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Drunken Encounter


I'm married with two kids, 36 years old, 5'3", brunette, 38-30-36. My friends and I sometimes have a girl's night in where we lay on some food and bring dinks, getting our husbands to pick us up later if we are further than walking distance home. On this occasion we went to my friend Tracy's house.

She is 38 and six of us turned up altogether. Her husband and son spent the evening upstairs out of the way and we all had a good laugh and got well drunk.

As I lived fairly near, I helped tidy up a bit as the others made their way home or lifts arrived. Tracy's husband came down to help too and the three of us laughed at how drunk the two of us were. Tracy suddenly became all sleepy and Neil took her upstairs while I finished drying the plates, giggling at the sight of Neil trying to push Tracy's heavy frame upstairs. He eventually came back down and said that Tracy had fallen into a deep sleep, snoring her head off.

He sat on the sofa with a drink and asked if I wanted one. I'd had more than enough to drink and flopped on the sofa besides him, half falling.

I giggled and he laughed, but I became aware of the room slowly spinning as I noticed how drunk I really was.

"Oh I do feel drunk," I slurred.

"Will you be OK walking on your own, or shall I walk you home" Neil offered.

"I don't think I can walk just yet," I slurred yet again as I thought I might recover after a little sit down.

Neil put his arm round my shoulder and I sort of fell towards him, but the effects of the drink made me actually like being held close although I knew if I was sober I would have moved away by now.

I was dressed all in black, wearing a skirt and long sleeved v-neck top -- with black bra and panties underneath of course - as well as black shoes, and Neil began stroking my right shoulder.

Our legs were innocently resting against each other's and my left hand was half on my leg and half on his.

I became aware that our faces were very close to each other and I felt a little embarrassed that I would smell of alcohol.

Neil was still laughing and joking and I tried to smile although I was losing track of what we were talking about.

It went quiet and I remember we smiled at each other and then Neil kissed me.

The thought that I shouldn't be doing this never entered my head, I was so drunk, and I found myself kissing back. My hand gripped Neil's thigh and he tightened his grip around my shoulder.

"I shouldn't be doing this," I thought to myself, but I swear the drink had made me erotic to a level that I just didn't care.

Normally I would have never even let someone else touch me, never mind kiss me passionately. We continued to kiss and it felt lovely, and Neil's left hand started stroking my hips and waist, which sort of encouraged me to put my right hand onto his shoulder.

This seemed to bring us even closer together and our kisses seemed to become more intense, occasionally pausing to take a breath.

Neil's hand slipped under my skirt and onto my knee and as I gasped he pushed his tongue into my mouth to meet mine. My head was spinning as our tongues met and his hand pushed further up my skirt, tickling my leg as he stroked it.

I then became aware that my right breast was being squeezed as we kissed and that I was slowly sliding down towards the seat of the sofa. Neil seemed to be lying across me, his right arm beneath me and around my shoulder as the room ceiling looked as though it was spinning.

I remember feeling his hand against my skin on my waist and ribs and remember feeling shocked that my bra was somehow unfastened and his hand slipped underneath it and grabbed at my breasts.

But although I knew I should stop I found myself return the harder kisses that Neil was now giving me.

At last he stopped and looked down at me, moving his hand away from my breasts and erect nipples.

For a second I thought it was all over, and felt relieved, but then felt Neil's hand at the top of my leg. The surprise I felt that my skirt must have been so high up to allow direct access to my bare thigh was nothing to the surprise I felt next as Neil moved his hand up to the side of my hips and onto my knickers and then grabbed them tightly before pulling downwards.

I'm sure I tried to say something but the words just wouldn't come out and then Neil kissed me as he gave another pull on my knickers.

I was just about to say, "Neil, we cant" as his left hand darted between my legs.

I was shocked speechless that another man was feeling my most sensitive parts and then completely dumbstruck when he slid two fingers into me.

I remember trying to force my self not to react but couldn't avoid gasping as he found my clitoris and began to stimulate me even more.

I was gasping more and more as he continued to stroke me, conscious that we were breathing warm breaths into each other's mouths.

Just as I felt I was about to come, Neil moved his hand away and for a second I thought my ordeal was over.

But instead Neil gripped my knickers and slid them past my knees.

Oh no, I silently cried as I finally realised what my friend's husband wanted to do to me.

