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Dutch Pleasures


This story is based on a real life experience that occurred just a few years ago. Obviously some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. You can decide what is real.


It was a Friday afternoon and I was at the poolside at my hotel in the Algarve. I was there for a conference for that whole week and with that behind me now had a chance to relax. Since I had business meetings the following week in the Netherlands I had decided to stay in Europe, and more specifically in the Algarve for the weekend rather than returning home.

The hotel had great facilities, including the lovely pool area, private beach, a golf course and a spa, so I was looking forward to a weekend of fun activities and relaxation.

Of course one of the benefits of being at the poolside in warm weather was the opportunity to watch the woman in their bikinis -- and fantasize about the sexy ones. I had been stretched out on a lounger for a while when I noticed two good looking woman coming off the golf course and heading for the pool. One was blond and the other brunette. As they got closer I could get a better look at them and enjoyed what I was seeing. I was particularly pleased when I saw them head for the pool change rooms -- they were obviously going to get changed into their swimwear (bikinis I hoped) and cool off at the pool after being on the hot golf course.

I sat up so that I could get a good view as they emerged from the changing rooms. I was not disappointed when they appeared. Each was wearing a relatively small bikini and, better still, they were not the shy type that wraps a towel around their bodies as soon as they go anywhere. They walked right past me to settle on some sun loungers quite close to me. As they came past I was able to enjoy a close up view of their firm figures. Surprisingly I even managed to glance at their faces as well.

Judging by their faces I estimated them to be about 40 -- but their trim figures would have looked good even on woman many years younger. I am mid-forties and have seen a number of other women in bikinis of that age, so was able to appreciate the sexiness of the two golfing ladies.

All the usual male type thoughts went through my mind as I subtly watched these two ladies. They were chatting happily and I could hear that they were Dutch. I wondered if they were married and if so if their husbands were with them in the Algarve. Were these ladies "free and available" or were the husbands around as well? Were they possibly lesbians? One hears stories of sporting ladies being more that way inclined. Whatever the real situation was I enjoyed a few erotic fantasies about these ladies as I lay a few meters away from them.

I called over a waiter and ordered a beer. I guessed I might as well enjoy a nice cold refreshing beer while enjoying fantasizing about the women at the pool. When the waiter brought my beer the Dutch ladies called him over and order cocktails for themselves. Another positive I thought to myself -- they speak good English, and they like alcoholic drinks.

Eventually I felt I had been in the sun long enough and had had a good enough session of watching these good looking ladies. It was getting quite late and I wanted to go and get showered before thinking about supper. I got up from my lounger and walked pass the subjects of my erotic thoughts on the way up to the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised when they both looked up at me and smiled as I walked past. More used to woman avoiding eye contact I was a bit taken aback and could not immediately think of anything charming to say, so just returned the smile and said hello. As I rode the lift up to my room I cursed myself for missing the opportunity to meet the ladies properly.

That evening I decided to take my hire car and go the next little fishing village for supper. I found a super little restaurant and had a great meal and some delicious Portuguese wine looking out over the harbor. I finished my meal just as the last of the late summer sun was fading. Feeling in good spirits I thought I would spend a bit of time just exploring the quaint little village, which seemed to attract quite a bit of nightlife.

As I rounded a corner in the village I came across the two poolside Dutch ladies walking in the opposite direction. We smiled at each other in recognition. I guess it must have been the wine that had eased my inhibitions, but as they came past me I asked them if they had a good round of golf that afternoon. They stopped, turned and with a smile replied that they indeed did have a good day. They asked if I played golf, and so the conversation started. I was pleasantly surprised at how readily they chatted to some strange man who they had only briefly greeted at their hotel swimming pool that afternoon.

As we compared notes on the reason for each of us being in the Algarve, it became clear that these two ladies were married but had left their husbands at home while they went on a ladies golfing holiday. This aroused my interest, so I asked they had plans for that evening. Not really they said but they wanted to see more of the village and its nightlife. Even more interesting I thought. They happily agreed to join me in looking for a nice social looking pub.

