tagGroup SexDusti's Big Surprise

Dusti's Big Surprise

byDr. Dusti Lee©

I was a senior in college when this happened to me. Since I was not from a rich family I had to work my way through college. Both my mom and dad worked hard just to pay for every thing for my younger brother and sister and I was left pretty much on my own. In high school I had the usual jobs at fast food places. During the first two summers in college I worked as wait staff in a steak house. The tips were really good and I was a pretty good girl, keeping my panties on most of the time.

Then in my junior year, a friend put me on to a gold mine job. She told me she made enough money to totally pay all her expenses and fees by modeling for the art classes and a few other side places. Of course, this was nude modeling. They started you out with just your top off and slowly worked you in to being naked in front of twenty students or so.

I found at first that posing nude was-well a little scary. Then I noticed that most of the students never really saw me, just my body anyway. And that I was really turned on by it. At the beginning of my senior year I was working fully nude. I even had an agent that booked me for sessions outside the college. His name was Sid. The jobs outside the college were the ones that really paid.

This one job Sid called me about was going to pay more than I had made in the first month I was back to school. It was a photo shoot by a local very well known art critic that owned a high priced loft studio. My girlfriend told me she was there once and loved it. Sid told me this was a little unusual assignment and the art critic saw me at an art fair and asked for me by name. How could I refuse that! Besides, I had my next semester's fees coming up soon.

I showed up at Alfredo's loft studio early. Alfredo and I sat down at a desk and went over the standard artist's modeling contract. After I signed the normal forms, Alfredo reached into his desk drawer and brought out a rider form to the standard contract. He started to say something, shook his head, and put the form back away in the drawer. I knew what the form was. It is what is called a touching rider. Sometimes the models get touched. Sexually. Sometimes it is incidental contact, some times it is intentional. No matter how it happens, that costs extra.

What Alfredo wanted to do was to have me dress up in a black silk corset which really pushed my breasts up high, (I'm not really large, just 35C) and left my nipples and an inch of skin under the nipples showing. Matching black elbow length gloves and garter belt with black fishnet stockings and very high heeled shoes finished my outfit. He was going to tie me up to a special table he built from a weight lifters bench and take a series of close photos of me spread wide open and all trussed up. I would have a ball gag in my mouth and be wearing a blindfold. I would be wearing bright red lipstick and have my face made up with heavy blush. I could just imagine what this was going to look like. It made me hot to think of it.

After I dressed and made up to Alfredo's satisfaction, he started to tie me up. I sat on the bench while he first took what seemed to be yards of white soft nylon cord and wrapped it around each of my arms and pulled them tight down to a bar at the base of the bench. It was not really comfortable, but it did not hurt. Then he took my left leg and wrapped the cord around first my thigh, above the knee, then bent my knee and tied it off, and wrapped more cord around my ankle. After he secured my left leg to the bench, he repeated this with my right leg.

Here I am. I'm laying on my back on a narrow padded bench. My arms are tied to the base of the bench, my legs are spread wide open and secured to the bench. My breasts are open and pushed with my nipples held high and with free access to them. My pussy is spread wide open, and sticking straight up in the air. The way my legs were spread apart, the lips of my pussy were pulled open as well. You could see right inside my love canal. Lastly, Alfredo lifted my head up and spread my beautiful long black hair in a fan shape around my head over the top of the bench.

I didn't have to imagine what I looked like. Alfredo had three video cameras pointed right at me-one on each side and one right down at my spread wide open pussy. I could see myself in a monitor. I was getting hotter by the minute. And not from the room heat!

Alfredo came and gave me a long drink of water from a squeeze bottle and then checked to make sure I was alright. When I said I was, he put in the golf ball sized gag, which fit inside my mouth with my lips curled on the outside of it (it had a hole in the center of it that I could breath through it if I had too, or so he could give me more water.)

Then Alfredo sat down and his couch and poured himself a glass of wine! I guess tying me up was hard work! After he finished drinking his wine, he started to walk around me and snap what seemed to be hundreds of still photos of me. He used at least four different professional model cameras. I was not blindfolded during all the photos. Some he let me watch, to get my reaction on film.

