tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Family

byThe Big Bopper©

This story does contain a mild degree of Incest, but possibly not enough to over stimulate Incest fans and not enough to upset those that are not into Incest. I encourage everyone to try reading this story before making a judgement.

Chapter One

I am Brad, 19-years-old and ashamedly, I have to confess to being a rarity at my age in these times ... a male virgin. Hey, don't get me wrong, it's not for the lack of trying. I want to have sex, desperately, but I must be accident prone because every time that I get close to sinking my penis into a warm and willing vagina, something comes along to ruin the moment. I mean, maybe they could use my sex life up till now as a script for one of those teen movies where the guy never quite gets his hard-on in.

I wouldn't even start to document all the futile attempts that I have made to get laid. I've even contemplated using my Facebook page as an advert for having sex with me, or maybe resorting to begging some nubile young nymph, to whom one extra encounter would probably mean nothing, to come across for me.

I mean, just the other night -- it was last Saturday -- there was a party at one of my friend's houses and I got talking to this great girl, good looker, but much older than me. I am guessing that she could have been 25, 26, something around that mark. We were getting on so well and she was laughing a lot at heaps of my stuff. This was a real plus because one of my problems has always been that I don't have the patter, the come-on lines that cause girls to start shedding their underwear in my presence.

But this girl, Sharon, hell, she seemed hot. It was even her that suggested we step outside to get some fresh air. I have to admit to being apprehensive in the company of a woman about 7 years older than me. You know, it was an inexperience thing that was disturbing me. Would I make a stupid move and cruel it all?

Anyway, we carried our drinks and slipped outside and we paused among the many cars that were parked crazily across the front lawn of my friend's house. She leaned back against the door of a sedan and I began kissing her and I was getting my tongue in and I was starting to feel great. I mean, my libido was racing along, I was getting hard and the fingers on my spare hand were active massaging one of her breasts enough to have her eyes looking dreamy. I even managed to push my knee in between both of hers and tense my thigh muscle in the region of her pubis so that she could feel something hard against her crotch.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss and I - by this time feeling mega aroused - stared into her eyes, wondering what I might have done wrong. Sharon said nothing to give me a clue. No, she just turned and tried the door handle on the car we were resting against. Amazingly, it was unlocked and she just opened the back door and slipped onto the back seat with me in swift pursuit. Wow, was this the moment I had been planning for over the past few years?

But whose car was it? Did she know it would be unlocked when she first leaned back against it to have me kiss her? "Is this yours, Sharon?" I asked, careful about what words I used, fearful of blowing this chance with any ill chosen words. I had blown previous attempts with young women by doing just that, saying the wrong thing.

"No, I think it belongs to Jerry's dad," she responded, Jerry being another friend of the guy having the party.

It mattered little really as to who owned the car. She had found it to be unlocked and appeared to have the intention of finding a use immediately for the back seat. Believing this to now be a serious opportunity to break the shackles of my virginity, I placed my open beer bottle on the floor of the car and took Sharon's martini glass from her to place it alongside my drink. Then I turned my attention back to resuming the action that had begun outside the car.

I draped an arm around the back of Sharon's neck and contemplated my next move. My eyes scanning her shapely body, I processed the thought of whether I should press whatever advantage I already held and push a hand between her thighs. I could see bare skin partially visible above the knee in the short skirt that she was wearing. Indeed, she was one of only a few women at the party who had not worn slacks.

Despite the desire now raging through me and the expectation that my drought was nearly over, I instead pressed the palm of my right hand back over her still clothed left breast and resumed a rolling massage technique, designed in my limited knowledge to stimulate the nipple beneath.

Sharon seemed to like my touch and our open-mouthed kissing with fiery tongue action resumed. Emboldened, I moved my roaming hand to the buttons on her blouse. I pushed my hand boldly inside, causing buttons to separate from the buttonholes as I manoeuvred closer to the breast and nipple that I needed to conquer.

