tagBDSMDriving Kelli Crazy

Driving Kelli Crazy


Kelli had arrived at Master's house at precisely 4 PM, ready for their usual Wednesday session. Young, brunette, and with a pixie-like quality about her face, she looked innocent and carefree. Not even her closest friends would have taken her for the hardcore submissive she sometimes felt she was becoming.

Well, not that hardcore. She had no ambitions or desires to enter a 24/7 submissive relationship, and was generally happy with her life as it was ... but for some reason she needed this weekly session of use and abuse. It had become the anchor of her week.

Out of her car, Kelli entered the covered verandah of her Master's house. Usually, once here, she was to disrobe to her thong and bra, and secure the ankle and wrist cuffs she found waiting outside the door. There were no cuffs today, but rather a note, upon which was printed:


She knew from bitter experience that Master had a security camera overlooking his front door, and that as a result he could be - almost certainly was - inside watching her every move. Remembering that haste was part of obedience, she shrugged off her light, summery dress, and reached between her breasts to unclip her bra. She tossed it on her dress, then bent from the waist to slip her thong right down her legs, lifting one ankle at a time to free the tiny, lacy garment, which joined the rest of her clothing. She was already barefoot. Taking a deep breath - and feeling very exposed despite the relative seclusion of the verandah - she knelt as she had been taught, knees apart, fingers laced behind her head.

He left her waiting for ten long minutes, a brief enough time really, but under Kelli's circumstances an eternity. With each passing minute, and more importantly with each passing motor vehicle, Kelli's adrenaline levels increased, until she felt like a cat on a hot tin roof. Every driver, she imagined, would get an ever-so-brief flashing glimpse of her bare back and ass if they happened to look her way. And there was not a thing she could do about it.

When the ten minutes was up, she heard the metallic click of a key unlocking the door from within, and a surge of sheer relief rushed through her. As she had been trained, she did not lift her gaze from the floor, but she recognised his favourite short boots, polished to a bright sheen by her tongue and, no doubt, the tongues of others.

Kelli's relief turned to panic when her Master, instead of ushering her inside, closed the door and locked it. He clicked a collar around her neck, and took up the slack on the attached silver chain. Oh, how she desperately wanted to be inside! But she remained silent, a well drilled submissive, awaiting her Master's commands.


She was on her feet in an instant, eyes still downcast, fingers still laced behind her head. Her breasts jiggled beautifully as she rose, and indeed whenever she moved. It was one of the things Master loved about her, or so he had said during one of their more tender moments.

This, however, was far from a tender moment. Holding her leash, Master walked from the verandah to the nearby carport. She had no choice but to follow, naked and exposed, across his front lawn. Oh, shit. There was no way the passing cars could miss her now. What a slut, the drivers would be thinking. A tramp. A whore. Her face burned red with embarrassment as she threw these epithets at herself, and yet her pussy was sopping wet, and definite tingles of excitement lay beneath her fear and embarrassment.

Master opened the passengers side door of his sedan. "In," he said. Amazing, that he had worked her into such a lather and spoken only two words so far. She leapt to obey, leapt for the security and privacy the car would provide. He fixed her leash to the seat back, and closed her door. Once he had walked around the car and sat in the driver's seat, he gave her simple, yet horrifying instructions.

"This game is very simple, Kelli. You will sit with your feet on the dash, level with your breasts, and wide apart. You will not move your feet under any circumstances. I don't care whether a stranger, a cop, or your fucking mother comes to have a look. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," she whispered, placing her feet up on the dash. The effect was much the same as placing her ankles in stirrups. She was spread wide, lewdly wide, pulling her legs and even her sopping wet pussy lips wide apart, exposing her fully.

"Good girl. You will have other instructions, of course, but let's leave those until later." He started the car and backed out of the driveway.

It took just moments for Kelli to realise the full extent of her predicament. The sedan was relatively low slung, so every time they stopped at an intersection, traffic all around could see her. Her bare feet splayed across the dash, her long legs, her bare breasts, hopefully obscured slightly by the position of her legs. Anyone in a truck or an SUV could see every single part of her. Men wound down their windows and hollered; women shouted that she was a slut and a whore. Some cars even followed them for a few blocks, jostling with one another for key viewing positions as the traffic lights went red. Kelli, hearing their voices and feeling their stares, blushed from her scalp to her nipples - and loved it. The humiliation, the degradation ... but most of all the sense that this was something she could do for her Master, something the "normal" Kelli, known to her family and friends, would never even contemplate.

There was worse to come, of course. She realised that. About ten minutes into their journey, Master pulled off the road and into a service station. It was one of the old fashioned kind, where the fuel was a few cents more expensive but the staff pumped it, washed your windscreen and checked your tyres. The young man who approached the car on Master's side was 17 or 18, probably 18.