Some times he placed an object on or near me. I about died when he placed a yellow rubber duck so it looked like it was licking my breasts and my pussy. Then he placed it right between my breasts. He had a sculpture of a long necked bird with a long beak. He did the same thing with it, only he actually had the beak inside my pussy! Then he had it placed with the beak inside my gag! All the time he was doing this, I was getting hotter and hotter. My pussy had been flooding my love juice over my lips. He smiled at me and took close up photos of this several times. I could see his cock was hard, too.

When I thought he was about finished, he took off the gag and gave me some more water. To his credit, he offered me wine. I wanted the water. I would have some wine after we finished for the night.

"Alfredo, what was in the rider you were going to show me?" I asked him in a normal tone of voice. I saw the huge bulge in his pants from before he started shooting his pictures. It stayed there all the time he was shooting. I knew what the rider was. I just wanted his bulge out of his pants and deep inside me!

"Dusti, I guess you know I would really like to fuck you. I have never done it with any of my models before, but some how you are different. I always wanted to try this photo shoot, but never had the courage to ask any of the girls to do it. This has been a long time dream of mine," he said with passion.

"Alfredo, if you don't fuck me and soon, I'm going to turn into Wonder Woman and break these ropes and rape you right here and now. I'm so hot to be fucked I'm about ready to die!" I knew he was recording all this on video tape and I knew my consent to be touched sexually was just as valid this way as it would have been with me signing the forms. He knew that too.

"Let me change the tapes and I will be right there," he said. I new he used high quality four hour tapes. We had been there that long. With that, he put new video tapes in and dropped his pants. He pushed his boxer shorts down and pulled his shirt off. I was right. His cock was the largest cock I had ever seen! I was so hot just then that I wanted it all! Every last inch of it-and right now!

He surprised me by running my bright red lipstick over my nipples and then my outer pussy lips. Then he came over and ran my lipstick over my lips. They had dried out a bit. He replaced my lipstick on the table. He knew I wanted his cock in my mouth. He was taking his time with everything. Keeping me waiting. Getting hotter and wetter each second.

Alfredo walked around to the head of the bench and did something under me and my head lowered down. His cock, which was getting very hard now, was just inches away from my mouth. I licked my tongue out at it, trying to get to it. Alfredo teased me and kept it just out my reach for what seemed like forever to me, but was really only a few seconds. He slowly moved closer and I was able to lick the tip of his cock. I was able to get the tip of my tongue in his peephole and lick the pre-cum out of it. Then he put the head of his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and took him inside my mouth and ran my tongue around the head of his cock as I felt his hands up on my breasts.

I love to have my breasts played with and my nipples licked, sucked on, and squeezed more than anything. He was not touching my bright red nipples. He kneaded both of my breasts in his hands and pulled them up towards my face. My nipples were pushed up higher with each squeeze. I was so hot for him that I came right then. Alfredo saw me tightened and heard me cum. My love juice flooded out of my pussy like lava out of a volcano.

He chuckled out loud about it. Just as I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, I heard the voices of people coming into the room.

"Damn! We got so into this I forgot I have the senior Art Staff Faculty meeting scheduled here right now!" Alfredo said as four people walked into his studio on us.

"Alfredo, you never cease to amaze me!" A male voice said from just between my legs at the foot of the bench. It was voice I knew very well. Professor Fred Jenkins was the teacher of one of the art classes I regularly posed for about one day each week.

"Yes, Alfie," a female voice I also knew said.

"You always come up with something new for us each time we come here for our monthly meetings. I do so love to come here, if you take my meaning," Professor Mary Sinclar said.

"And Miss Lee. Why Dusti, you seem to be all tied up at the moment. Aren't you, dear? Not to mention enjoying your work, I see!" She said. I knew she was looking at the liquid cum overflowing my pussy. I knew I turned all kinds of shades of red over them being there.

"Hey! Is this a private work session or can anyone join in?" The dean of the Art College asked.

"I don't mind you all joining in. I think this falls under the more the merrier! However, I think we need to obtain Miss Lee's permission, first," Alfredo said. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I could see him looking down at me, smiling.

