Harry listened to his tires squeal as he made the long, sharp right turn down the ramp and onto the street below. As he completed the turn and merged onto the street he immediately noticed the bare slab where he remembered the cheap hotel used to be. He remembered watching the line of people move back and forth across the street between the cheap hotel and the bright and glitzy casino and wondered just how much money they saved spending the day at the casino and then sleeping in the cheap hotel.

The light turned green and Harry drove ahead about fifty feet and then turned into the parking garage to the casino. Heading up the ramp he continued up until he got to about the fifth floor before pulling out and looking for a parking spot. Sure enough he found one reasonably close to the elevators. After locking his car he walked slowly to the elevators and rode down to the casino level. As the doors opened he immediately noticed several costumed people walking out of the elevator lobby.

"Oh damn, it's Halloween," he mumbled to himself. "Well I guess I'm just dressed as a businessman," he continued as he stepped out of the elevator and walked through the elevator lobby.

Stepping into the long walkway leading to the gaming area he looked around surprised at all the changes. He had heard that the remodeling and repair of the storm damage had been extensive, but while the casino still maintained its familiar charm, it was completely different from what he remembered. After passing a number of boutiques, upscale coffee shops and a pinball game room, he walked over to a long bank of clerks to check in. All the clerks were in costume and he laughed to himself as some clown handed him the pen and the registration form.

It took about fifteen minutes, but he finally got his room key. He headed up to his room to drop off his luggage. He considered changing into something a bit nicer than his traveling clothes, but instead he just slipped the key in his coat pocket, carefully slid his wedding band off his finger and headed to the elevator.

Once downstairs he found himself surrounded by hoards of witches, mummys, soldiers, policement and other people in odd costumes. Before heading into the gaming area he slipped over to the buffet for dinner, because, not only was it Halloween, it was Friday and at the Casino, Friday night meant prime rib and king crab legs.

Although Harry visited the buffet several times, he made sure he didn't overdo it. He could have eaten more, but now turned his attention to the gaming area. The bright flashing lights and intoxicating din of dinging slot machines, countless voices and hints of music immediately welcomed him into a different world.

The gaming area was always hectic, but today it was over the top. Besides the flashing lights, loud dinging and music and general din of conversation, the large room was full of clowns, nurses, cowboys, apes and hundreds of other costumed people. Change was provided in Halloween buckets covered with jack-o-lanterns or witches and graveyards.

It was still early in the evening, so he was able to walk to the bar and sit down at one of the video poker machines. He slid in his play card and then fed a five dollar bill into the machine and watched the cards flip up before him. He picked two cards to hold and hit the button, then watched as three cards appeared. Ordering a drink he hit the button again and then looked around at the others sitting at the bar.

After several drinks and a few dozen hands of video poker he began looking over the others there at the bar, trying to sum up who was there around him. The mummy and Frankenstein sat directly across from him, both appeared to be serious about their gambling, feeding quarter after quarter into the machine. Tarzan and Jane, obviously a couple were next to the monsters. To Harry's left was someone who looked like Morticia Adams from the old TV show and General Patton was to his immediate right.

"You know, it's just not the same," the attractive woman, dressed as Morticia said.

"Excuse me."

"I've come here every year for over a decade, but it has all changed," she said, pausing to punch two buttons on the poker machine, "since the hurricane I mean."

"The hotel across the street..."

"Best Western, not a bad place. I stayed there a few times before the casino comped my room. But that's not the worst of it, the real charm here was to slip away from all this," she pointed around to all the slot machines, craps tables and other gaming, "and simply go for a drive."

"I saw a lot of those old houses are down."

"They're all down, not a single one remained standing. Those were old Antebellum houses from before the civil war, now it's all just driftwood, the soul of the city is driftwood. Well, what I called driftwood they call firewood now."

"The casinos seemed to have survived."

"Well, this one and the other big ones, but it's all just a façade now, behind the big fancy buildings is just stacks of debris and it's been over a year."

"But aren't they rebuilding, I mean I saw at some of the house sites..."

"Two by fours where grand post and timbers stood, shitrock instead of plaster and we'll never see the slate roofs again," her hand trembled a bit as she took a sip of her drink.

"I guess you're right, my name's Harry by the way," he said, reaching his hand out to the woman.

"I'm Morticia Adam, also known as Maureen, pleased to meet you Harry. You come here very much?"

"On occasion, when work brings me to the area. I come primarily for the buffet and perhaps a bit of gambling. Looks like I am out of uniform."

"Yeah, this is my first Halloween here. I rented the costume from one of the shops here. I always thought Morticia was so elegant," she said running her fingers over his hand until reaching the indentation where his wedding ring had been. She paused there a moment looking into his eyes.

"I ugh..."

Maureen just smiled and held up her hand showing him the similar indentation on her finger. "I think there is one other thing we are both looking for here. What do you say, I have a suite? Haven't you always wanted to make it with Morticia Adams?"

"I've never thought of it before but I would love to see the suites here, let's go," Harry said, standing up from the barstool and holding a hand out to her.

