tagLoving WivesDriven To Desperation Ch. 05

Driven To Desperation Ch. 05


I was never a voyeur. But it happened accidentally. Ann thought I was out at the office. But I was at home, working on the computer in my study.

I heard a doorbell and wanted to get up and open it. That was a shock.

Madan had arrived and as I stood in the corner of the room, I saw Ann clutch him and kiss him. She was wearing a knee length loose dress and as usual her blouse had a deep V. She kissed him, her mouth open and simultaneously, reached down to grab his prick. He was wearing jeans so that it was difficult to unzip him. She managed it and fished out his prick, and as they kissed, she fondled his prick.

He wasn't idle either. He pulled down her blouse; she wasn't wearing a bra and so her breasts tumbled out for him to knead.

I had told Ann that with Madan, I was going to participate. It angered me that she had disobeyed me.

Clutching each other, she wrapped her legs around him.

"Fuck me like this," she said.

He had removed her bra and was kneading her breast while she was fondling her prick. She jumped slightly on him and he wrapped his hands on the back of her shoulder.

"Aah..." she sighed.

"Your cunt is always hot and wet"

"Now fuck me!"

He began to thrust inside her. They were not aware that Ash was watching them from the corner.

Ash waited till they climaxed. As usual, Madan threw down Ann and straddled her chest. Her blouse still on, he managed to slip his prick inside and move to and fro till he came.

Then I moved into the room. There was anger o n my face. I walked forward and slapped my wife. "Didn't I say you were not supposed to fuck him when I was not there?"

She looked down. "I I'm sorry. I couldn't help it"

"Get dressed. You are going to get punished."

"Hey, come on, Ash!" Madan interrupted. "Take it easy"

"You shut up"

My face was red with anger. "You are going to wear that dress Vera gave you."

I was not to denied. Vera had given her a mini skirt and a tight blouse. "No underclothes, bitch"

Madan quietly slipped away. He was scared that Ash, in this passion would be extremely dangerous. Quickly, he stuffed his prick inside, zipped up his jeans and slipped outside. But I wasn't interested in him.

Shoving her in my car, I drove her over to the office. I was aware that Meghana was not there. But the other three were there.

Uday, Ajay and Ravi.

I was so mad that I was going to let them fuck her. She deserved it. Despite of me having told her she had fucked Madan. I was mad. I had never fucked Vera without her presence.

"Please, please," she sobbed, when she realized what I was going to do.

"You like fucking don't you?" I laughed.

"You have never used such language before."

"I used that when we were fucking, Anita. Did I fuck Vera without you? You cheated me. How many times did you fuck him? Give me the truth, or I will kill him"

That scared her. "Five times. "

"You bitch. Where did you fuck him?"

"The car, the garage, the living room, the motel and his bedroom"

I slapped her and she gasped. "Ash, no, please"

"You like to fuck, don't you? You are gonna have three guys today. And I am going to watch and participate. Because you didn't allow me to participate with Madan"

When we entered the office, I closed the door and the guys whistled at the sight of Ann. She was looking damn sexy, her tits enormous, her thighs strong and her ass equally large.

"Hey," I said, without any delay. "You wanna fuck my wife?"

Their jaws opened. They had always looked with lust at her, especially her tits. Everybody stared at her tits.

"Wow!" Uday gasped.

"Why not?" Ravi said.

"Fantastic!" Ajay breathed.

"Go ahead then. I am going to join too."



At least, the head was missing. What was left was the rest of the body, and reclined against the wall; it looked like the man had been sitting on some kind of a reclining chair.

That, he was a man was evident: there was a hard up thrust penis between his open thighs, almost perpendicular to his body.

In proportion to the body, the penis seemed extremely huge, almost, impossibly so. It was around seven inches in length and by no stretch of imagination was it thin, because the diameter would have to be about an inch and a half.

In reality, the man was a portrait. An outstanding painting done on a life size canvas; well, almost entirely.

The penis was not a part of the portrait. Nor was it real. It was an artificial penis, one of those found in sex shops. It was fastened between the legs of the headless man in the portrait by drilling a hole there and fixing a few rivets from behind the painting.

He stared at the portrait with unseeing eyes. He was sprawled out on a chair that was remarkably like the one in the portrait. And like the man in the portrait, he was naked too. But unlike the man in the portrait, he still had his head on his body, and too, his penis was totally flaccid.

He was fucked out. Totally, absolutely fucked out.

And he knew that it would be next to impossible to ever have an erection again. His flesh was not willing, and neither was the spirit.

He had given up. Fifteen years down the line and it was time to call quits. He just couldn't take it any more.

His amorous wife had killed him off sexually.

Numbly, he turned his head from the portrait and watched his wife in the center of the room. She was in a sexual frenzy. She always was. And he supposed he had been a fool to marry her. The difference in their ages had been too much. And it had taken a heavy toll.

