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Dunn In Ch. 07



Dunn with Grandma

Sorry for the delay, faithful readers. It's tough to write as a hobby, real work gets in the way. I'm reading your comments. I had no idea how many of you want a better quality story. This series has flaws. The next series I'll put on my A game! Thank you for all your comments. Particularly Marie and Allie!

My dick shot its last ribbon on Rachael's leg as we scrambled off the couch and ran for the bedrooms. We made it into mine and quietly shut the door as we heard Sammie come in. Rachael sat on the bed and looked at me. We both tried not to laugh too hard. I shook my finger at her.

"That was way too close young lady. Way too close."

She was smiling her wicked smile.

"Yeah but it was hot, fucking hot. Admit it."

"Yes, but don't get any ideas, right?"

"Ohhhhh Dad, I have so many ideas, you have no idea how many ideas I have."

I left that alone. We got up and peeked out the door. Sammie was in the kitchen so Rachael ran to her room. Naked, of course, she had stripped off her soaked shorts and handed them to me as she peeled off her tee and left. What the fuck have I gotten into?

For the next week or so we were a normal family. Sammie was home a lot and Rachael and I were working so there wasn't any time for fun. It may seem like its sex a go-go around here but it's not. I just tell the good stuff. Rachael, however, kept winking at me. She was reminding me that this weekend grandma was coming to visit.

Mom and I had chatted some more. No more phone sex, she said she was saving up for when she got here. She also conspicuously avoided any mention of Rachael and what she knew. My problem was what to do with Sammie. I love both my girls and yes, though my relationship with Rachael has changed it hasn't changed my love for my younger daughter. Yeah, I look at her differently now. She's a younger version of her mother, same lean shape, her breasts are smaller and she wears her hair differently but other than that they are the same. What I don't do, is spy on her. This sounds strange but Rachael came on to me. I'm not going to do anything with Sammie. If an interest in incest is in her too, someday it may show up. But it won't be because I started it. Besides her damn sister is going to kill me with sex by then anyway.

Rachael is seeing a guy now. Nice fella, they've been on two dates. This is good. She needs to do this. I know I'll always have her and I know she'll come to my bed if I ask, so I don't mind sharing and seeing what happens. Sammie does date but they don't seem to last long. I know she's not a virgin but she doesn't talk about it and I don't ask. That's kinda a Mom thing.

Thursday I got a surprise. We were having dinner and Sammie spoke up.

"Dad, do you mind if I go visit Mom this weekend?"

I suppressed a smile and I glanced at Rachael who simply could not.

"Sammie, you can go visit Mom anytime you want. That's between you two, you know that."

"Yeah Dad, but it's usually Rach and I. I wanted to go see her by myself. Rach, do you mind?"

Rachael tried not to literally leer over the idea. I had a thought that Sammie had 'girl stuff' she wanted to discuss with her mother and wasn't interested in interruptions. No problem with me. Rachael was very gracious.

"Hell no, Samm. I know how it is. There are things you want to talk with Mom about. I've been there. No problem brat."

Sammie pouted at her old knick name but smiled almost immediately. Conversation shifted to grandma's visit and the logistics of Sammie getting to see her too. We worked out a plan that Sammie would come back early on Sunday and spend the day with us. This, of course, left Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night. Rachel kept looking at me and smiling. This could prove to be a very long couple of days.

Sammie had left for her Mother's condo by the time my mother walked in the door. Rachael and I rose to meet her. Mom is 65. She stands around five foot eight or so. Her figure is athletic. She's lean and long. Her grey hair is in a short cut now, no more long locks in a ponytail. Her skin is still smooth. She has gotten sun over the years but never so much that it toughened her skin. The lines around her blue eyes have become more defined and her barely C cup breasts have begun to sag a bit, but she still has .45 caliber nipples. That's where Rachael got them from. Mom and Dad do the gym four times a week. The old girl has great muscle tone in her firm legs which dropped down out of the sundress she was wearing. I can't help it. Every time I see her, all my mind wants to do is re-run every time we've been together. There have been a lot. She was my first. Yeah, I'll tell that one too, but not now.


Mom opened up her arms and I slid between them. Rachael stood off to one side, sizing up the new image of her grandmother as we hugged. She didn't get much. Mom was very well behaved and her greeting was no different than any Rachael had seen before. Mom broke off and looked a Rachael.

"Rach, darling, would you go get my bag out of the car and take it to my room? Thank you dear."

