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Dual Shiver


Erika looked over the final preparations for the Halloween party. It was a tradition for their sorority to turn their house into a haunted mansion during Halloween. Right now they were putting the finishing touches on the attic, where the actual party would be held.

The redheaded Romy and Toby, her boyfriend from the basketball-team, were busy setting up the sound-system in the corner while Angela and her twin Mai were fussing over the food. She turned around again and watched as the raven-haired Sarah studied the old book beside her before carefully painting another blue squiggle in the circle.

Once again Erika studied the large sigil in the center. It was blue like the rest and connected to the circle by three lines. It didn't really resemble anything but it still reminded Erika of something. The design was enchanting, although Erika didn't think that was the right word. Enchanting was too delicate a word for the primal vibe she got from it.

Erika walked over and put her hand on Sarah's shoulder who seemed to jump at the contact. "You know, you don't have to put in this much work. Don't get me wrong, I like how you want to make it authentic but it just has to look occult."

Sarah turned her head, resting her hand holding the brush on the floor at the same time. "It's really no problem and I just think you should do it right if you do something."

Erika nodded. "And what is it supposed to do?"

Sarah gave her a smile. "Summon the demon Optabido."

Erika blinked and then shrugged it off. "Okay, well you are the expert on these things." She frowned as another thought hit her. "This is removable, right?"

Sarah chuckled and nodded and Erika let out a sigh of relief. "Okay, just checking. Well, I have to go over to Amanda's to get my costume. I should be back in an hour in time to greet the first guests."

They said their good-byes and she left, not noticing the appreciative stare Sarah was giving her denim-clad behind or the glimmer that traveled from the painter's pale hand through the entire symbol before vanishing again.


'Stupid Amanda and her hormones!' Erika fumed as she stomped back. 'Two hours! Two fucking hours waiting in the hallway while she has a sex-marathon with her latest conquest.' So now she was late, very late.

'But my costume looks fantastic,' she tried to console herself. She had gone for the pirate look, with black leather trousers that hugged her legs and a frilly shirt that was untied to show of her modest cleavage. She wore a bandoleer with a cheap plastic sword on her left and had her light-blond hair in a braid that came to her shoulders.

The party was supposed to have started an hour ago when she finally arrived, but she was surprised to find nobody at the entrance. The door was open and she could faintly hear the spooky music drifting into the night but the hallway was empty.

She walked in looking around in the hope of seeing a latecomer but either nobody was interested in their party or everybody was so interested that they were actually on time. Neither possibility sounded right to Erika and nobody was around.

'Just me and the fake spiderwebs, bats and the spooky music...' Erika blinked as it finally registered that the song had changed and that she didn't recognize it as one they had selected for the evening. The music now playing spoke of a thrumming need. It gave her the feeling that something was waiting for her in the house. Unthinking she took a step back and jumped when she heard a bang behind her.

She turned around and saw the door was now closed. And she was still alone. 'Must have been the wind,' Erika reasoned. Only problem was that it wasn't that windy. 'Okay, I think I have wasted enough time standing around. I better get upstairs.'

She took the corridor on the right and strode purposefully down the dimly lit hall. She turned right where the corridor ended expecting to see the stairs to the second floor but stopped when she found a corridor identical to the one she just went through. She looked back and found her vision blocked by a wall at the end of that corridor right about where the hallway was supposed to be. That intersection was a mirror image to the one she was standing in down to the small table with a lamp and a plastic spider on it.

The blonde pirate couldn't think up a perfectly logical explanation for what she was seeing and panic began to well up before she fought it down.

'So my two options now are going forward or trying to make my way back,' she reasoned. 'Or I could just use my cell to call for help.' Her hand went to her pocket in a reflexive move to retrieve the phone when she realized she had forgotten it in her haste to get changed. 'Okay, well I still have two options.' The thought rang with false cheer.

In the end Erika decided to go forward hoping her chances to meet someone that way were higher than if she tried to backtrack. She saw that another hallway intersected with this one five doors down and hoped she would see something familiar once there because she was rapidly getting lost. Perhaps it was all the Halloween decoration or more of the weirdness going on but she hardly recognized anything.

