tagIncest/TabooDunn In Ch. 02

Dunn In Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Dunn with Denial

This story does not have very much sexual action. It is here to answer questions developed in the first chapter and set the stage for future chapters.

It was three more days till I finally got home. Needless to say, in those three days I did a lot of thinking. What was supposed to be a casual visit to my daughter's college turned into not one, but a series of life-changing events, each more stunning than the last, culminating in a shock so thorough it took me the four hour drive back to the rental place to sort it out. Sort it out and also finally confront feelings and urges present for a long time. I had read somewhere that these feelings could be hereditary, that would explain a lot.

Now I was finally home. Miranda's car was not in the three bay garage. She was undoubtedly working. Most guys living my life would assume their wife was fucking someone else or even a series of someone else's, but I knew better. Miranda had a great sex drive but her ambition trumped that. I was useful to her so she would not risk the career killing scandal if she got caught fucking around. Plus it would crush her ego to know it was thought she laid her way to the top. No, no screwing around for Miranda.

Sammie was right inside the door when I stepped in and I had to drop my bag to catch her. She's an eighteen year old version of her sister and they are so alike in many ways. Both are very loving and emotional. I bent over and hugged her long and hard. I had missed my little girl. But I had a guilty moment when it occurred to me she felt just like her sister. I let her go and followed her into the house.

A half an hour later, I was unpacked, had started my laundry- a skill I've had to learn since Miranda started her climb- showered and changed into more comfortable clothes. I was sitting in the den with a glass of bourbon when Sammie stuck her head around the corner.

"Dad, can I come in?"

Odd she would ask, I never required that. I assumed I was in for the other half of the 'you can divorce mom' speech.

"Sure Sam, sit."

She sat down and she was clearly nervous.

"Dad, you know Rachael and I talk. We talk about everything. We've got no secrets. She told me when she lost her virginity at seventeen and I told her when I lost mine at sixteen."

She suddenly stopped and went a deep red. In her hurry to tell what apparently was going to be a big deal she had overshared.

"OH SHIT! Dad I am SOOOO sorry. Oh fuck! I was so nervous, shit, damn! Oh man, you've got to be so mad right now!"

She went to jump up and run out and I just touched her leg and pointed. She plopped down in the chair and stared at her feet. I reached way over and put my fingers under her chin raising her face up so I could see.

"Sammie baby, I love you, I will always love you. Yeah, that was an overshare, but it's okay. Your mom and I raised both you girls to stand up for yourselves and demand to be treated right. I know you were careful and I know you two. I'm sure when it happened you made sure it was just the way you wanted. It's okay baby, get back to what you wanted to talk about."

Sammie visibly sighed and relaxed. Then she smiled.

"I have to tell you this much Dad. You're right, Rachael and I planned both and we put those guys through hell. But we got what we wanted. It was good. And that's all I'll say about that!"

I watched as she fidgeted a bit in the chair, clearly she was working up to her original point. I just sat and waited. Sammie cleared her throat and began.

"Dad, Rachael and I have been talking over the last few days. Dad, she will not tell me anything, which is really weird and a bit scary because she is very scared about you. Will you tell me what happened?"

This was the blowback I had been concerned about. I wanted to wait till I could talk with Rachael face to face before I said anything. She would be in finals soon and clearly this was burning her up. I needed to make my feelings clear but I would not bring Sammie in on what happened until I could see Rachael.

"Sammie, I know we don't do a lot of secrets here but I'm going to have to ask you to be patient."

Sammie's face wasn't one of petulant anger at being left out; it was deep concern, even fear.

"Dad, Rache is torn up. She's terrified. She begged me to ask you if you will forgive her. You know I'm dying to know what's going on but I love you both and I'll wait. But Dad, what can I tell her?"

I had to think for a few minutes. From what Sammie was saying I couldn't tell exactly how Rachael felt. I could play it safe, but that would still leave her wondering, or I could send a clear message and hope I was right. Either one would take the edge off her panic but a miscalculation would result in a very uncomfortable discussion when she got home. I decided to be honest, its' the way we raised them and I owed it to them to follow my own teaching. I reached out and took Sammie's hands.

