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Dressing for Pleasure


Earlier in the week they arranged that this Friday his wife will pick Angela and Sonia up from school, then drive straight to his parents' place, north, up the coast. Up to the big old house they have retired to, nestled near the shores of the lake, not far from the beach.

When they arrive it should still be daylight, and warm enough for the girls to swim in the ocean. Greg says he will follow them up in his car, after work, and that these weekends they share away, all together, are special for him.

Greg rings his wife early on Friday afternoon. He has a client on the northern beaches he needs to see. He'll drop in there on his way up north to join her. "But don't hold dinner for me, I might get held up. I'll be there as soon as I can," he tells her.

"Love you darling," they both say as they hang up.

Every few weeks Greg sends Elizabeth shopping for herself. Her favourite shop is on Oxford Street in Sydney and she buys everything there. He's never actually been to the shop himself, but he's well known there, and they have all Elizabeth's sizes. It's upstairs, this shop, and it's small, but he knows it's full of the special underwear, clothes and shoes she loves. In fact, it stocks everything a woman could ever want to wear - all in one place - and Elizabeth loves shopping there.

Greg leaves the office early for his appointment. He takes a small black suitcase out of the boot of the car and puts it inside, on the back seat. It has a little gold badge on the side that reads AIRPORT. He has left Angela's birthday present in the boot. The present wouldn't be a surprise if she found it in his wife's car. They always got into everything when they helped her to unpack at Grandma's. Greg smiles as he thinks about them.

He leaves the carpark and joins the busy streams of hot traffic heading north. The cars are full of people eager to be home or to escape the city for the weekend, just like him. But Greg stops on his way. Pulling into his driveway he parks the car and takes the small black suitcase with the little gold badge that says AIRPORT off the back seat and goes into his house with it.

Elizabeth loves it when she can drive the Beemer. She likes cruising smoothly up the freeway, gliding through the hot busy traffic in her cool cocoon, especially, when she's dressed up, like she is now, on her way to a date. She feels good about this afternoon, and as she drives north she is enjoying fantasising about the hours ahead.

Now and then she checks her makeup in the mirror, smiling at herself, showing fine white teeth and - "Aah yes," thinking how feminine and sexy she looks.

She turns off the freeway and pulls into a lay-by, where she stops and takes out of her handbag the scrap of floral paper she's written the directions on. They seem a bit vague, and because she is too exited to think properly, she takes a couple of minutes to find the street she is looking for in her street directory.

Driving off again she sees the garden centre on her left as she's been told, with a big cut-out yellow flower sticking up childishly in front of it. Then she's past the petrol station and turning down the second on the left, going round the corner and looking about intently until she stops outside a small house, number 23.

She puts her handbag over her arm, gets her other bag off the back seat, and locks the car. She walks up to the front door of No. 23, her high heels clicking rapidly on the concrete path. She is aware of her hips slipping under her clothing as her legs swish past each other, full of excitement and anticipation.

Elizabeth knocks and the door opens wide. Tina is tall and slender, long blonde wavy hair, very feminine, and very attractive. She has a sexy way of turning her eyes and speaking low. Tina leads her inside and they chat for a minute. Tina notices of course, it is so exiting when she does.

"Elizabeth darling, you've got lipstick on your teeth!"

They get up and go to the big mirror, girls together, and Tina pulls out a tissue from the box beside the bed. Elizabeth smiles wide to show all her teeth and they both look at the line of lipstick that runs across the top row.

"Just there, darling," Tina points.

"Oh, yes," Elizabeth says, and together they wipe the lipstick line off with the tissue.

"A bit more," says Tina, patting Elizabeth's teeth again until the last little red spot is gone. "All gone now, darling,"

Such a fascinating thing having lipstick on your teeth, Elizabeth thinks, and so nice Tina noticed it.

Tina undresses, revealing nice good-sized breasts, slim boyish hips, and long fine limbs. Then she begins to take off some of Elizabeth's clothes, not all, and not all at once.

Elizabeth loves clothes and she wears lots of them. Each garment is part of a woman she is, and the more sexy clothes she wears the more feminine and sexy she feels. This afternoon she wears a little cream top with a soft pink sweater over it and a smart tailored long black skirt. As they kiss Tina removes these to reveal a tight little pink top moulding itself about her C cup breasts and a skin-tight stretch red mini skirt, which emphasises her lovely round hips.

"Will I take off more darling?" Tina drawls sexily.

"Yes," Elizabeth gasps.

And she loves it as the tight top and the tight little skirt come slipping off her.

Now Elizabeth can see herself in the big mirror that sits close beside the bed. She's on her hands and knees. But there are still clothes, and she is that woman now, luscious in stockings, suspenders, a sexy g string that unclips, lace knickers--feminine and sexy, like her now, crutchless, worn under the g-string and with another hole behind.

She's enjoying watching the two of them in the mirror. Tina has such a lovely big cock, just like she said she had. Any woman would love to have it inside her, love to watch it in the mirror. Watch it, watch Tina watching her, as she smiles. No balls of course, but it's hard to look like Tina with testosterone pumping balls.

Greg has a long hot shower, carefully washing his face and his hair and cleaning his nails. In the bedroom he dresses in clean clothes. Taking them out of the small black case with the gold badge that says AIRPORT on it. When he is finished he checks himself closely in the mirror. "Fine." He is ready to leave and goes out into the lounge.

Tina wears a long towelling robe now, and sits in a recliner with her feet tucked up under her and the TV flickering soundlessly opposite her. She looks Greg up and down with a Mona Lisa smile playing about her lips while he counts the notes out into her hand.

When he's done she says, "See you again darling," in her sexy throaty drawl, "You've got my number."

Greg says nothing. She is good he thinks. But he knows there's a frission in change, which keeps the fantasy fresh, keeps it alive. And because she's good he knows she knows it too.

He knows too, and turns it over pleasurably in his head, that this weekend sex with his wife Lynette will be hot. He's been well used and possessed and that always leaves him lusting.

Greg leaves No 23, his steps long and soundless now on the path. He closes the gate behind him. At the curb he puts the small black AIRPORT suitcase in the boot of the BMW and takes out Angela's present. Its hard for him to believe she is eleven already - she's growing up too fast. He opens the car door and puts it carefully on the back seat, then gets in, pulls away from the curb, and heads back to the highway.

Turning north he slots himself back into the slow stream of hot traffic glancing at the clock in the dashboard. 6.53. He hopes the girls won't be asleep before he gets to his parents' house.

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