The wheels made a distinctive drone, as I sped along the interstate. I was on my way to meet Joan, for the first time. I hoped things went well. I hope Joan would find me desirable, and, in time, become my first and only sex slave. We had E-mailed back and forth, for a month or so. Then about two weeks a go, we started talking, on the phone. If this weekend went well, Joan would come out west and stay with me for a month, then we would make a decision, concerning our future.

Turning off the interstate, it was just a short hop, and few blocks to Terry's home. Terry was a life long friend of Joan's, and we had agreed to meet there, for Joan's safety. I pulled into the driveway of a modest, but clean rambler. Terry invited me in, and we both sat down, on the living room couch. Terry was an attractive, 33 year old blond, wearing a long sleeved sweater and spandex leggings. "Your more beautiful than Joan let on."

"Thank you." Terry blushed and looked down.

"So do have the description or list? I asked for?" We had discussed in detail, Joan's past and also her future desires. I still needed to have it all in writing.

"Here you go." As she handed me two sheet of paper stapled together. I handed it back to Terry, and ask her to read it to me, so that we could go over any question, I might have.

Terry started to read, but quickly interrupted, and began to embellish. This is exactly what I wanted. "Joan needs to be controlled at all times. Her marriage fell a part because she has no self-esteem; she freely admits that her choices are consistently wrong. She is desperate to be manipulated in every facet, of her life, from what she wears to what she eats and even thinks. She views herself as a sexual animal, and that is how she wants to be treated. After her husband left her, and took their little girl, she went on a promiscuous binge. She had sex with any one or any thing that would give her the time of day. She was looking for someone to give her a purpose, to make her feel needed."

"Finally, one night she called me from the hospital, she had been gang raped and beaten. She has been living with me ever since. As time wore on, she confided all this to me. Because of her diverse sexual activities, she has acquired unusual tastes. She loves to be dominated, constantly reminded of her low station in life. Joanne considers herself a pet or toy. She likes to be spanked, so much so that if her butt is not red, and sore she's unhappy."

"I came home a week ago, and she had purposely broken one of my most prize possessions. A China doll, my father gave me, for my sixteenth birthday. I cried. She begged me to beat her. She went to the laundry room, took her cloths off, and returned with a belt. She knelt down right there, on the floor, and pleaded with me, to hit her. I was so upset, that I took the belt and hit her a couple of times, across the back. I immediately saw the red marks and it scared me. I dropped the belt and ran to my room to cry. I'm sorry. I don't know why I told you about that."

Returning to the papers, that she held, Terry continued, "Joanne loves to play games, any game where she is the submissive or underling. She loves to dress up. If she ever gets cocky or proud, she needs to be put down and put down hard. Being embarrassed destroys her confidence and she loves that. Doing things that are uncomfortable makes her pussy wet. She likes to be punished, and this is really weird, but she likes to be tied up a lot. Even when we were kids, she always wanted to be tied up."

"Joanne liked to play the damsel in distress, or the captured Indian maiden, staked out or tied to a tree. She has asked me to help her out, but I just can't do that stuff. She would move in with you right now, if you hadn't insisted on meeting this way. I want to thank you, for that. I will feel much better knowing she's with someone who cares. Do you have any more questions?"

I had already been told most of this, but it was important to me, to hear this all again. Then, smiling, I answered, "No. If I think of any, I'll ask. Shall I inspect the goods?" I stood up and pulled the coffee table out of the way, then sat back down. Terry called to Joan, and ask her to come out.

Joan ran down the hall way and up to the back of the couch. Reaching over the back, of the sofa, she threw her arms around me, and kissed me, on the cheek. "I'm so glad to finally meet you. I hope you're pleased with me. I hope I'm what you're looking for."

"Wo Wo" I stopped her. Pulling her hands off my neck, I stood up and turned toward her. "You're moving to quick here little lady. We will start training you right now. Come around here and stand directly in front of Terry and I, about six feet away from the couch." Joanne quickly obeyed.

"Stand up straight, and do not speak, unless spoken to. Do you understand?"

"Yes master." She quietly responded.

"I am not your master yet, my dear. Until we agree that, that is what we both want. You will address me as sir."

"Yes Sir." She looked directly into my eyes. It was a trusting, and meaningful look. I could see hope and possibilities, in those eyes. If we're both honest, this might really work out.