The buttons and the lapel of the blouse had parted easily and my palm now settled over the smooth glove of one breast, the upturned nipple taut and firm, but still clad in a smooth nylon bra cup. Sharon was making the appropriate sounds that implied that she was as keen for this as I was. I wished that I had another hand free to be sliding it between her thighs while she seemed so eager and vulnerably aroused.

Next, she did a really cool thing. While my fumbling hand applied pressure to her orb and nipple, Sharon pushed her body forward, reached her hands around behind her back, under her now loose blouse and released the catch on her bra. My hand felt the material loosen and I took advantage by pushing the garment up and off her breast so I could directly contact the smooth skin of the underside of her breast.

I was literally in heaven, my hard-on was bursting against the confines of my clothing and my fingers now circled and played with the erect nipple on Sharon's left breast, caressing and pinching it. This seemed to bring a renewed sound of pleasure from this mature mid-twenties woman as she settled back once more against the car seat and our tongue kissing seemed to rise to another level.

'Don't blow it now,' I told myself, believing that nothing now could impede my first full sexual encounter. I just had to pace myself, apply enough manipulation to her breast and nipple while tongue-kissing Sharon and when her thighs loosened and drifted wider apart, plunge my hand in between them to prepare her pubis to receive my hard-on. See, I did know what to do ... I had read enough books and seen enough movies and listened to so many tales of my friends.

Our breathing was hot and heavy, the car windows were now fogged up and on my reckoning, the time was right to switch my hand downstairs. Reluctantly, my hand parted from her breast. This was the crucial moment of timing, the moment when my actions would be deemed more serious. If Sharon was a woman with scruples about whose body parts entered her body, then the moment of truth was near.

Quickly, my hand had slipped up under her skirt and in between her thighs that had by now parted as I had anticipated. My fingers traced gently but with a purpose up along her inner thigh. Her skin was smooth and I attempted to maintain a gentle touch, hoping that I could fake experience to Sharon. The worst thing I could reveal to a young woman that I was about to fuck was that I didn't know what I was doing ... that I had in fact never been down this path before.

Alarm bells began ringing in my head when, as my fingers seemed so far up along her inner thighs that I surely must be approaching nirvana, she clamped them tightly together, aborting my progress. To support her 'cease and desist' action, one of her hands dropped down and seized my wrist, attempting to tug it away from its advantageous position.

The kiss ended abruptly too and I pulled my head back to look pleadingly into her eyes with alarm and wonder, desperate to learn why she would stop now. Sharon offered a sympathetic face, "Sorry!" she said, the word I didn't want to hear at this moment, the word that had often accompanied the cessation of so many previous attempts by me to get my penis into a willing woman.

Seeing the needy look of intense sexual desire on my face, Sharon obviously sensed that I needed more explanation to stop my pounding arousal. She added, "I've got my period, I just don't do it while I've got that, it's far too messy."

I was shattered. Sure, I knew and had read enough about women's bodily functions to accept that what she was saying was probably right. I just didn't want to hear it at a moment like this. But her excuse was hard to argue against. Perhaps if we had been in a bed, I might have reasoned that we could place a towel beneath us and charge on anyway. But sitting in the car belonging to one of our friend's dad, on fine spotlessly clean leather seating, that was another matter.

I allowed Sharon's hand to drag mine out from under her dress, from between her thighs. Stopped again, just when it seemed that the target was in sight. Was this the 21st or 22nd attempt at my getting to have my first sex that had been thwarted while in the intense throes of passion? I was losing count.

"I am sorry to stop you at this point. We were both getting quite worked up, I guess I should have said stop much sooner before it got out of hand. You'd probably like some relief, would you?"

What was that ... run that by me again? 'Did she say would I like some relief?' I wasn't really concentrating, still just coming to terms with the reality that yet another attempt to lose my virginity had been thwarted at the crucial moment. Did she suggest doing what no other girl had previously offered me?

While I wasn't sure what she had said, I could only look at Sharon with a confused face, hoping that she might repeat whatever it was so I could strive to give her an intelligent answer. Instead, with only silence between us, she reached a hand down into my lap and her fingers took hold of my trouser zip and lowered it. Without hesitation, she reached in and grasped a hold of my by now impressive hard-on.