Rachael walked past her and out the front door. The latch had no more clicked then my Mom was on her knees, yanking down my shorts.

"Oh Robby, I've missed you!"

With that she took all of my rapidly hardening cock into her nice wet mouth. I was loving it but I was also a bit wary.

"Oh Mom, that's nice, but um Rachael..."

She slipped my dick out of her mouth.

"Oh that was just a taste. So, how long have you been fucking her?"

There was no use trying to dance around it. Mom had figured it out.

"A few months."

She sucked me a few more times; oh she had not lost any of her skill. I did not want her to stop.

"Who started it?"

"She did, it's a long story."

My cock was so hard now. I wanted her to keep going, but Rachael was coming back and I didn't want to go too fast. Mom put my cock away and stood up. She looked at me and cocked her eye and smiled.

"How does she feel about women?"

"Well, as for girls her own age, I know she's licked them, I saw it. Horny bi-sexual Grandmothers, I don't know. You'll have to figure that one out yourself. But, Mom, take it slow. Rachael may seem aggressive but let's be sure, okay?"

Mom gave me that 'can't wait to hear the rest of that story' look as Rachael passed through with her bag. Rachael stared at the bulge in my shorts with the rather conspicuous wet spot, looked up at me and smiled wickedly. This may go more smoothly than I thought. Rachael came back down and we stood for a second. Mom looked out the back door.

"Robby, it's been a long drive on a hot day. That pool is calling me. Let's go swim and talk."

Rachael turned to go to her room, Mom stopped her.

"Where ya goin dear?"

Rachael was confused.

"To change, Grandma."

My mother smiled.

"Oh we're way past that my love. We're a real family now.'

With that she reached down, crossing her arms and whisked the sundress over her head leaving her naked and standing in our living room. I, of course, had seen her this way many times. Poor Rachael was dumbstruck again, just staring. Mom smiled and strode out the slider and dove into the pool. I watched as she began doing slow laps. I knew what she was doing; she was giving us time to talk. I looked at the somewhat astonished face of my daughter.


"She shaves."

Was the quiet reply. I laughed.

"Actually it's lasered. She started shaving her pussy, well actually I did it for her the first time, when she saw porn actresses doing it. A year ago she got tired of shaving and just had it all lasered off. It's very smooth."

Rachael took a few seconds to process all this. Then she smiled.

"Fucking wow Dad, I only caught the sound of you two fucking the last time she was here. I got back from work early. But I've never actually seen grandma naked."

Rachael was looking out the slider as my athletic mother did laps. I moved behind her and wrapped my arms around her just under her unrestrained breasts. I whispered into her ear.


Rachael was pressing back into me now and had taken my right hand and put it over her right nipple. I took the cue and bean to rub and pinch. She moaned.

"Oh that's nice, keep going. Well, um she looks great. I wasn't sure just what was going to happen here so I'm kinda...oh shit, pinch it Dad, harder....I'm kinda gonna just ride along...oh fuck! It's all so new, so...sexy! Do you mind..if I don't jump right in? Oh yeah, right there, oh I need more!"

She took my left hand and put it at the waistband of her shorts. I took the cue and slid my big hand inside the elastic, under the edge of her thong and slid down till my hand cupped her drenched sex. She spread her legs wide.

"Oh fuck Dad, I am so fucking horny! Fingers, stick your fingers in!"

I had two inside her sloppy tunnel and she began to undulate, trying to get more action from them.

"Oh Dad, are you going the fuck her? Fuck your Mom? Harder, oh shit harder!"

I was ramming my fingers in now; her shorts were pushed down to give me access. My dick was pressed into her lower back.

"I'd like to, a lot. You know that. But it's going to be up to you. If it bothers you, I can wait."

Rachael was drenching my hand now.

"Bother me? OHHHHHH YESSS! Fuck no Dad. I think I want to watch. Oh, I'm close, so close!"

I stopped and pulled my hand out. Rachael looked mad.

"You left me hanging, Dad. That's not nice."

I smiled as I threw off my shirt and then pulled my shorts down over my rock hard cock.

"We need to go swim and talk. I wanted you in the proper frame of mind. You going to join us?"

She smiled broadly and raced to get naked. As her soaked thong hit the floor she looked at me.

"Oh man am I ready! Let's go!"

We walked out into the late summer sun and dove into the pool. We all swam around a little till we had cooled off and ended up standing waist deep. My mother started the serious conversation.

"So, Rachael, apparently your Dad and I weren't very careful the last time I was here."

