As I explained in my earlier story, "Washing Dishes," doing the dishes is my favorite thing I do for my wife. The least favorite thing I do is the dusting. When I do the dishes, she gets so happy she'll let me kiss her soft pussy, and maybe even let me come, but when I dust she is not as happy. You see it is hard to dust and still remain ladylike. My dress is so short that when I reach up, she can see my balls and by bad boy, and that is so vulgar.

It has gotten easier with the new feather duster, I can do a lot of the dusting and still keep my balls and bad boy hidden. Since I wear high heels I have to walk carefully as I dust so I don't stumble or do anything to cause a run in my nylon stockings. Before I start, I look in the mirror, adjust my garter belt to it stays above my bad boy and so the stocking loops does show beneath the skirt, my wife loves that so.

My black dress with white apron fits nicely over my bra and well, I don't wear any panties because she likes to spank my balls if I am unladylike. Anyway, once I am dressed I take the feather duster and start in the living room. By keeping my legs together and bending with my back perfectly straight I can dust the coffee and end tables without my dress lifting up.

When I dust the shelves and the TV I can stand upright and as long as I move gracefully I can keep her happy with my work, but when I have to reach up for the taller shelves, she will watch me. It's then when she sees by bad boy and she will take her crop and slap my balls. I have to move quickly because she keeps slapping them, slap, slap, slap, slap. I have to be careful when she does that, I have to concentrate and make sure my bad boy doesn't get hard when she slaps my balls.

Dusting the bedrooms is usually a bit easier because there is only one tall chest of drawers and usually I can dust it while she slowly walks down the hallway. If I finish the chest then I can comfortably dust the nightstands and dressers while she sits on the bed and watches me. I still have to be careful because when she sits on the bed I sometimes think of when we are in bed together and my bad boy tries to grow, but I can usually keep it soft by just concentrating on my chores.

When I finish the bedroom I then move to the dining room where once again, I will dust the tall cabinet first before she comes into the room, so when she finally makes it there I can dust everything while being the perfect lady. It is not difficult work, but when I finish in the dining room, she walks back into the living room and well, some dust has settled in the time I spent dusting the other rooms, so once again I have to dust the high shelves and feel her slap, slap, slap my balls. The sharp tingling feel goes away quickly, it's the deep, pain in my stomach that remains.

Today when I dusted the living room again she acted very happy and much to my surprise as I stood there watching her, she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She handed both to me and after I neatly folded them she looked at me and said, "You weren't very lady like but I love to slap your balls. I had so much fun that I want you to be my cunt boy, my happy little Tommy. Lift up your skirt and show me your bad boy."

Remembering to curtsey first, I lifted my skirt and let her see my bad boy. When she nodded, I knew I could let it get hard, so I looked at her large breasts and imagined touching them. My bad boy immediately got hard, so I stood there as the looked at it.

"Oh such a bad boy on my little Tommy, can you rub it for me?"

I reached down and began to stroke my cock, sliding my fist back and forth over the head. Soon I could hear the familiar clicking sound as the precum formed in the tiny hole. I continued stroking and then asked, "Mistress please may I come?"

"Not yet cunt boy, see it's starting to drip."

I quickly pinched my dress against my body with my arm and then took a finger and ran it over the hole, wiping up the precum. I held the finger up to my mouth and licked the clear fluid. I then moved my hand back down and held my skirt.

"Mistress, may I come?"

"Now you can cum pretty girl," she said to me. Letting my mind concentrate on her beautiful breasts, I pictured my white cum splashing all over them and then felt the pleasure shoot through my cock and I came, spurting all over her enormous breasts.

The white splashed her again and again and then as I continued stroking, I watched the last droplets oozed onto her. I looked at her face and she was smiling. She nodded and then said, "Okay clean me up and then you can begin cooking my dinner."

Kneeling in front of her, I quickly began lapping my cum off of her, tasting the salty, bland flavor as I let it well up on my tongue before I swallowed. When I got all the white lapped up, I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and gently dried her breasts.

She then grabbed her bra and let me watch as she fastened it and then maneuvered he breasts into the cups. She then pulled the straps up onto her shoulders. I then helped her put on her blouse and then moved into the kitchen as ladylike as possible to begin cooking her dinner.


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