You're sat on the spare armchair I keep in the corner of my room. Legs crossed, casually ankle to knee, leaning back. Your head is tilted slightly, your mouth smirking just a bit in one corner. You look relaxed but certain. Confident. Your almost reclined posture is at odds with the intense, unwavering blue focus of your eyes.

I wish you would look somewhere else. I want to break eye contact with you but I know you. You like to see my eyes, see my expression. I have very expressive eyes. So I don't look away. I look at you, looking at me. In silence.

Only the bedside light is on. The warm glow illuminates me from the side as I kneel, legs apart on the softness of the bed. I still have my black underwear on, you allowed me that, and my hair is down. It is a long, dark shield but you roughly pulled it back from my face when you forced the gag in. The cold, metal ring stretches my mouth apart, unyielding in my teeth. Saliva is pooling on my tongue and I'm struggling now not to drool. Subtly I try to slightly tip my head back and gently, silently swallow. I really don't want to drool in front of you even though I know that is the point. Your raised eyebrows tell me you caught the movement and your mouth twists ever so slightly more into its smirk.

"Tell me," you say "how badly do you want to move?" I freeze and try to plead with my eyes. I know that if I try to speak I will lose that control and once I start drooling it will be impossible to stop. I also know enough not to ignore you when you ask me a question. Minutely I shake my head.

Uncrossing your legs, you tilt your head to the other side as though considering me and you sigh. It's the sigh that unnerves me. You continue to regard me and I catch myself breathing faster. This is a mistake and I try to slow down, breathe through my nose. Saliva fills my mouth, bitter like the metallic taste of the gag. I can feel it about to overflow and I slurp automatically, unconsciously. You laugh shortly, mocking me as I panic trying desperately to hold on. You haven't physically restrained me but I know not to move so I continue to kneel, arms by my side, as I start to drool. Slowly at first, it soon feels like a copious dripping down my chin, splattering my breasts and sliding cold down my belly. I close my eyes and duck my head to get away from your eyes. You snap your fingers sharply and I jerk my head up to find irritation flaring in your eyes. You stand up, pulling my hair back to speak, your low voice in my ear.

"Closing your eyes does not change the fact that you are slobbering like an animal." You let go of my hair and slide one hand down into my knickers. "It does not change the fact that your cunt is sopping wet. In fact, it's hard to know what's more disgusting -- the gushing from your mouth or from here in your cunt." I moan as you slip a finger easily inside me and pull it out teasing me. You push it through the gag ring into my mouth so that I can taste myself briefly. Too briefly.

"Get on the floor before you wet the bed."

Obediently I scramble down and kneel on the floor. I'm still ashamed, I'm still embarrassed but my lust is rising. I want you. I want you to debase me. I want you to fuck me, take pleasure in me and then leave me like this. I feel disorientated and dizzy.

"No, not like that," you clarify, standing tall over me, "on all fours like an animal. Arch your back dammit. I want to see you drooling like a dog at my feet." I adjust my position and try to look up at your face, adoringly, ignoring the saliva still dripping from my gag. "Good girl," you say affectionately, followed harshly by "fucking whore". You slap me which makes me spray spit across the room but I stay put and bring my head back round to face you. "Very good girl." you smile. "Take out my cock".

I know my face lights up and I eagerly fumble to undo your trousers and free your erection. Once free, I try to use my mouth on you, I can't help myself, frustrated by the gag. You pull my head back and laugh at me.

"Oh no. Do you really think I want you slobbering all over me? You can watch, hold your position and drool. You're good at that. If you're lucky I'll make sure you get some."

You start to masturbate inches from my face. I'm acutely aware that I'm drooling on your shoes and I'm so desperate for your cock that I'm whimpering nearly non-stop. Uncontrollably I try to nestle forward closer to you but I catch myself in time and pull back before I can connect and interrupt you. You watch me with the mix of contempt and amusement that you know gets me off.

"That's right, I know you want it. Poor, desperate, horny, little girl." You cum, splattering my face and hair with beautiful, white wetness. You aim some in my gaping mouth and I taste you, bitter and sweet at the same time on my tongue. You reach round and unfasten my gag, removing it and dropping it on the bed. "Clean me off," you say and I gently suck your cock into my mouth, taking away the precious excess cum.

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