"Ummm!" she seemed to enthuse as she gripped my erection, "you sure are horny, aren't you. You really do get worked up."

My eyes closed as her fingers stroked my shaft and tip through the material of my boxers. Then, boldly tugging on the waistband, she freed my erection and for the first time, I felt the soft warm touch of a woman's fingers and palm on it as she stroked around the dripping head and along the underside of my hard-on.

My head dropped back onto the back of the car seat and hers came forward to look down on my erection that stood up proudly and vertically from the fly opening in my trousers. "Would you like me to help, can I at least do this for you? I feel so bad that we can't have sex, you seemed like you really wanted to. Brad, I felt like doing it with you too!"

I think I had become a bit delirious from her intimate touch on my cock and in my confusion, I didn't answer immediately. I pondered her question again, did she just offer to give me a hand job? I managed to collect my thoughts, a decision like this was easy. I realised that I needed to convey it to her before she got the wrong impression that a hand job would not be a good substitute for sex. Hell, at this moment, I would have done anything to get off. No doubt, I would have had to do myself later tonight if she had left me like this with a pulsing erection, such was my need to cum.

"Yes, yes that would be great! Thank you!" I enthused, hoping now that I wasn't sounding too desperate, although such was the state of my arousal that desperate was the only appropriate word for it.

Sharon had been idly stroking me already while we discussed the merits of her kind offer. So it was no major step for her to switch into a rhythm that would get me off. She was good at it ... very good! Her fingers and palm were warm, her skin so smooth and she was obviously very aware of what she was doing. She built the rhythm up expertly, my cock firmly erect and now pulsing with urgent need, and messages coming from within my balls to indicate I wouldn't last long with this kind of attention.

I tried to think clearly about the consequences of my cumming here in the back seat of someone's car, with fine immaculately maintained leather all around me. But it was hard for me to concentrate now that I was getting close. I so wanted for it to last a bit longer ... the touch of her stroking hand on my cock was so good. Oh my God, I know it's cumming, I had done this to myself enough that I could sense the signs. Only this was so much better than my self-induced attempts.

I attempted to rationalise, 'Will Sharon try to catch it in her hand, does she have a handkerchief or tissues that I haven't seen?' Or, with wondrous awe, I pondered, 'Will she dip her head down into my lap and catch my cum in her mouth?'

Pow! It happened, my first hand job from a woman resulted in a powerful release, my rampant erection spurted cum from its tip. But her hand wasn't in a position to catch it while still stroking her palm under the tip's sensitive spot. I was conscious of my cock jerking wildly in mid air ... there was no sign of her mouth to catch my cum either.

I was a mixture of emotions, rapt in the pleasurable result of Sharon's hand job while being suddenly aware, wondering where my jism was landing. In my spasms, my leg tensed and my foot kicked something on the floor of the car. 'Oh God, was that my beer or Sharon's martini -- or both -- that I had just kicked over?'

Yes, you guessed it ... both my open beer bottle and Sharon's half-full martini spilled and mixed together on the floor in the back of Jerry's dad's car. As I would learn later, spots of my cum were found liberally on the back of the front seat, on the inside of the back window and on the interior lining of the ceiling of the car. It was quite some wild release and my cum had just spurted freely as Sharon twisted and turned my pulsing penis in every direction as I came.

We didn't even get to clean it up because as soon as I had managed to express an appreciative "Wow, thanks Sharon" to my seducer, there was suddenly a lot of noise in the front yard among the parked cars. Outside house lights came on and Sharon and I scrambled out of Jerry's dad's car before we were sprung in our partial state of undress. I never saw her again. Fortunately, Jerry's dad never took DNA samples in an attempt to match my cum. Jerry got the blame for the sexual indiscretion and was banned from borrowing his dad's car. I wasn't greatly perturbed because I had never had much time for Jerry ... he was only a friend of a friend.

