tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 11

Driving in Snow Ch. 11


Chapter 11.


Ann decided that she wanted a swimming pool. I asked her what was wrong with the campus pool. She replied that we cannot go skinny-dipping in the campus pool. I decided that she had a point.

We talked to a pool contractor and came up with a plan to build a small pool in the woods.

It was late in the season to build pools so the contractor was anxious for the work. The permitting is either a really big hassle or it goes right through without a hitch. Our's went through without a hitch. We cut a way in from the parking lot with a left turn in it so we had woods totally blocking any view of the pool. It was a small free form pool with a slide. Joyce suggested that we add a waterfall. We did. The pumps, filter and chlorinator were in a small shed built next to the pool. We made the filter pump/filter/skimmer oversize along with a bottom cleaner to handle the leaf problem we were sure to have. The pool had dual underwater lighting, both a white light and a rainbow color LED display system. We added a large solar panel to our building roof to heat the pool water. It all went in quickly. We added some hedge type plants and a fence to further insure privacy.

Ann and I would do our skinny-dipping late in the afternoon or in the evening. We had fun.

Joyce loved the pool and would often take a dip at lunch time. She would alternate bikinis. I took some shots of her cavorting in the pool. She occasionally worked on her tan by the pool.

I bought myself a waterproof camera and got lots of neat shots of both Joyce and Ann in the pool. That was fun.

One day I was in the pool with Joyce and my camera. She decided to use the slide. I was all set with the camera in burst mode. She decided to try it head first. She hit the water in a cloud of bubbles and as they cleared I discovered that her bottoms were below her knees. She had to pull them free in order to swim. I had gotten some interesting shots. When we broke the surface I found that she was laughing hysterically.

She said: "Did you get any good pictures?"

I replied: "I hope so." we both laughed. It turned out I did.

Later in the pool her top came off. I got some good pictures. I wondered if that may have been deliberate on her part.

There seemed to be a subtle change in attitude in Joyce after the swimming 'accident.' She was a little more flirty, a little slower to change out of her bikini, a little more anxious to hug me, and the hugs lasted a little longer.

Two weeks later a package arrived for her. It was three very very skimpy bathing suits. She insisted on modeling them for me and wanted me to take lots of pictures both in the studio and in the pool. The first bikini barely covered the essentials and had a thong back. Joyce has a beautiful butt.

The second was a string bikini that didn't cover the essentials. She was showing pubic hair and the top barely covered her areolae. She asked me if I thought she should shave and I said no. I suggested that she should plan to not wear it in public even if she shaved.

The third suit was really not a bikini at all. Rather it was two elastic straps joined at the crotch. It went over each shoulder sort of covering each breast along the way. It was totally open on the sides. She insisted that I hug her in it. It was almost like hugging her nude. I found myself running my hand up and down her flank almost touching the side of her breast. Most of her back and upper buttocks was exposed. I caressed that too. This girl is getting awfully tempting.

Symposium .

One of the nearby colleges was having a guest lecture on the new QM based on the H. Schmidt- A.V. Wells paper. It was being given by an Ivy League professor and was open the public. Ivan, Ann and I all went.

Ann wanted to introduce herself to the speaker before the meeting. Ivan suggested that she not.

By five minutes into the presentation it was clear to me that this guy really did not understand the mathematics behind Ann's paper and therefore did not understand the paper either. Ivan just shook his head slightly and looked at Ann with a look of sympathy.

The professor fielded a number of questions from the audience. Usually in ways that confirmed my opinion of the man.

After one particularly glaring misrepresentation Ann raised her hand and very politely suggested a different explanation.

The professor was clearly annoyed and gave a dismissive response.

At various times in the talk she tried again. She was always polite, more polite than I thought he deserved. Same sort of arrogant rejection. Finally he just stopped calling on her.

Ann finally just kept her hand up. The professor looked at her and asked: "Are you a graduate student or an undergrad?"

Ann responded: "Undergrad."

He then said: "You clearly do not have the background to read the Schmidt, Wells paper. So how dare you challenge me like this?"

Ann replied: "I have not only read the paper, I wrote it. I am A. V. Wells."

She received a standing ovation. Ivan just laughed as he clapped.

Ivan stood up. Most of the people present recognized him. He suggested that Ann give the rest of the presentation.

Ann delivered the rest of the talk.

She handled the questions with great poise.

The Ivy League professor sat to one side with a scowl on his face.

A number of people in the audience wanted to talk with Ann afterwards. Several turned into consulting business.

Fall term.

It was time for the colleges fall terms. Ann received her dorm room assignment.

Just before she had to move in we were visited by Mary and Barbara and also by Connie and her parents.

Barbara and Connie were going to the same school and would be living in the same dorm but had decided not to be roomettes.

Barbara had the family Mercedes loaded to the gunnels with "stuff" for college.

Connie's parents had a minivan. Connie had it well loaded too.

