tagCelebrities & Fan FictionE.D. Donahey: Legs War Ch. 2

E.D. Donahey: Legs War Ch. 2


As the door of the conference room closed behind us, I quickly surveyed the room for chairs, tables, and such. I felt that I had better separate the two battling blondes before a real catfight ensued.

Besides, I didn't want to get caught in the middle of a hair-pulling, nail-scratching, free for all! Someone could get seriously hurt; namely me!

I saw that the room contained a large conference table which took up most of the rooms' center.

Against the left wall was a couple of overstuffed arm chairs. I quickly guided Dr. Whitkin to one of these.

E. D. Donahey, who was still highly agitated, I sat her down on one of the chairs at the large table. I sat myself down on a sofa which was located between the two feuding blondes.

Once I had thusly separated the two, I tried to find out what all the commotion was about.

"All right ladies! Would one of you kindly like to tell me just what in heavens name is going on? You two act like two highschool freshmen who are fighting over who gets to be the quarterback heros' girlfriend! What gives?"

The sofa I was sitting on seemed to be the best place to be if I wanted to keep these two from each others throats.

"Don't ask me!" Georgia started out first. "All I did was give my usual report and then tell E. D. that I thought it was a nice show! She just erupted at me with some hysterical mumble jumble about me and Brenda Buttner trying to show her up!"

"Who died and made E. D. the the queen diva of the Foxxy News Network?"

"That's not true!" exclaimed E. D. jumping out of her chair. "You and Brenda know very well that I am the star of the Foxxy Friends Show! People tune in to watch me; not you and miss leggy, leggy, Brenda! The two of you delibrately wore short skirts to try to show me up!"

"Oh my God, E. D.! Is that what all this temper tantrum is about? You have a delusion that you are the only lady at Foxxy News that anyone wants to see!" Dr. Whitkin was reverting to her PHD analyst mode.

"You have a problem with competition, don't you! You don't like it, E. D., when someone takes the limelight away from you!'

"You have to admit E.D.", I hastily interupted Georgia; "Ever since you got in this so called 'I'm going to be a serious newswoman' kick; you haven't been the E.D. of old."

"You know what I'm talking about. The fun-loving , sexy, and very friendly lady has disappeared from sight!"

"Frankly, E.D., it's gotten to the point that you drag yourself in here every morning; hair disheveled; make-up almost non-existent; dressed like a schoolteacher. Well, to put it mildly, you look like crap!'

My words seemed to strike a nerve with E.D. A look of recognition crossed her face. It was almost as if an inner truth had been brought forth.

She sat up on the table; crossing her pretty mini-skirted legs; and seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

"E.D. I'm sorry if you thought that Brenda and I were trying to upstage you." Georgia was attempting to explain.

"Greg is right you know. Lately it seems that you don't care about your appearance; only the impression that you are now a serious newswoman.

"You are a pretty and very sexy lady. That's the E.D. which everyone admires and respects! We just want to know where that beautiful person has gone to."

"I second that E.D." I replied. "We all think that you are a beautiful and fun lady to be around. We just want you to be like you always were. There's nothing wrong in that is there?'

I could see that my words and those of Dr. Whitkin were calming the inner rage which had consumed E.D.

"Georgia, Greg. I want to appologize to both of you for my actions. I've got a lot on my mind right now with my wedding coming up so soon, you know. I have been somewhat 'bitchy' lately; haven't I?" A coy pretty smile spread across her face.

"Bitchy!" replied Georgia. "That's putting it a bit mildly; wouldn't you say so Greg?" The pretty doctor grinned at me as she directed her remark toward E.D.

"Well, I wouldn't put it quite that way." I diplomatically stated. "Let's just say that you haven't been very much fun to be around lately and let it go at that; shall we?"

E.D. started to say something else but stopped herself when she realised that she was going to reveal that she was; at least right now; horny as hell! Fiance be damned! She was sexualy arroused and only a good hard cock in her pussy was going to solve the problem! She slightly tilted her head and studied the nice looking intern seated in front of her.

"Greg isn't a bad looking guy," she thought to herself. "I suppose a quick sexual interlude with this young stud would solve my predicament! After all, I'm not married just yet!"

"Well, it looks like things have calmed down, so I'll go now and let you two ladies make nice to one another." I rose up from my seat on the sofa, figureing that my presence was no longer needed.

E.D.'s thoughts were whirling throughout her head as she tried to come up with a way to stop Greg from leaving.

A simple; but lustful plan; came to her. It's surpriseing what a horny girl can come up with when she is trying to get herself laid! Not that had ever been a problem for Ms Donahey before mind you.

"Wait a minute, Greg. Could you stay for a few minutes? I have something to ask you and Georgia; if you don't mind."

E.D. was putting her scheme into play and she needed the pretty doctor to remain for a while if it was to succeed.

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a question for me? After all, I haven't given you the true explaination for my outburst."

"Sure; I'll be glad to help if I can." I answered as I turned back towards E.D. and Georgia.

Ms Donahey tried to come up with a tactful way to broach the subject matter of her question. She decided that the direct approach was best.

"I have to admit that this whole thing started when I saw that Brenda and Georgia were wearing their short skirts and showing more leg than I was. Pretty vain and shallow of me, wasn't it?"

"Well, what I wanted to ask you Greg; and if Georgia didn't mind is this. Would you be willing to be a judge in a contest I have in mind? "

"What sort of contest?" I inquired.

"To put it bluntly, would you take a look at Georgias' and my legs and tell us which one of us has the best set of gams? You know; sort of a best legs contest. A legs war; to be precise."

There it was, out in the open. E.D. felt a slight blush cross into her cheeks as she found that she was embarrassed by her suggestion.