She stood 5'4" tall, just smaller than Terry. She had beautiful big brown eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. A pale yellow tee shirt, cut off at the midriff, tight jeans and some cheap slip on gym shoes. She wore no makeup or jewelry. All exactly as I had specified. "I would like to hear, from your lips. What is it that you want out of this relationship? And what do you bring to this union?"

"I was listening, to Terry, from the bedroom. Every thing she said is true. I need a strict master. One who will direct me, punish me, and after the gang rape. Terry and I both agree, that I need someone to protect me. You see I wanted to be gang raped. I ask those men to do it to me. I teased them into it. But it went to far, and I almost got killed. I need order, and stability. I need structure in my life. I hope get that from you."

"I don't bring much into this. I have no belongings. Even the cloths I wear are Terry's. On the up side, I will do and be anything you ask of me. I am still young enough to have some good looks, or at least my looks don't offend people. I will do anything to please you. Sir."

I began. "Lets go over the rules for this weekend. For the next three days, you are my property. I will use you and do with you as I please. You will act as though you are enjoying every minute of it. You will respond quickly to any and all commands. Your only recourse of action is your safe word. Your safe word will be Elephant. Say it for me."

"Elephant." Joan repeated.

"When you say this word. I will immediately stop what ever we're doing. We will discuss what ever the problem is, and make the necessary changes, to our activities. If you use the safe word three times, I will bring you back here and our time will be over. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Terry, do you want us to make check in calls every so often?" Terry looked surprised. We had gone over these rules, on the phone. Joanne had made it clear that she did not want to limit me with a "safe" word. And now the thought of a check in call, this wasn't something they had planned on.

Terry, sitting very uncomfortably and blushing stuttered. "That would be great. I'd like to hear how things are going. How about once a day, about noon."

"That will be fine." I said. "It's Thursday, and almost three p.m.. I'll have her back here Monday morning about nine a.m.. Does that sound O.K. to both of you?"

"Yes Sir." They both said in unison, then giggled, and smiled at each other.

"Joan, what would you like me to call you?"

"Anything that pleases you sir. I like to be degraded. So things like Slut, Bitch, Cunt, and Slave, all turn me on. What do you like?"

"Those are great ideas. Why don't we play it by ear, and see what fits."

"Yes Sir."

"Joanne I want you to strip, and fold your cloths into a neat pile, then return to your present position."

As Joan started to move, Terry stood up and started toward the hallway. "Please excuse me, I'll leave you two alone."

"Oh no you don't." I quipped. "You need to help me with part of this."

"But I, I am not involved any more." Terry stated flatly.

"I understood that you wanted to help your friend straighten out her life."

"Well I do. But I'm not into this kinky stuff."

"I do not consider 'This stuff' kinky. I think of it as a strict or correct way to live our lives. One of order and discipline, with some fun mixed in. In any case Joan and I need your assistance, to get started, on the right foot."

"What do you need me to do?" Terry ask shyly, as she looked at the floor. Seeing her response I started to learn something about Terry too.

"Go get the biggest hair brush, that you've got. Bring it out here and sit on the sofa."

I turned my attention back to Joanne. She was kneeling naked, about twelve feet away, folding her clothes. "No, no not that way. Here let me show you." I knelt beside her and laid the pants out flat, set the tee shirt and shoes on top of each other, then starting at the top, rolled the pants into a simple tube. Turning to Joan, I explained. "Since you'll be nude most of the time. Rolling your clothes this way keeps them together nicely, in the unlikely event that we're discovered. You can grab them and take them with us as we leave."

Joan gave me, a gorgeous smile and said. "Yes Sir."

Later she told me that, that simple act, impressed her. It was the seeds of trust and loyalty. She arose and resumed her place, in front of the couch. Standing straight and tall, arms at her sides. "I want you to spread your feet farther apart. About two feet should do it. (Joan move as ordered) And now interlock your fingers, and put your hands, on top of your head." Leaning close, I spoke softly. "This is position one. From this point on, you will assume this exact position, when instructed. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Again with that smile. I could get use to this and really fall for this obedient slave.

