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Duck Taped Depression


His large hand traced her cheek, wiping away her swollen tears with his thumb. Her hair was disheveled, a long brown fury of tangled strands. Nakedness felt good against his clothes, the way it scratched against her nipples when they wrestled or how it pressed against her sore bottom when she sat on his lap to talk.

Yet, earlier today, through all of her happiness all she wanted this morning when she crawled out of bed was to take a razor against her arm. She found him in the kitchen contemplating a cup of coffee, trying to remember how much sugar she liked in it.

"Hey baby." he whispered in her ear softly as he ran his hands along her curves.

"Sir?" her voice trembled while her eyes stared at the floor. He looked down at her softly then picked up her chin with his hand. His lips kissed hers passionately. He had missed her all morning. He then kissed her nose, something that usually made her giggle and yelp yet today she simply glared at him. He stared into her eyes solemnly

"Yes puppy?"

"May I please cut Sir... please?" She looked up into his eyes, "I haven't done it in a really long time...I just need to. I want to and I have for a long time. Please Sir?"

He stared at her softly in surprise. "Awww, puppy." His hand reached out and stroked her cheek, "You know you can't." he smiled at her. "Do you want to play ball puppy?"

She shook her head, "No Sir, May I just go back to bed."

"Go get your ball puppy, or better yet, you can go stand in the corner." His voice became stern.

"But Sir... Can I just play ball. I don't wanna. Please?" Her voice whined.

"You are acting like a child. Go to the corner now young lady." He scolded her.

She glared at him with a scowl on her face. He raised his eyebrow at her. She turned and walked heavily to the corner.

"Nose against the wall puppy. This is a punishment, not a tantrum." He chided. She sighed then pressed her nose into the corner. She hated things touching her nose, a quirk of hers, and he knew it.

He walked to the box of doggie toys in the den and grabbed her favorite squeaky ball. He sat down at his computer to listen to music. He randomly squeaked the ball, making her flinch. An hour later he moved restlessly to his recliner to flip through channels. His cock strained against his shorts. He stared over at his sub. She stood completely still, nose still pressed against the wall, tears falling down her cheeks to occasional quieted sniffles, she held her wrist together at the small of her back. He squeaked the ball and still she did not move. Maybe she had learned?

"Puppy." She remained still. "Come here puppy." She turned quietly then knelt before him on the floor. He ran his fingers through her hair. Hr patted his lap twice, "Come sit on my lap puppy. "

"Please Sir, with respect, I'd rather not." She bowed her head and stared down to the floor.

"Puppy I think we need to talk. You may go sit on the sofa if you would like."

She stared up at him, "No Sir, I am fine here."


"Puppy." he cooed at her.

"Yes-Sir?" came as a brittle reply from her pink lips. Her tears fell against his chest as she stared down to the oak floor.

His voice hardened, "Puppy, look at me." Her eyes found his. "Puppy I am not mad at you, but you need to tell me why you are crying." She stared back at the floor in shame. "Puppy!" She whimpered, cowering at the anger in his voice. "Look at me girl."

She began to shake as she looked up into his eyes again. Fear burned in the green sparkles of her eyes. She was falling back into her old habits. She fell back asleep silently.

"Puppy why are you so sad today?" He sighed then stared at the silver clock on his dark red wall. What more could he do for her? She had cried at his feet until he scooped her up into his lap against her will. He rocked her until she had fallen asleep. What more could he do? Even if the tears would stop he would never let her cut again. She was afraid to loose the one bit of sanity left in her life, and he did not want to loose another person that be cared for. She thought nothing of herself and occasionally let him know it. It resulted in what their relationship called a fight. He sighed again then ran his fingers through her hair, trying to tame it slightly. He leaned over and kissed her forehead softly in an almost fatherly manner.

She began to whimper softly and nuzzle her cheek against his chest. As consciousness overtook her she tried to move from his lap. Not because she loathed it, but because she knew she did not deserve it's warmth. His arms tightened around her as if he could read her thoughts. She yawned softly.

"Hold up your arms for me puppy."

She looked up at him with a pained expression. She held her hands wrist up to show him the milky white flesh. He grabbed her wrist in one hand then ran his fingers over her inner forearm. She shivered and twitched.

