Drunk Preity Z


It was the night of awards, the daddy of all awards, flimfare 2005 awards. I was Preity's manager at that time. I had done my CA 4 years back and then the following courses.

She was looking absolutely gorgeous in that front v - cut black sparkling dress of hers. The straight black hairs of hers were rolling over her bare back. The white milky thighs were highly erotic and was making many mouths water. The perfect fitting dress exposing at right parts made her look more horny, sexy, seductive and ready to fuck. The sculptures curves of her breast, waist and ass were hypnotizing many eyes including mine.

I am saying so as I had been working with her for quite sometime and had got used to her. But let me tell you, this industry is not as modest as it looks. Dirty politics are always being played over here and the limit of dirtiness is limitless.

The presentation party was over and the entire film industry had been taken to the bar and lunch lawn. The lawn included a huge bar with about 25 – 30 bartenders and dinner halls.

Preity was at the bar with Abhishek, Rani and John. Usually she never drinks at such parties. But someone played a mischief and alcoholised her. She was loosing her senses. Rani quickly realized it and indicated it to me. Rani and I knew each other quite well. Without too much fuss Rani helped me take her to the car and said, "quickly take her to the hotel before she creates a scene".

An entire posh hotel was booked for all the celebrities to stay. Even managers and PA's were given separate rooms. My room was just opposite to Preity's for better coordination on the 8th floor.

Now I drove her back to the hotel. It was 1.30 at night. All the staff was resting as they knew that once the party was over they would have to run and work like bulls.

A stinging sense of pleasure and excitement ran through me as I put my hands under her boobs through her smooth armpits to drag her. I dragged her to the lift as I was scared to lift her as I would have lost my job. To my surprise she shouted at me in the lift for dragging her.

"You bastard. How dare you drag me along the road".

She was all abusive. It didn't bother me much as I knew how abusive she is when she is drunk. We reached the 8th floor and there was no one around. This time I couldn't drag her but had to lift her.

I tried to pick her up in my arms but the dress material was very slippery so I had to pick her up across my shoulders. To support her I had to put one of my hands near her fluffy breasts and another near her crotch. During the process of carrying her, the hem of her dress had slipped up to her butt. Her panties were now touching my hands. This sense was had given me a real hardon. I was feeling like I was in heaven and why shouldn't I, after all I was touching Preity Zinta's panties.

But my pleasure was cut short as Preity shouted, "what are you doing you rascal."

Boldly but calmly I replied, "Sorry ma'am. If I don't hold you like this you'll fall down."

This seemed to cool her down as she too understood my problem. I deliberately kept my pace very slow. Her room was in the middle of the corridor. The corridor was a bit lengthy as each corridor had about 20 rooms.

Seeing her cool down I boldly slipped my left hand closer to her breasts. I felt the sideward flesh of her left breast. I started pressing it softly with the tip of my fingers. She didn't seem to notice my actions. This encouraged me more and I put my right hand near her pussy. So close that I could feel her pussy lips.

I stared to move my finger over her panties in fear. I looked at her face and was zapped, it wasn't that she was not noticing my actions, but she was enjoying my actions. She had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip in pleasure.

Damn shit again. Her room had arrived. I made her stand against the wall and opened the door. Must say she had good control over her body. As I was taking her to the bed she told me to take her to the bathroom.

"I want to take a shower. You may now go."

Disappointed I turned back and walked towards the door. Just then I heard a sound in the bathroom. I ran towards the bathroom. The door was open. I saw Preity struggling to stand on her feet while the shower was pouring on her.

I supported her and took her to the bed.

She was now looking damn hot. She had her eyes closed but was not asleep. Water droplets were running down her face. Her wet clothes stuck tightly to her body giving the outline of her body. Her boobs were all stuck up wet. Her thighs shaped up through the wet dress.

I was really getting turned on. Her appearance was driving me crazy but I had to protect my job. With boldness I went and sat besides her. I took my hand towards her pussy and started massaging her clit over her panties. With force she tried to remove my hand.

"Leave me you bastard."

"how dare you touch me. Teri aukad mein reh."