I quickly looked over at Dr. Whitkin and saw that she was smiling and seemed receptive to the idea.

Besides; the growing bulge I had in my pants was going to be difficult to hide. I reasoned that if I'm viewing these two lovely ladies gorgeous legs; they would be more than understanding if I had a hard-on.

"Okay ladies!" I announced, while making sure that both of the pretty blondes got a good look at the bulge in my pants. "I and my friend 'dick' here; will gladly help you out in your time of need!"

"Just one thing." I hastened to add. "The decision of the judges is final. Everyone agree?"

The two pretty blondes glanced at one another and quickly agreed to the terms of the contest.

"let the games begin!" I announced with a grin of utmost satisfacton. I certainly was going to enjoy this!

"I'll go first!" piped up E.D. "After all, E.D. comes before Georgia in the alphabet." E.D. was highly pleased and arroused that her suggestion had panned out.

I sat back down on the sofa in front of he morning show host. It gave me a direct view of Ms Donaheys' shapely; well formed; calves and thighs.

E.D. wasted little time in presenting me her wares. She smiled seductively at me as she ever so slowly; crossed one leg over the other and then back the other way. She finishd up her leg show by pulling up her mini-skirt to her waist and then spreading her legs wide appart.

This gave me the view of E.D.s' lovely upper thighs and black silk panty covered love slit. I could see that she was wet with desire as her panties were soaked with the love juices from her pussy.

'How's that?" E.D. questioned me. "Did you and your friend, 'Dick', like the view?" She had a sly, playful smile on her face as she asked the question.

It was apparent by my slack-jawed expression and the ever growing mass of manhood in my pants, that the answer was yes.

Ms Donahey smugly thought to herself that she had this contest in the bag. And she hoped that Gregs' cock would soon be inside her warm, moist, love cannal.

I regained my composure and turned towards Dr. Georgia Whitkin; the other sexy entry in this contest.

E.D. and myself looked in astonishment at the pretty doctor. It was apparent that the pretty PHD was not going to go down without a fight in this battle of the legs.

Georgia; after witnessing the wide leg flash that E.D. had given me; came up with her own variation of the coveted leg shot for me.

She stood up and turned her back towards me. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure that my attention was totally fixed on her round, sexy, ass; she proceeded to slowly hike her skirt up the back of her legs. Slowly, inch by inch, she exposed her shapely calves and the back of her thighs.

Just when I thought that the show was over; the beautiful blonde PHD did E.D. one step better.

Georgia did not stop at the travels up the back of her legs at her butt. she continued to raise her skirt and hands up until her pantyhose top was showing. In one deft, sexy, motion; she lowered her pantyhose to the floor and stepped out of them. Georgia then bent over; showing me her sexy, round; oh so perfect naked ass and thighs.

I stared at the lovely bottom and long sexy legs before me. My eyes were fixed on the vision of her round soft ass cheeks and the ever so fleeting view of Georgias' tight anal opening.

This, coupled with the sight of her long sexy legs; was almost more than me and my co-judge, 'Dick'; could stand. My cock was so hard; it hurt! The precum on my lovetool was deffinately leaving a stain on the front of my pants!

Georgia smiled to herself as she spotted the bulge and accompanying wet spot on my jeans. She was sure that her exhibition had made her number one in this legs war.

"Take that, E.D." She thought to herself. "I guess you were right afterall. I do seem to have upstaged you in the legs department today!"

My mind was racing furriously as the two beautiful Foxxy News babes smiled at me. They were waiting for 'Dicks' and mine decision.

I tried to formulate an answer to one of those no-win questions women always ask. You know the ones I mean. The 'Does this dress make me look fat' question.

The no way to tell the truth answer all males would like to give; but never have the guts to do. 'No, that dress doesn't make you look fat, but that lard ass of yours certainly does!'

"Harry is not going to believe this." I thought to myself. But of course I had to get myself out of here with my balls intact; if it was at all possible. If I don't come up with the right response to the ladies forthcomming inquiry; I was liable to be castrated!

"Well now, Greg." Here it comes. The no-win question. "Which one of us has the best looking legs?" Asked E.D.

"Yes, Greg. We want to know now." added Georgia.

My mind came up with a solution to my predicament. When in doubt; go with the usual male response: for Gods' sake PUNT!

"Well ladies;" trying to sound as if I wasn't in fear of my life. "I and my colleague , 'Dick': have decided that this contest is a draw! One vote for E.D. One vote for Georgia!"

If I thought that my quick, flippant, answer would get me off the hook; I was sadly mistaken.

"Not so fast, mister! You don't get off so easy with us! Right, Georgia?"

"That's right E.D.' Responded Georgia. "We entered into this contest expecting a clear cut winner! You can't weasle out on us! One of us is going to be the legs war winner!"

I had a solution in mind for solving the stalemate. But I wasn't sure if the lovely ladies would go for it. E.D. saved me the trouble of presenting my option to the two of them.

It would appear that Ms Donahey and I were on the same wavelength; We were both horny as hell! Only some sexual action was going to solve this delema.

"I have a suggestion; if the two of you would be willing to take it." E.D. was the first to speak. " We could settle this problem by taking a closer look at it. You know; sort of up close and personal."

"Oh hell." admonished the lovely Dr. Whitkin. "Greg; why don't you just fuck the hell out of E.D. and myself? Whichever one of us is the best piece of ass; is the winner!"

E.D.s' eyes lit up as she realised that all three of us were of the same mind; [not to mention the same level of sexual arrousal!].

Both beautiful blondes looked at me for my response. I took off my shirt and pants. Upon dropping my briefs, my erect penis signailed that I was more than ready to comply.

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