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Drop Everything


I've been at the keyboard, god knows how long, when I feel a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder. I blink, rub my eyes, perk up a little when I see you smiling at me, standing with your hands behind your back.

"Brought me food?" I ask.

Small frown, shake of your head.

"Oral sex?"

Pensive look for a moment, another shake of your head.

"Taking me away to the asylum?"

At this, you grab my jaw between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and turn my head so you can lean forward and... Your tongue brushing the outer edge of my ear stops time for a moment. I think it might've drawn a noise, probably a bit of a groan. The sudden sensation in that particular spot along with the turning of my head aside bring a familiar floating sensation. The teasing of your breath in my ear as you whisper doesn't help much either, drawing a whimper, followed by a struggle to pay attention to what's being said instead of the urge to whimper and squirm a lot.

"You will save anything important, and drop everything else and come with Me. And if I hear so much as a word out of you," I can hear the slight smirk here without having to open my eyes and turn to see it, "you will probably enjoy what's coming much less."

I bite my lower lip and nod, hands which never left the keyboard banging out a few quick, probably unnecessary, save commands. At the same time more nibbling on my ear is bringing small, breathless, whimpery moans, your hands are at my neck, the cold metal of a leash's clasp pressing into neck's flesh as you clip it around one of the upper pewter bits of my collar near my throat.

You step back, and I stand and stretch and rub my eyes, though not for very long. I'm interrupted by a tug on my collar as you pull me down enough that you can throw your arms around my neck, bury a hand in my hair and ... stop time again. My lips part at the pressing of your tongue, and it invades, sliding into the warmth of my mouth to run along teeth before darting to my own tongue. I suck lightly as our tongues entwine for a long moment, lost in the pressing of your body to mine, the feeling of the leash leading over my shoulder to where your hand is holding the coils of slack.

After lots of groping, and who knows how much time, you break the kiss and step back a little. I stand, frozen for moment, looking down, eyes closed, recovering my breath. I open my mouth to speak after a moment, and open my eyes a moment after. You're looking at me, head tilted, with a very blank expression on your face.

Oh. Damn. That was close.

My mouth closes, and you smile, pleased. You step closer and pat my head.

"You'd like to crawl when you follow me, wouldn't you?", near whispered, your hand having drifted down to my cheek. I wriggle a bit, and nod once, grinning. I get a gentle pet in response that turns into a light press down. I wouldn't say I sank gracefully, or anything, but I didn't fall to my knees or anything dramatic either. I just get down on all fours and crawl after you. You don't have to coax much to get me to hurry up (luckily for me, probably), especially when it becomes apparent we're headed for the bedroom.

Once inside, you stop and run a hand through my hair before smirking and murmuring, "Up, up, up. Silly boy, wanting to crawl around like a little puppy." I smirk and stand and you look up at me for moment before pulling the collar of my t-shirt out and dropping the leash through.

"You're going to lie down on the bed, which means those clothes are just going to have to come off." you say quietly, smirking at the last. It's been a rule for a while that I'm not allowed to so much as touch our bed while wearing any clothing without your permission. Naked, I can lay down, sit on the edge, whatever I want.

You sit on the edge of the bed and watch me tug my shirt over my head, step out of my socks, and take off my belt, and take off my shorts and boxers. When I'm done I fidget a little, and watch you eye me up and down for a few moments.

After standing up, and looking me over a little more closely, you nip at my jaw before taking the leash just short of where it's clasped to my collar and drag me over to the bed, tying the leash around the headboard so that I can turn my head a little, but I don't have too much wiggling room.

And then it's your turn to undress, and my turn to watch. You take much longer. Tease. Not that I mind, really.

You sit on my chest and start teasing even more, grinding your pussy down on my chest while talking about various things you're considering doing to me. Most of the time your hands are pinning my wrists down, but occasionally you'll take one of them and run it over a breast, or have me pinch a nipple, sometimes one of mine, sometimes one of yours. I spend most of my time whimpering and moaning at pretty much everything you say, and nodding at the especially good ideas.

After a while, you snort and pinch a nipple, and twist harshly, causing me to whimper and arch my back towards your fingers, "Well, you're not much help. You like everything. Little slut." I love the way you say the last, a small, wry murmur that makes me go warm inside. Though the warmth is blocked at the moment by the sharp pain where you're pulling at my chest.

You tilt your head and watch me wriggle more underneath you for a moment, "Spread your arms."

When I do, you scoot forward until my shoulders are pinned underneath your legs. I whimper and look up at you, dark eyes wide. You're close enough now that i can smell your arousal. You growl softly, and bury both hands in my hair, scooting forward more till your pussy is just over my face. You hold there for a moment and I wriggle more, trying to lift my head up to taste you, but the hands in my air, and the pinning of my shoulders leaves me immobile.

You growl again, "Lay still." I do after a moment.

You lower yourself onto me very slowly, only teasing once, pulling back a little after you feel my nose brush up against your sex. You sit on my face for a moment, motionless, judging by your moans, i imagine you're enjoying my nose bumping your clit occasionally as I start trying to lap at your pussy, settling for plunging my tongue into your hole and dragging it back out along velvety walls.

And that's how it starts. You begin grinding down on me in time with the rhythm of my tonguing, dragging your clit against my nose as my tongue slides back out of you. I can feel your wetness covering my nose and lips and chin as you fuck down on my face. We're both moaning, though mine are a bit muffled.

You slow down for a few moments, and have me lay my tongue out flat and you mash your clit down it slowly for little while. But then it's back to like before, my tongue sliding up into you, my nose being slid around your slit, being ground against your clit.

It doesn't take long for our rhythm to become more frantic, the grinding of your pussy down on my face becoming harsher, harder, to the point where at times it stifles breathing for a moment here, a moment there. I can't smell or taste or feel much of anything aside from my tongue driving in and out of your clenching entrance, the exquisite taste of your juices on my tongue.

Your moans get much louder, and more guttural too, as you build up to orgasm. Growling at me to close my mouth as you grind down against me one more time before cumming, lifting yourself very slightly away from my face as you cry out. I can feel you trembling and wish desperately to feel your pussy spasming around my tongue. I whimper very loudly as i feel the first few drops of cum trickle down on my nose and lips, wanting desperately to lick my lips, to taste your essence. More cum drips down, getting on a cheek, some on my chin.

You moan happily, sliding your pussy up and down my chest once, before sitting just below my sternum, "Don't move, dear. I want that to dry there. You may wash your face in the morning after I 'reward' you for tonight." I moan softly, eyes still pressed shut, enjoying your weight on my chest, the hand petting my hair, the feel of your cum and juices drying on my cheeks, and nose and lips.

We sleep after that, snuggled together. You leave the leash on, but do retie it to give me a little more slack.

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