Chapter Two

A few days later, I found myself up in the cramped loft of my family home, searching through boxes for some junk that my father wanted, but hadn't had time to look for himself. Access to the loft is via a pull-down ladder, but if it's left down, it blocks the hallway, so after getting up there in the dusty confined area, I pulled the ladder back up in case someone came home and needed to walk by.

As it turned out, somebody did come home. It was a weekday, about one in the afternoon. I had no lectures at college that day. I heard movement downstairs and realised that it must be my mom (dad and my sister would both be at work). After a short time, I heard water running for quite a long time, so after two or three minutes, I crawled on my knees in the confined space to the one spot where the natural light from inside the house came up into the loft.

It was through the gap between the blades of the ceiling fan above the bathroom. Now if someone was having a shower, the fan was usually turned on to extract the steam to keep the bathroom mirror clear. But when running a bath, the mirrors didn't always fog up so it appeared that my mom wasn't about to turn the fan on.

I stared down between the blades and I could see most of the bathroom clearly below me. I could see the bath filling to about three-quarters and watched my mom walk in and turn the taps off. She reached a hand down into the water, obviously testing the temperature. Presumably assessing that the warmth of the water was just right, I saw her reach back around to unzip her dress, wriggling her shoulders to have it fall down over her body and pool around her feet.

'Hang on,' I thought, 'what am I doing here? This is my mom, who bore me and raised me, that I'm watching, I can't do this, it's not right.' But while my conscience was attempting to address the family moral code for me, my eyes remained riveted to the sight unfolding before me in the bathroom below.

My still very attractive 43-year-old mom was now clad only in half-slip, bra and shoes ... at least that's all I could see. I imagine she also still wore her panties beneath the beige half-slip. She bent over to lift the dress after stepping out of the pool of material at her feet, dropping the garment in the wash-basket nearby. She then removed her shoes and kicked them away across the small bathroom.

Her hands went back around behind herself again and this time, she unclasped her bra. 'Hey, wake up Brad,' I silently admonished myself, 'you're about to see female nudity. That would be okay if it wasn't my mom that was about to get naked.'

But I seemed not to be listening to my rational thoughts. Some part of me refused to look away. I stared avidly down into the well-lit bathroom as my mother eased the bra cups forward from her ample breasts, dropping the bra and using her hands to rub lightly under the mounds, seeming to enjoy the freedom now that the confinement of her bra was gone. Wow, I hadn't seen these babies since I sucked on them to gain my early sustenance.

Her hands slipped into the elasticised waistband of her half-slip and she shimmied that down over her hips and thighs and let it fall as the dress had, quickly stepping out of the pool at her bare feet. Although I was looking straight down above her head, I could make out her panties where her arse bulged out further than her shoulders.

Then her hands slipped in at the sides of her panties too and she pushed them down off her body. I felt the first signs of an erection in my pants as I momentarily forgot who this woman was and watched my mom's movements that were utterly feminine and so reminiscent of the many women I had seen undressing in the early stages of sex scenes in movies.

Now completely naked, my mom turned and backed down onto the toilet seat and for the first time live I was privy to the intimate and natural act of a woman peeing. I felt my cock shift and tighten at the sight. When she finished, she tore off some paper and wiped away any last drops, discarding the paper in the bowl and flushing. Then my mom stepped over to the bath, placing one foot in, her body tensing slightly as she perhaps found the water hotter than anticipated.

She stayed half-in for a moment or two, then the other leg came over and she was standing in the warm bath. My conscience tried to tell me that there was still time for me to look away. Except for her sitting to pee, I still really hadn't clearly seen any of my mom's private parts because I had been looking down on her from above. Now as I watched, she sat down into the bath and as her torso adjusted to the warmth, eventually lay back and I could now see my mother's nudity in full detail from only 8 feet above.

For having raised and breast-fed two children, she looked damn good at 43. Sure, I felt guilty at perving on my mom this way, but her sensual beauty drew me in ... as confirmed by my cock now being more than half erect. As she settled in to enjoy the warmth of the water, her hands began waving gently, circulating the water around her body.

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