She was just passing another door identical to all the others she had seen so far when she heard a growl coming from behind it. Erika froze at that first sign of another living thing. She looked at the door and tried to catch any other noises. More growls and a roar came from within the room but she also thought she had heard someone talking.

Licking her suddenly dry lips she reached for the handle. The background music wasn't helping to quell her anxiety and actually seemed to grow louder, thumping in time with the beating of her heart. A tremble ran through her body. Once she pressed the handle down the door swung open on its own revealing two occupants. A boy and a girl mating on the rug not two meters in front of her.

The guy was kneeling behind the girl and had a muscled physique. He was completely naked, slamming his dick into the girl while gripping her hips. His head hung forward and he seemed to be lost in the sensations.

The girl was on all fours and still wore a cat-costume complete with fake cat-ears, soft fur on her back as well as on her thighs and the back of her hands and a long tail that was currently plastered against the guy's sweaty chest. She too had her head lowered and brown bangs of hair obscured her face. But she was obviously the source of the growls and mewling noises and Erika could now hear the two bodies slapping together as well.

Erika stood there, just watching. She simply didn't know what to do and the couple was too focussed on each other to notice her. She deliberately exhaled and inhaled in the hope that the simple breathing exercise would jolt her thought processes. 'What is that smell?' she wondered. It was a little musky and she automatically took a deep breath to get more of the scent.

Her eyes refocused on the girl, they traveled over her form and drank in the sight of her sinuous body pushing back to meet the man's thrusts. Erika stepped into the room with hands that longed to feel that soft fur. She wanted to stroke it and make that pussycat purr in delight. 'I am so thirsty, I need to drink her, I have to...'

Her train of thought was interrupted by another roar from the girl who now arched her back in orgasm. Her head whipped up and Erika could now see her face and look into her eyes. Those golden eyes with vertical slits that looked exactly like a cat's. The girl's ears twitched and her tail moved showing that they weren't fake. 'She isn't dressed as a cat, she's a real cat-girl.' The shock of that insight doused the inner fire that Erika hadn't even noticed starting.

She turned around and ran out of the room, not caring which way she turned or where she was going. She just kept running to put as much distance between her and that room. She took a left, a right and a left again until she had to stop and lean against the wall to catch her breath.

Initially she didn't care where she was now as her only concern was getting enough oxygen. But eventually her breathing returned to normal and her mind turned to the task of finding other people, more precisely people who were human and not having sex. At first she thought she had come to a halt next to a clock or closet. But when she moved a little to the center of the hall so she could see the front of it she saw it was neither of those things.

It was a sarcophagus, complete with a painting on it of a mummy decked out in gold and holding those two scepter-things. Erika vaguely recalled they had put one of those in but she could have sworn it was a lot smaller.

"Oh God!" she screamed as she jumped away. Something in the sarcophagus had moved and banged against the wood. As her heart rate slowed down she noticed that it was still rocking. Erika was conflicted on what to do, unsure if she should see if someone was trapped in there or simply leave before she could be surprised like before.

'I can't just go, I need to know if there is somebody in there who needs my help. And if that someone can help me,' she admitted. She wasn't too proud to acknowledge that she was in over her head.

Slowly she approached the elaborate coffin, ready to flee at any moment. She lay one ear on the front of the sarcophagus, once more straining to hear anything that might give her a clue as to who or what was on the other side.

"Oh, please... I need release... I have to... Please, I need more..." a woman's voice begged. Erika couldn't hear every word she was saying but it was obvious the woman inside wanted out, was perhaps even running out of air.

Her eyes quickly scanned the seam of the lid, trying to find something that would have prevented the person inside from just pushing the thing open. She quickly found the metal catches and after stepping out of the way she flipped them open. The sarcophagus swung open and Erika eagerly peered in, ready to accept the gratitude from the distraught female inside.

