tagInterracial LoveEagle Eye Ch. 01

Eagle Eye Ch. 01


This is a revised version; hopefully it makes for a better read. I hope you enjoy it. Comments are appreciated. Special thanks to Brandon for editing this story.

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This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. . . .

Eagle Eye Ch. 1 by Wolverine7009

Afghanistan, Kunar Province 18, May 2007

As the dust settled down from the passing sand storm, four figures appeared from a sand dune like magic. Looking through a pair of high powered thermal binoculars, coming into focus 500 yards out; a cluster of four buildings, the tallest being three levels surrounded by three single floor structures. The perimeter was enclosed by clay walls 7 feet high, with a single winding dirt road leading into the area.

"I have visual contact, commander."

"Roger that."

"Team leader to bravo 6."

"Bravo 6."

"Are we clear?"


"Team leader to air one, strike package Zulu is a go"

"Roger that."

Boston, Massachusetts (O'Malley's Pub) Present Day

With a look of concern, Katie calls his name. "Terry, Terry!"

Coming out of his day dream Terry realizes he's at the bar, and Katie the bartender is touching his hand and calling him.


"You alright?"

"I'm good."

"Cool; so how about another cold one, on me."

"Sounds great."

While waiting for his beer, Terry tries to catch up with the college football game playing on the TVs when he notices a familiar face enter through the front door.

A well dressed gentleman after looking around the bar spots Terry and walks towards him. "You're a hard man to find; we kind of lost track of you after operation Bright Star"

"I can't be that hard to find, you found me. What do you want?"

"I have a job for you"

Terry with a small smile, laughs to himself.

"I'm not interested, I'm retired; plus I don't do that shit anymore."

"It's not an agency job."

"Oh really, then what is it?"

"Protection; I assume you know Carlton Bridgestone, President and Chairman of Bridgestone International. Well his daughter and son are the sole heirs to the family's 8 billion dollar empire. Mr. Bridgestone is currently in failing health; cancer, they are giving him less than 6 months. Protection is a high priority for the family, and the list of candidates was short; I figured you would be interested."

The bartender Katie returns with a cold mug of beer. Seeing the well dress gentleman; she begins to ask him if she could get anything for him, Mr. Knox politely waves her off.

"You're a very funny man Mr. Knox, I'll give you that. But the only thing that interests me is that TV and this beer, so if you're not the cable guy or the bartender then get out of my face"

"Really Terry; this is what your life has become, weekend sports and stale beer, when are you going to let that shit go. It's been 6 years, I read the report, you and your team had no idea there was going to be kids in the village. It was BAD Intel, stop carrying that fucking baggage"

Mr. Knox reaches inside his briefcase and pulls out a red binder and puts it on the bar.

"Think about it, you have till tomorrow to decide. If you decide to take it, be at the North Shores Airport at 11:30"

"What's in it for you?"

"Nothing, I'm a close personal friend of the Bridgestone family. I've been asked by the Board of Directors to make sure that all affairs are put in order prior to Carlton's death. In the past 5 years, with some of Carlton's business dealings overseas, there has been an increase of creditable threats made against the family."

"The son; Matthew Bridgestone is studying abroad in Switzerland under the alias Brian Knight; he's currently being protected with soft security. If there is ever eminent danger, then we will extract him. His daughter Lauren Bridgestone is the oldest and will be appointed Chairman/CEO of American Operations making her a #1 target. I've got to go; just think about it"

Terry watched Mr. Knox walk out the bar, he looks down at the red binder then looks at himself in the Bud Light mirror on the wall behind the bar. What stared back, was a man broken and bitter with a 6'1 190lb athletic frame Terry was still in shape but he had let his appearance go; with a 4 month beard and one year old curly afro thanks to his black and white heritage, he looked like a 70's hippie or an unshaved Lenny Kravitz.

Jupiter Island, Florida (Bridgestone Estates)

As buckets of rain pour down on the bay windows from the passing tropical storm, Lauren sits looking out her window thinking about everything that had taken place over the last couple of years, since she's returned from England an Oxford graduate. Her charitable foundation "Kids in Need" has been going well and with the upcoming 20 city tour for children research and development; her plate is full. Now with her father ill and her brother currently studying abroad, on top of the recent breakup of a 2 year relationship with Mark Belltron; has her prioritizing her life.