Oh God! I knew all these people! I worked with all them in their classrooms. I had lusted after two of them many times in the past. What should I do?

"As hot as I am right now, you can march the whole Art College faculty in here right now and all of you fuck me. I have been hot for most of you anyway.

"Don't stop! Alfredo, please don't stop!" I said in a pleading tone of voice.

"Well, I guess she doesn't mind!" A voice I knew belonged to the Dean of Education (my Dean in my college) said. I knew Jacob Norris was a large man and I had wondered what he had in his pants many times. I knew I was going to find out!

The next three hours were mostly a blur to me. I know Alfredo came in my mouth shortly after that. His cum was just as sweet as he is. I was surprised when he was replaced by Mary Sinclar! Mary reached down and French kissed me, taking out some of Alfredo's cum on her tongue, then she lowered her wide open pussy down on my face. God! Mary shaved her pussy! I never would have guessed it! She was sweet too! Her pussy tasted different from Alfredo's cock. Her pussy juice tasted sweet and had a musky odor I really liked. I had never tasted another woman before.

As Mary was kissing me, I felt two sets of mouths and hands on my breasts at the same time. Oh my God! I have never felt anything so incredible before in my life! Some one was eating my pussy, and then I felt some one rubbing his cock on my spread open wide pussy lips. Slowly I felt a huge cock slide deep into my wet slippery wide open pussy hole. I had never had a cock that big in me before. It felt incredible.

"Dusti, if you think Fred's cock is big, just wait until you feel mine go in you," Jacob said gently in my ear.

I had either a cock in my mouth, or Mary's pussy at my mouth, two sets of lips on my nipples and a cock in my pussy for three straight hours that night. I know I came at least a hundred times. Mary would go down and suck on my pussy sometimes as well. I had never had anything so incredible happen to me before in my life. All this was captured on video tape as well. From three different angles, with state of the art auto-focus cameras.

After everyone finished, I was untied and Alfredo took me into his shower stall. It took up a whole corner of his bathroom. Shortly after we went in, everyone else joined us. They all took turns soaping me up and helped clean all the cum off me. I had dried cum in my hair, all over my face and crotch. What a mess I was. But nothing could clean the smile off my face.

After the shower we were all sitting around drinking wine when Jacob brought up something that surprised me at first.

"Dusti, we need to ask you to do something for us," Jacob said.

"After what I just did with you all, what else could I do?" I said back to him quizzically. "By the way, I have been on the pill over a year so there is no worries there," I told them.

"You need to keep quiet about what we just did tonight. I hope you realize that if this got out it could cause all of us all kinds of problems. Legal problems," he said in a serious tone of voice.

"Dean Norris, I am here as a paid model. I have never done anything like this before. I have to remind you that all of this was caught on video tape. I am not a slut or a whore. I don't make out with people for money. The last thing in the world I want is for my parents to find this out or any of the other students.

"I'm glad it happened. I had one of my oldest fantasies come true tonight. I have wondered what most of you would be like in bed as I sat in your classes. Now I know! I promise to keep this quiet. Just don't be surprised if I smile at you in a longing way the next time I am in your classrooms," I said.

"Dean, you know my goal in going to college is to become a special education teacher. Not many schools would hire me if they knew about this, would they?"

Over the course of my senior year I have been back to Alfredo's studio many times. I earned enough money from him (and he from his photos of me) to pay for not only for college, but a new car and a nice apartment as well. I stayed on at the college (at Dean Norris's suggestion) and earned not only my masters in special education, but my doctorate in special behavior education as well. I am now Doctor Dusti and a senior consultant to many school districts in my home state. I am also on the faculty of the College of Education. I am regularly invited back to the Art faculty meetings when they are held at Alfredo's place. That is the wildest one we have ever had, but a couple others came close!

I've had several other sessions tied up to the bench. Alfredo knows part of my salary when I pose for him is making out, showering and dinner afterwards. I normally spend the night with him as well. I went with him to Paris for three weeks as well. Those are other stories that may show up here some day. You will just have to wait and see!

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