But all this was in her state of alcoholism.

Her opposition increased my boldness even more and I caught both her wrists in my left hand. I continued to massage her clit. Now was beginning to enjoy. Her pussy was dripping with her juices. She started to moan and wriggle her waist. Then I knew she was in my control. I left her hand and caught her right breast over her dress with my left hand while my right was rubbing her pussy lips. She was giving really loud moans.

"ahhhhh aaaaaah Oh Yeah. OOOOOhhhhhh"

I placed my mouth over hers mouth. She had completely given up her resistance. Her lips were very soft. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth to meet hers. We both were passionately kissing as our tongues wrestled with each other. We kissed for about 15 mins. She then opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I was even happier to know that my job was safe.

I further moved down and took her right breast in my mouth over her dress. I sucked in the water from her soaked dress over her nipple.

I licked the water from her cleavage. I moved down sucking water from her dress and reached her panties. They were all wet with her juices.

I sucked up all the juices giving her the utmost pleasure. Soon she became very violent and started lifting and pushing her crotch against my face. Within minutes she came in her panties. I removed her panties and licked her dry. My licking again aroused her.

I moved up and freed her breasts from the dress. Those wins were huge and beautiful. She had good medium size light brown areola with good poky nipples. I alternately took those nipples in my mouth and sucked them hard. Her flesh was too good to resist. I sucked the nipples and breast flesh so hard that they turned bright red.

The effect of the alcohol had not completely gone. So taking the chance I undressed myself and took my dick near her mouth and forced it in. She started licking my head first, then moved along the length bobbing her head up and down. This increased my excitement and I started to fuck her throat against the bed. Soon I was feeling my balls churn and I exploded deep in her mouth. She gagged but I kept my cock in her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum and licked me clean.

I wasn't through with her yet. I was getting rough. I pulled her dress to her stomach. I lifted her legs and spat on her pussy. Licking her once, I was anticipating finally fucking her cunt with my cock.I positioned my cock started to enter her. She was very tight.

"Oh, God!" she gasped. She was tight, hot and wet. Her head tilted back and her mouth hung open as her pussy lips separated and sucked me in. Her pussy was tight and my cock stretched her wide and filled her up. My hands dug deeply into the soft cheeks of her ass.

Suddenly she cried out in pleasure as I ground my hips into her in a circular motion, "OHHH YYEESSSSssssssss, FUCK meeeeeEEEEE!" she screamed.

I had entered her roughly and began pounding away furiously, my chest rising and falling above her jiggling tits which were rolling wildly on her chest. Her long, milky, stunning legs wrapped around my hips as she met each of my thrusts with one of her own. Her wet hair flew wildly as she shook her head from side to side in apparent ecstasy.

My cock relentlessly plowed her.

"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmming. Oh fuck me you bastard!! Use me like the slut I am!! Fuck me harder!! Fill my hot cunt with your cum. Cum now, Cum now for me. Cum in me, baby. Shoot up deep inside me!" she cried as she had an intense orgasm.

However, I was no where near ready to cum yet. Within seconds, Preity was in the grips of the orgasm of her life. She was bucking and thrusting her hips wildly. I reached forward with my hands to squeeze Preity's round breasts.

"Oh yeah, squeeze my fucking tits!" Preity covered my hands with her own delicate ones as I pumped harder into her, relishing the feel of my meat in her warm vagina. Preity French kissed me and put one of her tits to my mouth. My mouth sucked on her nipple and I continued shoving in and out of her pussy.

She raised her head to see it disappear between the pouting grasp of her eager cunt lips. "Oh God.....oh God....oh God.....fuck me...oh fuck me...shove that prick into my cunt....pump it in....oh harder....faster.." Preity panted as again and again my pole filled her cunt.

I was forceful to the point of being a little brutal, and Preity was loving it! My mouth closed again on her jiggling tits, biting hard down on the nipples.

"Oh suck your whore's tits!! Suck em hard!! Bite my hard nipples!!", she cried out. Preity's tits bounced all over her chest as each stroke was now enough to lift her out of the bed. Preity was in heaven, she had never been fucked so good.