A knock at the door startles Lauren.

"Come in" she called to the guest.

Lauren gave a smile when seeing it was her best friend an Executive Assistant Aubrey, they have been friends since grade school.

"Ha you ready to go over next month's schedule?" Aubrey asked as she handed Lauren a sheet of paper.

"Sure, sounds good" she replied, taking it and skimming.

"Here are the lists of hospitals we'll be going to on the tour; also I spoke with our media firm who will be getting out a press release regarding it."

"What's up?" Lauren asked catching the uneasy look on Aubrey's face.

"Well your ex's stuff from the New York Apartment just arrived."

She forgot all about Mark's stuff still being in New York. "Well have it sent to his parent's residence in Texas."

"Ok will do."

"Where are we at with accommodations for the tour?" Lauren asked still looking at the list of hospitals and the cities they're in.

"Right now that's been put on hold until Mr. Knox returns, hopefully with your new Executive Protection Officer" Aubrey answered.

Lauren looked up from the paper with a frown. "I do not need a personal bodyguard, the security we have now is fine."

"Your father, Mr. Knox and the Board of Directors has insisted that your security be increased, especially when you're appointed"

Lauren rolled her eyes; Aubrey looked at her watch: 2:45 PM, she then remembered the conference call with the Foundation Director at 3:15 PM.

"You have a 3:15 PM Conference with Mrs. Lee, also your father wanted to speak to you at your earliest. He's in the library / media room"

"Ok I'm going to see him now, dinner at 5:30 PM; are Lisa and Debra still coming?

"Yes they confirmed this morning"

Bridgestone Estates (West Wing – Library / Media Room)

Carlton was sitting at his desk going through old photos of his family, the steady beeping noise of his oxygen machine and morphine drip a constant reminder. The cancer had spread rapidly, and he knew his time on this earth was very limited.

Bree, Carlton's personal assistant, walked in and placed a cup of hot tea along with the quarterly report on his desk. "Will there be anything else for tonight?"

"No Bree; thanks."

"Well I'm going to call it a night."


Bridgestone International was a global brand specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and military technology with gross yearly revenues of $30 billion, most of his business affairs were in order; his daughter was being appointed the Chairman/CEO of US Operations. In one year his son Matthew would be brought on board as V.P. of European Operations and in 3 to 5 years after working under the tutelage of the current V.P. then be appointed Co-Chairman/President of European Operations. But with all of this added responsibility comes added danger, and Carlton wasn't a stranger to it. You don't amass this type of fortune without making some enemies along the way, and the South African deals were some of the most dangerous of all, so he wanted the best protection for his kids.

"Hi dad you wanted to see me?" Lauren announced.

"Yes, I hear you're upset about getting executive security assigned to you on a more regular period."

"I just don't understand why."

"Sweetheart our family is a target all the time, while in school you didn't have to have that much protection, even after graduating you didn't need a lot; but now it's very different. You are going to be appointed the Chairman/CEO of Bridgestone International you're the face of the company and there's a lot of bad people out there, just try and make it work for me, please?"

"I will give it a shot, but no promises." With that, Lauren leans over and kisses her father on the cheek and disappeared from the room.

Boston, Massachusetts (O'Malley's Bar Upstairs Living Quarters)

Terry was rolling side to side, kicking the covers as he slept. Flashing images came to him in his dream.

"Team leader to bravo 6."

"Bravo 6."

"Are we clear?"


"Team leader to air one, strike package Zulu is a go."

"Roger that."

Opening his eyes Terry is breathing heavy and sweating profusely; his thoughts are still in the past. "How could they not see them? Bad Intel killed 12 people including 5 kids."

The Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG)

"Lt. Terry Cobb United States Navy Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC); Team Leader Seal Team Two; you have been cleared of any wrong doing on 18-05-07, therefore you may resume full command of Seal Team Two immediately."

Back in present thought Terry picks up his cell and dials.

Mr. Knox answers "Hello?"

"I'm in; see you at the Airport."


Terry puts the phone back on the night stand and walks to the bathroom, looking into the mirror he wondered if he would be up for this, only time would tell. But now he needed to shave off the last 4 months of hair.

North Shores Airport (Gate E-6)

As the G5 Gulfstream aircraft sits on the runway with Mr. Knox standing at the entrance, a taxi pulls up at the outer gate. Terry steps out with a duffel bag and walks to the security check point. Showing them his identification he's allowed entry to gate E-6.