"Sammie, pay attention to what I'm saying, you know it's important. Tell Rachael I'm happy, very happy, okay? Tell her there is nothing that needs to be forgiven. Tell her I love her as much as ever and I am dying to see her when she gets home. Got it?"

Sammie repeated what I had said, word for word and then she was gone like a rocket. The phone or the Facebook IM screen was about to be lit up. I took my glass, drained the inch of bourbon that was in it and fell back. I did what I needed to do so my daughter could study, guilt free and hopefully maintain that 3.9 average. But what was I letting myself in for? She had wanted this. I didn't know who it was at the time but it was the most intense sexual encounter of my life. I truly wanted more. Sasha had been amazing and would be again, but this was off the scale. Before my older girl got home next week I had to decide what was next. I'd have to wait to talk to her before I'd know what to do. This wasn't about me, now, it was about the effect it would have on her.

Rachael came home but we got no closer to having that talk. Miranda was back from her trip and Sammie was home and idolizing her sister. There was simply no way to get alone with her for the open ended time it would take to get this worked out.

A week later, Miranda had a two day business trip. She and her new summer intern were going to a presentation. That night, I was lying in bed reading, Miranda had left late so I figured I'd do the deed tomorrow. Yeah, I was putting it off. I heard my door open, quietly, I knew who it was. Rachael slid in wearing a full set of cotton PJ's. Good, I know she did that for me to let me know, right off that this was important. I know what she usually wears, or doesn't wear to bed. I've spent a few nights watching her sleep, particularly the warm summer nights.

She gave me a look and I nodded her in. She climbed up on the bed and just sat there for a minute. That was my cue that I would have to start. Looking at her brought back all the memories of that night. She had tricked me but that did not detract from my memory of an unbelievable time. But that was then and this was now.

"Thank you for coming in Rachael. I'm sorry this has taken so long."

She began to speak but I just touched her leg.

"No, baby, let me talk for a while. We've got a lot of ground to cover and I need to have my turn. You tricked me, deceived me, took advantage of me, and you did it with accomplices. What happened between us is considered to be morally wrong and is actually illegal in many places, regardless or your age. Plus now there are four other people who know what happened. Do you have any idea what a risk you took? I could have reacted very very badly, men in my position have even injured themselves out of guilt and rage. Do you know how lucky you are that I'm this calm?

Rachael's face was long, her head hung low. I was sorry I had to do this. But, even after having amazing sex with my daughter, I had to be dad. I had to keep going.

"What's done is done. I won't lie, it was amazing. But there are good reasons why ......I'll call it what it is, why incest is wrong. It has changed the way you and I will relate, forever. You know that and I don't mean the sex thing. I am really worried about how this will affect you. You've had boyfriends and apparently are no longer a virgin, Sammie confirmed that for me in an unplanned blurt. That's fine, I'm very glad. It is rather obvious to me that you have had some good lovers. Once again, this is all very normal and I'm glad.

Rachael, I don't think we should continue this. It's not good for you mentally to be attached to me in a sexual way. I'm afraid it will change you. I'm no work to be close to. You know me very well. Boys are work, you have to get to know them and put up with the stuff you don't like. I'm scared you won't want to try and just rely on me for your emotional and sexual support. You girls have said its okay for me to divorce mom. Thank you, I never really considered that but now I have to give that some thought. But that's going to change things too, if it happens.

Plus, I will share with you that Sasha made me a very nice offer. She wants to be my lover. So, if I do divorce mom, it doesn't look like I'll be lonely. That's another thing. Jealousy. Us committing incest can open a whole can of worms. Did you think this out? If I divorce I'll have lovers. Even if I wanted to, I can't have you as my lover. Rachael, it's just wrong for you. I'm done now baby. Your turn.

Rachael wasn't crying, that was good. In the light of the single bedside lamp she actually looked quite composed. That worried me, but not in a bad way. She's damn smart and damn clever. I was fighting things inside of me and the look on her face warned me that I was not going to get any help from her. But I was going to wait and see what she had to say first. She shifted a bit, her PJ's covered her well, so there was no teasing going on. I was just in my boxers, under a sheet. I was a little nervous, I would have preferred to have more on for this chat, but that's the way it goes.

