tagIncest/TabooDrive-in Mom Ch. 05

Drive-in Mom Ch. 05


I gazed down at my cock. It was sticking straight up, still bone hard and coated with mom's saliva.

"So, son of mine...still upset that your date stood you up?" Mom asked.

"No way." I signed.

Mom smiled, her big tits giggling, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Top or bottom?" She asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Time to cash in all those points, sweetie-pie. Top or bottom?" She smiled.

"Bottom." I said.

Without hesitation Mom threw one of her long legs her leg across my lap and straddled me. I gazed up at her enormous chest as it hovered above my face.

"Scoot down to the edge of the seat." She said.

I did what she asked so that I was now slouched down in the seat beneath her, like I had been when we dry humped earlier. She reached around and grabbed my big boner, giving it a few slow strokes.

"So you think you can handle having this monster buried inside another warm wet hole?" She teased.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"You know, it's not every day a boy gets to visit his mom's most secret place. No drive-in date is complete though unless a young guy gets to pound him some puss. The things I do for you." She smiled.

"For me? Yeah right, mom. " I teased, knowing full well she wanted to fuck my brains out.

Mom giggled, then looked down at me with those big brown eyes, clasping my rod tightly.

"I'm gonna scream. A lot. Just don't panic okay. When a girl screams while you're fucking her, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. It means you're doing everything right." She smiled.

"Okay." I said. Mom gave me one last smile.

"Ready slugger?" She asked.

I nodded and mom dropped her ass to my cock. It was time! Still clasping the base of my meat tightly she drug my cum drooling knob across the soft lips of her outer labia, then crushed it against her "plump little girl" as mom called it.

I suddenly felt a pocket of warmth swallow my bell-shaped tip as mom began to feed the first inch of cock inside of her. She released her grip on the base as I continued to sink. Those few seconds seemed like minutes as I felt myself being swallowed inch by meaty inch.

As my dick reached a certain depth I heard mom gasp and felt her love pocket contract. Somehow I instinctively knew I had just passed my father's deepest point. I smiled inside, knowing I had almost three inches left to give her.

"Oh God." She sighed.

My meaty invader wormed further into mom's creamy depths until I felt my tip nudge snuggly against her cervical ring.

"Oh my God, sweetie, you just kissed your mother's womb." She sighed.

"Wow, this feels incredible, mom." I gasped.

"Oh honey, it gets a lot better." She smiled.

Mom brought her massive chest down onto mine, sandwiching her tits between us. She gazed down into my eyes with a look of shear pleasure.

"I'll bet I could milk an orgasm out of you without even moving." She bragged.

I suddenly felt her pouch flex, applying massive pressure against the meat of my shaft. My breath quivered as my eyes rolled back in my head.

Seeing my reaction, mom giggled, then relaxed her cunt muscles. No sooner did I sigh than mom tightened them again and laughed as I winced and closed my eyes.

"Oh God." I exclaimed.

"No...Oh Mom!" She said.

The pleasure was so intense I felt like crying. Mom started to rapidly tighten then relax her love muscles. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. I let out a little whimper, resting my head back. Mom was all smiles, enjoying my reaction.

Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax.

"Oh baby, look at you and we haven't even started fucking yet." She said lovingly, her pussy still working its magic.

"Oh, it feels so good, mom." I moaned.

"Oh sugar-bear...are you ready for momma to ride you?" She asked.

"Yeah." I muttered.

Mom started to move her hips and I felt my cock slip part way down her channel, but then, all at once, it got swept right back into her depths. She repeated this and soon her pussy was gliding up and down my boner.

Each time I hit bottom my cock head popped into mom's fornix and kissed the spongy swell of her cervical opening. Lewd slapping began to fill the vehicle as her ass began to bounce on me.

Mom's eyes were closed now, her face filling with pleasure. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Oh yeah!" Her voice quivered.

She shifted so that she could rest one of her big soft breasts on my face. My tongue went to work, rolling across her giant areola.

Mom and I set into a rhythm now, making the car rock back and forth. After about every ten dick-milking strokes mom would plant my cock as deep as it would go and grind our genitals together. I could feel my cock-head digging at the entrance to her womb.

"Oh yeah, baby, cock me good!" She groaned.

Our incestuous union became violent now as she began rolling her hips like a mad woman.

"OH GOD, SWEETIE, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CREAM!" She panted desperately.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING HARD!" She shouted.

Her words were like a trigger to my balls, opening the floodgates. Mom's face began to contort and her entire body began to convulse. I saw her mouth open but nothing came out. Her eyes rolled back. Her hips were rocking so fast that I felt as though her cunt were going to rip my dick right off.

"FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!" She screamed so loud I thought for sure that everyone in that drive-in parking lot had to hear it.

Mom let out a series of animal-like grunts. I could feel squirts of orgasmic juice pulsing against my cock and cascading down my balls. Mom's nipple popped from my mouth, her boob still molded around my face, as my first orgasmic grunt escaped.

It felt as though the end of my cock blew off as jism erupted from my piss-hole. A second rope of hot cum splashed against the back wall of mom's vagina and she continued stirring her pot with my cock-spoon.

"GODDDD, I'M CUMMINNNGGGG MORE!" Mom let out a grunting scream..

Mom and I were a sweaty heap of bucking, grinding, backseat love as we both came in buckets, our juices creating a buttery froth that oozed from mom's cunt.

We continued like this for minutes before we were both completely spent and lay there catching our breath. Mom finally lifted her head and gazed down at me.

"So...how's that for your first drive-in date?" Mom asked.

"Cool." I sighed.

She giggled and flex her cunt muscles.

"Cool huh? You're so cute." She said.

"You're still hard. Wanna cash in more points." She asked naughtily.

"Sure." I said.

Mom fell to the side onto the seat, taking me with her. She slid onto her back, her big tits rolling off the sides of her chest. I situated myself between her legs. My ass started to rise and fall as my cock went back to work. Mom's wrapped her long gorgeous legs, the legs of my dreams, around me and rested the heels of her pretty little feet on my ass.

"Oh, that's it baby, fuck your drive-in date. Make her cum some more." She gasped.

Soon the car was rocking again and filled with more screams.

"I didn't even hear you two get home last night. How was your date?" He asked.

Mom looked at me inquisitively, waiting for my answer.

"Great. We had fun." I said.

"What movies did you see?" He asked.

"How should we know? We were too busy making love in the back seat." She said.

Everyone got quiet and my heart starting pounding in my chest. Did mom really say what I think she said. Dad's face was blank for a moment, then, he suddenly started laughing. Mom laughed to and so did I.

"That's a good one." He chuckled.

I felt one of mom's bare feet glide up the back of my calf beneath the table.

"I know...I'm such a joker." She smiled.

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