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Driver's Education


Learning to drive is one of the great pleasures of high school. Tom, Lisa, and Fred were all in the same "on-road" driving class. These three would go out with their instructor for an hour at a time each day. Twenty minutes each and this eventually satisfied the state's requirements.

The class was a total of three months long, so the three students would be putting their lives in each others hands for 40 minutes at a time, every day.

About three weeks into the class, Fred got busted with some drugs at school. He was suspended and removed from driver's education.

Tom and Lisa suggested they each do 30 min per day and get done a month early, but the instructor said that was not an option. Little did they know that this would end up being a great turn of events for them.

The first day of two drivers came and they headed off around town. 40 minutes later they were done with their time. The instructor took them to a rental property he owned...

"Now, I'm gonna work on this place for 20 minutes a day during Fred's drive time. You two sit out here and just listen to the radio or whatever. I'll leave you the keys, but you both stay in the back seat so if anyone sees us here, they can't say it looked like you were driving. Got it?"

The two nodded their heads and just slouched in their seats. Tom and Lisa had known each other for years, but weren't exactly good friends. So they just kinda stared out the window and such.

This went on for a week... staring out the window, listening to music... and reading some magazines.

Week two...

Tom sits at an angle in his seat, looking at Lisa.

"What?!" she asks.

"You have a hot body"

"Shut the fuck up"

"I'm serious. I've been sitting here for a week looking at you and I don't know how I missed it before."

"Fuck off" "Seriously! I bet those tits are perfect... what are they C cups?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?! Leave me alone."

"Yeah, alright, but I bet your pussy is a little wet right now."

"I'm gonna kick your ass myself if you don't shut the fuck up!"

Tom just grins and opens a magazine. Lisa is visibly disturbed and keeps shifting in her seat. He had gotten to her and he knows it. He spreads his legs so his hardon is quite obvious as he sits reading his magazine.

They say nothing for the next couple days, but then Tom decides to try again. This day he is wearing some loose fitting shorts, which do nothing to hide his erection.

Luck was is on his side this day as the instructor takes them straight to the house and tells them he'll make up their driving time another day.

Tom climbs in the back seat with Lisa and takes his usually position. Today she is wearing a low cut top with a skirt that is just above her knees.

"Not wearing a bra today?"

"What did I tell you before?!"

"Look, you are smoking hot, and I'm just sitting here with this hardon. I can't think of anything else to talk about."

She drops her magazine and looks at him. She has a pissed off look in her eye, but her actions say otherwise. She grabs the hem of her skirt and lifts it so he can see she isn't wearing panties.

"Holy shit!"

"You happy now? And no, I'm not wearing a bra either!"

Tom lifts his hips and slides the shorts down over his ass, letting his hard cock pop out for Lisa to see.

"Yeah, I know what those look like," she said. She takes another look. "But your is pretty nice I'd have to say."

Catching Tom totally off guard she scoots over and grabs his cock. She begins jacking him off right there. Ten seconds later he spews a load of cum all over the back of the driver's seat. "Typical man," she says.

"Fuck, that was fuckin amazing!" he said.

"Nice vocabulary, and you got a soft little cock to go with it I see."

His wilted cock lay there on his shorts, dribbling what little bit of cum he had left on his leg. He knows he needs to do something fast, so he dives into the floor board. He lifts up her skirt and pulls her hips towards him. He begins licking her pussy with a sense of urgency, leaving her squirming in her seat. Ten minutes later she finally explodes on his face, and then again 2 minutes later.

They glance at the clock and see that they still have almost 30 minutes of "class" left.

"Looks like your cock has found new life," she says.

"Yeah, why don't I stick it in your pussy?!"

"Are you sure you can handle it? You talk a good game, but I'm not sure you can handle it."

He pulls up her shirt and marvels at her perfect breasts, which have to be D cups for sure. He then pounces on her, laying her sideways in the seat. His hard cock slides easily into her inflamed pussy and then begin to fuck.

He pounds into her as hard and fast as he can, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him into her. Lucky for him he had just come minutes earlier because it took longer for him to get off this time.

Ten more minutes pass and Lisa squeezes him tight with her arms, her pussy walls crushing his cock as it pounds into her. Orgasm races through her body and it takes control of his too.

"I'm gonna come!"

"Come inside me stud!"

He pounds his cock deep inside her, pinning her to the seat. Wave after wave of semen courses out of his cock and deep into her pussy. The collapse together and just try and catch their breath.

The house door slams as Tom sits up straight in his seat. The instructor is reading some paper and walking toward the car. Lisa sits upright and smoothes out her clothes. Tom hates to see those sweet tits disappear but gets himself back in order. His cum is on the back of the driver's seat and her's is all over the floor.

Tom rolls the windows down quickly and a breeze flows through the car. He reaches into his bookbag and grabs his cologne... he sprays a ton of it all around the back of the car to cover the sex smell.

"Think that'll work?"asks Lisa.

The instructor sits in the driver's seat and looks in the mirror at Tom.

"Sheesh kid, keep wearing that much cologne and you'll never get laid."

Tom, feigning embarrassment, says "Oh... uh... right... I'll work on that sir."

The instructor mumbles something about stupid ass kids and Lisa just grins as she has a magazine in front of her face.

Lisa and Tom would fuck every day for the next couple months, but never saw each other outside of Driver's Ed.

So, I guess learning to drive... and learning to fuck... are the great pleasures of high school.

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