"Aw, does that feel good puppy?" she whimpered softly, "Would you like me to cut you puppy? Feel the razor splitting your skin?" she tried to pull her wrist from his. "Maybe you would like it if I cut you arm... right here." he traced an old scar on are arm. "Would you like that puppy?"

"No Sir, please, I'm sorry." tears fell down her cheeks.

"Are you sure puppy?"

"Yes Sir. Please I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you. But I always upset you ..." her voice trailed off.

His thumb wiped away her tears. "Puppy you know that I care for you. Just because you fail to behave does not mean that I no longer want you. I know you have issues you fruitcake." He stuck his tongue out at her. "I like my silly puppy. I like to spank her, and make her behave. But I also like my sad puppy. You have to take the good with the bad baby." He kissed her softly. I am here for you puppy. Especially when you mess up because who else is going to spank you for being a bad girl?" He looked down at her flushed face with a devilish grin. He chuckled at her, "Aw. Poor puppy. Why are you wiggling all over my lap now puppy? Is my little puppy wet?"

"Y...Yea...Yes Sir" she stuttered out in embarrassment. He pinched her ass playfully making her yelp. She stared up at him with a slight pout on her face.

"Poor little puppy. Do I need to put some duck tape over your cunt puppy? Hmm? I don't want to get my pants all wet during your spanking." She stared up at him with her mouth agape. "If you keep holding your mouth open I might need to tape it shut for you." She closed her lips. He chuckled.

"Go get the tape off the dresser puppy." He popped her ass playfully as she shakily stood to retrieve the tape.

Her hands grasped the tape slowly, her fingers felt the smoothness of it. She walked back to him with her arms outstretched, holding the tape as far away as she possibly could. If she simply felt the stickiness of the tape against her skin she knew she would cum.

"Good puppy." He said as he took the tape from her slightly unwilling hands. He tore a piece of the black tape off and placed it firmly over her lips as if it was as normal as a kiss. She moaned as the stickiness formed to her lips.

"Lay down on the floor." She laid on the cold floor with her legs pressed firmly together. "Open your legs puppy." She bent her knees and pressed her feet to the floor, holding her legs about a foot apart. He moved from his recliner to kneel between her legs. "Wider...Wider...Wider. That's it girl."

His hand raked across the skin on her inner thighs, over faded the razor-blade scars. He kissed her leg gently at her knee then progressed into vicious bites on the pale skin of her mid thigh. Her body wriggled and bucked in response. Her hands had formed tight little fist due to the feelings coursing through her body and the anger she felt of having his lips so close to her pussy. She hated him there. It just was not his place. She looked down at him, whimpering softly, pleading with her eyes for him to relocate.

He laughed at her protest. He slid up her body causing a moan to tape her hands together above her head. He kissed her lips softly, her cheek, her ear. His hot breath tickled her ear as he whispered, "What a good punishment. Don't you think so puppy?" She viciously shook her head no. "But why not puppy? Did you really believe that I would let you be a bad girl and let it slide?"

Although her hands were taped he held them down with one of his as he twisted her right nipple. His lips kissed the tape on hers roughly, making her wish the tape away. He kissed down her body softly, stopping to nip her nipples and other areas that only he knew.

"Should I kiss your pussy? I bet you will love it" She could feel his breath against her. She squirmed uncomfortably. "Stay still puppy." His fingers separated her lips to reveal her soaking pussy and hard clit. He stared at her cunt for some time, it was the first time he had ever really looked at her pussy so closely. He moves his lips closer to her clit and blew cool air onto it. She focused all of her energy on staying still. His tongue, as if her was virgin to this game, flicked against her clit roughly. His lips then circled around her clit to suck softly. She did not moan, as he expected, until he bit her clit lightly. He chuckled to himself as he bit down harder and grinded her clit between his teeth. She screamed through the tape. His teeth let go of her clit as he spoke to her, "Poor puppy. Did that hurt?" He smiled the sinister grin that she had come to know so well. His fingers traced small patterns on her lips until her breathing calmed slightly. "You are free to cum whenever you like puppy." He looked up at her, she glared down at him. He pinched her clit as he stared into her eyes. She shook her head whimpering as she neared release. "Puppy you are going to cum. In fact, you will cum when I next bite you."