Rachael was a little embarrassed. She was standing in our pool, naked with her Grandmother. I noticed Rachael kept staring at Mom's tits. This was a lot to deal with. Up until a few months ago this had been her Grandma in all the traditional ways. Now, she's found out what sort of kink seems to run in my family. I know Mom, she was going to get Rachael to talk until we could all figure out just where she stood. Sexy talk is one thing, actually seeing and doing is another.

"I didn't mean to, honestly, really. I got off work early. I came home and saw your car Grandma. I was excited. When nobody was downstairs I went up to my room. Dad's door was closed but boy could I hear it!"

I think my mother blushed. It takes a lot to get that horny old slut off balance, but if anybody could do it, Rachael can. Rachael continued. Her body began to move a bit, she was reliving the experience.

"I had to stop and listen. I thought maybe Mom was back. Then I thought it was just some lady Dad had met. Then you said something and I almost fainted."

Mom smiled.

"And what did I say dear?"

Now Rachael blushed.

"ummmm you said, 'oh Robby, I need to cum again! Pound your Mommy's cunt!'"

Mom nodded her head.

"Yeah, that sounds like me. What did you think of that?"

"I think my jaw hit the floor. I was so mixed up. This was my grandma and my Dad....fucking. Oh man, I was confused. But as I sat there you two just kept on fucking. Then I noticed, I hadn't left, I hadn't run away in horror, I was still sitting there listening to two of my relatives having incredible and very vocal sex. I put my hand down my shorts. I was soaked. My hand stayed, my fingers got busy. Then I had to admit that somewhere in me this was exciting. After that I just went with it."

Mom was smiling warmly now. She had reached over under the water and was stroking my cock, which, of course had come back to full hardness listening to Rachael's story.

"So, you weren't upset or angry that your Dad and I were having a special time?"

"Grandma, that wasn't a 'special time'. You two were fucking like it was the last day on earth and no, I wasn't and I don't know why, but I am beginning to learn. I sat there and masturbated while you two got it on. I must have cum three times before you begged Dad to shoot his cum in you. I snuck back out and came back later."

"Why didn't you say something then?"

"Grandma, think about it. What was I going to say? You've been fucking Dad for a long time but incest was unknown to me until that day. Yeah, I got turned on but I had to really think about this. I had finally decided to just ignore the whole thing when I caught Dad masturbating one day."

Mom glanced at me and her hand went a little faster.

"Once again I was home sooner than planned. Dad's door was partially open and he was on the bed naked. That big dick of his was hard and he was going at it. I was feeling very wicked so I took out my phone and videoed the whole thing. Then I got the life changing surprise."

I had heard this story but Mom was rapt. She had stopped stroking me.

"I heard Dad say. 'Oh Rachael, take my cum! Take all of it!' just before I saw the jets of cum shoot out all over his belly. I was whacked! My Dad wanted me! I snuck away and, of course, said nothing. I didn't know what to do. So much change, so fast."

Mom was still stroking me under the water. I took my right hand and slipped it on her ass, moving down till my fingers were between her legs. She very obviously moved and spread them. Even under water she was wet. She moaned.

"Robby, I'm trying to have a conversation with Rachael. If you keep fingering my pussy I'll just want to fuck you right here. So Rachael darling I guess you figured out what you wanted?"

"Yeah, Grandma I sure did. I told a couple of my friends about it. I kinda eased into it, just to make sure they wouldn't be grossed out. It turned out they thought it was interesting, especially after seeing Dad's pic. Yeah, they lied when they said they hadn't seen you."

"Oh Robby, you're hittin the spot sonny. So what did your friends say Rachael?"

"Grandma, they told me what I'm about to tell you. Go for it. May I watch?"

My mother was moving me towards the cast-in stairs as she spoke.

"Sweetie, you can leave, watch or join in. I don't care but I'm about to fuck your old man."

Mom's ass was above the water line now. She bent over and put her hands on the step.

"Robby honey, fuck me. Put that hard cock in Momma's pussy. I need to cum!"

As I moved behind my mother I saw her sex, wide open and dripping white. Rachael's face glowed with anticipation as she moved to the side to get the best view. With my daughter watching, her hand on my hip, I ran the head of my prick up and down my mother's pussy, spreading the lube and getting my dick ready. Rachael's hand was between her spread legs now. Her eyes were glassy.

"Oh fuck Dad, this is so cool! I've never seen anybody have sex before in person. Plus it's you and your mother. This is soooo wicked!"