"Come on honey" he whispered as I refused to bend my knees, but he leant further down and my knickers slid off the end of my right foot.

I thought I had a chance of calling a halt as I knew he couldn't really reach my left foot but he didn't even try to get them completely off and moved his hand to his trousers.

The unmistakeable sound of a zip being unfastened brought me to say "oh no Neil, we cant," but he just kissed me as he shuffled around obviously pushing his trousers and underpants down.

He lifted my skirt and I closed my eyes almost in shamed embarrassment, as I knew he'd be looking at where my knickers should be.

I felt the bareness of his thighs as first his left then his right leg pushed between my legs, while his hands lifted my jumper upwards exposing my breasts.

"God I've wanted to fuck you since I first set eyes on you" he heavily breathed.

"Oh," I whimpered not knowing what to say.

"You can't imagine how often I've wanted to feel these gorgeous tits of yours, they're fantastic," he said.

Before I could think of anything to say he was kissing me again his knees pushing my thighs further apart.

I started to come to my senses, what if my friend came down or heard us I thought, we cant do this.

But it was too late as I felt his cock starting to enter me.

I gasped as he supported himself on his left elbow and began fondling my left breast with his right hand.

Moaning gently as I felt his cock move further and further into me.

Even in my drunken state I could sense that his cock was thicker and longer than my husbands even though he wasn't much different in physique, as he began to thrust into me faster and harder and grip my breast tighter.

I couldn't help moan out loud to some of his thrusts and the more I tried to suppress any noise the louder I seemed to become.

"Oh yes, fuck me darling," Neil uttered as he kept up his rhythm.

I felt shameful as I realised I was thrusting back against him and we were truly having sex. Unusually, I could sense that I was about to come, and fought against losing control.

He let go of my breast and pulled my leg upwards, and I almost automatically raised my right leg too to wrap my legs around him.

"Oh yes darling, I haven't had it like this for years," he grunted as I pushed into me even harder.

My intentions to object to the force were overruled by the arrival of my orgasm as his cock had an effect on me that I hadn't experienced before.

The only thing I could think of was that I hope his wife and son couldn't hear me, and he asked "is that good honey, do you like me fucking you?"

I tried not to answer but he added, "Do you like it darling?" to which I gasped "yes, oh yes."

With that he let out a strange growl as I realised he too was coming.

We lay motionless for a while, both probably hoping that we hadn't been heard, and then he said, "that was fantastic, you're a great fuck you are."

I suddenly felt as though I wasn't drunk anymore as the seriousness of what we had just done began to sink in.

"Did you enjoy that darling?" he asked.

I wanted to say no but couldn't bring myself to say anything and meekly nodded in almost guilty admission, as I realised I had enjoyed it.

He kissed me and fondled both my breasts and said "I want you naked."

"No, we cant," I replied.

"I want you again darling, that was brilliant sex, we can't leave it as a one off," he added.

Even though I didn't feel drunk, my mind was still spinning, "we can't do it again its too risky," I spoke the first excuse that came into my head.

"I don't want this to be a one-off darling, I need to have you again unless you want to promise you'll do it again another time, I'm going hard again already."

That last statement jolted me into wanting to get out of there. Now that I was thinking a little straighter than before there was no way I wanted anyone to see or hear us.

"I've got to get back Neil" I tried reasoning.

"Don't go yet, we can do it again, naked" he replied.

"Its really late," I said in an effort to be as obstructive as possible.

"Tell me we'll do it again another time then" he added, as though conceding to my argument.

"I don't know" I honestly replied.

"It's got to be now then," he said, beginning to slowly rock back and forth on top of me.

"No, ok, another time," I reluctantly said, shocking myself that I'd agreed to it.

"You promise?" he eagerly asked.

I thought for a while, if I refused to promise I knew he would force the issue there and then, if I promised then it bought me some time to try to find a way of backing out of my promise.

"Ok" I quietly replied.

As though he'd just been offered a new job he eagerly replied "you wont regret it, no-one will ever know, and we can have some great sessions, your place, my place, in the countryside, its going to be great" he said.

Inside I thought, hey hang on a minute, but decided not to take this conversation any further. We got up, got dressed and he walked me the short distance home in almost complete silence, exchanging a pleasant "good night" as we parted.

Oh my god, what do I do now?

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