"Dad, I love you and respect you. You need to know that. You will always be my father first. I am very sorry I tricked you. It wasn't fair at all. I was very selfish. We blacked that window out and I conspired with my roommates to make it happen. Oh, make no mistake; once they saw your pictures from our beach vacation last year, they were in. Yeah, they lied about not knowing what you looked like. I am so sorry dad, we played you something terrible. Looking back now I'm really ashamed of my behavior. I was stupid. By tricking you I.....well I fucked things up. To say I wasn't thinking about that part is putting it mildly. I guess I'm lucky we're having this talk and I'm not in a bus station someplace."

She paused to take a breath; she seemed to be shivering a bit even though it was summertime. I just let her sit and waited.

"But I'm cool with what happened, dad. Because I planned it I had time to think my part out. I could have stopped at any time. I didn't have to have the girls.....well, fuck you. I didn't have to sneak in there once. Well, you get it. Dad, I knew what I was doing. I'll admit I didn't think too much about what would come next, I had worked out how I felt and how I would feel but I guess I assumed too much about you. You see, dad, this wasn't an impulse on my part. There's a few things I know."

Her statement made my head pop up and stare at her. Her brown eyes had a sparkle. Her posture indicated that she had the high ground. I had a bad feeling about where this conversation was going to go. Well bad may not be quite correct but I didn't have much choice right now. I just looked and waited. I wasn't going to confess anything. Rachael sensed that. She looked a little disappointed. We both are pretty stubborn at times, this was one of them. She knew I was going to make her work for this. She took a deep breath, as if she was about to climb a long hill.

"This is long but I see I'm going to have to lay it all out. Okay, dad, here goes. You know I'm smart and you know I'm observant. What is it? Three years ago mom went back to work fulltime? Well, I noticed pretty quickly that she had entered another phase in her life. She still loves us but now it was about her. I also noticed that you two weren't as close. Dad, I adore you, even before, you know. I watch you all the time. So I noticed pretty quickly that you started noticing me. At first I didn't catch on, then, when I got tuned in it was obvious. You were very respectful. But dad, you were looking at me differently. I'm sure a lot of dads struggle with that. The more I thought about it the more I began to like it. It made me feel real mature to think I had the eye of a good looking guy, even if it was you.

Now, Sammie and I have been outside your door when you and mom were, well, fucking. It's not like we were being sneaky, you two made a lot of noise. Now don't get mad. We didn't stake you out every night or anything, it was only once or twice, but dad it was cool, sorry. But because of that we noticed real fast that after mom went into career mode the noisy sex pretty much ended. That's when you started looking at me with that warm smile. Once I knew what was going on and once I got my head around it, I'm afraid I got bad.

I like to read stories on a web site called literotica. I started reading dad daughter tales. Most of them were pretty bad. But I did get ideas. Now, don't get me wrong, this was no obsession. If you remember I was going out with Jerry, Jerry whom I caught fucking our High School, married, English teacher, but that's another story, albeit it really good one, for another time."

I stared at her briefly. She gave me an enigmatic smile and just continued. Clearly she would tell me that story at some other time and clearly it involved her. But she was back on task now. I was feeling better about this, more relaxed, less scared for her mental welfare. She shifted again and casually reached up to adjust one of her breasts, tits, those wonderful tits with those amazing nipples. I could not see them right now. I forced myself to stop thinking about that because it was already having an effect on my cock and I had nothing to disguise that. She took another breath.