"You're late" Mr. Knox greeted him.


"Let's go."

After climbing aboard the aircraft and getting seated, Terry reaches inside his duffel bag and pulled out the red binder on Lauren Bridgestone. As the G5 aircraft roars down the runway, and begins to rapidly climb into the clouds. Terry begins to read the information about Lauren Bridgestone; 26 years old, 5'7, 135lb, brunette, dark brown eyes. Looking at her picture Terry thought she was a taller version of Emmanuelle Chiriquí from HBO "Entourage", attended Oxford University. She also speaks three languages and started a charitable foundation 2 years ago called "Kids in Need".

Terry closes the binder and his eyes. 3 hours later, Bell tones break the silence, and the captain comes over the cabin speakers.

"Attention gentlemen, we're 10 minutes from our destination, please place your seats in the upright position and secure your seat belts"

Terry sits up in the leather chair rolling his neck and allowing his eyes to adjust to the sunlight coming through the cabin. Looking out the window Terry sees a tropical paradise coming into view.

As the G5 breaks through the clouds coming in on final approach, the squelching of the landing gear hitting the tarmac breaks the calm air, as the aircraft comes to a rolling stop and the turbine jet engines wine down Mr. Knox exits the aircraft followed by Terry.

Two black SUV's were waiting on the tarmac, a male exited the lead SUV dressed in a three piece dark blue pin stripe suit and approached Mr. Knox.

Harold places his hand on John's shoulder "Welcome back John"

John smiles at Harold "Thanks"

"Terry, Mr. Harold Porter, Head of Bridgestone Estate Security."

Terry shakes Porter's hand "Hello nice to meet you"


After grabbing their bags and getting into the black Cadillac escalade, the two SUVs pulled onto the main road heading towards the coastline, 30 minutes later they were pulling up to a massive gated entrance, protected by three concrete parking bearers. After the two security officers scan everyone's I.D. badges, the parking barriers started to lower into the ground allowing the SUV's entrance onto the grounds.

As the SUVs followed the winding road towards the estate nestled 300 yards from the main gate; Terry watched as grounds personnel went about their daily routines, attending to the Tropical landscape surrounding the mansion. The 15,000 square foot Mediterranean mansion had a ranch style floor plan with four separate wings and a center gathering area with a courtyard.

The SUV's circle around the Spanish tile fountain in the driveway and came to a stop, standing at the double door entrance was a very pretty blonde in business attire; Terry thought she looked a lot like actress Kelly Carlson. As the men exit the vehicles she walked up to them.

"Hello Mr. Cobb I'm Aubrey, Ms. Bridgestone's Executive Assistant; I look forward to working with you"

"Hello; call me Terry"

"Ok Terry"

Mr. Knox was grabbing his luggage "Where is she?"

"She's currently on a conference call from New York, after that we've decided to have a brief meeting with the staff so that we can introduce Terry to the team.

Mr. Knox looks at his watch: 15:30. "Well Terry, I will see you later today to get some paperwork signed. Welcome aboard"

With a quick hand shake both Mr. Knox and Mr. Porter walked towards an adjacent building on the grounds.

"Allow me to show you your living quarters" as Aubrey walked ahead leading Terry into the mansion.

Terry couldn't help but to look at her ass admiring how tight and fit it appeared.

"You will be in the North Wing with me and Ms. Bridgestone."

As Terry followed Aubrey to his room, he noticed the strong Spanish décor interior; on the walls Pictures of US Presidents and other Heads of State with Carlton Bridgestone. As Aubrey approached a set of double interior doors; she walked over and swiped a key card which disengaged a magnetic locking system.

Aubrey turns and looks at Terry. "All non-public areas are card swipe protected, but I'm sure Mr. Porter will go over the entire security layout with you"

North Wing

First thing Terry noticed was the sheer size of the wing: 3000 square ft. The bedrooms called suites where situated in a hexagon layout with Lauren suite in the center then Aubrey and Terry on either side. The center area was like a great room with large Victorian leather couches and chairs with a projection screen and Kitchen area.

"Well here we are, if you need anything please let me know. Dinner will be at 5:30 PM in the main dining area"

Extending his hand "Thank You Aubrey"

"No Problem" Aubrey disappeared into her own suite.

