my life. “Yeah, sure, I’ll give it try.”

“Oh, thank you Daddy. That’ll be so sexy.” Becky frenched me violently while my wife licked the side of my face and fondled my butt.

Dale stood up off the ottoman.

Janet pushed the remote control and released my shackles. Then they pulled my skirt the rest of the way off and tossed it aside.

Dressed now, like the women, only in nylons and bra, I knelt down before Dale and ran my hands up and down his nylon enshrouded legs. His legs were smooth and hairless like mine, but even more feminine looking. And, with the nylons, it was just like fondling a girl’s legs.

Becky got down on the floor with me and took Dale’s cock into her mouth. As she sucked As she sucked the little boy, my wife got down on the other side of me and guided my own head towards Dale’s cock with one hand, while playing with my cock with her other hand.

Jamie knelt down behind Dale to play with her brother’s butt while I tried to get up enough nerve to do what all the women wanted me to do, and what I secretly wanted to do too. Watching my daughter’s cheeks bulge and contract as she moved Dale’s cock in and out of her mouth was a hell of a turn on. I kissed and sucked her cheek, enjoying the feeling of the cock bulging her cheek out, and pressing it against my lips and into my mouth.

Jamie crawled under her brother’s legs and between mine to suck me off while my daughter sucked her brother.

Becky pulled Dale’s cock out of her mouth, and pointed it at me.

I tentatively touched the tip of my tongue just under the head of his dick.

“Ummmmm, yesssss,” he moaned.

I flicked my tongue against the tip and underside of his cock, watching it bob up and down as I did that. That looked really sexy and made me feel hot tingles all over my body. Such a woman I was, such a whore, kneeling there in my nylons and teasing this boy’s cock with my tongue—but God, I felt so sexy.

The smell of hot pussy from all the watching, masturbating women in the room made me feel absolutely freaky.

My wife and daughters’ arms crossed each other on my back as their hands sought each other’s pussies.

With their other hands they fondled my tits then worked their fingers under my bra until their fingers found my nipples.

I touched my lips to the tip of the boy’s cock, feeling the heat of his need singe my lips.

“Ngggggggg,” he moaned.

The sweet “squish, squish, squish” of hot, wet cunts being played with emanated from between my wife’s and daughter’s thighs burned my ears and my soul.

My daughter went ape, whispering hotly and frantically in my ear a never ending stream of Naughty words:

“Oh, Daddy, sexy, sexy,
Cock on your lips,
So hot and burning,
Naughty, naughty, naughty,
Scalding cock, throbbing,
Sexy, sexy, sexy,
Mommy’s wet pussy,
My hand scalding,
Naughty Mommy, Naughty Daddy,
so fucking hot, me making,
Oh, Daddy, Daddy,
Your sweet lips opening,
Little boy’s cock entering,
Oh naughty Daddy,
Hot cock burning,
Mommy’s horny pussy,
Wetter, hotter, getting
Ohhh, naughty Mommy, naughty Daddy,
Sexy, sexy, sexy,
My cunt throbbing,
So freaky my mind getting,
Daddy suck, Daddy suck,
Hot cock in your mouth,
So sexy, sexy, sexy,
Hot cock throbbing,
Mommy’s pussy steaming,
Naughty Mommy, naughty Daddy,
So sexy, sexy, sexy.”

I moved my head back and forth, taking him a little deeper inside my mouth each time. The heat of his cock filled every pore of my body. God, this was crazy, but wild and fun, and oh, so erotic.

“Yessssssss, Daddy, yesssssssss!” My daughter hissed so sexily in my ear. “Suck his cock, suck his cock! That’s so fucking sexy.”

I closed my lips tightly around his shaft, sucking strongly as I drew my head back away from him. This created a vacuum inside my mouth, causing my cheeks to cave in. But it also made me feel like my brains were being sucked, and drawn towards his cock. And that really fried me.

A whole world of totally new pleasures opened up for me.

God, what a whore I was! What a slut! What a woman! But God, how I loved it! The feel of the nylons, so sexy on my legs, a hard, hot cock in my mouth—and my brains being sucked on from this in and out motion.

While I sucked Dale’s cock, and his sister sucked me, my wife and daughter sucked the side of my face every time that Dale’s cock bulged out my cheeks—while they continued to play with each other’s pussies.

In a fit of frenzy, all those other girls madly jerked each other off watching it.

This was just too fucking crazy, too fucking hot. Dale and I exploded at about the same time.

My wife and daughter immediately crammed their faces against mine and licked his cum out of my mouth.

Sex-faced Lisa jumped out of the couch, climbing all over Jamie to suck my cum out of her mouth.

All the other five girls, too horny, and too fried to sit any longer, piled on to the four of us, kissing, licking, sucking, and fondling everyone and everything they could get their hands, mouths, and tongues on. Before the night was done, everyone had sucked and fucked everyone else in every conceivable combination of groups.

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