It was time to thoroughly inspect this "newly acquired" piece of property. Stepping back I looked her over, head to toe. She wasn't a super model or anything like that, but she was very pretty. Her skin was soft and smooth, with an olive tint. She was shaved clean, from the neck down. Again as I had ask. Her tummy poke out just a little, and bore light stretch marks, from her pregnancy. I slowly walked around her. Standing behind her. I ordered. "Get up on your tip toes." Silent obedience followed.

I knelt down and gently began caressing her calves. I followed her calves up to her thighs, then on to her ass. Nice legs. They would look great poking out of a mini skirt. Her ass was nice, firm and round, just perfect for grabbing or spanking. Her hips curved into a trim waistline. As I stood she lowered herself back down, on her feet. As hard as I could, I slapped her ass. "I did not give you permission to move!" The force of my slap made her step forward.

Quickly recovering, she resumed her position, and added. "Sorry Sir."

Terry slowly stepped farther into the room. She had seen the slap, and didn't quite know what to do. Even from behind, I could tell that Joanne was smiling and she nodded toward the couch. Terry smiled back, rolled her eyes and went to sit down. "You may stand flat footed." Joan eased herself down onto her heels.

She was almost a full foot shorter than I am. I placed a hand on each hip, and slowly slid my hands up and around to cup her tits. I would guess they were a small "B" or maybe an "A". I loved small tits.

As I kneaded them, the slave whispered. "O thank you."

I grabbed a nipple with each thumb and forefinger, pinched hard, and pulled up and back toward me. "I did not give you permission to speak."

Still holding her up on her toes. She quietly whispered. "Sorry Sir."

I held her there, for a moment, just to make my point. Then slowly eased her down, and released her nipples. "Spread your legs farther apart. Good, now keeping your legs straight, I want you to bend at the waist, reach down and grab an ankle with each hand."

I dropped to one knee, to take a good look at my new pussy, and ass. I liked the way her breasts hung, as two small cones. They looked good enough to eat. The round orbs, of her ass, are perfectly rounded and smooth. Her pussy was already moist, and her natural lubricant had started to ooze down both trim thighs.

Joanne's inner vaginal lips were beautiful shade of light glistening pink. Her position forced her pussy open, at the base. I gently touched her outer lips. I ran my finger across her puckering asshole, and softly into her open pussy. I was careful not to penetrate any more than perhaps half an inch. Sliding farther down, I opened the rest of her vulva. I leaned forward, and smelt her wonderful aroma.

With out warning I gabbed my middle finger into her pussy, to the hilt. Just as quickly I yanked it back out. I looked down into Joanne's eyes, upside down, looking up into mine. She smiled. I set the same, now wet, finger against her sphincter. She closed her eyes. In one slow, but steady, thrust I pushed into her ass. Once in to the hilt, I stopped. After a few seconds I could feel her inner muscles relax. I pushed in and out, a couple of times, then probed around inside a little. I rested my free hand on her ass, and as I played, I noticed old healed hash marks, very faded. They were most noticeable on her ass, but as I looked I could see that there more, on her thighs and back.

I removed my finger, and stood. "Please stand and turn toward me." She complied. "My finger is soiled. Clean it." She took my hand in hers. Lifting my hand to her mouth, she took my middle finger into her mouth. She looked me right in the eye, and began to suck. God, she was gorgeous. She was perfect. But I had to wonder, what she had been through, to make treatment like this seam desirable.

Walking back over to the sofa, I sat down, on the arm of the couch. "You are a very beautiful woman. Any man would count himself lucky to own such a prize." "You can speak freely. Do you have any questions?"

The slave, (I like the sound of that), smiled, "Yes sir. What will you be having me do for you?"

"That's a loaded question, that will take a month to answer. But I can give you some examples." Joan smiled and nodded. I continued. "You will be naked, probably 90% of the time. You will be my housekeeper, cook, masseuse, and lover. You will be my servant, my whore, and my pet. I'll use you as window dressing, when I go out. A companion, when I'm lonely. A counselor when I want advice. You will be a whipping post, when I'm in the mood, or you disobey. I love to spank firm asses. It is my goal to turn you into my most prized possession, a thing of beauty and desire. I demand compliance, and happy servitude. What do you think?"

She grinned. "It sounds like a dream. I'll be your plaything, a little princess. And now Sir, since you've looked me over, do I measure up?"