Karin and Nancy, as they were named, wanted to find a bar with music and dancing. Being a small village it did not take us long to find the only bar with dancing. The mood was very festive and despite my total lack of dancing talent we had really good time with each other. The dance floor was packed with people so I got to enjoy lots of body contact with Karin and Nancy, which felt great even if it was not overtly sensual.

I really did not know what to make of these ladies. They were very forward and confident with me, even though I was a relative stranger to them. Were they just having fun, were they "cock teasers" or were they really after something more? I had decided by then that they were most probably not lesbians, although I did not rule out the possibility of them being bi-sexual. They certainly seemed quite comfortable touching and hugging each other.

As we chatted I established that Karin and Nancy went on golfing trips 3 times a year, always without their husbands. This was their time to let their hair down and not be limited by their husband's needs and wishes they said. Apparently the husbands in turn went on fishing and hunting trips without the women.

My prick did jump a little at the hint that there might be a sexual opportunity with the two lovely ladies … since they were clearly enjoying themselves without their husbands.

After having had a lot of fun Karin suggested that it was time to head back to the hotel since they had an early slot for golf the next day. I offered them a lift back to the hotel, since they had taken a taxi earlier in the evening. As we chatted on the way back to the hotel I discovered that both Karin and Nancy lived in Rotterdam and they were in fact heading home that Sunday -- the same day I was flying to Rotterdam. When they heard I was going to Rotterdam on business for a few days, Nancy asked me for a business card with my phone number. She offered to call me so that we could meet for dinner. I was a bit surprised that it was Nancy that suggested this as she had been very much the quieter of the two women. I happily agreed since I had enjoyed their company thus far.

When we got back to the hotel, Karin and Nancy both kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for a great evening and got into the elevator. From their actions it was clear that I was not going to get invited to their rooms that night.

I went to the hotel bar and had a double whisky to compensate for the disappointment. I sat there consoling myself that at least I had enjoyed the evening thus far with them very much. I also guessed that I would not hear from them again.

I turned out to be wrong, much to my delight.

When I got back to my room, Nancy had already left a message on my phone. It was short, concise and held a lot of promise. "I really enjoyed your company tonight. I want to see you in Rotterdam. My husband will still be away so there will be no pressures. Please call when you get to Rotterdam on this number. Sleep tight."

My cock twitched. Was she suggesting something by telling me her husband was still away? I quickly made sure that I had got her number, and was relieved and excited to see that it had been saved on my mobile phone.

I made myself cum twice that night thinking about the possibilities -- and Nancy's good looking figure. I wondered if Karin was aware of this arrangement -- but decided if I did see them the next day I would let them make the moves to avoid any embarrassment.

As it turned out we ended up in the breakfast room together. We chatted easily about the previous evening but nothing more was said about meeting in Rotterdam. Later they went off to play golf while I went sightseeing for the day. I did not see them again that weekend.

My flight arrived in Rotterdam that Sunday afternoon. I went straight to my hotel and called Nancy's number as soon as I had unpacked my bags. She told me she had already reserved a table for dinner for just the two of us that night -- and hoped that it suited me. This was sounding interesting …. and even more so that it was only her, without Karin.

Nancy met me in the lobby of my hotel, leaving her car in the hotel car park. The restaurant she had reserved was within easy walking distance and turned out to be superb. It was small and quiet, with excellent, but unobtrusive service -- just what we needed as we got to know each other. As the wine made Nancy rather mellow she told me that she would have liked to see me again in Portugal but Karin had wanted to stick with their "girls-only" plans. She told me she liked me and was glad to have more time together now.

I was encouraged by what she was saying but thought I should explore a little more regarding her husband -- especially since this was her home town. She readily explained that he was on a boys pleasure trip to Russia, and that he did this quite frequently. She seemed frustrated by his trips and that she was so often excluded. She had to lead her own life and that was why she was happy to spend the evening with me. She took my hand and looked questioningly at me. "I hope you are happy to spend the evening with me?"