Terry walked inside placing his duffel bag next to the dresser, looking at the California King Bed the 46" HDTV across on the wall thinking "What have I got myself into?"

Just then a voice from behind him broke the silence.

"I hope this will be OK; it use to be my brother's room"

Turning around Terry saw Lauren standing inside the doorway; she was wearing jogging pants and a polo shirt. Her beauty was stunning; even with what appeared to be a sport bra on; Terry could still make out the outline of her breast with her nipples pushing through the fabric of her shirt.

"This is fine" he commented, shaking her hand.

"Hello, Lauren Bridgestone."

"Hello, I'm Terry Cobb."

"Just so you know Mr. Cobb--"

"Call me Terry"

"Ok Terry; I didn't want you. This is all Mr. Knox and my father"

Terry amused by Laurens statement smiles

"Well that makes two of us."

Lauren slightly frowns "Will you be joining us for dinner tonight?"


"See you then."

After watching Lauren walk out of the doorway, Terry couldn't believe he had a slight hard-on. It had been over 7 months since the breakup of his girlfriend, and the sight of not one but two sexy women woke up his senses. He looks at his watch: 3:30 PM, Terry decided to take a quick shower.

Lauren couldn't believe how her body reacted while standing next to Terry, she could feel her nipples began to tighten and get hard, the moisture that she felt between her legs was driving her crazy. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Come in"

As Aubrey walked into the room, she immediately saw the frustration on Lauren's face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing; I met the bodyguard"

Aubrey shows a slight smile "How did it go?"

"He's a smart ass!" she answered with a laugh.

"Really; that's why you look sexually deprived right now"

Lauren feeling her cheeks turn red just smiled. Aubrey walked over to her, sat on the bed, and gave Lauren a gentle kiss on the lips. Lauren responded with lightly sliding her tongue into Aubrey's mouth. Aubrey reached out and squeezed Lauren's left breast, Lauren let out a slight moan.

"Maybe later tonight you can let your frustrations out on me."

"Sounds good"

Lauren and Aubrey had been sexually active with each other for over 2 years, even if one or the other was in a separate relationship they always found time for each other.

Just then Aubrey got a text: [Lisa Wright and Debra Larks have arrived] "Lisa and Debra are here, I'm going to say hi"

"Ok; I'm going to take a quick shower then I'll be there."

As the hot water pours over her body from the multiple spray heads in the shower, Lauren can't shake the instant attraction she felt from Terry, as she rubs over her breasts and feels how hard her nipples have become; she squeezes them between her fingers causing a slight moan. Knowing she has guests waiting, she forces herself to stop.


After getting a quick shower, Terry met with Mr. Porter who provided a brief status report on current threats against the family. Terry was given his key swipe card and a Phoenix XP300 satellite phone. Mr. Porter informed Terry that he would be fully on line by tomorrow. Mr. Porter went on to explain that all Security Personnel, Ms. Bridgestone, and her immediate staff carries the prototype phone designed for future military use. After meeting the remaining security team and being introduced to the staff, Terry made his way back to the main house for dinner.

Dinner consisted of tossed spinach salad with light vinaigrette and a pan-sired tuna, for dessert a chocolate mousse with wild berries. Conversation was mostly about each lady's shopping experiences and current love interests, after the third bottle of wine was open, Terry after looking at his watch "23:10" announced he was going to retire for the night; he said good night to all the ladies and thanked Lauren for dinner.

After returning to his suite; Terry drifting asleep while thinking about the task at hand, he knew it was going to be a difficult task, some of the names on the threat assessment sheet where high on the Terrorist Watch List; the threats were highly creditable; this beautiful woman was indeed in danger. Suddenly there was a beeping.

"Status update complete; on line" The female voice coming from the XP300 said.

Terry opens his eyes trying to focus on the digital clock "03:30" Terry got up to get water from the suite kitchen. As he walked out into the great room, Terry noticed the door to Lauren's suite half open with some flickering light emanating from within. Walking over to see, he could hear moaning sounds, looking in from the side of the door his eyes couldn't believe what he was looking at.

Lying completely naked on the bed entangled in a mound of flesh was Lauren, Aubrey and Debra. As if frozen in time Terry didn't move; his manhood rapidly coming too life, focusing on the current activities.

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