"Okay dad. Things are different between us now so I'm going to just tell it like it is. There's no point in my being coy or careful in my speech. You were scoping me, a lot. I liked it. I got used to it and I enjoyed it. I did notice though that after you went to one particular city it slowed down or got less or something. So, I already knew you had a friend there. Your fire dimmed after those trips. So dad I knew you were cheating on mom. Sorry. I wasn't mad. I'm quite mature and worldly, I knew what was going on. Mom brought this on herself. I actually was happy that you were, well, taking care of things. Sammie never noticed. You have figured out that I shared none of this with her. She's too young. She thinks we talk about everything but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Now, you know I didn't run around in just a thong, or wear gym shorts with no panties and flash my poor horny dad, but I did make a point of dressing to please you at every opportunity. It was just a game. It made you happy. That was until one day by the pool. I know you remember what day. As usual I had on a small bikini, you know the one. I was taking my time putting on sun stuff, watching you out of the corner of my eye. You were subtle dad but your eyes were glued on my hands and I knew it. I'm sorry I'm so evil. Well, not really. But you ended up surprising me."

At that point she smiled at me again and ran her hands up her legs, over the cotton fabric. I remembered that day. It was a turning point. I couldn't help it. I felt myself getting a little hard. Rachael shifted a little moving so she was leaning against the pillows, right next to me.

"So, as you remember, I was very slowly applying the sun stuff. I was really making an act of it, smoothing the stuff on, close to my top and slightly under the edge, looking off in the distance, as if I was bored. Then I did my legs, slowly again, starting at my ankles and bringing each leg up as I spread, smoothing it right up to the edge of my bottoms."

As she told me the story, she began to mimic the motions she had made that day. Her hand moved over the fabric of her shirt, circling and caressing her breasts. Then she leaned down and, starting at her ankle ran her hand slowly over her pants, up her leg until she almost touched her pussy, tucked in behind a thin wall of cotton pants. As she did this her eyes alternated between my eyes and my crotch.

"I was really enjoying putting on the show. But I got some surprise, actually I really should have known better, when I peeked and you had a HUGE boner!"

She gave a nervous laugh and shifted again, squeezing her legs together. I sensed I knew the reason why as my dick was now at full mast and making a bit of a lump in the sheet. Rachael looked quickly and then away.

"Kind of like now."

She smiled again and continued.

"Weeeeellllllll dad, that day changed everything. Now I knew my dad not only liked the way his oldest daughter looked but was getting seriously turned on by it. I had to think about that for a while. You don't remember I'm sure, but I dialed my act back for a while. Dad, it doesn't seem that way but I have given this a lot of thought.

After that day by the pool I got a little scared. I'd enjoyed teasing you, just a little, but now I had to confront the fact that you were attracted to me. Even though, like any father, you were keeping that to yourself. It was then I decided I needed to have sex with you. I still was teasing you, but no more suntan shows. I also started, well sneaking around a little. I found out more. But Dad, there was one day that I knew I was going to be okay with my plan."

Rachael's hand moved up her leg and she briefly rubbed herself. Her legs squeezed and her breath quickened, just for a second or two. Then her hand moved away, she took a breath, and continued.

"I had been running around the house in my usual short shorts and a tee. I had not put a bra on, mostly out of laziness. You were watching me, as usual, so, being wicked I did flaunt my tits a bit and I bent over in front of you a few more times than I really needed to. I knew what was going to happen but, like I said, I was feeling wicked. Well, you made some excuse and left the room. That's when I got really wicked. I waited and snuck up the stairs to your room. I already knew that your door made no noise when I opened it."

I looked at her, giving that 'what the fuck?' sort of look. She just smiled, adjusted one of those awesome breasts, now with the nipples making two hard points in her top, and continued.

"Well dad, you were lying on your bed, naked and you were fucking hard! I had the door cracked just enough to watch. You were so into jacking off you wouldn't have heard me if I knocked. I loved watching you stroke that big cock of yours. Oh and you were hard at it. I knew I had caused this."

I watched as Rachael slowly slipped her hand over her belly and tucked her fingers under the waistband of her PJ pants. She slowly shoved them down until I could clearly see the top of the pink panties. She paused, holding my eye, then tucked her fingers under the elastic and her hand snaked down the last little bit. Her legs spread and she settled her palm over her sex. As she continued her story I was riveted to the hand that moved under the cover of her pants and panties. My cock, of course was hard as could be, but I resisted the urge to touch myself, that would have to wait. Besides, I remembered that day and I knew where she was going. She continued but now with ragged breath.

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