I lifted her hand and kissed it. "Oh I am enjoying your company very much. I hope you don't have to go home too early." I smiled happily at her, hoping that she might indicate if there was to be any chance of more than just dinner. I did not feel I could push, since she was married and I wanted her to indicate if she wanted something more on the side.

"We can make it as late as you like. I need the company of a nice man." She giggled as she said it. "Shall we have a little brandy while we decide what to do for the rest of the evening?" Nancy smiled suggestively at me.

When the brandies were served I moved my chair closer to hers and put a hand on her leg. I wanted to see her response as this might indicate where that evening was heading. When she placed her hand approvingly on top of mine, I felt that things might work out well. We made small talk as we sipped our drinks, and slowly touched each other a bit more and caressed each other thighs.

Nancy was wearing a simple but very attractive dress which ended just above her knees. As I stroked her leg through the dress I had slowly worked the hemline up to about mid thigh. Still testing her response I moved my hand onto the exposed part of her thigh and gently stroked her bare skin.

Her response was to lean across and kiss me briefly on the lips."That feels nice. I like the way you touch me - gently and as if you care for me."

I was getting quite hopeful at this stage that I might get lucky that night. My hopes received another boost when Nancy asked what my hotel, and more specifically my room was like. I took the opening she gave me.

"Well I think it is great, but of course you could come and see for yourself."

"I never get to stay in hotels in my hometown, so I would like to see what it is like ……. if you don't mind?" Nancy looked at me as if to check if we were thinking the same.

"Of course I don't mind. But did your mother not teach you never to go to a stranger's hotel room? He could take advantage of you" I teased her.

She laughed at me and kissed me on the cheek. "Perhaps that is what I am secretly hoping will happen!"

Understanding now that we both were game for some sexual exploration, we quickly paid the bill and hurried back to the hotel. Knowing what illicit behavior we had in mind made me feel a little exposed standing in the lobby waiting for the elevator. Did the receptionists suspect anything? Did anybody here recognize Nancy -- since this was her hometown? The brief moments of "concern" actually fuelled our excitement and got us hugging and laughing as the elevator ascended.

I enjoyed watching Nancy's lithe body move under her soft, loose fitting dress as she had a brief look around the room. "So what do you think?" I asked.

She stood in front of me and put her arms around my waist. "I think it would be a nice place to have a man take advantage of me." She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, opening her mouth for our tongues to explore each other.

My cock was hardening already at the thought of stripping and fucking this sexy woman. Despite being married she was clearly ready to be fucked tonight by another man.

As we kissed more, I let my hands slowly drift over her tits. They felt marvelous -- nice and full and quite firm. I felt her nipples harden under the palms of my hand as I gently kneaded her breasts. As Nancy got aroused by my fondling she started to press her body against my bulging cock.

At a point Nancy broke off a kiss, gave me a beautiful smile and asked quietly, "Do you like what you a feeling? Would you like to see my tits?" She cupped them in her hands pulling the soft dress material tight over her breasts and erect, protruding nipples. She looked very sexy indeed.

"You bet I want to see those tits" I grinned from ear to ear.

"Well then you had better undress me." Nancy stood in front of me with her hands at her sides. I loved the fact that this woman knew what she wanted, and I was happy for her to take some initiative in this sexual liaison.

I reached behind her and pulled the zipper all the way down before easing the dress off her shoulders. I let the soft material slide down her arms and onto the floor, leaving her standing there in just her underwear. I was stunned at how incredibly sexy she looked.

Her figure was just as good as I remembered it, but what really made her look so tantalizing was her underwear. Her bra was absolutely sheer showing off her erect nipples quite clearly, while down below she was wearing a very skimpy G-string. As I stepped back to soak up this erotic sight Nancy gave me a coy smile and asked if I liked what I saw.

"My God Nancy -- you are stunning, and look amazing dressed like that. You are really hot!!"

"Thank you Rick. I hoped you would like it -- and get turned on by seeing me in this."