"Fill, buddy?" He asked.

Master smiled evilly. "Yeah. And be sure to do a good job on the windscreen. Your tip should be self-evident."

The guy looked puzzled for a moment, then his eyes went wide as he realised Kelli was sitting there, next to Master, naked and spread. He pumped the gas, then brazenly came right around to Kelli's side of the car with his washrag and squeegee. She had a moment's blessed obscurity as he wet the car down, but then, as he wiped away the residue of water to reveal a perfectly clear windscreen, he also had a perfectly clear view of her ... og everything. Full, succulent breasts, pouting wet pussylips, a tiny glimpse of the rosette of her ass, and her blushing, blushing face.

"Holy fuck," the guy kept repeating softly. "Holy, holy fuck."

Kelli was mortified at the young man's examination. The humiliation and embarrassment almost caused physical pain at this point, and the only thing which kept her from squirming in her seat - or, dammit, curling into a ball and yelling for him to go away - was Master's compelling presence at her side. She loved it. She hated it. Either way, it was amazing.

The window must have been washed six times before the guy decided he'd stretched out the time as far as he could. A long time, in which she had to sit, silently, feeling his eyes all over her, feeling cheap and nasty and slutty and worthless, and sexy and excited and damn near orgasmic.

The guy finally finished, and Master asked, "What do I owe you?"

"Nothing," the guy replied. "Nothing at all."

They were back on the streets, then, exchanging the lingering gaze of the service station attendant for the excited glimpses of the motorists again. But now, Master spoke.

"Open the glove compartment, slut. Inside you will find three items. Remove them."

Reaching forward awkwardly - he had not said she could move her feet - she popped open the glove compartment and saw two rubberised nipple clamps - the alligator clamp type - and a large, realistically-shaped black dildo. She removed them, resting them on her stomach as she closed the compartment.

"Next intersection, attach the clamps, slut."

She gasped. Not only was she to attach and wear them, but she was to time it all perfectly for an audience. Oh, fuck. As luck would have it, the next three lights they passed through were green, so she had a long time to look, wait, and anticipate. Finally, they pulled to a halt and she pinched her left nipple, pinching enough flesh to let the clamp get a good grip, and attached it. Before the pain really set in, she repeated the process on her right nipple. Now, as the pain washed over her, she moaned softly. Finally, she sneaked a look out the window and came eye to eye with an amazed middle aged woman in the car next to her. An amazed, disgusted, utterly surprised look which humiliated Kelli to the core. She was glad when the lights went green.

The effect of the clamps, though, was magnified as the car began to move again. Every bump in the road sent a jolt of sensation through her. The one time they passed over a rail crossing she just about came from the pain.

"Now, slut, the dildo."

Biting her lip nervously, she rubbed the dildo against her cunt to engage the opening of her vagina, and firmly worked it inside. In it went, much more quickly than she'd have preferred, but she was working for Master's pleasure, not her own. She felt entirely full as the thick black cock bottomed out in her, wedged firmly between her cunt lips and her seat.

If the bumps in the road had a startling impact on her nipple clamps, the effect on the dildo was just outrageous. Every time they went over a bump, the firm cock thrust up against her cervix, setting her moans to a fever pitch, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm which, however inevitable, she had to delay until she had permission.

Bump, bump. Fuck yes. Bump. Ooooh. Bump. Mmm. Bump. Master ... Please! Bump! Oh, God, please Master!

"Please what, slut?"

"Please may I cum? Please?"

"Next red light, slut."

Oh, thank you thank you thank you! For the first time in their trip she was looking forward to the red light. Two green ones passed, until finally, she felt him shifting through the gears (which, in itself, produced amazing sensations for her) and finally stopping. She didn't care about the people all around. She just wanted to cum. She reached down and pounded herself with the dildo. It took only moments before she began emitting low, guttural moans, which quickly built, louder, more intense, more urgent, until finally, her hand a blur, she screamed and erupted in an orgasm which washed over her, through her, leaving her limp, bedraggled, a mess still on display.

Only now did she look slightly up and see the bus, full of tourists, crowding the windows to look down on her, smiling, laughing, covering shocked faces with their hands. One man in particular, with a wickedly handsome grin, caught her eye. He winked at her in approval and appreciation, but all she could do was smile, slump slightly against the seat, exposed and open, while her Master took her home.

The next morning she arrived at work and listened as the other girls gossiped about their evenings. Finally, one turned to her. "What about you, Kelli? Get up to anything interesting?"

She laughed, half to them, and half to herself. "No, just a perfectly normal Wednesday evening."

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