She whimpered through her gag, begging him to let her complete this ordeal with out proven pleasure. He kissed, licked, and nibbled at her pussy, he made her twist away and lean closer to his lips, he set his teeth around her swollen clit and bit down roughly, her body shook with orgasm.

Before she caught her breath or uncurled her toes she heard him tear off another piece of tape. He placed the tape expertly along her lips. He patted her taped pussy, "Ready for your spanking puppy?" She looked at him in a mixture of fear and lust. "Oh! I almost forgot." He tore off two new pieces of tape and taped down her breast tightly. She moaned out pathetically as her clit throbbed. He kissed each of her taped breast and lips softly.

"You are such a silly puppy. All taped up. Tape against your lips." His fingers traced along her lips as he spoke. "Tape all over your little breast." he pinched her nipples through the tape. "And a swollen wet pussy all taped up." He ran his fingers over the tape on her cunt. "Such a wet...taped little puppy... I bet the tape on that cunt of yours is going to fall off. Duck tape doesn't stick if it gets to wet ya' know." His hand slapped her cunt softly. "Such a naughty puppy today." He slapped her cunt again with more force. "A...Bad...Bad...Nau-ght-y...pup-py..." His hand spanked her cunt with each syllable he spoke. "A..Tape-ed...Up...Nau-ght-y...Lit-tle... Pup-py..." The spanks grew harder still until each smack caused her to scream out.

Her breath was coming in short gasps through her nose, her hips pushed up towards him begging for more. His hand stuck her cunt with a harder force than before, "Cum...Pup...py." She screamed as her body convulsed in orgasm. His hand continued to rain down on her cunt to elongate her orgasm.

He held himself over her as she regained her breath. He kissed her lips softly and whispered southing reassurances in her ear. "I know you are tired baby, but I know my puppy can take more." her eyes looked at him in a dazed confusion. He moved back between her legs and grabbed the leather flogger that until now she had yet to notice.

He started softly from her breast to her knees, each thwack caused a soft moan deep in her throat. He slowly increased the force behind the flogger to make her dance about. He stopped briefly to peel the tape from her mouth so her could hear her screams.

The flogging resumed with harder smacks against her skin. Soon the focus of the tails was her taped cunt. Each time the flogger would strike her he received a yelp, and each time it stuck her cunt he received a scream. Sill harder the flogging became as every other thwack landed on her swollen lips.

He hit her cunt roughly, "Cum." She screamed out in pleasure and pain as her body tensed with orgasm. As her body began to soften she struck her again, "Cum." The process continued. Thwack, "Cum." Thwack. "Cum." Thwack, "Cum!"

Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her eyes were glazed with the look of submission. And now her body laid limp and she moaned softly when he touched her.

He held himself above her body and kissed her gently. "My beautiful little puppy. Such a good girl." he whispered in her ear.

"Will you fuck me please Sir?" was her soft reply.

His response was silent as he pulled away the tape from her cunt that was beginning to fall off. He held her hands together in one of his own against the floor. He thrust into her softly. Moving his cock deep into her womb at a slow pace.

She whimpered, cumming every time he moved a certain way. She was gone. "Sir?"

"Yes puppy?"

"Please just fuck me?" She smiled at him softly.

"I think I will fuck you how I wish to girl." he said as he thrust deep into her. He continued to alternate between hard and soft thrust. Changing at almost every stroke as he pinned her to the floor.

She began to whimper and beg, "Sir please... I can't cum anymore... Sir please cum...Please Sir."

His hand moved to rest at her throat softly as he thrust into her roughly he tightened his grip. Her body shook with an orgasm more powerful than any she had experienced today.

" I tell you when you are done girl." She whimpered louder.

He began to thrust into her roughly. Pushing himself deep into her womb. "Cum for me puppy." They came together. He laid to the side of her and pulled her close against him. She curled against him and kissed him softly and nuzzled her cheek against him. Quiet moments lasted until she fell asleep.

"Time for a bath puppy. Then off to bed with you." He said as he pulled her off the floor. They took a silent shower, washing each other in the warm water. She stepped out of the shower to grab his towel and dry him, then herself. They walked to his bed together, him leading the way (he always led the way) and curled up beneath the blankets. She snuggled against his body, still slightly in subspace, and felt complete peace.

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