She was greeted by the sight of a woman wrapped up like a mummy. Those wrappings didn't cover all of her, she could see the woman eyes as well as her breasts capped with rock-hard nipples and a perfectly hairless snatch. Her skin was deeply tanned and had an almost golden sheen to it. The mummy-girl was rocking her hips against the back of the sarcophagus, which puzzled Erika until she caught something on the inside of the lid from the corner of her eyes.

A large dildo had been fastened to it and it was glistening with the woman's juices. She now had a pretty good idea what the woman in the sarcophagus was thrusting into and what she had been doing before that. 'She was fucking herself, getting filled up in both of her entrances.' The mummy-girl was still talking and Erika could hear her perfectly now. "No, I need more... More inside of me, has to go deeper, harder..."

The woman finally opened her dark eyes and they immediately zeroed in on Erika. Without preamble she latched onto Erika's right arm and pulled the pirate-girl to her.

Another hand caught the back of her head and suddenly Erika found herself kissing the other woman. Their breasts were pressed together and she could feel the other's hard points digging into her soft mounds. Her smell, her arousal filled the sarcophagus and was beginning to do the same thing to Erika's head.

Despite herself Erika began to kiss back, letting her tongue duel its supple opponent as her lips massaged the other's.

She didn't hear the lid move until she noticed the light in the coffin dim. Panicked Erika wrenched her head from the insisting woman to look over her shoulder. The lid was already halfway and the gap was rapidly getting smaller. She yearned to stay, to drop her trousers and let that big phallus fill her as she rubbed her nub against the mummy's but the fear of being locked up overrode such fantasies.

Surprisingly the girl didn't resist or try to stop her from leaving which was for the best because Erika barely managed to step out before it closed. The latches closed themselves even as a deep moan escaped the closed sarcophagus. Once again, Erika was alone. Once again, she found herself breathing hard. She shivered as a mix of fear and arousal coursed through her system.


'Things are looking up at last,' Erika concluded. She had finally found the stairs to the second floor and those to the third floor hadn't moved so now she just had to find the last flight of steps to the attic and she would be safe. Which was what she was doing at the moment, accompanied by the same music that had greeted her at the entrance. From time to time she found herself swaying in time with its beat, something she felt uncomfortable with but she couldn't tell why.

Once again a moan beckoned Erika. She already knew there would be no help coming from its source but the voice that had uttered this one sounded distinctly male and she found herself very curious. She peeked around the corner and her eyes tried to fall out of their sockets at her latest discovery even as fear paralyzed her.

A skinny guy was sitting on a chair located next to a door. He had come to the party dressed as Robin Hood and the bow and quiver of arrows were still resting against the wall next to him. His forest green tights however were pooled around his ankles and his impressive hard-on was pointing proudly into the air. His eyes were closed and he had thrown his head back.

Sitting on him was the ghost of a noble woman, her hair waving in a non-existent wind. Erika knew it was a ghost because she could see right the woman, witness how the ghost manipulated the member inside of her and apparently derive pleasure from the act if her expression was any indication.

Robin Hood cried out and his hips jerked as he came. Incredibly the ghost became more solid but Erika could still see Robin's dick and that it hadn't wilted. Its foreskin was pulled back and Robin grunted as an invisible force began to manipulate it. Erika slowly pulled her head back and soundlessly moved away, she didn't want to know what the ghost would do to her if she disturbed it.


The door cracked open just as Erika went by. She stopped and turned halfway, ready for anything. A woman poked her head out who looked relieved when she saw Erika. It was obvious she was dressed as Red Riding Hood, the signature cape was framing her blonde hair and her friendly blue eyes only added to the image.

Erika greeted her cautiously, "hi."

"Oh thank God, I thought I was the only sane one in this madhouse," Red began as she opened the door completely. "I don't know what is going on but I think we'll both be safer in this room than out there." And with that she stepped back to let Erika in.

Too relieved to find someone else who wasn't affected she already had a foot on the threshold when it dawned on her that the room was very dark. In fact, Red Riding Hood hadn't turned one single light on. She peered into the darkness and found she could only make out the girl because of her red cape. The darkness was obscuring everything else. "You're not a member," Erika commented as she stood on the threshold, not going any further.