"I must tell you, I am concerned about the abuse you have endured. I never plan to give you that kind of pain. If that's what your after, I'm afraid you won't be happy serving me. What's your opinion?"

Terry jumped in. "That's the kind of treatment we're hoping to avoid. Many of the scares you see, she received while drunk and in the sex clubs." Joan quietly stared at the floor.

"She was so depressed, she'd go to those clubs, and beg people to beat her unconscious, and many would. Some of the sex clubs wont even let her return."

Turning to the slave. "Is this true?"

"Yes Sir. Everything she said."

"Joan, How do I know, that if I take you to be mine, you won't run off, and do the same thing all over again?"

With shame, Joan, looked up at me. "Terry and I have talked about this a lot. That's exactly why we went this route."

"What do you mean, 'This route.'?" Joanne began to fidget and squirm. A little irritated, I jumped at her. "Stop messing around. Stand up straight, and fold your hands behind your back. Now speak up."

"After Terry got me out of the hospital, and I began to recover. We talked about my needs and desires. We got on the Internet, and started to learn about this whole subculture, of S&M. We read everything we could find. Some of it we agreed with, some we didn't.

The conclusion we came to, is that I need a master. One that will treat me well, but fulfill my need to be dominated. We put an add in, and the E-mail started to come. We read a lot of letters, replied to some, but yours felt right. Yours is the only one, that both Terry and I could agree on." Terry sat silently on the couch and watched her friend struggle.

"Every time we've talked on the phone. Both of us have been listening at this end. I would do what ever you said, and afterwards Terry and I would talk. Sometimes for hours, about you, and me, and our future." Looking at Terry. "One time. You got me all worked up and horny, then left me there. I begged Terry to make love to me, to spank me, something. But she wouldn't. So the next day, while she was at work, I broke her dumb doll. She still wouldn't hit me or anything." Joan looked over at me. "Now is there anything I can do to please you sir?"

I stood up, walked over to the coffee table, and pulled it back, in front, of the couch. "Joan come here." Joan stepped over to stand at my side. I took her by the arm, and lead her to the end of the coffee table. "Spread your legs wide, bend at the waist, and keep your legs straight. Put your hands on the table."

Joan backed up a little, spread her legs, bent over and smiled. "Like this sir?"

"Yes, that will do nicely." I reached down and grabbed one of her tits. While squeezing her boob, I dropped to one knee again. I slid my hand down her tit, till I was holding the nipple. I pulled down and began to squeeze. "How old are you bitch?"

"I am thirty two."

I stood up and told Terry to bring me the brush. She slowing got up and came to me. I took the brush, and started to slide the back of the brush, up and down, and around Joan's ass and thighs. "Terry, I need you to Please spank Joan."

Terry shook her head violently. "NO WAY!" I set the brush on the small of Joan's back. Taking both of Terry's hands, in mine. Looked her in the eye. "Terry, you love Joan don't you?"

"Well, yes. But."

I interrupted. "Terry haven't we agreed that Joan needs guidance."

Terry stood silently. "She purposely broke your doll, and now she must be punished for her transgression." I paused, to let that sink in. "You know that Joan and I need to start off, on the right foot. So, we need to try to make amends. I need you to punish Joan, for her mistake."

Almost in tears, Terry answered. "What do I need to do?"

"I'll show you." Picking up the brush, and turning to Joan. "Pet, each time that you receive a swat. You will count the hit, then thank Terry, and then ask her to spank you again. Let's try a couple to see if you understand."

I wound up and hit her squarely, on the left buttock cheek. It made a wonderful pop, as it smashed into her supple globe. Instantly you could make out the red outline of the brush head. I loved seeing her flesh ripple, and her body surge forward, then both spring back into position.

In a strained, but controlled voice, Joan spoke. "One, Thank You Sir. Please Strike Me Again." WHAPP! What a great sound. "Two, Thank You Sir. Please Strike Me Again."

"Not at this time, my pet." I set the brush down, again on the small of her back. Then sliding my hand down between her ass cheeks, I stove two fingers into her twat. She was breathing heavy and brother was she wet and gooey. Removing my fingers, I took a couple of steps toward her head, and said. "My fingers are soiled again." Then I shoved them into her mouth. She hungrily sucked them clean. I pulled my hand free with a wet pop, and a moan, from Joan.

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