My hands gripped her ass cheeks as her legs jerked limply in my arms as my cock plowed into her wet cunt. Yelping and bleating, Preity kept her legs wrapped around my pumping butt as I power-pronged her. Eyes tightly shut, mouth ragged, arching her back and so into it she started squeezing the pillows hard.

"OH, YEAH!! NASTY CUNT!! NAUGHTY SLUT!! You like my cock?"

"YEAH!! FUUCCCK MEEE!! Her head was violently shaken every which way. MAKE ME CUM!! YEESS!! I LOOOVE IT!! FUUCCK MY PUSSY!! HARRDEERRR!!

The actress put her hands on my ass and was shoving my cock inside her. "OHH, FUCK, YEESSS!! I'M CUUMMMINNG! I felt her juices spill around my cock.

"Yeah, fuck that whore's pussy. Treat me as your slut. I'M CUMMING!

Just as Preity was cumming again, I too unloaded my slime into Preity.

I reached down and pulled her butt up, her ass cheeks white. I placed the pussy-cum soaked head of my cock against her tiny asshole.

Without warning, I entered her ass hole. The cum from her pussy helped as a lubricant but not much and it still hurt like hell. Fire filled her bottom as I shoved all eight inches inside her.

"ARGHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!" she screamed. "Nooo, it hurts, AWAAAAAAAAAAA!! Oh fuck, it hurts so fucking bad, its so big."

And I could see the pain on her face. I grinned to myself and then I began to repeat the rhythm of earlier and with each stroke, her sphincter muscles relaxed a little bit more. My hands moved upwards until they gripped the soft, white flesh of her buns, squeezing them hard.

Preity hissed her approval, making her ass sway and move my cock inside her. Pressing her hard against the steps, I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. Her wet shiny buttocks shimmied and rippled as my hips smacked into them. Over and over her pretty butt slammed against me, like a milking fist her butt urged my sperm to shoot.

"Ohhhh, God!" Preity half hissed, half moaned. "GIVE it to me! Give me your Cum! Fuck your whore!! AH! AH! Ahhhooommmmmmmm!" Preity gasped as she began to shudder. Her orgasm had arrived again.

Rapidly, I thrust into her rear, as her screams died down to a silent open mouth. Her ass was jerking and rocking against my cock, her legs giving out and locking straight out. My hands slapped at her rear as I thrust mercilessly.

"I-I'm...gonna...CUM!" I breathed, slamming into her asshole hard.

"Ohhhh unnnnggggghhh! Oh! OH! OHHHH! OH SLAM IT IN!! Fill my slut asshole with your hot cum!!" was her passionate reply.

Both our bodies surged together. My cum poured into her hot, tight, pulsing asshole, sending thick stream after thick stream of sperm flowing into her. Preity's body quivered and jerked. Each of her shudders brought another spurt from my cock. I then grabbed her breasts from behind as I continued to send my load into her.

Then as fast as I had entered her, I pulled out, pulling her up. Putting my arms around her I pulled her close and kissed her, forcefully, giving her no chance to deny my tongue entry. Far from denying it, Preity sucked it eagerly, giving hers in return.

I was drained, coming once into Preity's pussy and again into her ass. I felt asleep in her bed in her arms.

I got up in the morning to find her sucking my dick. We had another session of good pussy and ass fucking. This time she was in the lead role, riding my cock. The session ended with my cum in her pussy and ass.

Without a word, I got out of the bed on shaky legs, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. I took my clothes and told Preity that I would come back and clean the place when she was finished.

She was leaning back against the bed, her head on a towel, her eyes closed. She nodded her head and I started to leave the room. I had to be cautious as I was coming out of PREITY ZINTA'S ROOM wrapped in a towel.

Just as I opened the door, I heard her calling me back. I looked back at her and she calmly said, "YOU ARE FIRED."

I was stunned by this behavior of her as she used me to pleasure herself just minutes ago.

I went towards her with pleading gesture but she snapped her finger and showed me the door. I had to leave.

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