Both Barbara and Connie left some of their stuff with Ann.

We had a big dinner around the large conference table. Ann fixed it with Barbara's help. The wheeled carts made moving the place settings and food easy. Fil joined us and we all had a wonderful time. Fil and Mary ended up next to each other.

They stayed overnight at the apartment. Much to Mary's disappointment I went home for the night. Connie's father, Bill, did not know about any of the sexual goings on and Connie wanted it to stay that way. Nonetheless it was nice to meet Connie's parents: Marion and Bill. We had a fairly long conversation. Some of it quite deep. I found out later that Marion knew about her daughter and I and actually approved of me. She saw the changes in her daughter and liked what she saw.

Mary was hoping for some "private time."

I told Mary: "There will be other times."

She sighed and agreed. Mary at least got some delicious hugs.

Everybody liked Joyce. I had a conversation with Barbara about how Ann and I felt she was part of our spiritual family. Barbara was definite as to who it was. Ann and I had been correct.

Everybody used the pool.

I did not see Ann for the next week. This was the longest time without our telepathic link since we first found it. Between Freshman orientation activities and all the rest Ann was flat out. She had signed up for a full class load. Ann was living in the dorm with a roommate named Janet.

I had just finished a project for one client and did not have another although there were several in the works that needed to 'ripen.'

Talking with Joyce.

Joyce and I sat around and talked. She had discovered the sacred sexuality books and was very interested.

We talked about that for a while. She liked my "Is Sacred Sex Possible" essay.

She told me about her love life and how it had taken a down turn. She had broken up with one guy four months before and had met nobody since.

I commented that it is either feast or famine. I told her that Fil and I had been sexually inactive for twenty years and then I met the Wells family. She laughed and said that I have been having a feast ever since. I explained how I met the Wells family. She was very intrigued by the idea of synchronicity and the idea of souls reconnecting over lifetimes.

This brought me to bring up what Ann and I were thinking and how Barbara had confirmed it.

I got out a copy of our history and helped her find the relevant entries. We read several entries together.

She said: "This feels right."

I said: "One thing I have noticed is that much of the drama of our lives is taking place over multiple lifetimes and that the more a person can stay focused on the spiritual purpose behind that drama the more that person will find that love is the core of the whole thing. A soul will often take on a very painful role to help a friend with a spiritual lesson."

She said: "Do souls ever take on loving roles when they are otherwise committed?"

I asked: "What do you mean by 'otherwise committed?' "

She answered: "Married, in a committed relationship, stuff like that."

I replied: "Sure, lots of times and for lots of reasons. Some are growing, some not."

She asked: "How about you. I know you are having sex with Ann, Barbara and Cindy. Are the reasons growing?"

I responded: "You can add Mary and Connie to the list and yes I believe in every case it is growing for everyone involved."

I proceeded to tell the story of my involvement with each of the Wells girls and with Connie.

I then explained how I didn't know what would happen with my wife when I came home but things did turn out beautifully for everyone involved.

When I finished her comment took the form of a large hug.

She said: "I just hope I meet someone like you."

I rerplied: "Don't worry. You have everything going for you: looks, personality, charm and spiritual awareness. Nonetheless you might want to keep this thought in mind: 'When in doubt- raise your standards.' "

She hugged me again.

She said: "I have a question which may not be a proper question so if it is not can we pretend I never asked it?"

I said: "OK."

She asked: "I know it is sexual harassment for a boss to hit on an employee but is it also sexual harassment for an employee to hit on the boss?"

I replied: "I don't know what the law says but I think if the relationship was really right the question would never come up and if it did the employee would be well advised to find another job."

She said: "I love you." Then she kissed me full on the lips.

She smiled and said: "I hope that did not just cost me my job."

I replied: "No it didn't but are you sure you want to go there?"

She smiled: "I'm willing to be part of your harem. I've watched you with Ann. The love you share is obvious. Then I see you with Barbara and then Cindy and it is obvious there too. You even love your wife." she paused. "That's a weird thing to say isn't it. But perhaps normal when a married man has a mistress or in your case more than one."

I smiled and said: "The funny part of that is that I love my wife far more because of the Wells girls."

She replied: "The funny part of that is that I believe you. I know that is who you are and that's part of why I love you."

Continuing: "You are so casual with your love, it just pours out of you and you are so informal in other ways too. I've walked in on you and Ann just sitting in your living room upstairs naked together and both of you act like it is perfectly normal. I even walked in on you with Barbara and Cindy naked. When that happens I wish I had the courage to get naked too. Instead I haven't had the courage to buy a french maid costume. I did go on the pill however.

"I also know that you love me. You go out of your way to help me in many ways that have nothing to do with the job. You support my taking on line classes even when they would have no impact on my job. You take time to answer my questions about them. My entire spiritual outlook has turned around because of you and Ann. Both of you love me. You have me thinking that love is spiritual at its core."

