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Drunken Encounter


It had been a warm evening and the meal was washed down with plenty of wine. Tara was unsure of how she would get home in one piece. It could only be a matter of time before she tripped over a kerb but Steve was always there to hold her up. She felt her breast touch his elbow as she moved closer – that slowed him down and she was sure he had noticed. It wouldn't be the first time she had flirted with her husband in public. Steve insisted on going into one last pub for a drink before getting the last train home – 'I suppose one more won't hurt'.

It was packed with people from around the world – drunk and happy. Steve moved to the bar and ordered while Tara eyed the toilets. On her way back she noticed he had 3 drinks and was talking to a young girl at the bar – he always was a charmer – still I'm the one going home with him. She was tall and Tara noticed her short skirt only just covering her modesty.

As Tara got closer, she noticed that Steve's drinking hand was perilously close to the girls chest – he was really flirting and it was obvious she fancied him. She brushed past at least 3 men on the way back – not purposely shoving her tits into them – but she had little choice – her large breasts were never going to squeeze into every space – still she was drunk and lost had her usual self consciousness. It was time to play!

She knew Steve had seen her and was starting to move back from the girl but instead of joining him she moved behind the girl as close as she could get and leaned on the bar. It didn't take long for the barmen to notice her cleavage and put her straight to the front of the queue. Steve was curious but didn't openly acknowledge her – although their eyes met with a glint no-one else in the room would know they had been married for nearly 3 years.

Then Tara un-subtly nudged the tall girl in the back which sent her falling into Steve's drink covering the girl's top with Guinness and getting Steve a quick feel. Tara could see in the bar mirrors that the girl's white top was stained and without a bra her nipples had visibly hardened. The girl hardly noticed Tara and didn't even react to the shove – she was drunk too.

Then Tara felt an arm over her and saw the large hand clasping a £20. The guy behind her was getting closer and closer and she could just make out his cock on her pert ass cheek. Her self confidence had gone and she moved to get back to Steve but as she turned the guys other hand traced her stomach just below her breasts and she smiled up at him – it wouldn't normally be her first reaction to flirt with a stranger while Steve was there but he was tall and cute. He noticed her drink and lost his first line – and was obviously quite nervous. She leaned her ear upwards towards his mouth urging him to talk. This had the effect of his hand which was still lurking near her to wrap around her thin tight waist.

Steve noticed the flirtation and was mildly irritated at first, he'd only been chatting with the Aussie bird but then his irritation turned to something else – something unexpected. By now the Aussie bird was leaning backwards on the bar and the music had got louder which gave him the excuse to whisper something in her ear. As he moved towards her he found his arm around her lower back and was moved to grab her small ass – but he waited.

Tara was in deep conversation by now and the guy was the ideal height to get a decent look down her top which she didn't discourage. She let out a loud laugh and you could tell she fancied him. By now the bloke had his hand around her shoulder and was not shy in slipping a couple of fingers under her loose strap.

Steve then made his move on the aussie girl – Tara was facing them and he knew she would see his hand move swiftly down to the girls ass. He squeezed it gently and the aussie girl was visibly turned on.

Steve noticed the blokes hand was now over Tara's shoulder and hovering over her left breast – Tara was getting the works and she was fully encouraging him.

Steve turned to the aussie girl and got her another drink – when he turned back Tara had disappeared – but the bloke was still there. Anxiously Steve looked out for her – they would really have to go soon if they were to make the train. But in the meantime it wouldn't hurt to flirt a little more with the aussie girl.

Tara had re-appeared, and to the delight of the tall bloke she had removed her bra and was visibly excited by it. He noticed the added movement and with it being a white top – the large round nipples were showing under the flashing pub lights.

Then she did something very unexpected, she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breast. This was slightly more than flirting – the Aussie girl noticed and turned around with a smile. She had to leave and I made it clear I wasn't going home to fuck her – but gave her a quick peck on the cheek while getting another feel of her breast.

Steve turned to Tara and the guy was getting very excited – he had grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his shorts which were bulging. Steve manoeuvred himself behind Tara at the bar and slowly stroked her ass. With her other hand she lifted the back of her skirt and beckoned for her husband's hand to move into her crack. She'd removed her knickers as well. Steve slid his finger past her ass and onto her very moist clit – at this point she pulled the bloke towards her and started to violently kiss him. His fingers pulled down her strap to reveal her right breast and he fondled it harshly. She then took both hands to his shorts and was rubbing his hard cock frantically. Steve then kissed her neck and the bloke noticed him for the first time. What was going through his mind? Tara then turned and exposed her bare ass to the guy who was obviously ready to pound her at any moment. She moved into Steve removing her other strap and started kissing him passionately. Steve moved down her body and started to circle her breasts with his tongue – Tara knew she was being watched by the majority of the pub and it was getting her more and more turned on. The bloke then entered her from behind –slowly at first and then harder and harder. Steve moved further down her body and started to lick her clit – noting not to get too close to the blokes cock. He had has hands cupping her breasts that were freely swaying with every motion. She suddenly became self-conscious – she had never had another man inside her before – Steve was her first and she really didn't want to carry on like this – the sex was sobering her up and she brought an abrupt halt to the proceedings by falling to the ground – she had fainted – was it the heat, the boiling come of the bloke that he had discharged inside her or the shame of being nearly naked in front of so many strangers.

She came around with a start and noticed that the bloke had gone as had most of the pub crowd – it was way past closing and the lone figure that crouched next to her was her husband. She wondered whether she had dreamt of the encounter. Steve helped her up and she noticed that she didn't have any underwear on. Steve waved to the Barman as we left – 'Come again anytime'.

Once they'd left the pub they both let out hysterical laughter. This was so out of character for both of them – Tara was a shy virginal character and Steve was normally the jealous type. Had they changed – and would they crave the excitement again? Perhaps this wouldn't be their last adventure…..

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