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Drunk Wife Wants Two


My name is Cody, and my wife is Jenny. I'm five foot eight, 145 pounds, athletic build, with a six inch penis that's an average thickness. Jenny is five foot even, 110 pounds, slender, 34b tits, nice little butt with beautiful red hair.

We've had a threesomes with girls before, but had never invited another man. Mainly because she was nervous. We would always talk about it during sex, especially when we were drunk.

We used to hang out with our friends, Joe and Bethany a lot. They're dating, but Joe is not very faithful towards her. He just gets drunk, and will fuck any girl he can. He's hits on Jenny all the time when we're all drunk, but she is very faithful towards me.

Anyways one night last summer we were all drinking together. We were having a party at our house, but not many people showed up. Those that did left early. About midnight, Joe and I were pretty drunk. He got in an argument with Bethany, and she stormed out and left.

Well not a whole lot was happening, and Joe, Jenny, and I were all pretty drunk. I figured things were about to wind down, and Joe would just crash in the spare bedroom. Well I suggested we watch a movie, and everyone agreed. Joe went over and turned on the VCR and a porno was in. He said we should just leave it, and neither Jenny nor I had any complaints. We watched the porno for about an hour without anything really happening. We just continued to nurse our beers. Joe was sitting on the couch, next to Jenny. I was laying down, with my head on her lap. I was getting a raging boner, but didn't care if anyone noticed.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I said I had to go use the restroom, and went and jerked off. I waited quietly, and peeked from the bedroom spying on Joe and Jenny. They were still sitting next to each other, and I figured he would try to hit on her. No luck though. Then I heard him say, "man what's taking Cody so long?" I figured it was about time I got back out there. We watched some more porn, especially hitting on the gangbang scenes. We all knew each other were really horny. Once I got hard again, I told Jenny we should go to bed. She agreed, and we went into our room.

I had given Joe some blankets so he could crash in the other room. When we got in the room, Jenny was already bent over wanting it doggystyle. I started fucking her, and talking really dirty. I asked her what she and Joe had been talking about. She said nothing really, just how Joe said how horny the porno was making him. I was told her, man that sucks he watched all that porn, and can't even get laid. She said yeah he's probably beating off right now. I then said too bad he can't just fuck you. She didn't say a word. I asked if she would mind, and she said no. I said, " oh I don't know" but she said "I really want you both to fuck me." That's all it took. I just wanted her to want it, not have it forced upon her. I checked one last time, to make sure she wanted me to go and get him. She really wanted it.

I went into the other room to get Joe, and he wasn't there. I told her, and she couldn't believe he had left after drinking so much. I asked if she wanted me to call and she said yes. So I called, and asked what he was doing driving like that. He said he had to go and get some. I told him he needed to come back, because he was so drunk. He said no he'd be alright. Then it came out. I said, "man you need to get back here to double up on Jenny with me." He was in shock. I know he's always wanted to fuck her, but never thought I'd let it happen. He said, "man that's your wife!" I told him that both me and her wanted it, and he knew he did too. He said alright I'll be there. I went back in the room and fingered her, and ate her out to keep her good and horny.

About 10 minutes later he knocked on the front door. I went and opened it up after slipping on some boxers. He asked if I was sure about this and I was. We both walked into our bedroom, and I could tell Jenny was really nervous. This was the first time she had been with anyone but me in 4 years. Everyone else had been in high school. Nothing that great, just drunk high school fucking. She was about to get two guys who knew what they were doing at the same time. Joe had no questions, he immediately went over and started kissing her. It was awesome, I'd never seen her kiss another guy. He was started fingering her soaking pussy while continuing to make out with her. She arched her back and moaned as she felt his fingers thrusting deep inside her.

He looked back, and apologized for not leaving any room for me. I just laughed and made my way to the bed. I asked what she wanted, even though I didn't really care. I was going to make up her mind for her if she didn't. She asked Joe to get naked and he did.

She said she wanted to suck me while he fucked her. I knew this was because he was uncut, and it made her nervous. We had discussed that before. She always said she wouldn't suck him, but wouldn't mind fucking him because it was so dirty. Like I said he's pretty much a man whore. I laid down, and let her take me into her mouth. In the meantime he started to slip it in her puss. I told him to put a condom on first so he proceeded to do so. Then I told him to tease her for a minute, because she loved it. He started doing figure eights on her pussy lips with the tip of his cock. This made her buck and moan like there was no tomorrow. It even made her go a little too crazy on my cock. I tried settling her down, but there was no hope. She was lost in her own world, and ready for a good fucking.

One thing about Joe is he's pretty athletic so has great stamina. Just an average penis, but makes up for it with his endurance. He finally stuck it in and Jenny almost collapsed. She had been wanting it so bad, she just came as soon as it got in. Joe fucked the crap out of her for quite a while. I'm not sure how many times she got off, but there were juices all over the place. I knew she wouldn't be sucking me off since I had already jerked off. I couldn't believe he hadn't gotten off though. I don't think it was his first threesome though. He kept saying how bad he had always wanted to do her, and what a nice pussy she has. She really does, it's beautiful. She keeps it bald most of the time. I was just happy she was having a good time, and I was finally getting to fulfill my fantasy. Especially with someone who had been such a good friend to the both of us, despite him hitting on my wife when he was drunk.

Finally, I decided I needed to get mine. I tried to convince her to suck him off, but she was too scared. No problem. I laid her on her back and got between her legs. I lifted them a little, and started going to town on her. In the meantime I motioned for Joe to get above her head, and hold his dick in her face. I knew with me fucking her, she would be so horny she would give him a little action. She took his balls into her mouth, and grabbed his stiff, uncut cock. She stroked it like crazy, and tongued his balls some more. She then used a little trick I told her about. She reached down, and got some of her natural lube off her pussy. She used that for lube on his cock. She stroked him perfectly so he would cum. It was amazing seeing the look on his face.

Seeing his load explode all over her chest made me hornier than ever. I usually pull out, but didn't really care this time. I delivered mine all in her pussy. I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock at the same time.

I went and got a towel in order to clean her up. Joe helped, kissed her goodnight, and then went to get some sleep in the spare room.

The next morning I felt a little awkward about what had happened, and wondered if things would be awkward between us. Joe had already left, and Jenny and I just talked. We've never really talked about it since. We all know it happened, just don't bring it up. Our other friends aren't into that stuff, and his girlfriend is always around. I always ask Jenny if she wants to do it again, but she says no. Just recently I think I convinced her that we should do it when we see each other again. This time we'll get Bethany to join. She doesn't look as good as Jenny, but it will be fun. We no longer live in the same state, but his family lives three hours from us. When him and his girlfriend come for the holidays, Jenny and I are going to see if they want to meet halfway to hang out. We'll just rent a hotel room, get some booze, and see what happens. I'm sure something will.

Bethany has asked Jenny about swapping before, and really she's the only one that hasn't. I can't wait. I just wished there were others that lived close to us, and that we were good enough friends with to experience it with again.

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