Rachael reached over and grasped my cock, rubbing up and down a few more times. Her fingers also wandered little and rubbed Mom's pussy as she readied my tool.

"Grandma, I'm holding Dad's cock, I'm getting it nice and wet and ready."

"Oh sweetie, are those your fingers rubbing my pussy too?"

"Yeah grandma, that me."

"Oh love you can do more....if you want."

"Maybe some other time. Okay Dad, do it!"

I briefly had the thought that this was seriously twisted. I was about to fuck my own mother while my daughter, whom I'm also fucking, watched. You can't make this shit up and if anyone tells you that incest isn't hereditary, send em to me. I grabbed my mother's hips to steady her and plowed in.

"OH FUCK Robby! YES! You feel sooo fucking good!"

Mom wasn't as tight as Rachael but she felt different, good. Plus there were a lot of memories there. I could do a whole series just on all the places my mother and I had sex over the years. Because Mom wasn't so tight I knew I was going to last a while but the whole 'fucking in the pool' thing was a lot of work.

"Oh yeah son, do it! Fuck Momma, she needs that cock!"

She was always a talker. But I needed a better place.

"Mom, let's go inside, I want to give you a good fucking."

I looked at Rachael, her eyes were glassy and her hand was buried between her legs. As Mom and I walked up the steps she just followed. We all toweled off and Rachael got her voice back.

"Never, I've never seen anything like it. Can I come up and watch some more?"

Mom, ever the gracious lady.

"Of course dear, you know what I said. Watch, join in, whatever. But I will have a load of your Dad's cum in me before you get anything you little tart. You have him all the time, be nice and share."

I swear Rachael blushed. I followed Mom in and Rachael whispered.

"Dad, this is unbelievable! So fucking hot! Would grandma mind if I..."

She heard us and interrupted.

"Grandma won't mind if you do anything that isn't dirty or painful dear, just remember I cum first."

I nudged Rachael and she smiled.

"Age before beauty, Grandma."

My mother hooted and replied in a smiling voice.

"Fuck you, granddaughter"

Then Rachael zinged her again.

"Maybe, we'll see."

That got an over the shoulder smile from my mother as she passed into my bedroom. Rachael gave me a very satisfied look. Mom got up on the bed. Laid back and spread her long lean legs. We both gazed at her sex, open and wanting. Mom took her finger and began to play with her lips. We could see the wetness flowing out of her.

"Robby dear, would you show Rachael how much you like the first pussy you ever ate?"

As I moved to go down on my Mom she continued to talk.

"Yes Rachael, I was your Dad's first woman. The first one he fucked, the first pussy he ever licked, the first...Oh Robbby!"

My mouth had closed over her clit and I massaged it with my tongue as I sucked. I know how

she likes it.

"YES Robby, do it! Oh baby suck my clit. Oh Rachael isn't he sooo good?"

"Oh yeah Grandma, he's fantastic!"

"Oh child! Wait till you have him up your ass! Unbelievable!"

I'm pretty sure Rachael was stunned by that vision. I was busy plowing my tongue up and down Mom's lips so I couldn't see, but I didn't hear any answer. Mom was working up to an orgasm, I slowed down.

"Robby, don't do that, you're building me up, that's not nice. You know what happens..."

I ignored her and switched back to her clit.

"OH FUCK OH FUCK! Oh yes soo nice¬. Suck it son! Suck it! Fingers!"

I took two fingers and slid them quickly under my chin. I curled them and began to massage.

"Oh shit, soon! Don't stop! I'm close! Faster! Rachael! Watch!"

My fingers were flying as my mouth was clamped on her clit. I felt the contractions. I've done this many times, I knew it was time.


My mother bellowed as I yanked my hand out and it was followed by a hard jet of milky fluid leaving a dark trail on the sheet. I rubbed her clit a little and two more little squirts followed. My Mom was quaking on the bed, moaning. I looked at Rachael, her jaw was wide open.

"Holy Shit! She's a squirter! Fucking wow!"

Was all she said.

Mom had calmed down by now. Her breathing was slowing she rolled over on her side and looked at me.

"You did that on purpose. You wanted to give your young lover a show didn't you?"

I smiled and ran my hand over Mom's supine body.

"Yes, I did. But I really wanted to give my first lover a fantastic orgasm after we've been apart too long."

Mom smiled broadly and looked at Rachael.

"You see? He is such a charmer! It's a wonder he hasn't gone up to your college and fucked everything in sight.'

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