She was sitting on the longhaired man, her back to him and his cock up inside her cunt. The other man, short and bulky, stood by her side, languidly moving his hips to and fro and watching his cock gliding in and out of her mouth. The third man knelt on the other side, his head at her jiggling tits, lips licking the large nipples when he was not sucking an entire tit.

She was making small gurgling noises in her mouth, bouncing up and down on the longhaired man, impaling herself, no gorging herself, with his hard and erect cock. One hand held the short man whom she was sucking by his buttocks and her other hand was behind the third man's head, urging him to suck on her large tits.

As he watched the four of them from the chair, he felt a twinge of guilt, and then a flash of pain course through his body.

He was angry. He threw away a penis-enhancer he had been holding in his hand and slowly got up from the chair. Continuing to look at them he backed away till he was at the door that led to their bedroom.

He paused at the door and turned to enter the room. He hesitated, and then glanced at them again.

They were not even aware of him. It was as if the husband did not exist.

"Oh yes, fuck me," she wailed, drawing her head back and rubbing the glans of the cock she was sucking over her cheek. "Fuck me with your hard cock, yes, yes, like that, oh god, you fill me up!"

"Suck me," the stocky man reminded her, moving his hips in circles, helping her smear his pre-cum over her face.

"It's my turn, now," the third man who had been at her tits protested, getting to his feet.

She laughed. "Both of you, now. Stand on either side of me and let me suck both your dicks."

The two men arranged themselves on her sides as instructed as she continued to ride the cock that was fucking into her powerfully.

The man, on whom she was sitting, brought his hands around her and grasped her heavy tits, mauling the flesh. Her head was like a windshield wiper, turning to one cock and then to the other as she took turns sucking the two men. At one point, she brought both the cock heads together and giggled as she tried to stuff them simultaneously inside her mouth.

The longhaired man grunted and got off the chair, his cock still buried inside her cunt and the three of them managed to arrange her onto her hands and knees on the floor.

He grabbed her hips and began to slam inside her like a battering ram, shoving her body forward till she was gagging on one cock and furiously jerking off the other.

He looked away. With short steps, he entered the bedroom and waded across to the closet. He opened it and from under a stack of shirts, pulled out the gun.

He flipped open the magazine and checked the charge. It was loaded. He heard his wife moan, the almost obscene noises of sucking and the dull rhythmic sound of her buttocks slamming against the man's hips.

He wouldn't be doing this, he thought. And he hadn't till now. As long as he could raise an erection watching her being serviced by other men, he was okay.

It had initially started with the portrait he had made. Then, he would get charged when she would straddle the dildo and take him in her mouth. That faded away and the portrait had to be replaced by real flesh.

Her appetite was enormous. Watching her with another man kept him going till that too faded away and the desire to watch her doing it with more than one to be able to raise an erection, had made him accept the current situation in hand. Three men!

He slid back the safety catch and looked at the door.


Madan was forgotten. Not because he was angry; they had done it quite a number of times. And though it was the first time that she was getting fucked by three men, he couldn't forget that morning with Madan. He was burning.

And the bitch was enjoying. He had never thought that she would; but she did. Now she was lying on the floor and had a cock straddling her. Below her another guy was into her pussy. She was jacking off the third guy

For the last time, he had straddled her, surprising the three guys. He had fetched the oil and poured it over her tits. Then, much to the surprise of the three guys, he sat lightly on her and trapped his cock between her tits. She laughed and wrapped her tits together.

He walked out of the bedroom. They gasped when they saw the gun.

"What the hell? You asked us to fuck." She said

"I didn't ask you to enjoy."

The three guys were stunned. "What are you doing, Ash?" Ajay asked. His cock suddenly became flaccid. She was jerking him off.

But Uday's cock was hard because he had it trapped it in her tits. And so was Ravi's. He was gently sliding in her cunt to and fro.

"Oh my god, Ash, you asked us to do it to her," Ajay said.

"I didn't expect you to enjoy her. Look. You got a cock in her pussy, one in her tits and she's jerking one."

"There are six bullets in this gun. The first one to go is Ash." He shot her and she hardly screamed.

"The second one is the portrait. I got it. It ruined me" The portrait fell from the chair.

"No, no," Uday shouted.

"The third is you because you said no" His flaccid cock became even smaller as the bullet hit him on the head.

"Your cock seems so small," he laughed and shot him.

Ajay and Ravi tried to run, but the dead woman trapped them. It was easy .It took less than one minute to shoot them.

An hour later, the cops came. The sirens sounded loudly. The watchman reported the cops.

The cops took one look at the naked people and immediately covered them.

The inspector turned to Ashish and asked the question

"Who killed them?"

"Who the hell do you think? I did"


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