tagErotic PoetryEarly Morning Ecstasy

Early Morning Ecstasy


Slowly waking up beside you as you lay so still
I touch your strong chest, loving the way you feel
Quietly my hand travels slowly down
Being so careful not to make a sound
On your stomach I lay my head to rest
Your body pressed close to my naked breast
My fingers start their journey to your inner thigh
Caressing your balls I hear your soft sigh
Placing my hand on your still sleeping dick
I move even closer and give it a gentle lick
After licking and kissing it nice and slow
I take it in my mouth and feel it start to grow
Moving my tongue up and down, swirling around the top
I love the way you taste and feel, I never want to stop
Now it's hard and fully erect, almost more than I can take
I look up and see you watching me, I'm glad you are awake
You take my hand and gently ease me to my back
Being so gentle, kind and caring, things you'll never lack
You see how much I want you as you look into my eyes
Your hand moves to my pussy, which you start to softly pet
I see your look of surprise when you feel I'm already wet
You insert one finger into my hot, wet slit
Then slowly drag it upwards to my aching, swollen clit
You rub it slowly, teasingly as you lean over and kiss my face
Then you look into my eyes as your fingers quicken their pace
Ohh you feel so good, I love you so very much
Suddenly you stick two fingers inside me and I melt beneath your touch
You move them in and out then back up to my clit you go
I let out a moan as I start to cum and you feel my juices flow
Then you move down and quickly you get between my legs
And you know that it's your hard cock for which my body begs
I feel this desperate need.... this ache down deep inside
I can't wait for you to take me on this magical ride
We look at each other as your cock rubs slowly against me
Then in one swift motion you're inside me ohh so very deeply
Looking up into your eyes, I see them so full of love
Your cock fits inside me perfectly, snuggly just like a glove
You start moving in and out pounding me hard and fast
I love the way you feel inside me, if only it would forever last
Pumping so fast and hard I see you start to sweat
I feel your cock gliding in and out of my cunt which is oh so very wet
I need for you to cum, to feel you explode so deep inside me
I hear you moan, feel you tense up as if you heard my silent plea
Your orgasm erupts inside me, as your pumping gradually slows
We lay together still joined as the proof of our love flows
Then you raise up and look at me with this sexy evil grin
As you go down and start licking my pussy, starting it all over again.

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