Red Riding Hood shook her head. "Just a guest, I had heard Phi Beta Pi threw the best Halloween party but I think they went overboard on this one. Could you come inside? I don't want anything else to get in."

She felt her suspicions grow, there was something off. "Could you turn on the light first? I don't want to trip over anything."

"You don't have to worry about that, the room is very clean. And the light switch is near the door so why don't you step inside and turn the lights on."

"What's your name?" Erika suddenly asked. She didn't know where that came from but it was a way to stall and that was enough for her right now.

"I...I...I... Ehm, I really..." Erika couldn't see clearly but she thought Red looked distressed. 'And why can't she tell me her name? Okay, so there is definitely something going on.'

Even from the doorway she could hear the sigh coming from the girl followed by a click and suddenly the room was bathed in light. There were three beds in the room and Red Riding Hood was standing in front of the center one. There was something underneath the sheets but she couldn't make out what and the things leading away from it drew her attention anyway.

One purple, organic-looking tube ran from the central bed to each of the other beds. On the right it ended enveloping the crotch of John Larrsen, a football-player Erika knew. The tube was contracting and pulling at him and John shuddered. All the while his eyes were closed and his breathing was rapid, Erika thought he was unconscious.

The guy on the bed on the left was in the same situation but Erika didn't recognize him although his build suggested he was on the team with John. A third peaked out between Red Riding Hood's legs and she surmised it was fastened to the girl's back. And there was a fourth tube leading away to where the light switch would be. Unfortunately the door prevented her from seeing who was there.

"Won't you just come in, you will feel so wonderful. Trust me, I've only been..." She was cut off by a shudder that also opened her cape more revealing that she wasn't wearing anything underneath it. When Red's gaze returned to Erika she saw they were only half-lidded. Eyes that were filled with pleasure, melting in it. "This one has only been connected for half an hour, but she doesn't want to leave anymore. She never wants to leave. Just step inside and join us, once you do you will understand."

Erika wordlessly shook her head and took a step back.

"Please don't go," Red Riding Hood pleaded. "We just want to make you feel as good as we do. No more pain or sorrow, just pleasure that fills you up. Replacing everything so you can have more bliss, it builds up and up until there is just the ecstasy of surrender. Just take that step forward and you can experience it for yourself."

Erika shook her head again, tears stinging her eyes. "I'm sorry," she said and fled. She took a right at the first opportunity and didn't even pause when she finally found the stairs to the attic. She just ran up them and had already crossed half the attic before she skidded to a halt. She swayed on her feet, her mind blank because she had reached her goal and didn't find the safe haven she had hoped it would be.

The large symbol Sarah had painted on the floor was glowing but that was actually the least incredulous sight she was confronted with. In the middle of the circle was a naked Romy in a reverse cowgirl position vigorously bouncing on a very fat cock. Romy's tea-colored skin was glistening with sweat and she was cursing up a storm. What pushed the whole scene into the twilight zone was the fact that she wasn't fucking Toby but someone with blue squiggles covering a pale skin. Those squiggles were so numerous on the penis itself that it actually looked blue.

But Toby wasn't missing because she could see him to her left lying on the boundary of the circle. She couldn't see his face but with his dark skin and overall build Erika was certainly she was looking at him. The reason she couldn't see his face was because one of the twins was sitting on it, humping it for all she was worth.

She was facing her sister who was impaling herself on Toby's manhood. They were squashing their large tits together and exchanging sloppy kisses. Their lips didn't actually touch giving everyone a perfect view of their tongues dancing with each other. Their hands were busy as well, caressing the flanks and the sides of their breasts of the sibling they were kissing. 'Don't they know they are kissing their sister?' Erika wondered as her eyes drifted down. She had overlooked something at her first perusal but it was glaringly obvious now, both of them had a blue glowing squiggle. The twin she could see the front of had one right above her mound while the one of whom she could only see the back had one on her tailbone.

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