She clasped his hand, stood up and then turned to grab her purse. Harry hadn't noticed how tall she was until she stood. He looked up to her eyes, a full four inches above his.

As they started walking out of the gaming area toward the elevators she leaned over toward him and whispered, "Don't worry, it's mostly the heels. Between them and the dress I'm gonna be lucky to make it up to the room without falling on my face."

Harry looked up to her and smiled, "I like tall," was all he could think of to say.

Once inside the room Maureen immediately kicked off her shoes and now Harry noticed there wasn't so much of a difference in their height. In the light of the room he could see her face a bit better and noticed she was a bit older than he originally thought. When he first met her he figured he was perhaps five or six years older than her, but now he realized it was more likely the other way around.

They embraced and he kissed her, his tongue gently ran along her lips until she opened her mouth. His tongue slipped into her mouth and gently toyed with hers. While they kissed Harry reached around and unfastened her dress and began running the zipper down her back. When he reached her waist, she backed away from him and stepped out, gently folding the dress over a chair.

In just her bra and panties, Harry looked down at her long, beautiful legs. She may have been nearly sixty years old, but she had the legs of a twenty year old. He couldn't resist reaching out and running his hand along her thigh and then up to her ass. Gently squeezing he pulled her to him and kissed her again.

She quickly began unbuttoning his shirt while he slid out of his jacket and tossed it onto the chair where her dress was draped. Maureen unbuttoned his shirt all the way and then bent over, running her tongue over his nipples, gently biting them while running her hand down between his legs, rubbing his cock through his pants.

It was odd, Harry felt excited but his cock hadn't come to a full erection, even with her stroking it through his pants. He reached around and fumbled with her bra a bit until she reached behind her and unhooked it. Her breasts were small and sagged down on her chest but the nipples where large and very erect. Harry squatted down taking one nipple into his mouth while he clasped her other breast with his hand.

They stumbled closer to the bed and then came apart as each shed the last of their clothing. Harry's cock was still not completely hard so, while he was able to work the condom on he knew he wasn't ready for her, so when Maureen climbed onto the bed, he pushed her onto her back and moved his head between her legs. He was suddenly surrounded by her musky scent and as his tongue slipped into her pussy as was flooded with her tart flavor, he was sure his cock would get hard, but it didn't.

Harry slurped in some more of her juices and then slid his tongue up her slit to find the sensitive nub. He slowly began circling his tongue over and around her clit feeling her begin to respond to the sensation. While he ran his tongue over her, he reached down and began stroking his cock, hoping he could get it hard.

While he continued running his tongue over her clit, occasionally sucking the nub into his mouth, he moved his free hand up to her wet opening and slid three fingers inside her. Carefully moving his fingers he explored her pussy, coating his fingers in her, feeling the softness inside her. He then began to move his fingers in and out of her in unison with the motions of his tongue.

Maureen reached down and held his head as her hips lifted and she pressed against him. She gasped, "Oh yes, yes, please, yes," as she ground herself on his face. Her breathing quickened and she began to moan. Harry began licking her clit faster and pushing his fingers deeper inside her pussy as she moaned louder and pumped her hips frantically. Finally she eased back down on the bed and Harry began to pull away.

"Oh please don't stop, I was so close," she groaned. Harry continued, slowing his tongue down a bit to work her up again. In a few minutes she began lifting her hips to him again and he pushed his fingers deep into her. Sucking her clit into his mouth, he ran his tongue lightly back and forth. He cold feel her body trembling as she whimpered and then shoved herself hard against him again, but just as she seemed about to come, her body collapsed back onto the bed. Harry's jaw ached by then.

She reached down and hooked hands under his arms pulling him up on top of her. Harry got up on his knees and moved closer. His cock had hardened some, but still wasn't all the way there when she grabbed it and guided it into herself. Harry slowly pushed himself into her. Normally it would not have gone in but she was so wet, even his partially hard cock slipped into her pussy and Harry began to thrust and withdraw.

He tried gallantly for a minute or so but then pulled out of her and rolled over onto her side, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he said to her.

"No, no," Maureen replied, "It's okay, hell it happened to me too."


"Shhhh, let's just stay here together," she whispered.

He rested his head on her shoulder as she ran her hands lightly over his chest, down his stomach and over his cock and balls. The condom was still on but her touch was still nice. In response he moved his hands to her breasts, lightly running his fingers all over them, feeling the hardness of her nipples, feeling the goose bump like places on her areola. After a while he let his hand run down her stomach and he ran his fingers through her pubic hair, letting the strands encircle the fingers.

Harry then moved his fingers downward, slipped them into her pussy and when they were lubricated he moved back up to her clit. He gently began rubbing it between his thumb and index finger, trying to touch it as lightly as possible.

Maureen snuggled closer to him and said, "Mmmm, that feels so nice."

Harry took a deep breath, taking in her scent while his fingers continued on her clit. He could feel her moving her hand up and down on his soft cock.

After what seemed like just a moment he awoke as she said, "Harry, Harry."

He opened his eyes and saw her smiling at him.

"I hope it was me you were dreaming about."

"What?" She looked down and as Harry followed her eyes, he could see his cock was now fully hard. "How did that happen, did I fall asleep?" Harry asked.