I commented: "It is and the other way around too. The center of the spiritual is love."

She said: "I've watched how you guys think. You work to be fair with everybody. You care about everybody. You bring your spirituality to everything you do. That is why I know I am safe with you. The man I want to take my virginity is a man that thinks like you do. You are the only one I have found."

I said: "Careful there. There are a whole lot of reasons why it is a bad idea to sleep with the boss and a whole lot of reasons why it is a bad idea for a boss to sleep with an employee. To begin with there is or should be a natural equality between lovers while the employer - employee relationship is naturally unequal. Likewise a lover's spat, something that happens in most relationships can affect the work environment. It often forces one or both participants to leave the firm.

She asked: "Have you and Ann ever had a spat?"

I replied: "No we haven't but we are telepathic with each other and therefore have no secrets. I'm not sure but maybe that prevents spats or maybe we have just been lucky so far."

She said: "You two create your own luck."

Then she said: "It's after four. The office is closed. Can we go for a dip in the pool together?"

I asked: "What will you wear?"

She answered: "My string bikini unless you would prefer the two straps one. You can bring your camera."

She locked the office doors.

We went our respective ways to change. We always wore outer clothing on our way to the pool.

She returned wearing a tee shirt and shorts.

Pool together.

We went to the pool. I brought my camera, mask and schnorkel.

She peeled down to her string bikini. I down to my bathing suit.

We hopped into the pool. Then we hugged.

We held each other for perhaps another thirty seconds. It wasn't sexual - it was loving.

She said: "Pictures."

I donned my mask and schnorkel, picked up my camera and slowly submerged. I was greeted by a very nice view and snapped several pictures. She slowly walked into deeper water. I was snapping away. She moved off in a breast stroke for several strokes and then dove under. She did a series of underwater loops and other maneuvers. She was having fun and it showed. She frolicked in and under the water for perhaps fifteen minutes. She had a certain difficulty keeping the suit on. I caught it all. Thank God for digital cameras with large memories. Some of what she did was erotic, all of it was beautiful.

Finally we moved to shallow water and hugged again. My overwhelming emotion was pure joy. The same seemed to be true of Joyce. I thought: 'Joyce - Joy, Joy- Joyce. OK.'

We toweled off. We stayed playful. Her suit, what there was of it, dried very quickly. She dried her hair with the hair dryer we kept in the shed.

Things unfold.

Then we put on our outerwear and returned indoors. She peeled down to her bikini. We sat together on the living room sofa. She leaned back and smiled.

I looked at her and said: "A penny for your thoughts."

She replied: "No real thoughts. I'm just in a happy space."

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek.

She said: "I have a great boss, a better friend and hopefully eventually a lover."

I replied: "Let's take it slow."

She responded: "I know. ... Still another reason to love you."

She moved to place her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her such that my hand was resting on her upper arm. We were relaxed.

She went: "mmmm." It was a sound of contentment, not arousal. I kissed the top of her head.

Eventually she said: "I suppose I should go home." It was about 5:30.

We dressed, shared another long hug and went home for the night.

After dinner I read the descriptions of all of our intersecting past lives. Joyce and I did not seem to have any significant karma to resolve. What karma there was appeared to be merit not demerit. Then I read the intersecting lives of Joyce and Ann. Here again there did not seem to be any significant karmic issues.

Then I read the histories of her last few lives. She seemed to be working on perfecting love.

I got very quiet, finally entering a deep meditative state. I held it for almost an hour.

When I returned to normal I knew Joyce was here to work on unconditional love. I also knew that she was here to support Ann and I in our mission, whatever that is. Still no answer to that one. Still no answer as to the purpose of 3i either.

I felt really good about my day with Joyce.

The next morning I copied the pictures into both my laptop and my desktop computers. Joyce and I looked at them on my large monitors. Later we projected them onto the movie screen in the large conference room. That was awesome. We went back and viewed many other photographs that way. She was amazed at some of the nudes. She asked me if Barbara's boobs were real. I assured her that they were. She said: "Wow."

We chose several of the really good portraits and printed them 11x14. Joyce framed them and hung them in the hall.

We talked about the past life history book. She had read even more of her history than I did. This caused her to feel pretty good about herself. She said that it explained a lot about her fears growing up. She liked my ideas about her dharma. By the end of this conversation I felt a much stronger bond to her. I suspect that she felt a much stronger bond to me.

Joyce and I went swimming at lunch hour. She wore or maybe I should say 'sort of wore' the two straps suit. Again lots of pictures, lots of fun for both of us.

After four she changed into her string bikini. We sat together on the sofa and talked for over an hour. It was relaxed and comfortable. Part of the time she again was resting her head on my shoulder. Our bond of love was growing but we were keeping it non sexual.

The next morning a project came in and I got busy, very busy.

We still managed some after four time. Some wonderful talks. She generally wore either her string bikini or the two straps suit. We kept it loving but non-sexual.

To be continued.

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