I moved closer to Nancy again went back to fondling her. She closed her eyes briefly, seeming to enjoy the erotic sensations. "Do you want to see me completely naked? Then you are going to have to take the rest of my clothes off as well."

She stepped out of her dress and kicked off her shoes knowing that I was not going to turn down her offer. This was turning out to be a new experience for me, having a woman take the lead -- and I was quite happy to go along with it. In fact it was all the more erotic knowing this woman was hot for sex.

I kissed Nancy on the neck and nibbled her earlobes as I reached behind her to unhook her bra. Easing the straps off her shoulders I let the bra fall to the ground. Even without the support of her bra her tits remained firm and full. I leaned down and took a hard nipple in my mouth. She sighed and placed a hand behind my head as I twirled my tongue around her very erect pink nipples, She was obviously enjoying the sexual pleasures she was experiencing and did not want me to stop.

"Oh yes Rick …. that feels so good. You are making me very horny," Nancy groaned at me as I sucked at her nipple and gently nipped it between my teeth.

As I continued stimulating her nipple with my tongue and mouth I eased my hands down to her hips to get her G-string off her as well. I hooked a finger under the strings on each side and slid them down her slender, firm thighs. I glanced down to have a look and my cock jerked as I discovered that her pussy was totally shaved.

"My God, you are incredibly sexy." I whispered into her ear as I slipped a finger between her legs. Her pussy was wet and she let out a deep, erotic sigh I slipped my finger into her cunt.

"I hope that means you want to fuck me ……. Please say yes," she hissed into my ear as she nibbled on my earlobe and placed a hand over my bulging cock.

"Fucking sure I do!!" I responded reaching down to get her out of her panties as quickly as possible. As I stood up Nancy tugged off my shirt and then pulled me over to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and got me to stand in front of her as she undid my jeans. She wasted no time in pulling my jeans down around my thighs followed by my boxers. My straining cock popped out in her face.

"Oh wow -- what a cock!! Hell, I haven't had such a big cock for ages. You are just what I needed Rick!!" Nancy grabbed my cock with both hands and wrapped her lips around it. I knew my cock was quite large, and especially thick, but it was exciting to get such a response from a woman who seemingly had experienced quite a few in her life.

Nancy stroked and licked and sucked on my cock, quickly getting me very worked up. My erotic groans of pleasure let her know that she either had to finish me off quickly with her mouth, or that she had to stop if she wanted a fuck right away.

She chose the latter. She moved onto the middle of the bed and lay there tugging at her nipples with her legs spread wide, while I quickly shed my clothes. I lay down beside Nancy and kissed her open mouthed as we touched each other. She slowly stroked my cock as I rubbed a finger on either side of her clit and then slid them into her cunt. Soon Nancy was humping my fingers and groaning with sexual pleasure. She was clearly very hot.

"Please fuck me now Rick, I really need you inside me!!" she gasped. I was about to oblige when I remembered my condoms. In response to my offer to use them, Nancy replied breathlessly.

"No, I can't wait. I want to feel you cum inside me. That will be so exciting." She splayed her legs even wider desperate for a cock to fill her dripping cunt.

I happily obliged and got between her legs, lining my rock hard cock up with her pussy. Nancy reached down to line me up with the opening to her cunt, and thrust her hips up to get the head of my cock into her. "Do it to me. Fuck me Rick!!" she exclaimed in her open, forthright way.

Her cunt was so wet and willing that I did not have to probe gently to start with. With one long thrust I sank my cock all the way into her gorgeous cunt. As her warm cunt adapted to my size she let out a long, deep satisfied sigh. Allowing her just a short moment to adapt and to absorb the erotic feeling of having her cunt filled by another man, I started slow long thrusts into her. I let my cock head just slip out of her pussy before plunging back deep into her cunt.

She soon started matching my thrusts and started letting out little sighs and moans which clearly indicated an orgasm was building deep inside her. Her eyes were closed and she was reveling in the erotic stimulation that was pulsing through her sexy body.

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