"Let's not ask questions, let's go," Maureen said, pushing him onto his back and then straddling him. While he watched, she took firm hold of his cock and guided it into herself. She had dried out some since he had gone down on her so it didn't slide in immediately but Maureen worked herself up, down and then side to side to finally get it worked in.

Once his cock was inside her, she began moving up and down, pausing each time she lowered herself onto him as she ground her clit against his pubis. He watched his cock pushing her pussy lips inward and then pulling them outward as she moved and Harry noticed the tendons to her thighs tighten as she moved. He moved his hands down to her thighs and squeezed them, feeling the strength in her muscles.

As she continued moving she asked, "Do you mind if I touch myself?"

"Go ahead," he said, watching as she moved her fingers up to her mouth and licked them, getting them real wet. She then moved them down to her clit and began rubbing the tiny nub as she moved. Harry watched as she moved faster and faster over him, the muscles all over her body seemed to be tensing up as her face began to get red.

Her breathing quickened as she bounced on him, her breasts flapping as she moved. Harry quickly reached up and grabbed them, running his palms over the nipples, anything to get her over the edge.

She moaned loudly, "So close, so close." He could hear her ass slapping against his thighs and he could feel her entire body begin to tremble. Her face was beet red when she finally cried out, "Oh yes Harry, yes, yes, I'm coming." She slapped herself on him two more times and then he entire body relaxed.

Collapsing upon him, she whispered, "Oh Harry, Harry." He could feel her pussy pulsing on his cock as the rest of her just trembled over him. Tears dripped onto his face so he turned his head and began kissing her tears, drawing the salty taste into his mouth.

She was still breathing hard when she asked, "Harry, will you do it to me doggy style?"

Harry nodded and crawled out from under her as she lifted up one of her legs. He stood at the edge of the bed as she got onto all fours and backed to him. He leaned forward and felt her grab his cock and guide it. Once again it took several pushes to work into her, but once inside Harry grabbed her hips and began thrusting his cock into her. The change in position felt different on his cock and the bit of added stimulation along the top was feeling so good.

He then felt a strange tickling at his balls and realized that Maureen had reached up under herself and was caressing her clit once again. Moving faster her could feel his balls beginning to bounce off her pussy and fingers and he heard the loud slap as he slammed into her. With his every thrust, she leaned back into him and in just a short time, she groaned and came again.

Harry thrust his cock deep into her and paused, letting the contractions of her pussy roll along him. As they subsided he began pulling out and thrusting again, this time concentrating on the sensations. He slid in and out of her getting closer and closer, but not quite able to feel enough. With his legs starting to ache, he tried to change the angle of penetration some, moving a bit to the side. He seemed to push against a dry spot as his cock seemed to stick and then suddenly it released.

With the release he suddenly was surrounded with a wet, soft sensation like he hadn't felt with her before. "Oh no, the condom broke," he groaned.

"Don't stop," Maureen cried out, "Just don't stop."

Holding her hips he continued sliding in and out of her wet softness, feeling all of her now. The sudden flood of sensation washed over him and in just moments he arched his back, shoved his cock as deep into her as he could and he came spurting splash after splash of his cum deep in her pussy.

"Don't pull out. I want you to stay inside me," Maureen gasped.

Harry held her hips and kept himself pressed tight against her ass. He fought to catch his breath as he felt his cock slowly begin to shrink. After a minute or so, he felt it slide out of her. He backed away and as she moved onto her back he climbed back onto her, his limp cock pressed over her wet pubic hair.

His chest flattened her breasts as they kissed for a long time. When they finally stopped Maureen whispered, "Oh Harry, it took some time, but you sure know how to treat a woman."

"I guess it was a bit of the trick or treat."

"Or in this case, the trick and then the treat," she said, kissing him again. Harry then slipped off onto the bed next to her and they both drifted off to sleep. He didn't wake up until sometime the next morning when he felt her gently stroking his cock.

"Good morning," he said, running his hand through her hair.

"Morning Harry, I'd love to enjoy your body one more time, but I'm afraid it might kill us both."

"Yeah, I'm just like a bit of driftwood now."

"You know, is spite of everything around here, there is still something to be said for a nice piece of driftwood, no matter how old it is."

They climbed out of bed and as Maureen headed into the shower, Harry pulled on his pants, shirt, socks and shoes. He met her as she stepped out of the shower, grabbing her towel and pulling her against him. He kissed her once again, slipping his tongue into her mouth to wrestle with hers. They drew apart and Maureen said, "Goodbye Harry."

"Goodbye Maureen," he said slipping out into the hallway. He headed for the elevator.

About an hour later, as Maureen stepped up to the counter to check out, the clerk said, "Oh, someone left something for you."

"Are you sure?"

He handed her a small cardboard box. It was torn and a bit wet, obviously not something purchased at one of the fancy shops there. She opened the box and saw it, a well worn, curved piece of driftwood.

"There's no card ma'am."

"That's okay, I know who it's from."

"A Halloween gift?"

"Yes, a Halloween gift of sorts," she replied with a smile.

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